Art Museum of the Federal University of Ceará

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Av. da Universidade 2854
60020-181, Crateús
(85) 3366-7481

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Het Art Museum van de Federale Universiteit van Ceará in Crateús is een van de belangrijkste culturele instellingen in de staat Ceará. Het werd opgericht in 1977 en is de thuisbasis van een grote verzameling kunst uit de staat en de omliggende regio. Het museum bevindt zich in de stad Crateús, in het noordoostelijke deel van de staat.

Het museum heeft een rijke en diverse verzameling kunst, variërend van traditioneel tot eigentijds. Het is vooral bekend om zijn verzameling volkskunst uit de staat Ceará. Het museum heeft ook een belangrijke verzameling schilderijen, sculpturen en andere kunstwerken uit de koloniale periode.

Het Art Museum van de Federale Universiteit van Ceará is een belangrijk centrum voor de studie van de kunsten van de staat Ceará. Het biedt een breed scala aan programma's en activiteiten, waaronder tentoonstellingen, educatieve programma's en onderzoeksprojecten. Het museum is open voor het publiek en de toelating is gratis.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 1:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 1:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 1:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 1:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 1:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

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🗣️ Art Museum of the Federal University of Ceará: Meningen

Ruan Gomes 1 year ago

Easy accessibility and good opening hours, not to mention the incredible exhibits.

Denise Pontes 1 year ago

Beautiful and very rich space with a wonderful art library. Thanks for all the attention of the team

Letícia Pinheiro 1 year ago

Nice place to visit and a really cool experience for art lovers.

Helena Félix 1 year ago

I saw two wonderful exhibitions in August - by the artist collective Oicos ​​and by Nicia Bormann. Both free. A must visit for art lovers.

Jamieson Simoes 1 year ago

To understand more about Ceará, a visit to MAUC is necessary. Art as a herald of history, politics and society in Ceará.

Wanessa Araújo 1 year ago

Enchanted by this cultural space.

Escorpius Liives 1 year ago

Very polite concierge. The same to those who were on site! My congratulations!

Sheila Nogueira 1 year ago

Guided tour enhanced the visit, brought us a broader view of the exhibition. I thought the experience was great.

Talles Teixeira 1 year ago

I was pleasantly surprised, hope to come back again.

franklin almeida 1 year ago

Clean, airy and organized!

Eugênio Vitor Silva 1 year ago

Variety of excellent paintings and a very well organized and pleasant place, I really liked it, the people there are super friendly too!!!!

Adrian Menendez 1 year ago

Very good material and provision for a free museum. Excellent regional collection of Ceará artists. It is worth taking a couple of hours to visit it.

Sandra Costa 1 year ago

Large space with excellent structure for exhibitions. I recommend. Visit the museum, appreciate culture and art!

Geovanni Guimarães 1 year ago

Pleasant, air-conditioned cultural space with very interesting artistic exhibitions.

Rodrigo Marcondes 1 year ago

Excellent exhibition, I took a guided tour with a personality, a very rich collection, one of the best I've ever seen. Long live the work of Ceará!

Karinne Brito 1 year ago

Excellent commitment of the employees of the place, as well as the organization, cleanliness and zeal. Great for a family visit, too.

TOM ANDRADE 1 year ago

A large place with the best of the local Pinacoteca available in our city. Students strive to deliver the best art place. It is worth a visit to this place. Free visit.

Ricardo Lobato 1 year ago

Excellent place to visit. Art and culture at a top university. The collection is fantastic, it knows how to mix the European avant-gardes with the appreciation of the land. Highlighting local artists alongside masters such as Picasso and Miró was excellent. A special congratulations to the exhibition guides, all students from the university itself. The preparation and fluency in talking about the most diverse works, artistic styles and also how they are situated in space-time is a fundamental part of the tour. Congratulations! Grade 10!

