Museo Experimental el Eco

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C. James Sullivan 43
06470, Guadalajara
55 5535 4351

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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War'z PlasHino 1 year ago

Hello, today I found out in the newspaper about this museum and I am really interested, I am curious how the building can be to get the attention of those who have already visited it the safest thing is to visit it and check it for myself

Jesus Aboytes 1 year ago

The architecture of the building is a visual tour in itself, often they have exhibitions of contemporary art and generally free

Braulio Bravo 1 year ago

Zeer interessant

Arantza Martínez saer 1 year ago


Isabel Rod. 1 year ago

It is a nice place that has three small rooms that are easy to navigate.

jose blanco 1 year ago

Admission is free, it is UNAM

Hilary L. Chow FRAS 2 years ago


andres ruiz 2 years ago

It is a small but very avant-garde venue with the classic UNAM seal

Fátima Anzueto V. 2 years ago

Small museum, interesting exhibits. I recommend visiting also for its interior spaces.


Experimental museum the echo is one of those spaces little explored by the capitals that give you surprises for the architecture and exhibitions inside, very well located and almost always only to be able to see the works in detail and discover new spaces within the city. Instagram @ valdo.viaggio

최하늘 3 years ago

Space is bigger than I thought. When I visited, I was planning a human / non-human exhibition called The Wounded Animal. I was sorry that the captions were all Spanish, but still handed out flyers in English. It was a short time since it was open, so there were no people, so I could relax and watch the staff.

Luis Sanchez 4 years ago

Impressive architecture and excellent cultural space.

Y 4 years ago

Very good place, with adequate spaces for exhibitions. It is a good option if you want to spend time admiring and learning about art. With varied exposure throughout the year they make that regardless of your tastes, you find a pretext to come to visit it. Highly recommended.

alammagdiel 4 years ago

It is a small museum but interesting exhibitions and its location is very accessible.

Ingriid Brillyzt 4 years ago

Good museum to spend 5 minutes, it is very small, it does not have a variety of art, they need to open more exhibitions, that is if it is free

Quetzalli Sal 4 years ago

This interesting museum, is small but the Expo that I saw was very father, the people who work there are very attentive.

Mayren Luqueno 4 years ago

It is a small museum but the exhibition is amazing and very colorful

Sergio Martín Jiménez Cuya 4 years ago

Sculptural architecture par excellence, a place that attracts you even without being a connoisseur of architecture or Mathias Goeritz. The tours take you to the patio, a space worth discovering.

Gygan G 4 years ago

Excellent museum, although a little small and without many descriptions, but the effort is appreciated.

Elizabeth Diaz-Soto 4 years ago

The museum alone is a work of art. It currently houses the collective exhibition of contemporary artists entitled "The Wounded Animal" and will be open until early February 2020.

Fernando Gutiérrez Ortega 4 years ago

He blew me away! I work in the area and one day I discovered it, I just walked in and was stunned, an avant-garde space, very modern, the exhibition is small but it's a great escape from the city, very close to reform, the work is usually contemporary, it's worth it to take a breath and grab inspiration

Gabriela Vázquez 4 years ago

Very cool, excellent to go for a weekend and visit several times a year for the change of artist

Alfredo Ceballos 4 years ago

A small museum but with a great sense. The exhibits they present are good.

Leonel Tapia 4 years ago

UNAM Museum reopened, it runs very fast, modern art exhibitions, it is highly recommended to shop around this place with atypical architecture.


Little exposure but it's worth it.

Carlos Will 4 years ago

Space dedicated to contemporary and experimental art proposals. Work of the artist Mathias Goeritz. Excellent offer of exhibitions. Site of great architectural interest.

Eduardo López Maravilla 4 years ago

A space full of mysticism next to the chaos, stress and frustrations of everyday life. An architectural work by Mathias Goeritz worthy of being visited and admired.

Efren Garcia 4 years ago

The place is not very crowded and the art that is exhibited there is very particular. But great teaching. From everyday life. And invaluable I reserve. Another way to see the artist

Enriqueta Ferreiro 4 years ago

Excellent cultural space where architecture, good curatorship and timely information converge...

Juan Carlos Paniagua 4 years ago

Museum of contemporary art of the UNAM. Check the billboard of the events directly on their website or on their Facebook page. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. All year round they have openings.

Eduardo Resendiz 4 years ago

An experimental building designed by Mathias Goeritz to exhibit works of art. The building itself is a work of art.

Kristian Gabriel 4 years ago


Liz García 5 years ago

A small space for modern art, easy access and quick tour

Ricardo Ojeda 5 years ago

UNAM space with interesting temporary exhibitions. It is a quick visit because there is only one room divided into two spaces. It has no on-site parking.

Amanda Padilla 5 years ago

Architectural work that any Architect can admire and value.

Ivan Martirosov 5 years ago

Very small museum. Like an art gallery. But very nice and interesting

John Falcon 5 years ago

Beautiful spot, great for art exhibitions

Mauricio Alvarez Jimenez 5 years ago

It is in itself, a museum of contemporary art, which is owned by the UNAM, in which exhibitions of various themes of the contemporary world are given.

Mauricio T 5 years ago

An excellent option for recreation, the museum is not very big, and it always offers quite relevant exhibitions with a striking photographic nature.


It is a very interesting place from beginning to end, from the architecture of this place that keeps a mystery to the temporary exhibition that is there is fantastic Tour, meet. It is worth opening up panoramas, knowing more places that we did not know existed and yet they open the doors for us ... It has no cost. And it is for all ages.

Ingritorrinca Q 5 years ago

The architecture is beautiful, like all Goeritz's work. The exhibits are interesting and it is a very busy place. The facilities are well maintained and very clean. The information on the exhibitions are complete and interesting.

CerberuS WEBMASTER 5 years ago

A very small museum, with different exhibitions every 3 or 4 months, right now is "the bell tower", copper discs of different diameters that you can collide with each other to make different sounds each.

Eduardo CFinkenthal 5 years ago

Experimental museum. You have to read a little about it to understand how space works.

Angela Martinez 5 years ago

UNAM Museum whose entrance can go unnoticed, but not its exhibitions. Very friendly and courteous staff. It is small but very nice. That day in the morning we had an earthquake in the City so the sample they had was significant due to the movement of the saucers

Víctor H. Portillo S. 5 years ago

Excellent artistic option, located next to the art garden; contemporary art exhibitions, often related to architecture.

Amor x Mexico 5 years ago

It is a small building located on Sulivan Street, which was inaugurated in 1953 and reopened in 2005, once the National Autonomous University of Mexico decided to get into it to create a new space dedicated to art. This space usually houses different temporary exhibitions, although there are those who say that the property itself is already an exhibition itself.

Daniela Ruiz de Chavez 5 years ago


Angelo Mazzillo 6 years ago

Interesting proposal by architect Luis Barragán, for this small urban space requested in the immensity of the CDMX

AlishArt Caballero (Alish) 6 years ago

I loved the large exhibition hall and although it is small it is very good to visit after seeing art on Sundays in the Art Garden

BEGAFA 6 years ago

More than a museum, I would consider it a gallery. It is different but the unique style makes it very special. It's nice to hang out in your garden.

Chatita del Alma Maya 6 years ago

It is an oasis and the spaces are worth it

Andy Martinez 6 years ago


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