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N Lincoln Ave 503
80537, Loveland
(970) 962-2410

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Het Loveland Museum is een geschiedenismuseum in Loveland, Colorado. Het museum werd opgericht in 1937 en is toegewijd aan het behoud van de geschiedenis van de stad en het omliggende gebied. Het museum herbergt een verzameling van meer dan 10.000 artefacten, waaronder een grote verzameling foto's, documenten en objecten met betrekking tot de geschiedenis van de stad. Het museum beschikt ook over verschillende exposities over onderwerpen zoals de oprichting van de stad, de vroege dagen van de stad, de groei van de stad en de moderne tijd. Het museum is open voor het publiek van dinsdag tot en met zaterdag en de toegang is gratis.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 4:00 PM

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Sarah Milteer 1 year ago

For the size of the town and the museum, they put on interesting and wonderful art shows. Our family makes special trips to visit this great place. Highly recommend!

Janet Robertson 1 year ago


Cindy Silverbach 1 year ago

Well done museum! Very educational!

Chuck Baumgart 1 year ago


Mary Haigh 1 year ago

Especially loved the Marmots gallery! My grandson loved it too! I only wished the Marmot statues had been more affordable. But highly reccommend it and a must read captions for each piece of art great humor!

miles armbruster 1 year ago

Very friendly staff. Has both history and art sections.

GG 1 year ago


Jared 1 year ago

This museum has done an excellent job in presenting the history of Loveland to the masses. It really is a complete presentation of how Loveland came to be and has grown through the ages with the industries which put it on the map. I really came away with a lot more knowledge of Loveland in general, but also the sugar beet industry which drove agriculture in NoCo, the cherry industry for the near half century it was present in NoCo, the irrigation systems in NoCo and its importance of its life to this day, AND the Loveland Valentines stamp effort from its beginnings. Happened upon the Governor's Art Show too which was nice to see and cast a vote for the public choice award. Highly recommend a stop here even if you are a local and not just visiting.

Trevor Joshua Hill 1 year ago

Geweldig museum

Delorado Review 1 year ago


Adrian Q. SOTX Grappler 2 years ago

This place is pretty awesome. Super friendly staff and plenty to see. Takes a good hour to see everything in there

Nativa R 2 years ago

I LOVE local museums, we learn so much about the town and their thriving industries. We enjoyed our time at this museum, all the exhibits were interesting.

DeWitt Harrison 2 years ago

This understated museum/art gallery is a little known Front Range gem. We were attracted to visit because one of the artists currently on exhibit was a mosaic instructor we knew. Those works are most impressive but we were not prepared for the amazing quality of the art displayed in the main and auxiliary art galleries. We are from Boulder and are not hesitant to say the this Loveland gallery is far superior to our own local Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. 50 percent of this establishment consists of well done but static historical displays which are of possibly interest to out of town visitors. Want to know about the sugar beet industry which allowed Loveland to even happen?

Kelly Erdman 2 years ago

Governor's Art Show is excellent display of Colorado's artists and sculptors. The Loveland Museum is a well put together and delightful show of local history.

Codie Angle 2 years ago

The Loveland Museum had a great combination of historical artifacts and a rotating exhibit that frequently includes an impressive collection! Currently, the Governor's art show is in the rotating exhibition hall and we thought it was wonderful! The permanent exhibit about Loveland's history is wonderful and provides learning opportunities for people of all ages. As an added bonus, this section is free! I highly recommend visiting because it seems as though there is something for everyone!

Reginald Short 2 years ago

Great museum. I loved the history area of Loveland. I was surprised at how much I learned

Danielle Stephens 2 years ago

Flora & Fauna exhibit by Ellen Woodbury and Kathryn Vinson is amazing. It is opening night! The artists are here to share their incredible talent and answer questions.

Jazz Ramey 2 years ago


Celery MonteCelery 3 years ago

This is perhaps one of the most surprising small museums on the Front Range! The historical exhibits really bring life in Loveland to life, the interpretive signage is actually helpful and fun, and the art is awesome! Definitely a must see if you have an hour or two to explore!

Roxanne Chagolla 3 years ago

What a beautiful place and amazing history of Loveland. Great place to come with the family.

Carol Dunnigan 3 years ago

From the outside, you would not be able to tell how absolutely immense the inside is. There are many interesting displays that talk about the history of the area.

William Bodensieck 3 years ago

I was lucky enough to attend a new exhibit that was designed by Emily Baker and the rest of the museum team. It was really cool to see the archaeological process, and the treasures it yielded from a town buried underwater for decades. The mainstays of the museum were informative, and I appreciated the attention to detail they provided. The sugar girls were quite scary though.

Mollee Walter 4 years ago

This is a timeless place to come visit. I've been coming here since I was a kid. I used to do art programs here, had my art in shows, etc. Its free to come visit the historical parts which features old time, lifesize exhibits of Mariano Medinas cabin, sugar beetle factory complete with a robotic dude telling you about beet farming and theres even little dress up stuff for kids. Go through the whole museum in 30 minutes but it's such a unique, cute way to celebrate Lovelands history. The art exhibits do cost to visit, but it's like $5 or so. Also, they have an event room downstairs that was so affordable to hold a bridal shower, and so unique! This is the heart of Loveland for sure. A true gem!

Eddie Lee 4 years ago

This is a really nice place to visit. The temporary exhibits can be really quite good. The permanent exhibits about the area are also very interesting and nicely presented.

