Max Ernst Museum des LVR in Brühl

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Comesstraße 42
50321, Brühl
02232 57930

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Het Max Ernst Museum des LVR in Brühl is een museum gewijd aan het leven en het werk van de Duitse kunstenaar Max Ernst. Het museum bevindt zich in de stad Brühl in de staat North Rhine-Westphalia, Duitsland.

Het museum werd opgericht in 1992 en is gehuisvest in een voormalig klooster dat werd gebouwd in de 18e eeuw. Het museum heeft een verzameling van meer dan 1.000 werken van Max Ernst, inclusief schilderijen, sculpturen, collages en prints. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek en archief met materialen die verband houden met het leven en het werk van Ernst.

Het museum is van dinsdag tot zondag open voor het publiek. De toegang is gratis voor alle bezoekers.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ Max Ernst Museum des LVR in Brühl: Meningen

Fabrizio Musacchio 1 year ago

Excellent museum. The Max Ernst permanent exhibition is impressive, well thought out and clearly presented. The museum itself is also architecturally appealing. With its proximity to the Brühler Schloss (garden) a worthwhile destination.

UldMaHedsche de Feulibet 1 year ago

Very nice exhibition, especially you can take children well. For the kids there is an extra child-friendly introduction to Dadaism. This is via a kind of telephone where you enter numbers and two children then explain what Max Ernst created. Definitely worth it. The museum staff also seems a bit surrealistic......

Karin Hoppek 1 year ago

A very insightful interesting museum about Max Ernst who lived in Cologne. Good temporary exhibitions .

Thomas Hazenoot 1 year ago

The display of the collection takes you on journey through the life of Max Ernst, including even the cloakroom and hallways

Susanne Kliemann 1 year ago

Beautiful permanent exhibition! Worth seeing!

Wolfgang H. 1 year ago

Perhaps Max Ernst would have deserved a larger frame. But the museum in Brühl literally presents the artist in the best possible way. Works from most creative phases in very beautiful rooms, friendly employees, great accompanying special exhibitions. Definitely worth a detour to Brühl!

Monika Kautz 1 year ago

Exhibits from around seventy years of creativity. The most interesting for me were the 36 D-paintings, birthday presents from Max Ernst to his wife Dorothea Tanning. Admission to the collection is free on the last Thursday of every month.

Rowena Pelling 1 year ago


Mick Pelling 1 year ago


Greg Bem 1 year ago

If you're into dada, you probably should make the pilgrimage.

Yin “n” You 1 year ago


Marcus Albanus 1 year ago

Great museum by a great artist. Those who are in the vicinity should not miss it, those who are not in the vicinity should take the longer route.

Zoran Joksimovic 1 year ago

I am thrilled to visit this unique museum dedicated to the artist when I appreciate him for his exceptional artistic achievements. Through his way of expressing himself, Max Ernst seems to touch the very core of the human being. The museum is excellently designed and maintained, and the staff working there is to be commended. My only complaint is about the obligatory wearing of masks, even now that it has been abolished almost everywhere in Europe.

Sandra Wittig 1 year ago

Kids workshop was great! Even the little ones aged 4 were well looked after. Gladly again!

Sylvia 1 year ago

A very nice and relaxed museum. Great architecture. Spacious, bright, modern. The ideal place to exhibit the works of Max Ernst. You can let the sculptures, pictures, bronzes, etc. have an excellent effect on you, since the premises offer space for the works. Friendly staff. Small museum shop.

Alex S 2 years ago

Nice museum. Great special exhibitions. Very nice surroundings.

Jul Erd 2 years ago

Really great museum. Works of art by Max Ernst are really clearly presented here. Highly recommended!

r kennedy 2 years ago

An amazing collection of work by an amazing artist!

michelle sommer 2 years ago

I haven't missed an exhibition since I've been back in Brühl. Very nice staff, nice gift shop and a great cafe.

Michael Mike Schmitz SIGNAL IDUNA Bezirksdirektion 3 years ago

Nice little museum, an absolute "must" for every Brühler (and more :-)). With a nice little coffee in the direct connection. Greater Parking at Brühl train station about 200 m away.

Junhee Han 3 years ago

This is a museum that shows how Max Ernst's perspective on art changes over the years of his life. It consists of exhibition halls on the 0th and 1st floors, where you can comprehensively see Max Ernst's paintings, sculptures, and collages using various objects. This museum offers a brief but in-depth encounter with the art world of Max Ernst, a German expressionist and surrealist artist.

Thomas Klimisch 3 years ago

You don't have to go to New York, London or Paris to visit great museums... Brühl, just outside Cologne, is also worth a visit. What fantastic exhibitions I have experienced here in recent years: Niki de Saint Phalle, Miro, Tim Burton, David Lynch and - most recently - the incredible Möbius retrospective.

Florian M. 3 years ago

The Max Ernst Museum is undoubtedly one of the best museums in NRW. If you are interested in the work of Dadaist Max Ernst, you can see a comprehensive collection of his artistic work here in his hometown. In addition, there are regular special exhibitions - including I really liked the exhibitions on Moebius and M. C. Escher! Architecturally speaking, the new and old buildings blend harmoniously into the surroundings. The Augustusburg Castle and the Brühl train station are within walking distance. In the museum café you can relax and enjoy a coffee before or after visiting an exhibition.

Hubert Moritz 3 years ago

The museum is always very interesting and always has very good special exhibitions. This time the exhibition with Beckmann graphics is worth seeing.

