Museum De Museumfabriek

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Het Rozendaal 11
7523 XG, Enschede
053 201 2099

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Het Museum de Museumfabriek is een museum in Enschede, Nederland. Het museum is gewijd aan de geschiedenis van de textielindustrie in de regio Twente. Het museum bevindt zich in een voormalige textielfabriek en heeft een verzameling van meer dan 30.000 objecten. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek en archief en organiseert tijdelijke tentoonstellingen.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Franc Post 1 year ago

Nice museum also for children

Saskia de Bruin 1 year ago

Super interesting museum, especially nice that there are activities for the children

Robin Jonker 1 year ago

Very interesting museum. This is linked to the Rijksmuseum van Twente and has a wide range of pieces. Think of the textile history of Twente, an exhibition of animals, paintings, a lot of technology, a section about the fireworks disaster in Enschede and at the end a Makersspace where you can build things yourself. Interactive and educational, for young and old. There are tea towels and tablecloths for sale that are woven on site. Recommended!

M Eggen 1 year ago

Very diverse collection, may lack coherence but we thought it was charming

Kasper Mooijman 1 year ago

Good lecture by the astronomy association

Jan Pierhagen 1 year ago

Nice to see many different subjects in a museum instead of overwhelmingly much of the same. The part about the fireworks disaster is Impressive. The museum is actually not as interactive/touch friendly as I expected but the kids (5 and 8) looked around with interest nonetheless. The children had a great time drawing and crafting for free (!) - with supervision - so that Dad could have a look around. You can park for free near the museum at the memorial park of the fireworks disaster.

MaJuRo Reisboek 1 year ago

We have a nice experience in this museum. They have plenty to see and playfully displayed. Well worth the visit.

Henk Van norel 1 year ago

Beautiful collection.

Team Equipo 1 year ago

Leuk museum

Loes Schukkink - Versteege 1 year ago

Fantastically beautiful building with beautiful changing exhibitions. The permanent collection is also beautiful, fascinating and very diverse. We were at the De Vlinderfabriek exhibition. Great to see, nicely presented and learned a lot about butterflies..while I thought I knew everything ;) Lots to see, do and craft. Our 3 and 5 year old had a great time! Enthusiastic and very friendly staff. I especially liked the caterpillarologist! Next week we go again because we immediately bought a family annual card. Highly recommended!!

Dennis van Jeveren 1 year ago


Marian Groot-vd Hoofd 1 year ago

A special building, very friendly staff. Different exhibitions provide variety. Educational and pleasant experience. Recommended for young and old.

konk ker 1 year ago


Marie-José ter Horst 1 year ago

The Butterfly Factory. Very fun and educational

Luch Luchnikova 1 year ago

I liked the museum very much! a lot of expositions, the room "about Chernobyl" was interesting at the entrance it is better to take a map of the museum ☝️ for children there is entertainment drawing, making toys with their own hands...

Roman Blagov 1 year ago

Nice and interesting museum, with very friendly and kind staff. There are enough exhibits, they are quite diverse. I was very pleased with the large number of places where you can sit down. So you can enjoy and explore the exhibits at your own pace.

Asude Gõk 1 year ago

Really great place, fun for the whole family, really fun for children but also the elderly. You can not only look after things but also do things yourself! and you can even participate in different activities and craft something fun REALLY GREAT!!!

Saul Phizacklea 2 years ago

A lot of beautiful things to see and the staff members are extremely friendly and knowledgeable

E n. 2 years ago

Very nice versatile museum. Not too big, so it is also doable for younger children with a shorter attention span.

Hans Slotboom 2 years ago

Amazing how this museum has been transformed into a museum about "making" with a beautiful makerspace in an old factory hall. Well worth a visit with children.

Marc Klaver 2 years ago

In addition to the permanent collection, there is regularly a changing collection or theme. Nice place to come with child(ren).

Connie van Leeuwen 2 years ago

What a very nice museum. It looks beautiful. Everything is spacious and a little bit of everything. Definitely worth it, especially with children.

