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Holstenwall 24
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Het Hamburg History Museum bevindt zich in het hart van de historische oude stad Hamburg, Duitsland. Het museum vertelt het verhaal van de stad van het begin tot op de dag van vandaag. Het is gehuisvest in een prachtig oud gebouw dat ooit het belangrijkste postkantoor van de stad was. Het museum heeft een grote verzameling artefacten, documenten en foto's die het verhaal vertellen van de rijke geschiedenis van Hamburg.

Het museum behandelt de geschiedenis van de stad vanaf de oprichting in de 9e eeuw tot op de dag van vandaag. Het dekt de groei van de stad als een handelscentrum en zijn rol in de Hanseatic League, evenals zijn recentere geschiedenis als een grote havenstad. Het museum behandelt ook de culturele geschiedenis van de stad, met exposities over haar muziek, theater en kunstscene.

Het Hamburg History Museum is een must-see voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in de geschiedenis van Hamburg of Duitsland. Het is een prachtig museum met een schat aan informatie over het verleden van de stad.

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ Museum for Hamburg History: Meningen

Frank Friedrichs 1 year ago

Super :-)

Mich Lay 1 year ago

Excellent museum, plenty of English transcriptions so come with plenty of time to explore. Friendly staff as well.

Y SW 1 year ago


Andrew Bensen 1 year ago


Cláudia Pereira 1 year ago


Arkel Angel 1 year ago

I wish I had spent more time here ! Completely my fault, we ended up visiting the Altar Elbtunnel first before coming to this museum and so only had 1h30 to visit. I wish to tha I the ticket seller man who told us to visit the model train section. This was a fantastic suggestion! I also want to thank the model train operator, you made my whole day! The trains were completely spectacular and fantastic to watch. I really appreciate the work you do !! The musuem had some really interesting history as well as some spaces depicted in period furniture. I also enjoyed the ships and the mock-ups of Hamburg. The paintings were also very nice and well positioned. Definitely fun to visit if you enjoy history and trains !

Olga Savitska 1 year ago

Totally loved it Super interesting exhibition!

Justyna Molęda 1 year ago

It was my first museum, which I choosed to visit. Everything, every meter of this place, is amazing!!! For a big plus is English description everywhere. I was hipnotized with parts with trading and The Great Fire!

JudyF 1 year ago

WOW. One of the finest museums I Germany. Wonderfully curated, consistent with history. Kudos! Highly recommended.

Mike 1 year ago

Brilliantly organised as you pass through the middle ages to modern times. Some incredibly detailed models of the city, buildings and ships. Fair entry price, very good way to pass 4 or 5 hours. The vast majority of exhibits have English translations.

Nadine 1 year ago

Very interesting and comprehensive. Worth a visit for anyone interested in history!

Thiago Moura 1 year ago

Really nice option for getting an overview on Hamburg's history. You can learn a lot specially about the modern shipping, trading immigration and emigration.

Ruu Senata 1 year ago

Honestly there is the element of surprise that took me over but it was really meticulously designed and preserved. I was pleasantly surprised by the vast collection and the various informations I can gather from going alone. What I can remember on top of my head is the 1943 Hamburg winter hunger. I feel like if you properly take notes, you can be a hamburg tour guide What was really amazing was this model for Solomon's temple and the ship that was made in real life size! It's simply amazing. 10/10 recommended would go there again. Ich genieße wirklich meine Zeit hier sehr, dass ich nicht gemerkt habe, wie lang ich schon da war. Tolle Ausstellung! Hab leider fast keine Fotos gemacht. Muss man nur wieder besuchen

Lisa B 2 years ago

Wonderfully curated museum which covers a lot of history and different facets of life in those times, for example fashion and music. The overall structure of a walk through is a bit confusing, because it's not chronological or logical. Great use of different interactive elements, and mutli medial experiences. A great way to spent a couple of hours, with a lot of input and insights.

james kingman 2 years ago

Great exhibitions, alot is translated to English which helped us understand as tourists from the UK

Sadik Ekin Özbay 2 years ago

Nice museum to visit

Roxana 2 years ago

Me and my husband visit it today. I am impressed by how big and vast the museum is. It's a museum about the history of just a city, but I've seen more than I've seen in museums about a whole country together. It has the whole history from the 6th century until now, and it perfectly reproduces from how a milk-eggs-butter shop was back in the days to a WW2 bunker or ship movements and sounds, and so much more. It is absolutely worth a visit! We enjoyed every minute of it and I cannot wait to pay it a visit again, which will be very soon for sure. (Be prepared to dedicate 3 hours, at least, for the whole journey)

Samantha Bateson 2 years ago

Loved this place! So interesting! Glad I made the trip to see it. Highly recommended

Kev Dixon 2 years ago

Fascinating place and wonderfully kept. The history of Germany and Hamburg in particular is presented in a respectful and honest way. Highly recommended

Erik Blatt Lyon 2 years ago

Really interesting. The descriptions of items exist both in English and German. Plenty of huge models of ships and landscapes as well as large installations that put you inside ships etc. Would recommend for all +12 years if you want an lively and (at places) interactive insight into Hamburg’s past and present.

