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Het Museo de la Emt in Madrid is een museum gewijd aan de geschiedenis en cultuur van het openbaar vervoer van de stad. Het museum bevindt zich in het voormalige hoofdkantoor van het openbaar vervoerbedrijf van de stad en bevat een verzameling artefacten, foto's en documenten die de ontwikkeling van het openbaar vervoer van de stad beschrijven. Het museum herbergt ook een bibliotheek- en onderzoekscentrum en biedt een verscheidenheid aan educatieve programma's en evenementen.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: 10h-17h
  • Tuesday: 10h-17h
  • Wednesday: 10h-17h
  • Thursday: 10h-17h
  • Friday: 10h-17h
  • Saturday: 10h-17h
  • Sunday: 10h-17h

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We loved the guided tour! Very well organized and very well explained! It took us a while to get the reservation but it is truly recommended! It makes you remember many things from your childhood!

Vasco Matos 1 year ago

Excellent experience. Excellent examples of its 75 years of existence. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Natalia Da 1 year ago

Very interesting museum. The person in charge of explaining it super attentive and professional, you could tell that he is passionate about this world. Thanks for the visit.

Pedro Santuar 1 year ago

Museum with a lot of history to tell. In several they let you go up to situate yourself in how it was traveled a few years ago. The best thing is that they narrate it to you in the first person, people who have lived it and give you their personal experience apart. Totally recommended.

ascen muñoz 1 year ago

An entertaining hour!

Agustín Barrio Bellerín 1 year ago

We have gone this weekend. Free entrance. Very cool to see those of us who are over 30. Even with small children, it is not highly recommended, although the visit is short (1 hour). A employee, in our case Rafa, made us the tour and the talk in a very pleasant way. The facilities are old because they are going to be destroyed with the new North Madrid. The pity is that they only let you enter 1, how good it was a 2-story bus, one of the first there was

rocio galindo 1 year ago

Very curious, a return to childhood, a guide that explains everything in great detail. 1 hour visit. recommendable

Araceli C.A. 1 year ago

Very careful old vehicles, highlight the staff, very friendly and explanations to all questions

erik libedinsky 1 year ago


Jordi blanco 1 year ago

Good place to learn about the history of public transport in Madrid. It is a museum with great attention to detail. Is recommended.

Ross M.A. 1 year ago

It is a little piece of history and the guides are very attentive and patient

Claudia Montoya c 1 year ago

It is interesting the tour lasts an hour, the people who make the visit try to make it enjoyable, the children can get a little bored. But it's fine to hang out.

Estrella Yllera 1 year ago

It is a very nice place and the children love it

Tere Salas 1 year ago

I loved it, but I think the visits should be a little longer

Lorena Alonso Gonzalez 1 year ago


Diego Cerralbo 2 years ago

Very good we really liked the site and the maintenance work

Sara Serna 2 years ago

A highly recommended place to go, both older people and children. They teach you and remember a lot of things. And the people super friendly. We loved it

Daniel S. 2 years ago

Interesting journey through the history of the EMT and the different buses that have existed. A pity that due to COVID it was not possible to see them inside.

Luis Garcia Sanchez 2 years ago

The best visit, for lovers of motor, automotive, and for the bus sector, do not miss it, incredible! 75 years serving Madrid.

Cesar Blazquez 2 years ago

A place with a lot of historical memories, the children had a great time, and the guides of 10. Highly recommended for families.

jesus lopez saez 2 years ago

Great exhibition of vehicles, a pass and the facilities very well maintained, a pity that it is so short and the period of visits is so short due to works and covid

CMP 2 years ago

A great discovery, almost exclusive visit, that is, it seems that they close for maintenance tasks on the ship in July. The very nice staff, they enjoy seeing how visitors are interested, the articles and buses in a very good state of conservation, a spectacular experience for adults and adults and it is also free

Gato Land 2 years ago

An exciting place for fans of things on wheels and the history of transport in our beloved city of Madrid. It is essential to go, the explanations are always offered by a company employee who makes every effort to transmit his passion for buses and everything that surrounds this company so ours.

Pedro Saldaña 2 years ago

Very interesting museum to publicize the history of public mobility in Madrid

Jesus Blanco 2 years ago

Very careful museum, but above all very entertaining thanks to the explanations of the staff, very attentive and with explanations and anecdotes that make you enjoy the visit

Rubén Jiménez Bermudez 2 years ago

If you like old school buses, this is your place, the only thing that now in a pandemic they won't let you get on to see them.

