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Universitätsstraße 100
50674, Köln
0221 22128617

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Het museum voor Oost-Aziatische kunsten in Köln is een van de toonaangevende musea in Europa voor Oost-Aziatische kunst. Het museum herbergt een belangrijke verzameling kunst uit China, Japan, Korea en andere Oost-Aziatische landen, met een breed scala aan periodes en stijlen. Het museum staat vooral bekend om zijn verzameling Chinese kunst, die werken van de Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming en Qing-dynastieën omvat. De Japanse collectie is ook opmerkelijk en omvat werken uit de Edo -periode en de Meiji -periode.

Het museum voor Oost-Aziatische kunsten bevindt zich in het stadscentrum van Köln, dicht bij de Rhine River. Het museum is gehuisvest in een groot modern gebouw, dat in 2001 werd geopend. Het museum heeft een ruim atrium, dat wordt gebruikt voor tijdelijke tentoonstellingen. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek en een boekhandel.

Het museum voor Oost-Aziatische kunsten is geopend van dinsdag tot zondag en de toegang is gratis.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Museum for East-Asian Arts: Meningen

Ashwin Kumar 1 year ago

Well maintained museum which was built in 1913, the oldest of its kind in the country.

Hans Jelonke 1 year ago

A show worth seeing with Chinese, Korean and Japanese exhibits of high quality. Presentation and explanations are excellent. In addition to catalogs and an extensive selection of literature, the museum shop also offers beautiful ceramics from the Margaretenhöhe (Lee) manufactory. Unfortunately, the bistro with the beautiful view of the pond is closed at the moment. The ensemble is worth a trip, especially when the weather is nice. Parking is free(180min).

Nate creek 1 year ago

Great exhibition with great pictures and beautiful crockery including well-preserved records

Stefan Bussels 1 year ago


Mai Re 1 year ago

Manageable, but incredibly fascinating and exciting exhibition! Very nice and helpful staff. The visit was definitely worth it and left a lasting impression. Recommended!

Ingo Göttker 1 year ago

Beautifully situated at the park and easy to reach by public transport. The exhibition is varied and entertaining.

Ulrike Graflagr 1 year ago

Visit to the museum on August 21, 2022: Very informative, interesting discussion/guided tour by a competent, friendly lady with great expertise. The focal point was the exhibition "Focus on Asia".

REGYN 1 year ago

Great museum & friendly staff!

Tanyushka Protasevuch 1 year ago

A very beautiful and spacious museum

Nikolaus Kelis 1 year ago

Due to renovation work, the museum was smaller - but it fit because I wasn't overwhelmed by the information overload. staff very friendly.

ME [is] YOU [becomes] 1 year ago

My past that lasts forever

Nicki R. 1 year ago

A beautiful museum with a small museum shop and a small outdoor terrace where you can have coffee. The Shin Hanga exhibition was well worth seeing.

Valentina 1 year ago

A really nice ambience and a pleasant atmosphere. The works of art are given enough space and you don't feel overwhelmed. Gladly again ☺️

Pia B. 1 year ago

Very nice exhibition with fascinating works of art!

Stephen Godfrey 1 year ago


Walter Löwenberg 1 year ago

A place to encounter Far Eastern culture. Today is my third visit to the Shin-Hanga exhibition, Japan's modern color woodcut. A presentation of beautiful prints with outstanding exhibits. Fortunately, the chronological context and the techniques of wood printing are explained to me in an understandable way. After all, I'm not an expert. The focus for me, however, is the direct encounter with beautiful prints that inspire aesthetically and technically every time. The exhibition makes me curious and I'm already looking forward to future visits to the MOK. My thanks to the exhibition team.

Antonio Gonzalez-Gomez 1 year ago

Amazing. Quiet retreat from the city hassle

Daelion164 1 year ago

Saw the woodblock collection there. So good

Houda Zarzouri 1 year ago

Wunderschön So nice and the nature is also unbelievable I fall in love with this place The swans and the duck’s are so cuuute swimming everywhere there with their babies The coffee seller was so mean and not friendly at all He was kind of screaming everywhere and unsatisfied That’s the only thing I didn’t like there Otherwise everything was perfect

nico olabarria 1 year ago

The building is absolutely beautiful. A must go if you're in Cologne.

Philippe Li 1 year ago

Beautiful and very appealingly curated exhibitions - currently e.g. on the art movement 'Shin-hanga' (Japanese woodcut). If you are interested in art-historical and socio-cultural topics related to East Asia, it is always worth a visit!

Britta G. 1 year ago

Especially in Corona times a nice opportunity to experience Asian flair in the middle of Cologne. Very great museum of East Asian art. The terrace is great too.

Kira Kira 1 year ago

I highly recommend visiting this museum, very nice workers and beautiful exhibitions

David H 1 year ago

Great museum, with beautiful grounds! Both the permanent exhibition and the current exhibition were great and lovingly put together.