Eldica Gomez 2 years ago

Nice place would love to go back

Lyze Thüss 2 years ago

Very nice. For children from 4 years old approx. Lots to see and story. The kids also made some nice crafts

Ella Storm van Leeuwen 2 years ago

Wide collection very nice also for children. Nicely displayed. A lot of very knowledgeable volunteers.

Sjoerd 2 years ago

Fun and interesting think, act and playground for young and old.

Anton Vakhitov 2 years ago


Jeroen Woudstra 2 years ago


Alexander Nijeboer 3 years ago

Fantastic museum for young and old with a varied collection (culture, science and nature) in an old textile factory in the heart of the old working-class area of ​​Roombeek (in 2000 the scene of the fireworks disaster).

Tom Kroeze 3 years ago

Nice location and impressive building. Nice address where there is much to see and do, also for children! And the entire month of November free for 4 people in combination with bank giro lottery!

Gijs Denneboom 3 years ago

Very nice museum with an extensive collection. The building is very nicely designed and is a work of art in itself. To get to the main building, walk from the entrance through a tunnel to the other building. The exhibition 'Wunderkammer' is also very nicely designed, although I did miss the explanation here and there on some things. For example, there was a skeleton of an animal, but I had no idea which animal this was. There was also no staff around to request it. Furthermore, a nice large museum with many things to see and a lot for children to do!

Bas van der Weert 3 years ago

Was there for a meeting at the top floor. Really love the view over there. Personnel very friendly and serve you very well with coffee and cookies!

Marianne Blankestein 3 years ago

What a fantastic fun museum.

Timmetje 3 years ago

Always something fun to do for the kids. Definitely worth it because if there are no theme or activities they can do enough other things.

Mark Mollenhorst 3 years ago

It's raining outside and you want to do something fun with your daughter (10), So quickly by bike to De Museumfabriek! Take the time to look at everything calmly. The offer and the exhibitions are diverse, educational and well looked after! After all the inspiration, my daughter with a sketchbook sits down on one of the beautiful spots and draws. Enjoy for our family!

Dorien Joossink 3 years ago

A special building and a special mix of exhibitions. The tent with galaxies was a nice addition. Unfortunately, the narrator regularly forgot to hold the microphone to his face, but what he told was very interesting and comprehensive. The craft corner was certainly a success. The friendly ladies explained everything neatly and clearly and came to help when needed. We have to come back for the former ecodrome animals, which was still under construction. Until then!

susan van schaik 4 years ago

Xperimenta......totally fun for children! 1x a month. And a beautiful museum with finally coffee and some food

Bouke Regnerus 4 years ago

Really interesting museum to visit with different types of expositions that will appeal to a broad audience.

Carlo Knüwer 4 years ago

Very nice museum with a temporary exhibition about textiles. The museum is wheelchair accessible, at first instance our assistance dog did not seem to be able to access it, but this turned out to be no problem. Furthermore, the employees were extremely friendly, helpful and broad in their expertise. Have actually arrived too late to give all facets of this museum the right attention and therefore only like to come back sometime.

Anastasia Anastasia 4 years ago


Ilse DeKoeyer 4 years ago

Fantastic museum! The building is as beautiful as the objects it displays. We loved the thematic grouping of art and artifacts. Magnificent!

Mohammad Reza Mokhtari 4 years ago

Fantastic place for increasing your knowledge about different topics. Meanwhile a nice place for kids to learn new things by attending the nice lectures dedicated to them.

Bart van Oort 4 years ago

Nice modern museum, we have a strange mix of old historical, industrial and modern times.

Tatiana Kramer 4 years ago

Hou van deze plek

Astrid Priscilla Dion 4 years ago

Good museum to spend time, around 1-2 hours but mostly in Dutch, not English.

Roberto Echeverria 5 years ago


Florentina Badea 5 years ago

I visited the museum during the Makers Festival! Quite nice and definitely recommending!

Lloyd Schellevis 5 years ago

Nice and educational museum. Also nice to visit with children.

Hiba Traifeh 5 years ago

Amazing museum, really enjoyed it!

jin 7 years ago

beautiful place to knowledge about Twente.

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