Rocio Lopez 2 years ago

Good, I loved it. They take care of you wonderfully and they tell you everything very well.

XY Yang 2 years ago


Rafael Delgado 3 years ago

A wonderful museum, with a magnificent collection of urban buses that have circulated in Madrid throughout the ages, most of them restored and operational.

Juan Carlos Gómez-Limón García-Carpintero 3 years ago

A museum that will not have the importance of those enjoyed in Madrid, but very endearing, that reaches the heart and memories. The little history of public transport in the city of Madrid. Thanks to the effort of E.M.T.

Carlos 3 years ago

It is a very beautiful place, it has a collection of a lot of information about Madrid and especially a collection of historical buses from the EMT. I have been an employee and I have collaborated in starting the museum with a lot of time, 6 years of hard work and it has been worth it. I have been an official mechanic of 1 of the first and very difficult to have worked in the EMT

Pedro Jesús González 4 years ago

You can only visit on Saturday mornings, having bought the ticket before in the museum's online store.

Pedro Ramón 4 years ago

Very entertaining, very good explanations, with very nice workers with whom a piece of the history of Madrid is known. Future plans of the EMT, such as electrification plans, etc., are also known. Finally you can get on a classic double-decker bus, and they leave you time to take pictures. The factory itself, and how they worked and transported the engines is also very interesting. Recommendable.

Juli Monasterio 4 years ago

I loved how spacious it is and I like that these things are available to everyone who wants to see them. Congratulations

Javier FS 4 years ago

A must visit to learn about the even living history of the diverse and charismatic coaches from the start of the Municipal Transport Company in Madrid to the present day, with many curiosities and charismatic stories generated over more than 70 years. Recommended especially for students.

Manolo García poo 4 years ago

Zeer goed

Nacho Ferra 4 years ago

Very interesting to see the evolution of urban transport on buses in Madrid. There are buses that are authentic classic jewels.

laura garcia 4 years ago

A place to dream. It transports you to another era and you enjoy every detail. Very well explained by emt employees who make a guided tour, giving him great enthusiasm for the visitor to have a great time. The children have been very happy, the grandparents and us! A great morning in this museum.

Carlos Sánchez 4 years ago

Worth it, few people know this museum. Ideal to go with children. I recommend it

Oscar Mendez 4 years ago

A walk through the history of the E.M.T where you can see a magnificent collection of buses from all eras, payment methods, uniforms and many more curiosities. Very well explained by the company's customer service staff and remember if you don't want to take the walk for nothing buy your ticket online, the exhibition is open on Saturdays and it is worth going with children and those who they are not so young to take a nostalgic trip to the past.

Daniel Gómez Debenedetti 4 years ago

I loved it, it was superbly guided by EMT staff with the possibility of getting on buses, kids have a luxury, the complicated thing is that you have to buy tickets online and there are small spaces and only on Saturdays. Learn well on the web before going, very important

Álex Manzano 4 years ago

Very emotional visit, suitable for people who do not have to like buses. For those of us who like it, it is something special, even with units of iconic models of our history. It is very worth it. Worst of all, it is a short visit, just over an hour.

obidan kenobi 4 years ago

A very complete collection with guides that really enjoy sharing with visitors all the stories, anecdotes and knowledge about the history of urban buses in Madrid. A precious memory

Iván Martín 4 years ago

Very funny. For children, adults... and mechanical enthusiasts

Algork 4 years ago

Wonderful Saturday morning in the company of my son of nine years, a trip back in time through the history of the EMT highly recommended to go with children. Tickets can only be made through the web. The tour guide is great.

Angie Perez B 4 years ago


Piter Punk 5 years ago

Very interesting and entertaining, if you have known Madrid for years it is even endearing. The friendly and nice staff and the kids find it fun to get into the old buses


It is interesting and they have it very well organized. The staff is nice and makes the visit enjoyable, you learn curious stories that you did not know.

Enrique Ugedo 5 years ago

A journey through the history of public transport in Madrid, from the tram to the current compressed natural gas buses. Both with models and information panels as well as with real historical buses. Being able to ride in some of them. Check the schedule on the web since it only opens a few times a year.

Amaya Maldonado 5 years ago

If you are from Madrid you will love to see how the bus years have passed. And if you are not, they will make you feel at home. The guides are very nice!

Ander Juan 7 years ago

Totally recommended visit, it has an extensive park of vehicles preserved from the creation of the public company to the present, including experimental models, workshop machinery and stored objects of the former EMT headquarters. The guided tour is not long and becomes very enjoyable, since the guides are people who have served in the company and know all the material in detail.

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