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Amstel 51
1018 DR, Amsterdam
020 530 8755

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De Hermitage Amsterdam is een museum in Amsterdam, Nederland. Het museum bevindt zich op de site van een voormalig klooster, dat werd opgericht in de 13e eeuw. Het museum werd geopend in 2000 en herbergt een verzameling kunst uit de Nederlandse gouden eeuw. De collectie bevat schilderijen van Rembrandt, Jan Steen en Frans Hals. Het museum heeft ook een verzameling Aziatische kunst en een bibliotheek.

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Elizabeth Nguyen 1 year ago

Whether or not you have a lot of time in Amsterdam, would absolutely recommend this museum as a must see! Loved the exhibits and collections. Definitely worth the visit.

Joost A.L. Colpaert 1 year ago

At Hermitage Amsterdam there's a periodly changing collection to visit which comes from the Hermitage in Saint-Petersburg. In the restaurant aside of it, there's to find homemade cakes, beverages and and also the opportunity to have a meal with others visitors or with business invitees.

Mahri Chariyeva 1 year ago

Enjoyed the knights’ armor exhibition before another lockdown in NL. The museum’s collection was also interesting and educating.

Jim C 1 year ago


Jeroen Bormans 1 year ago

Great Dutch heritage exhibitions. Newer more contemporary exhibitions could use more work. I recommend getting the ticket for the Dutch heritage only. Wait time Up to 10 min Reservation recommended Yes … More

Masayo Nomura 1 year ago


Robert Henry 1 year ago

Awesome museum. Very inventive way to organize the different areas. Enjoyed Amsterdam Noord section

Petra Klamova 1 year ago


Misty Diansharira 1 year ago

3 different exhibits in 1 go. Love the flow and overall layouting, too bad they dont sell museum totebags at the shop considering the plentiful exhibits. Looove the kerkzaal to just sit in peace afterwards and take it all in

R S 1 year ago


Pierre Blanchet 1 year ago

Very nice place to visit to learn more about the history of Amsterdam.

Karina Boikova 1 year ago

Interesting exhibition to get to know the history of Amsterdam, not only by arts or objects, but also photos, video, other interactive stuff. Also the working staff is very friendly and nice. It's a good place to spend a couple hours, especially when there is cold outside :)

Madan A 1 year ago


Sarah van Ours 2 years ago

The Hermitage is one of the most wonderful museums. They Re-decorate their museum beautifully for every exhibition. The exhibition is build up so that it really tells an interesting tale instead of just showcasing pieces. My favorite Amsterdam museum!

Alec Brush 2 years ago

Portrait Gallery of the 17th century Surprisingly few visitors (Thu 12am) - in a good way. Also surprised about the free audio-guide. Good storytelling and impressive art.

Kees Weij 2 years ago

Beautiful museum with a lot of paintings from the 17th centurion and beautiful decorated rooms. Now there is an exhibition with art from the middle ages and lots of harnasses and helmets, it is a unique collection from the vaults of the Hermitage in St Petersburg. Highly recomended.

Emilia Berenyi 2 years ago

It's so good that Hermitage is here as well!

Natasha Korol 3 years ago

One of the great treasures of the Hermitage is the fabulous jewelry collection. Hundreds of them shine in Jewels! Together with many portraits and an abundance of richly decorated gowns and costumes, they present two centuries of fashion and jewelery worn by high society at the Russian court in St. Petersburg. Meet the flamboyant empresses Anna, Elisabeth and Catharina the Great, but also the great princes, tsarina's and noble fashionistas from the nineteenth and early twentieth century. They wore the most beautiful costumes at balls and parties. They chose jewelery that showed their identity, taste, origin and wealth. They were ordered from leading jewelery houses such as Cartier, Tiffany and of course purveyor to the factory Fabergé. Many jewelry was lost after the Russian Revolution.

ILONKA Heisterkamp 3 years ago

Great juwelry expo from the Russian Court & Group Portraits from the 17th Century.

Frank F Bernath 3 years ago

If you would like to see less touristic museum where the interior and whole building just beautiful and amazing with unique atmosphere this is the place ! If you look back for the history of this building and today face with permanent exhibition it’s definitely a place to spend some hours! Good coffee and food with drink are available on second floor! I make always time for my self to chill in this great museum side by Amstel river.

Yury Antaniuk 3 years ago

Brilliant jewelry exhibition of Russian Tsars. Unbelievable and amazing things from their life.

Jean-Baptiste NICOLAS 4 years ago

Amazing museum. We saw the flamish painting exhibition, and it was just stunning! Incredible quality of the paintings exhibited, very nicely displayed, with very interesting comments. Free audio-guide An absolute must see if Amsterdam.

