Museum of the Object of the Object (MODO)

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Colima 145
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Luis Ramos 1 year ago


Howard Blum 1 year ago

A very interesting museum with some great "off the grid" contemporary art.

Mariana Gomez Seoane 1 year ago

The strength of this museum is the curatorship it has for the different exhibitions. It is very worthwhile to go to reflect and read the stories that each object tells. Despite being a relatively small space, it is used very well and makes the experience leave a good taste in your mouth.

Angie A 1 year ago

Great little museum with a little interactive bit at the end.

Phil Breland 1 year ago

A real joy with superb exhibits.

Rodrigo Pinete 1 year ago

ABOUT US? Have you ever looked at an object and wondered about its life and the lives of the people who used it? Have you ever wondered who could have imagined, designed and produced it? How did a can of soup, the funeral photo of a dead child or the twelve wigs of a famous star come to a museum? What do things tell us when we look at them and ask them the right questions? The MODO, Museum of the Object of the Object, inaugurated in 2010, has been dedicated to telling stories through artifacts that have accompanied daily life in our country for more than 200 years. Through the more than 140,000 components of its collection, the museum makes a historical review of Mexico since the beginning of the 19th century: cultural, aesthetic and social movements, technological development, trends and changes in ways of thinking and relating to the world. Exterior. Valuable and courageous pieces are selected by themes and grouped into temporary exhibitions in order to show and imagine or live those moments that, through love and nostalgia, are stored in the memory of all of us. In the exhibitions, you will be able to learn about fascinating stories that have been jealously guarded in a large number of objects, some everyday, others very rare, others with historical value, but all of them, testimony to the life and culture of Mexican society. For five years MODO, guided by the artist Ricardo Caballero, has established a very close link with the population considered psychiatric from the Tepepan Women's Center and the Men's Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation, CEVAREPSI. This link has been strengthened over time, it has opened communication bridges from the inside to the outside, and has given us opportunities to understand a sector of the prison population that rarely has the opportunity to express itself.

Sophia Bravaz 1 year ago

A magical space. Despite being a small museum, what makes it stand out is the magic in every little detail that is shared through the visual narrative of each object, bringing a story to life. The facilities are extremely well maintained, the staff is very attentive. I found the fact that they invite you to participate in the educational activities of the museum very inclusive. I recommend visiting it, it will not take much of your time and you will have a pleasant experience. Tip: usually on weekends it is very crowded, and being a small space you may not enjoy the experience as much.

Carolina Palazuelos 1 year ago

It is my favorite museum! If you are a lover of retro and curiosities, this is undoubtedly your place. It is small but very well set

J Calvert 1 year ago

Great place to use Google translate cool real-time camera-using translation to improve your Spanish comprehension while enjoying some cool passages accompanying neat objects

Sander Buitelaar 1 year ago

I've been twice to this very nice and small museum, which has different exhibits every year centered on design.

Anirudh Ravipati 1 year ago

Shouldn't take more than an hour to browse through the museum but the quality of curation is top notch

Daniela Karoni 1 year ago

I was amazed, I went out of curiosity and the amount of objects that there are and that relate to fascinating writings is incredible. It is a super pleasant environment, full of curious details that inspire and motivate you to be creative. I loved the attention from the staff and I particularly fell in love with the area where they have Alice in Wonderland and the glorious little prince. Also, I was able to hallucinate with a musical part, there are instruments such as a gramophone which is to hallucinate, the travel area and what they mean I loved it, I did the tour in an hour, but I wanted to have stayed to detail more. Simply fascinating.

KGDMLVNG 1 year ago

Really cool Museo! Worth the visit for sure.

Krn Joplin 2 years ago

Nice place and very interesting. Staff is also very friendly.

Amanda Rivera 2 years ago

Great visit, a quick dive into this museum is worth it.

Hilary L. Chow FRAS 2 years ago

Not a big museum but quite a nice visit

Luis Gonzalez 2 years ago


Melany Martínez 3 years ago


Josué Axel López de la O 3 years ago

Nice place.

Jacinto Quesnel 3 years ago

Wonders of yore stack upon each other, walls, racks and even roofs filled with toys particularly but not exclusively from Mexico are exhibited in a whimsical and passionate manner. A very recommended visit indeed.

Carlo Alexis De La Rosa Reyes 3 years ago

Super cool

Luke Cantarella 3 years ago

Great exhibition. Small but packed with work

Cameron Martinez 3 years ago

Great museum focusing on Mexican and Seattle designers. Only costed 25 pesos for me to get in too!

Ryan Harris 4 years ago

Great, small, and worth a walk through

Miriam FARKAS 4 years ago

Wow! For a small museum it for sure left a big impression! This museum is full of color and creativity. It’s very modern and suited for younger generations. I left feeling very inspired to add more colorful art to my house (and my life). I would definitely recommend for people who like to take cool photos.

Alexandre Ismael 4 years ago

CLOSED UNTIL 21 MAR 2019 for renovations. Sharing this so other people won't waste their time going there like I did. I'm rating it 5 stars so it won't impact the museum but I didn't get to go in unfortunately.

Luis Barrios 4 years ago

Nice and clean and the people working there are polite

Robert Cannon 4 years ago


Allison Warhol 4 years ago

Thee time i visited it i saw an exposition about Mexico and its relation with colours, it has a lot of old objects, photos, paintings, escultures and media related. It was very interesting and the staff was very nice. It has spaces where the people can interact with the exposition. Very quiet and nice place.

Harry KQ 4 years ago

Amazing museum highlighting Mexico's affinity with colors

Andrew Reiner 4 years ago

Very cool little museum!

Anton 4 years ago

Really nice little museum of Mexican Design and ingenuity. Lots of retro objects to current day new design. Very interesting and well worth the 50 pesos you pay for the entrance.

David Matsuoka 4 years ago


Clay W 4 years ago

A very colorful museum that was very enjoyable to peruse through. In my opinion the have one of the better gift shops of the museums in Mexico City.

Anne Marie 4 years ago


Daniel Barvin 4 years ago

Great small museum focusing on Mexican design.

Suzanne Frey 5 years ago

Quirky small museum in one of Mexico's City's most bohemian neighborhoods. Exhibit topics change - but I have a feeling they're always pretty interesting.

Melanie johnson 5 years ago

Great space, well curated exhibition.

Angelo Isaac 5 years ago

unique and very interesting exibitions

María Pesca S. 5 years ago


David Enyeart 5 years ago

The exhibitions change; when I visited, the whole museum was devoted to Mexican soccer/futbol. Everything was in Spanish, but it was quite easy to understand and enjoy the displays. The gift shop is quite good, too.

Andy Martinez 6 years ago

Very cool museum! The topic was sexuality and other and it's taboo nature such as toys and more.

Amanda F 6 years ago

Very cute museum with different exhibitions. Be sure to lock your love outside!

Hao Wang 6 years ago

Really cute museum! Stumbled upon it but actually loved the utensils exhibition

T Baruch 6 years ago

Wonderful museum. Located in upper Roma.

Aldo González 6 years ago

Nice little museum, it shows the art within the simple things.

Leia Hi 7 years ago

Great and interesting expositions

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