Museo Provincial de Lugo

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Praza da Soidade s/n
27001, Lugo
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Het provinciale museum van Lugo bevindt zich in de stad Lugo in het noordwesten van Spanje. Het museum herbergt een verzameling artefacten en kunstwerken uit de provincie Lugo en de omliggende regio. De collectie omvat prehistorische artefacten, Romeinse artefacten en Moorse artefacten. Het museum heeft ook een verzameling Spaanse schilderijen uit de 16e en 17e eeuw.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM, 4:00 – 8:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM, 4:00 – 8:30 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM, 4:00 – 8:30 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM, 4:00 – 8:30 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM, 4:00 – 8:30 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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María José Pérez Esteban 1 year ago

We visited the museum today and the free guided tour is highly recommended. The guide (Vicky) introduces you with passion and respect. Thank you

Lucía. 1 year ago

I loved this museum. I got hooked on a free guided tour. A luxury the guide.

Eric Darier 1 year ago


Julen Joseba Vader 1 year ago

Without a doubt the best in town. Large extension of works of art and archaeological remains. Its highly educated and attentive staff perfectly complied with the anti-COVID regulations. The collection of African art and sundials leave you speechless. A must in the city.

Sonia LC 1 year ago

Free visit to the history of the city throughout the ages, with very varied temporary exhibitions.

Raúl Cuéllar 1 year ago

This museum is bigger than it looks from the outside. Inside it houses many rooms with different themes, among which I highlight the importance of gold and the history it entails and the ceramics of Sargadelos. Tell you that it is totally free and at certain times they do an equally free guided tour.

Javier Eguía 1 year ago

Very complete and varied museum of Roman remains. Many paintings on deposit at the Prado Museum. worth visiting

Óscar Elías Pomares 1 year ago

Very well-kept museum, friendly staff and also free, something that promotes the culture of the city for tourists, which was very important. Wide variety of sculptures, furniture, paintings, etc. with a touch of history and QR codes for more info. Congratulations Lugo for this greatness!!

Ander 1 year ago

Great, free and very interesting

João Garcia Conde de Pinho 1 year ago

A pleasant surprise, excellent organization, content and space. The permanent and temporary exhibitions are of great importance and quality

Dadu Dadu 1 year ago

An excellent plan to learn about the history of Lugo. Admission is free and there are several guided tours scheduled throughout the day (every day). Reservations are not necessary. Pilar, our guide, was super nice, sharing a lot of information in a close and fun way. Highly recommended!

Maria López 1 year ago

A museum worth seeing, very interesting and with much to offer. Important collections of goldsmithing, painting, ceramics, culture of the Celtic forts, highlights the Burela torques made of solid gold, Roman objects, etc. The best way to get to know the culture of the province of Lugo from the beginning of time to the present day. An essential visit and it is also free.

Francisco lopez gonzalez-camaño 1 year ago

Museum of various artistic disciplines very well endowed. The internal staff very professional and courteous. It is well worth it, if only to visit its cloister.

Ixurrene Larraun 1 year ago

Very complete and varied museum. The cloister is beautiful! There are some very well made models of some buildings in the city. There are also some very large and beautiful Roman mosaics. It has an elevator.

maikel rf 1 year ago

Spectacular sculptures and alajas of the past, it is surprising that in such ancient years they had so much sophistication and ideas to do such things. Visit it, it is beautiful and the upper part even more so. The bad thing is that photos are prohibited in different places.


Excellent museum, you will be surprised by its content. Both admission and a guided tour of seven of the 29 rooms it has are free. Its content is varied, from ancient times with archaeology, architecture, as well as donated paintings, coins, clocks, etc.

Marco Boscolo 1 year ago

5 stars because admission is free. The collections are interesting but the display is a bit chaotic. You can find everything. From sacred to contemporary art, but without a real thread.

maribel ubeda 1 year ago

Museum and place of great patrimonial richness, wonderful historical building, and good collection as well as well-exposed pieces. Your visit is highly recommended, but to go with time, and stay at least one hour if you want to go and see everything well.

Susan Henley 1 year ago


nicolas carrasco 1 year ago

Indescribable. The best I've ever seen. Spacious, bright, orderly, and with a very complete, varied and very well ordered content. Two and a half hours that I used, does not do justice to this Museum. Essential.

Jose Feliciano Gallego 1 year ago

Very interesting, with excellent documentation and regional collections although not very well documented, courteous staff but a bit of embellishment

Karol Bracho 1 year ago

I really liked this museum!! Admission is free and there is a lot to see. I was in there for 2 hours.

Saileach Anamtire Cherbuy 1 year ago

The museum is one of the most beautiful things in the city, the collection is very complete and the staff knows a lot about the subject, which is pure glory, I need more stars because five are not enough. Greetings from Cádiz

Noel Dopazo Vázquez 1 year ago

An interesting museum with several very powerful pieces. Mandatory visit.

Miguel-Anxo Varela Diaz (Anxovart) 2 years ago

Excellent! An incredible museum, with a selection of works ranging from Paleolithic to modern sculpture. Lots of Roman stuff, medieval art in a building with Gothic parts from the Convent of San Francisco... Galician painting and sculpture from the 19th and 20th century, another ethnographic part... Very interesting and entertaining. And the workers very kind and pleasant.

