Museo de la Ciudad de Guadalajara

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C. Independencia 684
44100, Guadalajara
33 1201 8712

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM

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🗣️ Museo de la Ciudad de Guadalajara: Meningen

Diana Alvarez 1 year ago

i ñor!

Jesus Chavez 1 year ago

Wow what a museum. To really learn the history of our city. For those of us who were born in this city, it is a must; all a pride .

Jhonatan Enrique Tafoya Bravo 1 year ago

Some areas are being remodeled but since you arrive you can see the very good disposition of the staff who work there

lizzeth Ramirez 1 year ago

Very good place to learn about the history of Guadalajara, on Sundays it is free

Jorge Herrera 1 year ago

Great museum, full of stories between screens and spaces. Inside the place you will find a lot of information about the history of the city, as well as a permanent exhibition of various objects that complement each of the rooms. Specifically, the mariachi and charrería room is beautiful and colorful, however, do not anticipate, read calmly and learn from each of the rooms that will take you years and years back throughout history. Like me, you will surely find a very valuable cultural heritage, the people in charge of the place are quite attentive, do not hesitate to ask questions, they are prepared for everything.

JO3LIN ! 1 year ago

Very well explained the history and very good service

Angelica Saldaña 1 year ago

Beautiful all highly recommended Take your children they learn a lot and it's free

Sandra Hernandez 1 year ago

Very interesting and very good workshops for more families to come.

Diana Vázquez 1 year ago

Enough information to know the history of the city, but without a doubt the best thing was the attention of the guides, they made the time very pleasant, telling and explaining the history.

Lalo Mochilero 1 year ago

Excellent venue, a place where part of our history is, a place that is mandatory if you visit for all Guadalajara and visitors

Victor Hernandez 1 year ago

Very interesting And great works can be appreciated

Karla Jimenez 1 year ago

I loved the museum, it is very dynamic, especially for children because they are given a small questionnaire that they have to complete and the children have that good experience and remember the information they read.

Melissa Portilla 1 year ago

Excellent option to get to know the city and its history, admission is free and they have a good cultural heritage, I had the opportunity to see the charrería and mariachi exhibition, everything was incredible.

Hector Figueroa 1 year ago

Excellent place. Great attention from the staff to involve the children in the local culture.

Carolina Rivera 1 year ago

It is under renovation and they are expanding more areas, the place is fascinating to learn about the history of the city. It is very worth it! ❤️

Alo Rojas 1 year ago

It is a very nice place, a really incredible experience with the history of Guadalajara, the treatment is very friendly and the charrería section is spectacular

Ivan Rodríguez 1 year ago

Excellent treatment by the museum staff, the information is very complete and the pieces shown are original from the time, the time invested in the investigation is noticeable

Lucy De Alba 1 year ago

The building is beautiful and the attention very friendly !!! A must place to visit!!!

Lulú Bernal 1 year ago

Excellent museum. It's free, the employees are very friendly and answer any questions. You can leave your bags with the man at the entrance so you don't carry them around the museum. There are two floors, each room is about a century, starting from the 16th century, they show photographs, maps and objects from the time to tell the complete history of the city.

Dany Rodríguez 1 year ago

Beautiful place, personalized attention and nice workshops for children. Thank you very much and congratulations

Jensy Hernandez 1 year ago

The staff is very friendly and willing to answer any questions you have. It is full of the history of the city.

Alejandra H 1 year ago

Lots of information about the history of Guadalajara! The staff is very friendly and make the visit very pleasant. Highly recommended if you want to learn more about the city.

Paul Cruz 1 year ago

It is a good description of the life of Guadalajara.

Zyanya Tejidos 1 year ago

Excellent staff attention. I was lucky enough to go to listen to the municipal choir giving a small concert of Canto a la Dolorosa, very nice!

Isaac Cisneros 1 year ago

Another one of the obligatory in the cultural visit to Guadalajara, a place that breathes stories and that at this time houses a beautiful museum. It is strange to hear the Guadalajara choir rehearse during the week, hopefully they will return to that location soon.