Marc Spitz 3 years ago

Nice museum named after one of the city's most famous sons. The permanent exhibition by Max Ernst is worth seeing, but the changing exhibitions are also great and are actually always worthwhile. My personal highlight at that time was the Tim Burton exhibition.

greme-de p. gremmelspacher 3 years ago

Great exhibition "Möbius" in the great Max Ernst Museum (until 29.3.20)! There are eight large-format wall photos in the exhibition, which can be digitally animated with the smartphone and the augmented reality app Artivive. Cool: D)

frank barning 4 years ago

Great museum, top collection of Max Ernst. Very peaceful and quiet, you can take your time to look around. Talking pictures are allowed.

Gerhard Stross 4 years ago


Mel Ꭰiͥsnͣeͫγ 4 years ago

The "The World of Tim Burton" exhibition was just great !!!

fabio magnifico 4 years ago

The Max Ernst exhibition is very interesting. The Moebius (Jean Giraud) exhibition (until the beginning of 2020) is incredibly beautiful!

Eva B. 4 years ago

What makes the momentary special exhibition Moebius spectacular is the possibility of "augmented reality" thanks to the museum app. These can be downloaded for free on your own smartphone while using the in-house Wi-Fi. When you look at individual pictures with this app, they become "alive". A great experience!

Uwe Hintz 5 years ago

Appealing exhibition spaces. Max-Ernst exhibition well worth seeing. Parking in front of the museum! Spatial proximity to the palace and palace gardens are positive location factors.

ellen gross 5 years ago

best museum! great changing exhibitions, excitingly designed and presented! always memorable! the permanent exhibition is also not to be scoffed at. good museum shop, very friendly staff. if you fancy a museum, you will find culture at its finest, prepared with great care and modern. highly recommended!

Timur K 5 years ago

Nice big museum. Lots of exhibits that look good. Conclusion: You can have seen it but you don't have to. An absolute must for Max Ernst fans.

Marianne Schönwald 5 years ago

The Miro exhibition is currently underway. A visit is worthwhile. Overall, the museum is very beautiful. From the outside too

Annthrin Roth 5 years ago

The museum gives a comprehensive overview of the works of Max Ernst. Nevertheless, it is helpful to get information about Max Ernst beforehand. After visiting the museum, we recommend a visit to Augustusburg Castle, which is only a few steps away from the museum.

Frank Einspannier 5 years ago

In addition to the excellent permanent exhibition of Max Ernst's works, there are always special exhibitions in the program. A visit is always worthwhile. The museum café also has a great selection of cakes and pastries!

Doro 5 years ago

This museum is worth a visit.

Joachim Jezewski 5 years ago

What a great museum! Not only that it was possible to provide a large-scale overview of Max Ernst's work (especially impressive the number of sculptures and his complete D-paintings) - also the special exhibitions (including David Lynch, MC Escher, Miro or Tim Burton) always worth a visit. And for some time now, the LVR has been offering a (often virtual) supplementary program, especially for kids, which adults can also enjoy. A little tip: all of this is less than 500 meters from the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Schloss Augustusburg" ...

Joerg Steinhaeuser 5 years ago

The Max Ernst Museum is a little more than a small museum. The people in charge of the LVR and the museum make every effort to offer interesting exhibitions on a regular basis. Tim Burton, M.C. Escher, Jaume Plensa or Miro had the highest level, as did the accompanying material and the catalogs. This museum is always worth a visit.

Dieter Bauerfeind 5 years ago

Those who like Max Ernst and his work are in good hands here. Those who do not know Max Ernst should visit the museum. Very nice rooms and a nice coffee with nice cakes and little things. A visit is always worthwhile. Also worth seeing is Brühl Castle.

Be Longing 5 years ago

Beautiful collection. Very beautiful Display. Friendly.

Peter Hutt 5 years ago

Nice museum with very interesting special exhibitions.

Pat Szen 5 years ago


Sylvia Dobies 5 years ago


Martin Anders 6 years ago

The exhibition: "Miró - the world of monsters" is represented excellently.

Klaus Titko 6 years ago

A visit to the Max Ernst Museum in Brühl is actually a must for art lovers. The small museum shows a fairly comprehensive exhibition of the artist's work. The building itself has a modern architectural design and thus also fits in with the ambitions of the artist himself. Just a few steps from the museum is Augustusburg Castle with its beautiful parks, which can be easily combined with a visit to the Max Ernst Museum. Brühl can be reached from Cologne in just under 30 minutes by car.

Mark Kychma 6 years ago

An iconic place with many impressive artifacts. Worth taking a ride and checking the place.

Olena Olesandra 6 years ago

Amazing collection of the best artist ever

A. Noll 7 years ago

How were there for the Escher exhibition. The exhibition had an excellent concept and the guides were great prepared and very informative. The whole thing was rounded off by an interactive digital reinterpretation in cooperation with the Cologne Game Lab. The museum shop was also well prepared for the exhibition and you had a large selection of reprints and accessories of Escher pictures. The illustrated book of the exhibition is really of excellent quality.

Lukasz Wolejko-Wolejszo 7 years ago

A little outside of Cologne in Brühl is the Max Ernst Museum in Brühl. There are great exhibitions and good entertainment too. The M.C. Escher exhibition and there are also VR glasses with which you can immerse yourself interactively in its rooms. Furthermore, tablets are built with games that deal with surrealism. Works by young artists on the subject are shown and the associated café has delicious coffee and cake. The shop also offers material on the current exhibition, on the topic and also on previous exhibitions. There is also the permanent exhibition on Max-Ernst. The museum is also right next to Brühl Castle, which is worth a walk. You can also walk through the idyllic old town and eat delicious ice cream.

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