Bon Confidant 2 years ago

Really extensive collection of every type of art and artifact, going back to prehistoric ages. Staff very helpful, mostly, and mask rule is strictly enforced

luis manuel quiroga López 2 years ago

The Lugo Provincial Museum has a unique permanent collection, to be a provincial museum, from the famous Celtic trousseau to the most contemporary Galician painting; Your visit is essential, it is a very surprising Museum that has a new collection (a donation) of African art. With the Covid protocol and the reforms of the main staircase, the route is a little more complex. For lovers of Sargadelos (the first factory, and the following periods, an important collection of different styles), if what you like is Engraving; the two great Galician engravers Julio Prieto Nespereira and Manuel Castro Gil from Lugo, each with his own room ...... abroad dedicated to contemporary art, an exhibition on respect for those who are different, with the lyrics of the LGTBI collective +, .... , the Church is in Restoration ...

José Luis Calvo Gómez 2 years ago

It opens from 9 - 21. It is free. Temperature control before entering. Photos only in the kitchen and on the patio. Former convent very extensive exhibition, including works loaned from the Prado Museum

Claudia Cedeño 2 years ago

It is a very special place, as was our guide Javier Rego. Everything that is shown seemed very interesting to me, it has objects that attest to Galician history and culture and the influence of the Romans. From the outside it looks small but it is actually very spacious. It was a beautiful visit

M Ines Gonzalez Regueira 2 years ago

Lugo Provincial Museum. The museum was the old Franciscan monastery, of the monastery only the dining room, the kitchen and the cloister remain. Unfortunately you can only take photos in the kitchen, the cloister and the mosaic. One of the most beautiful rooms is that of sacred art. The entrance to the museum is free, when you enter they take your temperature and ask for your data.

Cazatesoros foodlover 2 years ago

I don't give 6 stars because you can't. We start: FREE!! And it is the best we have seen in Lugo. The museum has several rooms with different exhibits. It is very well cared for and you have a little of everything, which makes the visit very pleasant. Very kind and nice staff. The beautiful central mosaic and they have managed to give it a lot of prominence in the central space and with the distribution and natural lighting. SUPER RECOMMENDED

Jose Antonio 2 years ago

Impressive museum. Themes range from Paleolithic to contemporary art. Gold prehistoric collection is highly recommended. Staff very kind. Everything was amazing and for free.

Hilda Velasco 2 years ago

It is much bigger than what it seems, so you'll need at least good 2 hours to see it full, dedicating just a seconds to each piece of art or archeological artifact.

EdgarTxr 2 years ago


Rafaela Milani 3 years ago

The museum is installed in an old convent of São Francisco, which was renovated and expanded, which was inspired by the structure of the Galician terraces for the design of the new building. The kitchen, the refectory (both from the 18th century) and the cloister (from the 15th century) remain on the convent's premises. The museum has numerous pieces of Celtic, Visigoth, Roman, Gothic and Baroque argueology.

J M C C 3 years ago

Created by the Lugo County Council in 1932 with the intention of bringing together and protecting different heritage assets of the province scattered in private collections and public institutions, the museum initially occupied one of the rooms of the San Marcos Provincial Palace. In 1957 it moved to its current headquarters, made up of the premises of the old San Francisco convent and a new building designed by the architect Manuel Gómez Román. Since that date, the museum has undergone various extensions. On the first floor you can see the collection of mosaics from the third century that appeared on a plot of land on Armañá de Lugo street; the collections of sacred art, which include an image of the Savior in stone from San Pedro de Fiz de Muxa (Lugo), a wide sample of Mannerist and Baroque Gothic imagery, the processional crosses in silver and various objects of religious use; and in the cloister, pieces of epigraphy, heraldry and other stone collections. In the convent kitchen on this floor the ethnographic collections are exhibited, next to the convent's refectory. In the upper part of the cloister is the Prehistory and Archeology room in which a chronological sample is made from the Paleolithic to the end of the Romanization; also the collections of ceramics, glass, numismatics and medals. On the second floor, the Galician art collection focused on painting and sculpture from the 19th and 20th centuries deserves special attention, with monographic rooms dedicated to Antonio Fernández, Julia Minguillón and Corredoira, as well as the Sargadelos ceramic collection to which a room in which pieces from all the production periods of the Royal Factory are displayed. As a result of the 2010 restructuring carried out on the first floor of the new extension building inaugurated in 1997, the Galician drawing and engraving section with the monographic rooms of Castelao, Prieto Nespereira and Castro Gil was located there, keeping the collection of skylights.

Good Earth 3 years ago


L G Lugo 4 years ago

Great museum , the Romans occupied this area and the museum has many old artifacts that date back to the 2nd century

Glenn Colley 4 years ago

Roman slaves built the town walls, still in good shape.

Toni Pérez Somoza 4 years ago

Zeer interessant!

Isabel Salazar 4 years ago


James 4 years ago

Excellent museum! Doesn't allow many photos. But excellent collection of exhibits. Fascinating collection of African art, roman gold . A one stop shop for anything to do with the city.

Francisco Suero Martínez 4 years ago

An essential exhibition space in the visit to Lugo. The kitchen of the beautiful convent. The hall of amazing goldsmithing. All the set very well taken care of.

valentin VS 4 years ago

Fantastic. Located in an old monastery. Many rooms so you will need quite a bit of time. The old goldsmith's room is essential, the smallest but most important with a wide collection of torques (Celtic culture necklaces). I also liked and the cloister and that the kitchen of the monastery will be preserved.

D Main 4 years ago

free interesting art collection

Evelyn 5 years ago

Superb, definitely worth a visit

spannyma kron keep 5 years ago


Manuel bujan 6 years ago


Samuel Cebreiro 6 years ago

You cannot believe how many things are inside. Full of culture. If you have the opportunity, please go.

star Kim 6 years ago

It was free to enter. It was bigger than I thought and there were many pieces.

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