La Voz de Tito 1 year ago

I like that every time I've been I see it in progress... I have learned something about the history of this beautiful Guadalajara...

Jony AS 1 year ago

A very nice museum, it has very good exhibitions, related to the Mexican tradition and more importantly, Jalisco, an unmissable place to learn more about our city, state and culture

Alex Rios 1 year ago

The guides explain the place very well, they are very friendly

Joseph Andrews 1 year ago


Abraham Herrera M 1 year ago

A museum that is worth visiting in the historic center. It is inside what was part of the Capuchinas convent. There are several rooms with history from the 16th to the 20th century. There is also a room dedicated to charrería and mariachi. The history of the city is explained, through the centuries; how it grew, what were the main economic activities, in addition to reviewing the most relevant events in Guadalajara society.

Carlos Saavedra 2 years ago

Nice place to quickly learn about the history of Guadalajara. Free if you’re Mexican!

Andrea Murillo Guerrero 2 years ago

The museum hosted the presentation of the book: "Women, where are we?" From Fabiola Loya and Martha Tagle, where other important women from the public and private sector also participated commenting on the book. At the end, there was a nice cocktail among the attendees. Congratulations!

Andri 2 years ago


cormac diggins 2 years ago


Ricardo Espinoza Rodriguez 3 years ago

A beautiful historical site in the city, the museum is very small but worth the visit, especially if you want to know more about the history of the city.

Francisco Villa 3 years ago

Very well organized

kimg3428 3 years ago

It's a good place to visit

José De la Rosa 3 years ago

Excellent place to visit and learn in a fun and free way, you can not miss it.

Ramon Aceves Garcia 4 years ago

beautiful old building, very interesting the route through the centuries, free admission a very good option to go with family

Ricardo L 4 years ago

The history of the city from the 15th century is exhibited in this museum. This place is recommended. However, you must be able to read in Spanish.

Eduardo Alvarez 4 years ago

A very interesting museum, a good starting point to know the history of the beautiful city of Guadalajara, very well signposted and a few blocks from the main square. The staff very friendly and attentive.

Arfaxad Aguilar 4 years ago

Free admission museum, a tour of approximately 30-40 minutes (if you are one of those who like to read), has guides in each room. It has a lot of information about the history of the city, I liked it a lot.

Marco Ortiz 4 years ago

It was an incredible experience, a trip to the past of the beautiful city of Guadalajara, is on Independence Street, near the center, you start the tour with the room of the sixteenth century where you show the first inhabitants registered in the city, the instruments they used and the professions that they had to subsist, the introduction of the catholic church, the diseases that they suffered, then rooms of the XVII, XVIII and XIX century, original paintings with great historical value, takes you up to the top floor where it ends with the history of the politics. A delight in its history. There are few people, I was the only visitor on Sunday. The attention of the managers exceptional. I recommend it!

Carlos Quintero 4 years ago

Little visited architectural jewel but fabulous venue to learn a little about the origin of the city and temporary gallery spaces with always something good to offer.

Iván Darío Estrada 4 years ago

They make the visit very interactive with a rally where you have to look for the answers to a questionnaire that gives you how much you enter, very nice the old house and the exhibitions, I think uncle makes you lack lighting to give the touch a little more interesting

America Vazquez 4 years ago

Incredibly excellent place to know about your Jalisco state, the guides know a lot of interesting information, it has activities but it is necessary to know them It has its beautiful 32 stairs

Jenny Aguilar 4 years ago


Andrea Ramirez 5 years ago

Nice experience and it is free by the way

Viridiana Anguiano 5 years ago

The best place to know the history of this beautiful city. Clean and quiet space to spend a pleasant afternoon.

Erick E. Franco Carvajal 5 years ago

Well, it is not in my top but they make the effort, I wish they had more budget. It is a good place to learn something about the uses and customs of the inhabitants of Jalisco. Sometimes it has interesting conferences and exhibitions. The staff is indifferent so you can walk comfortably although if you wish they can help you understand the story told.

Brent Tannehill 5 years ago


Miguel Tiongson 6 years ago

Definitely, among the museums to visit if you're in the city

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