Fredrick Aviles 3 years ago

This was the crown jewel of our last trip. We were able to attend the second leg of the Champion's League match against Arsenal (1-1, but FCB moved on to the quarter finals of 2014) and a 2-1 victory against Bayer Leverkusen.This awesome site is a good U-Bahn ride away and once you hit there,

Moro Segu 3 years ago

Very clean, well organised and laid out, very interesting if you like history. Some interesting facts about Germany during the war. If you have the Hamburg Card you get a discount.if not its €8 per person

Frank Rosenkilde 3 years ago

The Christian Warlich exhibition is fantastic, anyone with just a litlle interrest in european tattooing should go there, even lots of German and Danish tattooers related to Hamburg is representated, hats of to the organizers who collected all these artifacts from so many places to be seen here.

Алекс Мосевич 3 years ago

Very interesting place to visit and to see many great statues and pictures and trains in miniature.

Lisa Goldberg 4 years ago

Apparently, I can't be further away from being wrong. This museum - that is located on beautiful park with idyllic lake teaches you all about Hamburg and its history. It's located not far from U-bahn stop St. Pauli, so it can't get any easier than that, not to mention it's not far should you be interested to check out all the "interesting" entertainment on the infamous Reeperbahn.

Franz Hartinger 4 years ago

Very well presented history of Hamburg including great ship models - and a smashing model railway structure. Do not remember scale exactly, but is bigger than the competition in the "Speicherstadt" and thus just adorable. A must in Hamburg.

sushi rider 4 years ago

Don't miss the Museum for Hamburg History! The receptionist was so sweet to me - thank you! Very interesting to learn the history of Hamburg with great model depictions of the growth of the city through the ages and important maritime history. Respect that it acknowledges the inconceivable period of the Holocaust which I hope it develops more. It would be great to also document the Hamburg people (like my Mummy) who helped save their Jewish friends and (from Hamburg friends, I heard, whose parents) subtly sabotaged arms manufacture.

Douglas Wong 4 years ago

Very informative about Hamburg in last two hundred years. Covers everything from fortification for 30 years war, North Sea trade, colonial trade, emigration tides, big steam ships, to NS control and modern development.

Harry Wilson 4 years ago

Really good museum which charts the history of the city over 1000 years. Beautiful building with a cloakroom and cafe. The staff are friendly and informative. Remember to see the model railway.

Dave B 4 years ago

A really interesting and comprehensive backstory to Hamburg's development over the centuries. The city models at its various stages throughout history were incredibly detailed and towards the end, huge. I had allowed three hours to explote, but I really needed much linger. Fascinating, I will definitely come again.

Bruce Klein 4 years ago

From early to current times - there is a lot packed into that building. Prepare to spend the whole day there. We spent a half day there and missed a lot... the guards had to chase us out and push us out. ☆ ;)

Gustavo Rubino Ernesto 4 years ago

Great models and so well documented events

Midhilesh M V 4 years ago

Great place to spend some time in knowing the history

Emanuel Cano 4 years ago

If learning about the historical importance of the City of Hamburg is fascinating for you, I highly suggest going. Also if you're a nautical history nerd or just really like trains, model trains, ships, old City design, naval history, or anything similar. I would suggest saving at least an hour and a half or more to explore all the sections and floors. Personal tips would be to check out the restaurant/cafe in the museum as I found it to be quite decent for it's price, plus you get to enjoy a great view of the glass roof over the entire building. As of writing this review, a gluten free option there is the curry wurst although I would always ask if it's still true or if there are more GF options.

Phileas Fogg 5 years ago

Fascinating insight into the very chequered history of a beautiful and interesting city. Inexpensive, with lots of great exhibits so allow plenty of time for your visit. There is a very comfortable and welcoming restaurant serving high quality food.

Miko Ha 5 years ago

Great history museum, in my honest opinion one of the best i ever been. You can see and understand easily the history of Hamburg in details, really interesting. Was few times and always was nice to visit. You need at least 3 hours to go there easily....

Meily Fortuna 5 years ago

Great place to learn about German culture, history it's very well set up and organized. Real artifacts that tell a story . Just amazing!

Liston Rice 5 years ago

Superb and broad walk through of Hamburg's history. Go for the shipping hall alone!!

Don Wiggins 6 years ago

Managed to get in on a free day, and were very lucky to get a tour from a volunteer. Impressive displays, and fairly decent English translations on many for those of us whose German is a little rusty.

Prasun Chaudhuri 6 years ago

Fascinating museum on the history of the city of Hamburg-- its rise, fall and rise again from the ashes. Veritable collection of ships and naval equipments from the medieval period. An entire gallery dedicated to Jews, their persecution and eventual integration

Ruben Fønsbo 6 years ago

Wonderful museum with great exhibitions displaying the long history of Hamburg. Could have spent hours more there. Only slightly lacking in 20th century - and particularly WWII - history, but earlier periods exquisitely covered. Model railway on 2nd floor probably mainly interesting to enthusiasts.

Holly Gunning 7 years ago

Great displays with information also in English and a terrific audio guide. Spent almost a whole day here, but only saw the second floor. Our goal was to learn more about the Hanseatic League, this we did plus much more. We had lunch and afternoon tea in their atmospheric café: the food was tasty and staff helpful.

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