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Am Kupfergraben
10117, Berlin
030 266424242

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Het Bode Museum is een museum op het museumeiland in Berlijn, Duitsland. Het museum werd gebouwd tussen 1904 en 1907 door architect Ernst von Ihne en is vernoemd naar de eerste regisseur, Wilhelm von Bode. Het museum herbergt een verzameling sculpturen, Byzantijnse kunst en munten uit de oude wereld. Het museum maakt deel uit van de Berlijnse staatsmusea.

Het Bode Museum bevindt zich op het noordelijke puntje van het Museum -eiland in Berlijn. Het museum is gebouwd in de neoklassieke stijl en bestaat uit twee vleugels die zijn verbonden door een centrale rotunda. De oostelijke vleugel van het museum herbergt de Byzantijnse kunstcollectie, terwijl de West Wing de sculptuurcollectie herbergt. De centrale rotunda van het museum bevat de muntencollectie.

Het Bode Museum heeft een verzameling van meer dan 100.000 objecten die de kunstgeschiedenis van de oude wereld tot op heden omvatten. De collectie van Byzantijnse kunst van het museum is een van de grootste ter wereld en omvat mozaïeken, iconen en andere werken uit het Byzantijnse rijk. De sculptuurcollectie van het museum omvat werken van enkele van de beroemdste beeldhouwers van de Renaissance- en barokke periodes, zoals Michelangelo, Bernini en Canova. De muntencollectie van het museum is een van de grootste ter wereld en omvat munten van de oude Griekse, Romeinse en Byzantijnse rijken.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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Gisdg GISDG 1 year ago

Wonderful museum. I enjoyed it very much.

Angela M 1 year ago

We had a wonderful time at this museum. It’s a little bit like a maze, when you go one way and come out another way and each door leads to a new area. There are sculpture to see everywhere you look. It was a great experience for my kids and we loved seeing so much art. It really is a unique collection. There are rooms filled with coins as well. The gift shop has a lot of books to offer and some nice souvenirs that are just as unique. Street parking was plentiful and very close which was a nice plus.

suzi galu 1 year ago

Beautiful!!! I'm so happy to visit and see stunning exhibits!

Salvador Nobre Veiga 1 year ago

Beautiful museum with a beautiful architecture especially on the corner of the block and overlooking the water. Amazing for taking pictures at sunset!

Dhesirée Ellery Maggioni 1 year ago

Bodes is one of the most impressive museuns in terms of its building, with a magnificent arquitecture and beauty. The first floor is mostly about religious artefacts, while the second floor contains a mixture of sculptures and an interesting coin collection. At the end of the exibitions you can enjoy yourself at a lovely cafe, sitting in an area facing the central sculputere by the staircase. The shop was temporaly closed.

Ruch .. 1 year ago


Laurens 1 year ago

Beautiful museum with an impressive collection

Derrick Lee 1 year ago

Didn't visit only seen it from boat tour on the River Spree next

Hao Tang 1 year ago

This museum is a genuine treasure house. Almost every item is worth seeing, and a number of items are simply magnificent. Especially impressive are the wooden sculpture pieces; the finely carved figures are living and breathing, almost alive. The museum does not have a lot of visitors (on the day I visited, a Friday). This is a blessing for those who do visit, since one can then enjoy the museum without a thronging crowd around one. Many of the religiously themed wooden sculptures are best enjoyed in a quiet environment.

Nancy Stafanos 1 year ago


Pasko Zhelev 1 year ago

Amazing view that is perfect for photos!

Brent C-H 1 year ago


Jessie Ruth GS 1 year ago

There were a lot of religious art. We particularly liked the room where we (including the kids) could draw what we liked the most from memory, and hang it on the wall together with other works of visitors. They also made the visit extra fun with some funny paper cut outs of dresses to take pictures with sculptures with. :) Big kudos to the staff for making the museum visit more creative and fun for all ages.