Jefferson de Souza 1 year ago

University museum and very rich in works that are very important for the history of the State with great personalities in fixed samples and also several samples throughout the year from different artists, it is worth going to know, the place is beautiful and rich

Raquel Lima 1 year ago


Vitor Viana 1 year ago


Elves Sampaio 1 year ago


Tamara professora 1 year ago

It is always an immense pleasure to go to MAUC. Fixed exhibition of works by great artists from Ceará, in addition to also presenting temporary exhibitions. Ample, secure space. It has luggage storage.

Alexandro Silva 1 year ago

Very cool, very attentive monitors.

Tayná Fiúza 1 year ago

Free entrance. Diverse permanent collection. Top-notch temporary exhibitions. I recommend.

Vitória Hellen 2 years ago

Museum very well organized and with beautiful works rich in their stories

Ana Letícia Sena 2 years ago

One of my favorite museums in Fortaleza. ♥️

Darlan Brasileiro 2 years ago

Beautiful and spacious space. A great tour.

Jamire Monteiro 2 years ago

Very good!!! I loved the experience of being in this museum

Adriele Muller 2 years ago

A great place to visit

Renata Damasceno 2 years ago

Ceara art and history told in this museum

Luis Santiago 2 years ago

Very good, I love visiting the museum

Patrícia Costa 2 years ago

I love this place so much and especially all the wonderful staff. I learned and grew a lot with everyone. Miss you very much.

Sergio Paulo 2 years ago


Gabi Barbosa 3 years ago

Incredible, I loved it.

Vitória Oliveira 3 years ago

I am conducting research at MAUC and whenever I visit, my experiences are wonderful. Despite being temporarily closed, due to the pandemic. The Museum remains active (administrative functions) and through digital platforms, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and website. It is very good to know that the Federal University of Ceará contributes to art, education, leisure and culture through this institution. Long live MAUC.

Lucas Rodrigues 3 years ago

A magnificent space, together with a diverse and interesting collection. I recommend the visit! Admission is free and you can participate in tours in the permanent exhibitions of the artists from Ceará present in the museum: Raimundo Cela, Antônio Bandeira, Chico da Silva, Decartes Gadelha and Aldemir Martins. In addition to other equally important spaces such as Sala Cultura Popular, Sala Os Fundadores, Sala Arte Cearense and Sala Arte Estrangeira. There is a schedule every month in the place and it is worth your participation.

Isaac Gondim Geraldo 3 years ago

It always receives beautiful exhibitions, the staff are friendly, the structure is great, it even has cabinets to store backpacks. Very good for a family outing or just visiting alone, it has benches so that admiration can be made for longer.

Edmilson Rodrigues 4 years ago

I visited twice on school's work account, but it's so interesting that I went two more at a future time. Very diverse collection, well located and section of woodcuts very cool ^^.

Marília Noleto 4 years ago

The current exhibition of Stênio Burgos is wonderful! Don't miss out!

Graciele Karine Siqueira 5 years ago

Worth knowing! Reference collection for the history of Ceará and national art.

Vinicius Vitoriano 5 years ago

museum with a wide variety of works from Ceará. Is there Wi-Fi.

Isabele Farias 5 years ago

Wonderful environment !! Super interesting and well organized exhibitions.

Pedro Luiz 5 years ago

Very interesting place, keeping in touch with Brazilian art, especially from the Northeast, in addition to the clay sculptures, the place has incredible pictures, with beautiful works.

João Victor Pontes 5 years ago


Izabel Lima 6 years ago

One of my favorite museums in Fortaleza! Permanent and temporary exhibitions are always charming and delight any visitor.

Debora Almeida 6 years ago

Wonderful place to meet our artists! I highly recommend a guided tour! A museum that tells the history of our people.

camila m 6 years ago

Museum with a very complete collection of Ceará artists. It is possible to have a great overview of the history of art in Ceará, so little known, but so relevant. A must visit for people interested in art and culture.

Hannah Freitas 6 years ago

MAUC is a little explored heritage in Fortaleza, however, it has incredible works and is always open for unattended or group visits. There is option (by booking in advance) of guided tour.

André Zezo Reis Lecci 7 years ago

Many interesting works, telling the history of Ceará and its artists, always have traveling exhibitions.

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