Kathy 4 years ago

Loveland Colorado has a very nice art museum what a nice surprise over the past several years I have seen some exhibits that could easily compete with small museums from larger cities it is food for the soul and it means so much to be able to experience that caliber of art without driving to Denver.

Judith Jackson 4 years ago

The Loveland Museum has a nice collection of both modern and classic art. In addition, they have a very good collection of Western historical items. There is almost a complete 1800's town.

Josalyn Warfield 4 years ago

This museum often has interesting exhibits and well-known artists, especially for a museum in a town of Loveland's size. It also has some interesting history of northern Colorado and Loveland itself. It's definitely worth a visit!

kathryn cronwall 4 years ago

A great way to spend a little time learning the unexpected history of this little town. Interactive and easy to navigate, the historical section of the museum is free. The rotating art exhibits on the other half of the museum was a nominal charge of $7. I didn't view the art but spent a happy hour discovering the way sugar beets and alabaster helped shaped Loveland.

Connie Nelson 4 years ago

See Govenor's art show until 6/2/19. Also 2nd Friday free admission during Loveland Night on the Town when downtown shops are open until 9pm.

Steven Sorensen 4 years ago

The Loveland museum is a fantastic mix of art and history. It’s exceptional that they’re able to bring in such unique exhibits from well know artists. Can’t recommend enough.

Stephanie Evans 4 years ago

Loveland museum has amazing rotating exhibits. We love going and checking out the history of Loveland and the artwork they bring in.

AM Shemel 4 years ago

This is quaint museum in an old part of Loveland, CO. The layout gives each display it's own unique corner that it's easy to focus on each theme individually. It's captivating for children too. It is a must-see.

Shenandoah Place 4 years ago

Great combination of local history, chemistry, and the arts. This is an old fashioned electrical permanent wave machine. The history of cosmetology and chemistry meet invention is fascinating.

L Kle 4 years ago

Loveland Museum is deceptive. Not what you might expect. Having a large Artist comunity has allowed our very creative Director to schedule wonderful Art exibits. Having contacts with Universies and Private Collectors there is a wide variety of artist displaied in 3 different galleries. Check the schedule on line as some showes last a month others are shorter. PS. There are also displays of pioneer live in Loveland in other areas.

Ralph Armitagè 4 years ago

This was a return visit to this local gem. They have a rotating exhibit of fine art and a great standing exhibit of Colorado history. A new art show included Warhol paintings amongst other well-known artists.

Mikey P 4 years ago

This is a art museum/gallery and also a museum about Loveland Colorado's history. I highly suggest people to go check it out. The staff is really cool, friendly and knowledgeable.

Tonya Yost 5 years ago

Great museum lots of history. Friendly and informative directors. Added special exhibits also.

Jessica Killingsworth 5 years ago

The Loveland Museum is the perfect place to spend a few hours of your day. I really enjoyed the combination of art and history exhibits - the staff was super friendly and very knowledgeable. They have also figured out a great way to make the museum more engaging for kiddos - the Explorers Club is a favorite of my seven year old daughter. Almost everything at the museum is free with the exception of the $5 main gallery admission but they give you the option to view that gallery or just enjoy the rest of the Museum free of charge. Conveniently located in downtown Loveland close to other fun places like the Library, Chilson Center and several great restaurants.

Sandi Productions 5 years ago

This museum was a great stop for me today. I'd missed this spot before. It has many wonderful pieces of the history of Loveland including artifacts and parts of buildings such as the old general store, and hotel. I really enjoyed them having all the variety of displays and the layout with several nooks to look into. I was pleasantly surprised and highly interested in so much there.

Jane Glotzer 5 years ago

Great little museum in Loveland...local history and traveling and local art exhibits. Saw amazing Picasso drawings and lithos! Colorado Mosaic Artists will be showing work there in January.

Linae Warden 5 years ago

This small museum has a big, broad vision. They repeatedly delight in introducing audiences to Picasso, Dali, Matisse, Michelangelo and more in intimate conversation. It's as if we are all in a Parisian cafe and their usual crowd showed up They also let us meet local artists' work, reflecting the regional diversity and history. This is an affordable journey for all. I recommend following its schedule closely.

John B 6 years ago

This is a great little local museum. They have had several interesting temporary shows including Picasso (current) and Goya (a while back). Entrance fee for the special exhibits is low ($5 for the Picasso) and the rest of the museum is free. Don't forget to go downstairs, they usually have interesting exhibits featuring local artists. Check it out sometime, I think you'll enjoy your visit.

Victoria M 6 years ago

Great museum! If you are in Loveland, I recommend this along with the Benson Sculpture Garden. You don't expect much from when you walk in, but it is a 3-story museum showcasing Northern Colorado & Loveland's history. There were 3 art exhibits when I went, one of which costed money, but that is the only part of the museum that costs money. Pretty much everything is great, from the recycled object take on famous paintings to the model of the Loveland House Hotel & the sugar beet exhibit, this is a must see for all those visiting Loveland, or just bored residents looking for something to do!

Keith Spitz 6 years ago

Definitely go to the Governor's Art Show when it's there. But, even without that, it's a fun place to go learn a little history of the area. It is a small, area history place, so don't expect to much. The Art Show has a few, but the mission itself is free. Also, lots of good dining in the area.

John V 7 years ago

We went to see the History side of this place, they also have an Art side. The history side is free, and quite amazing. From the outside of this place, you wouldn't think they can stuff this much content inside. The history side is free, you can't beat that! The art side is only 5 bux, can't beat that. Will return.

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