Kelly Holland 2 years ago

The new exhibition was great! Overall also a pleasant ambience.

Alsu 2 years ago

Amazing museum! It has varying exhibitions and a nice cafe.

Roswitha Bludau 2 years ago

A visit to the Museum of East Asian Art was very interesting for me as I have not yet visited Asia.

Artem Morozov 2 years ago


Daan van Esch 2 years ago

Great exhibitions on Asian art, signage sometimes in German only but there will typically be a booklet with translations into English somewhere nearby

Luka Sculac 2 years ago

Always a new exhibition

Pranali Raut 2 years ago

rare and amazing artwork. very nice and informative setup. loved every single artwork and sculptures. Must visit...

Emiliya Pavlova 3 years ago

I was surprised to find such gallery in Germany but I liked the exhibitions.

Mario Maldonado Vega 3 years ago

The East Asian Heritage Museum is a beautiful small building that will take you to Eastern Asia, located just next to Hiroshima-Nagasaki Park, I recommend hopping off at the University Banhof, which is directly next to the museum, now you can choose between walking around the giant pond and the arounds first or visiting the museum. For a good visit, allow a couple of hours, as the building, even if it seems small, contains a lot of treasures.

Asgeir Asgeirsson 3 years ago

Nice musem with asian arts.

m. J. Ts. 3 years ago

The content of exhibition contained very ancient antiques and the experience range is beyond the expactation ! Worthy to visit once If u r interested in east asn. history + old cultures

Lexar tm 3 years ago

Basically a very relaxing place, except for the occasional screaming toddler who snaps you out of the moment. Of course, the place can't do anything about that, since it's a municipal museum, so it can't ban children from it of its own accord. (The city of Cologne gets a star deduction for this). The security guards are all very nice and, when taking pictures, tell you not to tear down the millennia-old Japanese scrolls with my backpack. A parking disc is also available for a small deposit, so that the private parking surveillance company does not give you a €30 ticket. (Really good!) All in all worth a visit.

Mohammad Reza Kashef 3 years ago

A museum with unforgettable events and exhibitions of Asian art and culture. I really like the museum's tagline that he posted on his website. “With its exhibitions, the house invites you to appreciate the art and culture of the Far East in terms of world art; any form of racism has no place in it. "

Rey SG 3 years ago

It's a rather small place that takes themselves serious. Every exhibition I have gone to has been neatly organized and amazed me. Also their gift shop include various books, some historical, on the topics of their exhibitions

M. K. 3 years ago


Jakob Kaspari 4 years ago

Although I was born in Cologne, I only recently discovered this gem by chance during the KölnTag. Immerse yourself in a fascinating other "world" and culture,

Valerij Pabst 4 years ago

A rather inconspicuous from the outside, but very interesting and beautiful museum. Highly recommended on the first Thursday of the month (free entry for residents of Cologne). After the tour you can sit in the café in the museum, from where you have a picturesque view of the Aachen pond and Hiroshima-Magasaki Park and a small Japanese garden.

Mutts NL 4 years ago

Nice collection

Felipe Rodríguez Martínez 4 years ago

gorgeous and delicate selection that shows in facts and aesthetics the long running curatorial wffort of the institution. It was a pleasure to hear bells from 3000 years ago chinese culture. Granted thar I will go to the next expos. The restaurant is not bad and the looks to hiroshima park and the inner pond are also cool, sadly the menu has almost no Asian Food but that is ok since it is a museum of the city of Cologne and not a theme park. Anyways some fermented foods like Natou or Kimchi would be a great add on to breakfasts. Super nice place, 5 stars overall.

Pola Lorenz 4 years ago

Gesamtkunstwerk, which also leans heavily on Japan in terms of architecture, interior design and courtyard garden. Again and again very interesting exhibitions. The attached "tea house" with panoramic views of the Aachener Weiher is very beautiful.

Niclas Weiß 4 years ago

A worthwhile excursion destination, not only because of the collection, which focuses on Japanese and Chinese art, but also because of the attractive museum building, which in its architectural restraint with interesting structural and plastic details goes well with the exhibited objects. A visit is always worthwhile, not least because of the interesting special exhibitions and the events accompanying the exhibitions. The museum café is also recommended.

tarun kumar sharma 4 years ago


Alejandra Burchard 5 years ago

Great café.

kay 5 years ago

I loved the exhibition and the tour guide had so much passion, it's great!

Carola Maffeo 5 years ago

A small museum, I happened to visit when an extensive exhibition about woodblock prints was on show. The exhibition was extremely well curated.

Aljoscha 5 years ago

Some really nice exhibitions, be sure to look up what they have to see at the moment.

A. Noll 7 years ago

Great tour of a really interesting exhibition! You get really good access to East Asian culture. There are extremely exciting exhibits of inestimable cultural value.

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