Venula Tharusha 1 year ago


July Summer 1 year ago


Esin Çelebi Bowyer 2 years ago

Highly interesting and amazing experience. Top floor area to seat and digest afterwards is also must go area. Love it

Science's Bedroom 2 years ago

Built between 1898 and 1904, under the rule of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the Bode Museum houses Byzantine-era art and artifacts, going as far as the 1st Century CE. It also houses a coin-collection cabinet. It is a part of the Museumsinsel which is a UNSECO World Heritage Site since 1999. Only on visiting this museum, will people be able to realize the struggle of Christians in the early Roman Empire era and how everything changed with the advent of Constantine's policies after his Edict of Milan (313 CE).

My Name 2 years ago

All of Museum island is a must see, but this is a fantastic start. There is such an amazing mix of art work here.

Ni Hao 2 years ago

Small museum but still very interesting. recommend it to anyone who is interested in ancient history

anna de felice 2 years ago

The entire Museum Island is one of the place to see in Berlin. The Bode Museum,close tu the Monbijou park offer a special view.

Amy 2 years ago

Bode museum is the location of the sculpture collection and museum of Byzantine art. It is also one of the amazing place to explore on Museum Island and spree river.

Dmitry Lvov 2 years ago

Absolutely must visit place in your itinerary while visiting Berlin. Grandiose structure ful of artifacts

Sandeep Kaur 3 years ago

A wonderful evening outside bode Museum, on bank of Spree river... Amazing and best time spent.

Ahmed Ghazi 3 years ago

DescriptionThe Bode Museum is one of the group of museums on Museum Island in Berlin, Germany. It was designed by architect Ernst von Ihne and completed in 1904. Originally called the Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum after Emperor Frederick III, the museum was renamed in honor of its first curator, Wilhelm von Bode, in 1956.

Alexander Stadnyk 3 years ago

A huge museum building with a great variety of sculptures and other art works of world know artist You need to be ready to spend a lot of time to walk through the museum

Martin Angus 4 years ago

A fantastic building, housing an incredible collection. The Museum Island pass is an absolute bargain.

PK Art 4 years ago

The museum is worth a visit because of its interesting exhibition. For everyone that is already familiar with the pieces inside its also a good destination for a nice walk along the Spree in the summer as well as any other season in Berlin.

Vasilios Takos 4 years ago

Huge statues collection in Berlin. Awesome atmosphere around this place. Beautiful museum with a small cafe inside. Nice collection of art with Byzantine, Italian, African and Renaissance pieces. There are lots you can see in this museum. I guess the price is ok for museum. It would be nice to visit it if you love art. The interior architecture of the museum also are fascinating. I definitely suggest this place for visit.

Jef Hendrikx 4 years ago

The bode museum was build as a museum commissioned by Kaiser Friedrich and completed in 1904. The founding director believed in a mixed collections and that's what you can find here. It 's certainly beautiful and you can find a lot of things from paintings, sculptures, typical objects, money, ...

Sandrine Druon 4 years ago

Beautiful collection of status inside a beautiful building. King Frederick is welcoming you on his gigantic horse at the entrance. Some of the art pieces come with an explanation that gives you very interesting insight about late medieval, early modern art.

Vishal Shah 4 years ago

I love this place. Fascinating collection that inspires me to observe and draw. When in Berlin and want to discover sculptures and paintings of art then you won’t disappointed

Kuntal Ganguly 4 years ago

Really great place and awesome atmosphere all around the place. Lots of ancient and antique goods available for sale nearby with magnificent view of canal.. Couldn't explore inside as it was closed due to public holiday :(

Tavia Thompson 4 years ago

I loved this museum! It was absolutely beautiful and the African exhibit was fascinating! I truly appreciate the work put into the exhibit and the explanation about aesthetics. There were many posters up questioning the antiquated ideas of Eurocentric beauty standards, especially when being applied to "primitive" African artworks. I would definitely recommend Bode Museum and go back! A great find for all, especially minorities or african art enthusiasts.

