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Alter Garten 3
19055, Schwerin
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Het Staatliches Museum Schwerin bevindt zich in de stad Schwerin in Duitsland. Het is een staatsmuseum dat een grote verzameling kunst en artefacten herbergt uit de staat Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Het museum heeft een breed scala aan tentoonstellingen en displays die de geschiedenis en cultuur van de regio laten zien. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek- en onderzoekscentrum dat open staat voor het publiek.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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Tomasz Wieruszewski 1 year ago

A very interesting collection, it is a collection largely collected by the Mecklenburg princes. There is Rubens, Gainsborough, Dutch, Rococo (including French) and Classicist paintings. A necessary sightseeing point in Schwerin. There is no city of this size in Poland with such collections, I suspect that it is also not in Germany. Even a large agglomeration would not be ashamed of such a gallery. You can come for a day trip from Szczecin. Admission: 6 Euro, but in the package with Schwerin Castle the ticket cost 9 Euro. I chose this option and saw both objects.

Daria Thomas 1 year ago

Amazing architecture!

Tobias Jante 1 year ago

Was there just before it closed for refurbishment. And I have to say I'd love to come back

ULa 2 years ago

Very nice museum. The special light exhibition is also worth seeing.

Martyna Paech 2 years ago

Great exhibitions "Verführung Licht" and "Uecker90", also the old masters and the pictures of the regional painters are very worth seeing.

Felix Goth 2 years ago

Here you can spend a few hours for a manageable entry fee and see impressive paintings in just such an ambience.

Jessica Schulz 2 years ago

I was totally amazed! We were also damn lucky in the whole museum there were maybe only 5 other visitors. The staff was accordingly always on hand to explain a few things. I found the exhibition itself just impressive

pxl pax 2 years ago

Old and new masters, a Barlach show and modern art, this is how the art museum even made our juniors happy :)

Wegerichs Kunst 2 years ago

... modern art doesn't appeal to me that much (a matter of taste); You can marvel at many wonderful works of art from other centuries there ... my favorite: Carl Malchin - Mecklenburg landscape painter ... a visit is definitely worth it!

Sven Rausch 2 years ago

This museum is not only worth seeing on the day of the open monument. I am always happy to be there.

Rebecca Karow 2 years ago

Seduction Light', highly recommended! We laughed and marveled. The service staff was super nice and attentive.

Gregor Halfinger 2 years ago

Great museum. The pictures of the old masters are utterly amazing.

Christina Dongowski 2 years ago

Very nice building, important Dutch collection & Marcel Duchamp works. Highly recommended. Pretty museum cafe.

Юра Кубышкин 3 years ago

+ ... The Schwerin State Museum (Germany) is known nationally for its medieval collections, including the Neustadt Altar and its 17th-century Dutch and Flemish collections ...

Matthias Zeller 3 years ago

Mooie plaats

F K 3 years ago

The museum is small but nice! We were very pleasantly surprised.

Hans-Werner Franz 3 years ago

Good mix when we were there. Old hams in abundance if you like it. But a top exhibition Uecker. And I love these bright pictures by the Scandinavian landscape painters: Danish guests. Strong things.

Peter Kersten 3 years ago

The visit is worthwhile in two respects. On the one hand because of the building itself. It is representatively located in the Old Garden between the theater and the palace. The museum has large, beautifully restored rooms with skylights and some with iron columns. On the other hand because of the very interesting collection of Dutch painters of the 17th century. Little visited on weekdays, is my impression. You can look around in peace. Interesting special exhibitions, e.g. until January 5, 2020 about Carl Malchin, the inventor of Mecklenburg landscape painting.

Юрий 3 years ago

...The museum's collections include more than 100,000 works of art - paintings, graphic works, sculptures, coins, medals, weapons, glass and porcelain items; In addition to the main collection of classical art, in the 21st century the museum pays special attention to works of contemporary art (objects and installations)...

Paul Jeglinski 3 years ago

Very very friendly staff just in the lobby area. Also the price was quite acceptable ... Will definitely go back soon ...

Ole Der Kühne 2 3 years ago

Wonderful exhibition, well done and divided. Fair entrance fee.

Christina Müller 3 years ago

As an old fan of art, I always enjoy going to the museum. Old and new masters accompanied by temporary changing exhibitions. A break can be well and cheap held in the small cafe. Elevators make it easier for visitors with the wheelchair or stroller. The staff is very friendly. Children under 18 pay no entrance fee and on Sundays there are tours from 11am for the whole family. The only downside is the parking situation. My tip, park your car in the parking garage in the city and walk the 400m.

Sebastian Bielke 3 years ago

Always interesting exhibitions in a special atmosphere. This time Carl Malchin, it was nice.

Beate Kausch 3 years ago

The collection of old masters is always particularly beautiful. Jean-Baptiste Oudry's works are particularly worth seeing. There is also a special exhibition on Carl Malchin and one with graphics by Rembrandt. It's worth a visit.

