Hessian State Museum, Kassel

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Brüder-Grimm-Platz 5
34117, Kassel
0561 31680123

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Het Hessian State Museum in Kassel, Duitsland, is een van de grootste en belangrijkste musea in het land. Het herbergt een enorme verzameling kunst en artefacten uit de regio Hessiaanse, evenals uit andere delen van Duitsland en Europa. Het museum is verdeeld in verschillende secties, die elk zijn gewijd aan een ander aspect van de geschiedenis en cultuur van de regio.

De collecties van het museum omvatten schilderijen, sculpturen, meubels, keramiek en andere objecten die dateren uit de middeleeuwen. Er zijn ook uitgebreide bezit van munten, medailles en andere objecten uit de regio Hessiaanse. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek en archieven die een schat aan informatie bevatten over de geschiedenis van de regio.

Het Hessian State Museum is een belangrijk centrum voor onderzoek en beurs over de geschiedenis en cultuur van de regio Hessiaanse. Het personeel van het museum omvat een aantal wetenschappers en experts die onderzoek doen naar verschillende onderwerpen met betrekking tot de regio. Het museum biedt ook een verscheidenheid aan educatieve programma's en evenementen voor het publiek.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Hessian State Museum, Kassel: Meningen

Miles Raderemons 1 year ago

Great ! Very nice and competent staff, very extensive collection and on top: a wonderful view over Kassel! Also recommended for children!

Guido Seyer 1 year ago

Very interesting museum. Admission price of 6 euros is very cheap in my opinion.

St Sch 1 year ago

Impressive collections (porcelain) that are presented in a contemporary way. Tip: Tower climb

Peter Großer 1 year ago

Impressive Look at that! (plan at least 3 hours!)

H R (Icarus) 1 year ago

The State History Museum is also one of the sub-exhibitions of Documenta in Kassel.

A. S. 1 year ago

I was in this museum as part of documenta fifteen. a visit is also worthwhile outside of the art show. If you are interested in history, this is the place for you. well done tour.

Sven Born 1 year ago

Pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff, great exhibitions

Dinah Rottschaefer 1 year ago

Great refurbished and very extensive museum

Tommaso Preda 1 year ago

Nice film on the ground floor for documenta15 Unforgettable VR experience on the second floor I recommend a tour in the rooms of the museum there are beautiful amber objects in a reliquary Too bad it's almost all written in German ... interesting movie displayed on ground floor Don't waste your time at 2nd floor with VR sculpture, go to permanent collection, you can find beautiful amber objects from Landgrave William VII The museum leaks on english translation ... Very common situation in Germany

hajoma F 1 year ago

Not only the documentaries are interesting in Kassel. Great exhibition.

Antarqui E 1 year ago

Since the redesign and reopening in November 2016, the museum has become really modern and worth seeing. The old and more recent history of Hesse is presented very well with appropriate objects. I like the museum and have been here for lectures ever since. Nice that the house will be used for documenta fifteen 2022.

Аюн Баюн 1 year ago

Wonderful museum, very interesting exhibits, everything is beautifully decorated, I would even visit twice) Without a guide, visiting the museum is free.

Peace Steve 1 year ago


Karlo Goll 1 year ago

A nice museum. I visited it on the occasion of the doc XV.

Jo Schwarz 1 year ago

We found a particularly good piece of film work here for the Documenta 15. Pinar Ögrenci, who lives and works in Berlin, documents the homeland of her Kurdish father on the border between Turkey and Iran in quiet, impressive images. In quiet, poetic images, one experiences the hard everyday life in this remote mountainous region, cut off from the outside world for nine months by icy winters. People cope with unimaginably hard and simple living conditions, poverty and isolation with dignity. An impressive film!

Michael Mikhailov 1 year ago

In principle, it is similar to all other state museums. What I really liked - a permanent exhibition on the "war of the video formats".

Harald Berndt 1 year ago

I had a lot of fun friendly people and competent explanations even without a guide. Many years ago I used to go there a lot when I was young, so it was a return to youth for me.

