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Museumstraße 23
22765, Hamburg
040 4281350

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Het Altonaer Museum in Hamburg is een museum dat de geschiedenis van de stad Hamburg en de omliggende gebieden behandelt. Het museum is verdeeld in drie hoofdsecties: de geschiedenis van Hamburg, de geschiedenis van de Hanseatic League en de geschiedenis van de maritieme geschiedenis van de stad. Het museum heeft ook een gedeelte over de geschiedenis van de Germaanse stammen die het gebied bewoonden vóór de komst van de Romeinen.

De Hamburg -geschiedenissectie van het museum omvat de oprichting van de stad door de eerste Germaanse stammen in de 9e eeuw, de groei als lid van de Hanseatic League in de 14e eeuw, en de transformatie ervan in een toonaangevende maritieme stad in de 18e eeuw. De sectie over de Hanseatic League omvat de rol van de Liga in de economische en politieke ontwikkeling van de stad, evenals de achteruitgang in de 19e eeuw. De maritieme geschiedenissectie behandelt de ontwikkeling van de stad als een belangrijke haven en haar rol in de transatlantische handel.

Het museum heeft een grote verzameling artefacten uit de geschiedenis van de stad, waaronder een replica van het eerste Hamburg City SEAL, een 14e-eeuwse Hanseatic League-vlag en een 17e-eeuwse kaart van de stad. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek met een verzameling boeken over de geschiedenis van Hamburg.

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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Jens Riefenstahl 1 year ago

It's a very nice museum, very polite staff and great exhibition.

Jörg Garms 1 year ago

Nice and interesting photo exhibition. The café in the museum is mandatory anyway

Kai Jansson 1 year ago

Visited the museum for the first time (World Press Photo 2022). There is also something else to discover about Hamburg (Altona).

Sigrun Wolff 1 year ago

The current photo exhibition is worth seeing and makes you think

Anika T. 1 year ago

Great museum! Particularly suitable for children/families. You get a colorful mixture and a lot to discover.

Jan Borgstädt 1 year ago

The exhibition of the "World Press Photo" competition took us to the Altonaer Museum, where the pictures were shown for the first time. A successful presentation, even if one would have wished for more space in some places to be able to view the large formats from a distance. In addition, the exhibition was well attended and there are people who have the talent to stand thoughtlessly in front of the pictures or texts. What we noticed positively about the Altonaer Museum is that it has a much more modern look; what was a bit dusty from earlier years has disappeared. Worth seeing is the exhibition on Altona's urban development. Recommended for physical refreshment: Café Schmidtchen. We'd love to come back.

Irkutsk Baikal 1 year ago

Wonderful! Thanks

Kieler Deern 1 year ago

We went here with our 4 year old son to see the children's exhibition. It was great. He could dress up, play and try many things.

Joachim Groth 1 year ago

Last visited about 50 years ago, some things recognized from before. Actually, it was a journey into childhood and still experienced a lot. was fun

Friedrich Specht 1 year ago

Historical at the regional level. Figureheads with global themes. Special promotions related to local life. Terrific. Greetings to the nice employees ♥️

Wilfried B 1 year ago

Very interesting museum about Altona and the surrounding area

Dirk S. 1 year ago

At the moment there is a great special exhibition in the Altonaer Museum about the film city of Hamburg, from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day, which is very comprehensive and well researched. Highly recommended, with lots of information that was new to me. I was last in the permanent exhibition as a schoolboy, but my current visit has made me want to rediscover the museum for myself.

G. S. 1 year ago

On my way from Altona train station south to the Elbe (signposted), I accidentally came across the Altonaer Museum after passing the great Stuhlmann fountain. From the outside, the building doesn't really pull you off your feet and I hesitated at first as to whether such a district museum would be worthwhile for the hour I had time. But then I was all the more surprised what a great mixture in the museum, or should one almost speak of the museums, is to be seen. For the general public, the exhibition on district development, with a great model of the old port. For the ship fans many ship models and figureheads. For lovers of open-air museums, the farmhouse parlors. For children the Wunderkammer and the library. There is also a beautifully designed café, which I only saw through the glass door. Conclusion: A hand in the piñata that should have a positive surprise in store for every visitor. Worth seeing!

Heinz Kletzin 1 year ago

The visit is worthwhile for people who are interested in Altona's history.

Denisa Gherdan 1 year ago


Hans Bock 1 year ago

Absolutely worth seeing!! The farmhouse parlors and the fully assembled farmhouse are particularly beautiful. Very impressive as soon as you enter. Very friendly staff!!

