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De Tower MMK in Frankfurt Am Main is een van de meest iconische gebouwen in de stad. Het is een wolkenkrabber met een hoogte van 492 voet (150 meter) en heeft 50 verdiepingen. De toren werd voltooid in 1990 en werd ontworpen door het architectenbureau Murphy/Jahn. Het gebouw is momenteel de 4e hoogste in Frankfurt en de 14e hoogste in Duitsland.

De Tower MMK bevindt zich in het stadscentrum van Frankfurt, dicht bij het financiële district. Het is een van de meest populaire toeristische attracties in de stad en biedt een prachtig uitzicht op de skyline. Het gebouw is de thuisbasis van verschillende bedrijven, waaronder een hotel, kantoren, restaurants en een winkelcentrum.

De buitenkant van de toren MMK is gemaakt van glas en staal, en het heeft een uniek ontwerp waardoor het onderscheidt van andere gebouwen in de stad. Het interieur van het gebouw is net zo indrukwekkend, met een modern en stijlvol ontwerp. De Tower MMK is een populaire bestemming voor zowel de lokale bevolking als toeristen, en het is een van de meest herkenbare bezienswaardigheden in Frankfurt.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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sun hua 1 year ago

Very worthy of recommendation

Maciej Kurzeja 1 year ago

Mooie plaats

Eugenia K 1 year ago

One of the three MMK museums in Frankfurt, located in the business center of the city. On the ground floor there is a cafe with a terrace. In front of the museum there is a statue corresponding to the atmosphere of a modern art museum. Before entering, directly, the hall with the exposition, you are asked to leave things in the luggage room. Very friendly staff: a girl at the reception who greets visitors, a security guard, caretakers in the halls of the museum. The design of the exhibitions is creative, the interior is modern. On this visit we got to an exhibition of paintings by Stefan Mandelbaum. His work is specific, but like any thought-provoking thing, it is worth attention.

mixxyv 1 year ago

A specific exhibition, unfortunately not to my taste. The building is well-kept, clean. Lots of space for exhibitions.

Simon Williams-Im 1 year ago


鹅害鹅大人 2 years ago

Cheap price, professional exhibition arrangement, very worthy of attention

Peter Schludecker 2 years ago

Very sober location, but interesting exhibition with works from our own collection.

Konstantinos Koulouris 2 years ago

Retro museum with messages of significant topicality.

Peter Völp 3 years ago

I really liked it and was the best of the 3 museums! That's what I mean by modern art!

Martin Schmidt 3 years ago


Karlo Goll 3 years ago

A nice museum (once found) with modern art.

Gabriele van Kempen (Sause) 4 years ago

Truly reality

frank b 4 years ago

In the summer sometimes electro open airs in front of the door. Pretty cool. Otherwise div. Exhibitions

bo brien 4 years ago

There are always interesting exhibitions in the "branch" of the Museum of Modern Art. Guided tours are highly recommended.

Alexander Jaekel 4 years ago

The place is beautiful different than you expect it classic. The theme of the current show - Migration - is presented in an exciting format with highly interesting and impacting works. In sum: worth seeing.

Paweł Marcinkiewicz 4 years ago

A great museum with a series of rather controvertial exhibitions on emigrants and refugees in the compemporary Germany. I was asking myself a question: where is the border between art and journalism? Can art exist whithout form, being a container of aesthetic values. Young artists seem to neglect form. I'm not criticising them, I'm just curious if such art can exist in a longer perspective...

Gerald R. Wimmer 4 years ago

... must have seen, greeting from Ffm., signed G. Wimmer

MsVilla111 4 years ago

Frankfurt is the most impressive international and dynamic financial city in Germany, with its unmistakable skyline of skyscrapers, the river Main, the famous opera house, the Imperial Cathedral and the Church of Saint Paul, the cradle of German democracy, an entire district dedicated the theater, pedestrian streets full of shops. It has also been chosen as the seat of the European Central Bank. Most of Frankfurt has been built after the Second World War, when the bombing decimated the city. It offers countless sector fairs of international importance, one of the most important is the Book Fair and it is proud of the city's most famous son, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

E A 4 years ago


Fernando Weber 4 years ago


Anna Köpfer 4 years ago


Sascha Remmert 5 years ago

I was in the exhibition "I am a Problem" and found it very exciting ...

Lara1990 5 years ago

Worth a visit

Monika Nielsen 5 years ago

I am a problem is the best modern art exhibition I have ever seen. Absolutely shocking and makes you feel something

Elisenda Romera 5 years ago

Interesting works on display. They are the new acquisitions of the museum. It's small but worth it if you like contemporary art.

Christoph Sollfrank 5 years ago

Worth a visit

Georges Sluijter 5 years ago

Museum of Modern Art was great

Peter Behringer 5 years ago

One focus of the collection is photography, which is excellently stocked.

Tobias Schulz 5 years ago

Very interesting exhibition. At first glance, the pictures or objects are difficult to understand and interpret. The texts next to it are definitely a must. The museum is not for smaller children and also not for people who “just want to go through quickly”. The woman at the checkout was a bit rude, but I can forgive her on January 1st.

Marcel Lefti 5 years ago

Visited "I'm a problem" exhibition. Super interesting.

Martin-Karl Gosselin 5 years ago


Philipp H. 5 years ago


Thomas Viebig 6 years ago

Always great exhibitions. And very nice cafe

Heinz Bjoern Thoma 6 years ago

Always worth a visit

Maren Seher 6 years ago

I can only rate the cafe. Everything is extremely delicious there! Best cappuccino I've ever had! Super friendly young people behind the counter. Clean toilets and see child friendly

Florian Herder 6 years ago

A very interesting and sophisticated installation that invites you to think and dream. However, one should not be afraid of the dark.

Peter Isac 6 years ago

Inetersting place, worth à visit.

Pelu Joe Manzambi 6 years ago


Anne Hofmann 6 years ago

Great new exhibition!

Allen Ziegenfus 6 years ago

Great exhibitions !!

Gabriela Corral 6 years ago

I really liked the minimalistic art exposed when I went

Roberto Strauss 6 years ago

Always great experience of staged contemporary art amidst the great atmosphere of Frankfurt's residential towers.

Maurice 7 years ago

The exhibition (The Imaginary Museum) was very great!

A H 7 years ago

The MMK 2 is a must-visit for every fan of modern art and an oasis in the gray banking environment. Look best on the website. Guided tours are offered on a regular basis.

Albert Rubens 7 years ago

Het is goed

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