Bhie Bkk 1 year ago


mistset 1 year ago

Amazing museum!

Sissy Joas 1 year ago

Very interesting, unfortunately didn't have enough time

peter kemp 1 year ago


Carmen Löber 1 year ago

A very nice museum with lots of information and great exhibitions. I'm really excited. Recommended to everyone. Also very nice and polite staff

Lina Pu 1 year ago

In any case, very worth seeing. Informative, thought-provoking but also makes you smile.

Uwe Opfer 1 year ago

You should visit the museums in the vicinity more often. There are surprising things to discover!!! Very nice and courteous staff. Always my pleasure.

Beate Goßfelder-Michel 1 year ago

You need a lot of time here... The exhibition is diverse and intensive...

Petra Prätorius 2 years ago

Very nice museum, you have to bring your time, but it's worth it

Andruha Keil 2 years ago

A nice and important museum if you want to learn something about Kassel's past.

Viola von Vianden 2 years ago

Beautiful! The gold treasure on the 2nd floor can easily compete with Dresden ... Unfortunately, like everything that the mhk has in beautiful treasures, advertised miserably ...

Fabian Ker 2 years ago

Definitely worth a visit and definitely a place where you can spend a lot of time. Highly recommended. Especially since it offers a kind of summary from prehistory to the quasi modern era. Roughly explained.

QWERTZ 763 2 years ago

Was very interesting. A large collection of objects worth seeing, especially on the 2nd floor. You should probably take your time. also take a break between exhibitions.

Susann Peter 2 years ago

Nice people there. Pretty big. Unfortunately we didn't do everything in 2 hours. Unfortunately, some things are wrong. The exhibit did not match the sign, we pointed this out.

Klaus Reichenbach 2 years ago

Absolutely worth seeing. You should bring enough time with you because the four floors are well filled. The exhibition is very well positioned.

Karl Klinger 2 years ago

Very interesting. But you need a lot of time or you have to set priorities.

BestWish GoodDay 2 years ago


Karin C. 3 years ago

I liked that very much. The exhibition starts on the ground floor with the Incarnation and ends on the upper floor with the modern one. However, you should bring interest and time with you. I found it very successful and interesting.

Beate Klang 3 years ago

A beautiful museum, lovingly designed, it won't get boring, I liked it very much ...

Franz Koshorst 4 years ago

Made surprising discoveries again and again! Definitely visit during a stay in Kassel! There is so much to see and discover that you should plan enough time. (Or visit more often)

Marcel Bühner 4 years ago

An interesting historical-cultural-historical museum in Kassel

Christine Zibat 4 years ago

Very nice museum about the history of Hesse from the early days to the present day. Very friendly staff. Were able to see the tower and a view of Kassel from above. The staff has a lot of additional info about the exhibits. Very interesting and recommended.

Joachim Tügel 5 years ago

After the reopening, the state museum is really worth seeing and informative. In all cases, you should take your time for the exhibition.

Andreas Gross 5 years ago

After the renovation, the exhibition pieces are presented in bright rooms. There is a lot of information about Hessian history. It's worth a visit.

Chris Glade 5 years ago

Informative, extensive museum, which has clearly structured the topic, but still does not look boring. An experience.

Space Probe 5 years ago


Vincent Witt 6 years ago

Nice museum, newly renovated. Currently contains parts of the documenta

- -IER. Xxx 6 years ago

You shouldn't mis this nice great museum

Sina Stein 6 years ago

In interesting exhibitions on prehistory and early history, applied art and folklore, the museum offers an overview from the beginnings of human settlement to the present day. A special exhibition area offers exciting temporary exhibitions. Worth seeing!

Hans-Dieter Illing 6 years ago

A very worth visiting museum. Not just at the documentary time. When the tower is open, be sure to go up. The view over Kassel is wonderful.

T. Rash 6 years ago

Great collection, nice presentation. Good setting for documenta 14.

okin seon 6 years ago

If you come to Kassel, be sure to stop by :)

Hyungseuk Cho 6 years ago

Beautiful Toilet

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