Mo Hamburg 1 year ago

Very nice museum with incredible installations. A whole farmhouse stands in the hall. You feel transported into the past.

Kreathyr 1 year ago

A great and inexpensive excursion destination, as an alternative to the overcrowded miniature wonder. Many model ships can be admired here and there is also an impressive collection of figureheads.

Дарья Ткаченко 1 year ago


Eva Schneider 1 year ago

Very nice place, gastro inside and outside, good food, friendly staff. In the middle of everything and yet quiet and relaxed due to the hidden location

Kseniya E. 1 year ago

Very interesting for children over 6 Great staff who really care.

Ulrich Würdemann 1 year ago

Great museum - also great for visiting with children

Tjark Connor HH 1 year ago

You can't imagine a more beautiful museum on Hamburg's history. The museum has a very diverse selection of exhibitions and is suitable for all age groups

Birger Holz 1 year ago

Here, inclusion and participation are impressively brought to life in art and creativity. Very inspiring.

Kiesewetter K 1 year ago

A museum worth seeing... a lot has been modernized in recent years. Very well prepared for children

Rosemarie Kühne 1 year ago

A great, very interesting museum about Altona and Hamburg

Thomas Eckardt 1 year ago

Interesting museum in Altona, Very interesting farm parlors dismantled on site and rebuilt in the museum....well worth seeing

Jose Luis Vargas Luna 1 year ago


Ingmar Schenk 1 year ago

Great exhibition "Close Up" on Hamburg's film history

Nacho 2 years ago


Sabrina Werter 2 years ago

Very nice museum that offers everything from shipping to life in the country. The toy exhibition was not only worth seeing for our children. Definitely worth a visit.

Thomas Kellner 2 years ago

For a district of Hamburg, the Altonaer Museum is a top address not only as a bad weather alternative. Regional history, above all the figureheads or the farmhouse make the museum a cross-generational experience. Whenever I come to Hamburg, I also look to see if there is one of the very interesting photo exhibitions in the museum. Plus coffee and museum shop always makes it worth a stop.

Hans Knickrehm 3 years ago

It is very interesting friendly staff highly recommended canteen is also very nice delicious cakes

Emanuel Koydl 3 years ago

Haven't seen the full museum. Yet they have many exhibitions and a great rotation of themes. I asked for some refuge from the rain in the gift shop and the lady at the counter was beyond amazing. She told me to stay as long as I needed and offered me a glass of water. I had a coffee there as well, to my surprise it was a pretty good blend. Did not expect to find such good coffee for the value. I highly suggest visiting and spending some time with friends and/or family. Great atmosphere and huge museum. I wish I had time to visit the exhibition.

Brandi R. 3 years ago

Lots of interesting information!

Gunter Lorenz 3 years ago

Well equipped Museum showing old time maritime objects, history of Altona as well as objects of rural and all day life.

Sven Guy Freerks 4 years ago

Terrific experience to experience the history of my neighborhood!! Quite interactive and a unique experience. Happy they didn't close it à few years ago..

Rasmus Guldager 4 years ago

Once the entrance fee has been paid, you have free access to all exhibitions. Close location on metro

D. Witte 4 years ago

A museum for young and old. Only a few minutes away from Altona train station. The current exhibition on proverbs is very interesting.

Елена Синельникова 4 years ago

The museum is interesting if someone loves local history, but without knowledge of the language, some rooms do not make sense, you can skip it. If you run, then an hour and a half is enough. There is a cafe. Hamburg Card Discount

Olaniyi Gloria 4 years ago

One of the best experience for me and children, they have agood workshop for children and lot more...

Luc 4 years ago

You can look at paintings, play Minecraft and have fun with mirrors. 10/10 would do it again

Mu Ha 4 years ago

Altona Museum is the best i know......

Rich Tatnall 4 years ago

Shows it how it was ! Well kept interesting museum, especially for the old Altona family I have the pleasure of being married into.

Diederik Verstraete 4 years ago


Lorenzo Thomas 5 years ago

Ik vond het geweldig

Aaron Halder 5 years ago

Historically accurate

marlon tesseyman 5 years ago


Boris Crismancich 5 years ago

Top exhibition “Beautiful Living in Altona”. Kids and teenagers can build their Altona in Minecraft.

Nicole Lövenforst 6 years ago

Great museum for children is also made here.

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