Andrii Motsyk 4 years ago

Good museum and location overall. Theres a open air free sport place with bar and everything nearby. Has a cafe inside that you can visit without a ticket. Nice and calm place. Good for rest.

Shae Erlandson 4 years ago

I really enjoyed this museum. The whole concept of it (at least when I was there, I'm not sure if they change it or not) is that they compared and contrasted ancient statues from Africa to those of Europe. The idea was that often we see African works as not art as much as just something they created, or rather ethnic creations, and we see European statues as these magnificent works of art, but that should not be the case. The works set up next to each other very much brought out similarities between cultures as well as slight differences. You can see in pictures I've included one of a European woman breastfeeding her child, and then one of an African woman doing the same. It was fascinating the similar interests of what to create which showed what was important in the culture. The audio guide was very nice and informational. The only part of the experience that was not the best was that 3 out of the 4 staff members I interacted with were not pleasant and were rather rude to me instead of showing professional politeness and inform me of the things I didn't know. Excellent museum but not the most welcoming of places.

Wendy Nguyen 4 years ago

One of the must-see spots when you visit Berlin. You can also do the cruises around the river. Other side of the Museum is a walking path, somehow it gave me a romantic feeling by strolling down along the path of the river.

Susan Manickum 5 years ago

What an amazing museum part of museum island. I only got to see three due to so many artifacts. I would highly recommended this museum as with the others. You will need a one day pass at 18 euros but you will need an early start to see all five museums. I will be back to see the two I didn't visit.

Damian Os 5 years ago

A wonderful building with renaissance and baroque art. Byzantine art, sculptures and a vast coin collection that should not be overlooked. Particularly enjoyed the "Beyond compare" juxtaposition of artifacts from around the world and the audioguide. Do not forget the free audioguide!

J S 5 years ago

Excellent collection of ancient pieces. Their command medallion collection is impressive. Their cafe is great too. They have nice lockers that can fit most any back pack. 1 Euro that you get back.

Kylie Neale 5 years ago

Incredible artwork and sculptures. The museum itself was beautiful and well designed. A perfect way to spend the day. Free WiFi, student discounts, and free coat check.

Joseph Holley 5 years ago

Really great for sculpture buffs. This building is also incredible and breathtaking. Kind of a pain to get to from the other museum's on the island but worth it

John Strylowski 5 years ago

An outstanding collection of Medieval and Renaissance art, primarily sculpture, but some paintings as well. There are also a few rooms of Baroque art, a Byzantine collection, and a coin and medal collection. The building itself is beautiful.

Eric Hiss 5 years ago

The Bode Museum is as beautiful as the art work inside it. Definitely worth a visit! Just outside the museum is an open air theater and two restaurants and you can go out there after your visit and have dinner or a snack. I really liked the sculptures in the Bode and they had many beautiful paintings and other historic pieces to view.

S. 6 years ago

It's confusing museum. Nice big interiors and few highlight in a sea of small not really interesting objets. If you are art nerd like me you will enjoy tiny ivory reliefs and anonymous wooden German altars but if you need big objects to be impressed it can be rather disappointment. Display is old and it definitely need update. If I would have rate stuff I would give them 0 stars. Weird odd people working there. I think some of them have serious mental disorders.

Stephen Ricketts 6 years ago

I went to this place on a Friday about 2 hours before it closed. The place was practically empty. Feeling like I had the whole museum to myself it was amazing to see everything and have the freedom to move around and not feel rushed. The highlights were the wide range of coins and religious pieces to see. Take time and make sure you see every corner of this museum. There are so many almost hidden areas it helps to make a note of which rooms you've been in or pick up a floor plan. If you are not very religious you could find this museum boring but it's flooding with history so if this is your thing it's a must see museum.

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