Erik K 4 years ago

It's a large building with an excellent selection of paintings and lots of incredible gold objects and statues. It's a relative small collection compared to other museums, but the quality of the objects on display for surpass that of many museums. The audioguide is easy to use and for free, don't miss it because it adds to the experience. If you're using headphones, beware of the annoyingly high beep when ever a new audio snippet starts. Hermitage is a must see, and it has made me even more excited about visiting The Hermitage in St Petersburg.

Marian Spector 4 years ago

This carefully curated and thoughtfully narrated collection is mindboggling. Make sure to visit the portrait section of the Amsterdam narrative too. Beautiful location, excellent restaurant.

Alicia Grantham 4 years ago

Beautiful Museum with a great collection of paintings reflecting Dutch history and society. There are also some mythological marble statues as well. Great views of an Amsterdam city street and canal from the windows - I wish that was the view from my home!

Jessica Moore 4 years ago

This museum is amazingly accessible and interactive, focussing on concise, ambient information to allow you to appreciate the exhibits. Sometimes walking through a museum can feel like flipping through a novel- you pick up a few words here and there but you miss out on the story. The Hermitage in Amsterdam is more like a web comic with audio and visuals you can click through to absorb at your own pace. Sure, you can just look through the pictures if you want. But if you look a little closer, a fascinating story unfolds, full of unexpected twists, surprising characters and engaging mysteries. You can do a full pass through the museum in about two hours, and it has a garden and cafe on site. It's fully accessible with a free cloakroom and lockers. Perfect for a morning outing.

Dee 4 years ago

Just a wonderfull museum with, for me, 3 very interesting exhibitions. I enjoyed myself very much. No cues, nice set up and helpfull personell.

Henk Jekel 4 years ago

It’s beautiful there. Absolutely a must see place with beautiful art and artefacts.

Hendrikus Piek 4 years ago

Captivating expositions in historic building by the river Amstel in old Amsterdam.

Georgie Chambury-Burke 4 years ago

I really enjoyed my visit to this museum, the shop had some great replica plaster busts which I could leave without buying. The cafe and restaurant had lovely menu. the Sculpture exhibit was brilliantly presented, The Three Graces were breath taking. I had a lovely time.

Grow A Community Garden 4 years ago

Brilliant exhibitions , beautiful art, exhibition shop and good place for coffee and food.

Antonio Iaffaldano 4 years ago

I visited the "treasury of the hermitage" and the guild portraits exhibition; both were impressive and well presented.

Brady.Y Kim 5 years ago

A nice collection of Dutch masters was on exhibition when I visited this museum. It has a good location and easy access from the city center. Good to know all the heritage and inter-connections amongst Dutch painters during the Dutch Golden Era.

James Arvanitakis 5 years ago

Honestly, this is one of the most amazing cultural institutions I have I have ever visited. We strolled around for a few hours and just soaked in the art! For an Australian where the masters do not make their way to our galleries very often often - and when they do the galleries are always packed - seeing a room full of Piccaso’s and Kadinsky’s is amazing! Spend the day strolling around... get a season pass of you can and enjoy this gallery and the many around the Netherlands!

Geles Lluna 5 years ago

I like this museum, probably is not the bigest, but the enviroment is good and the expositions too. The staff can give you extra information about the paintings, and that is so nice.

Ramon Moorlag 5 years ago

Very nice museum with a changing exhibition. Really like how they can transform the entire exhibition in a few days. The pictures are from the exhibition ‘Oude meesters’. Staff is very nice and helpful. Checkout the giftshop. The restaurant is a bit exclusive in pricing and in food. Enjoyed a coffee just outside the museum.

Camellia Yang 5 years ago

One of the best museum experience I have ever had. I am a fan of museums. The interaction design of this museum is one of the best. You have to experience the old Dutch master light show. First time see the old painting display with morden technology. Also they have really food rambramdt prices. The cafe is nice as well

Hvd W 5 years ago

If you haven't been there, go! The paintings are extraordinary, the exhibitions are well worth visiting. Most extraordinary are the texts spoken in the explanations of the world of art.

Kesavan Ramanujam 5 years ago

Great building. Well laid out not many in the permanent exhibition. However the portrait gallery and the Rembrandt collection was great. As was the huge special exhibition of portraits. Did not see the Dutch masters as this was expensive. The restaurant had great ambience and good food but again on the expensive side.

Urša Cehner 5 years ago

Great museum, interesting collection of russian-dutch common history or relation. However, the signs in museum could be improved a bot, we got lost several times.Definately visit as well the restaurant in the garden or join at summer jazz night.

Ruben Wester 6 years ago

Buy tickets online if you want to skip the line at busy hours. Make sure you take the time for your visit, the museum has a lot to offer, including very nice free audio tours!

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