R H 3 years ago


Christa Dittmann 4 years ago

At the moment a fantastic special exhibition with Marcel Duchamp.Viele beautiful special guides. The museum association organized a symposium for the artist lasting over 3 days. Many experts came here to give lectures.

Falk-Andreas Meyer 4 years ago

For a long time I was not in Schwerin Museum, the last visits were just too disappointing. And today, a completely different picture! On the first floor and this is the real highlight of the collection, Flemish and Dutch painting. Generously distributed all over the level, every work and there are many masterpieces in it, has room for itself. The rooms are sensitively renovated, the skylight is pleasantly unspectacular and even with reflections on the paintings you hardly have to fight. Even the hall with the "Petersburg hanging" is not only conclusive but works. In particular, the Duchamp collection, which is more condensed today, on just a small part of the basement floor, has done her and the entire museum well. On my last visit, she "dominated" an entire hall, which I found too dominant for the museum. For me, the museum was never as beautiful as it is today!

Gabi Henning 4 years ago

Museum always worth a visit. Many exhibitions, even if you do not understand each one, everything is explained well.

Gottfried Beier 4 years ago

Painting exhibition by painter Malchin, Mecklenburg in the 19th century, realistic depiction of people and landscapes. Well I liked that his work was presented in the context of his contemporaries.

kevin lin 4 years ago

East German art museum in the heart of Schwerin

Rainer Fleisch 4 years ago

The Malchin exhibition is very successful. Well done.

Heidi Mellin 4 years ago

Definitely worth a visit. The special exhibition by the painter Carl Malchin is impressive

Ingrid Franz 4 years ago

It was a very interesting tour that brought us closer to the life and work of the painter Malchin

Eugenie Marie 4 years ago

A very interesting exhibition and a fantastically restored museum. You can relax in the old masters. The Barlach exhibition is also worth seeing. Schedule 2 hours !!

Wolfgang Muench 4 years ago

You have to visit the museum. The exhibited pictures are wonderfully displayed. Many Dutch painters can be admired with their pictures. The museum is located at the Old Garden in the center of Schwerin. It is within walking distance very easy to reach. Hanau opposite is the Schwerin Castle on Schwerin inner lake. You have to have been here.

Frank Koebsch 4 years ago

I like the museum with the "Old Masters" and the changing exhibitions. I particularly like the accompanying courses and the offer for the children to the exhibitions.

Eunike Ciborovius 4 years ago

The art museum in Schwerin is an insider tip in northern Germany! The special exhibition "From Barbizon to the Sea" is currently on display, as well as old masters and sculptures by Ernst Barlach, an ivory cabinet and modern works by Günther Uecker and Marcel Duchamp. You should allow 3 to 4 hours. In the museum shop you can buy art catalogues, souvenirs etc., or simply take a break from art with a cup of coffee.

Thomas Lohmann 5 years ago

Old and new masters in a larger exhibition than expected

Trahimi Nahire 5 years ago

one of the best museums I have seen the one with the super nice door tells you the history of the place was something incredible

Robert Ostermeyer 5 years ago

Impressive collection of paintings. Comprehensive. You can take pictures, understandably without flash and tripod. Nice rooms.

Ulrike K. 5 years ago

A beautiful quiet place. The old masters in particular were worth a visit. Mainly Dutch artists are exhibited. The extra exhibition on planning and building in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania was very interesting, especially if you know the region.

Angela Gramm 5 years ago

Culture Night 2018 Count one entry and then be there at different stations.

S. Seele 5 years ago

A very nice museum on the outside. Inside, very nice staff are expected. Admission prices are not as terribly high as B. in Hamburg. The ticket was also valid for a second visit, so I will go there again. The "Planschätze" exhibition was small, but very lovingly made.

Nadine Kahl 5 years ago

A great exhibition, super nice support and a nice atmosphere, was very often here in a short time and there is always something to discover, definitely worth one - or more - visits!

Rainer Wein 5 years ago

I only managed the floor with the old masters and was surprised how extensive and especially the works of art in this exhibition are. Above all how much nature, landscape and also simple life and trades were represented. The detailed descriptions under each picture were helpful. Highly recommended and definitely bring a lot of time.

R*** M*** 5 years ago

For anyone visiting the city, this should include plans ...

Paul Gerhard 5 years ago

The Brabant exhibition is absolutely worth seeing, the hour of an expert guided tour is good but a little too short.

Rita Bieler 5 years ago

Great collection, the "Horizonte" exhibition with art from the GDR era is highly recommended.

Sergii Pavlenko 5 years ago


Christian Lindenau 6 years ago

Great curated. From old masters to contemporary exhibitions - a great experience for visual people. I particularly liked the rhinoceros portrait by the French court painter Jean Baptiste Oudry. Highly recommended. Like the ticket for the Museum & Schloss Schwerin admission ticket.

SACHIT VARMA 6 years ago


Riyan Pratama 7 years ago

Their staff are so friendly. Their collection are also worth to see

Christian Nollert 7 years ago


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