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Parc du Cinquantenaire 10
1000, Brussel
02 741 73 31

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Het Art & History Museum in Brussel is een van de meest populaire toeristische bestemmingen in de stad. Het museum is de thuisbasis van een breed scala aan kunst en historische artefacten van over de hele wereld. Het museum is verdeeld in vier hoofdsecties: de oude wereld, de middeleeuwen, de Renaissance en de moderne wereld. Het oude wereldgedeelte omvat artefacten uit het oude Egypte, Griekenland en Rome. Het gedeelte Middeleeuwen bevat artefacten uit het Byzantijnse rijk, de kruistochten en de Renaissance. Het gedeelte Renaissance bevat artefacten van de Italiaanse Renaissance, de Nederlandse Gouden Eeuw en de Vlaamse barok. Het moderne wereldgedeelte omvat artefacten uit de Franse revolutie, de industriële revolutie en de wereldoorlogen.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Lea 1 year ago

We only planned 3h for the Shin hanga exhibition and got totally lost in the details which is why we couldn't see the entire thing. I would definitely recommend this exhibition!

Tuncay E 1 year ago

The art and history museum in Brussels is one of the largest museums in Europe!! It is located in the park of Cinquantenaire. In this museum you can see archaeological artefacts from the Belgian area from the prehistory to the Merovingian period. We really enjoyed the Russian collection and the collection of the airplanes from the WWII. The view from the roof of the museum is amazing and you could take some awesome pictures there!!! Highly recommended

Elena A. 1 year ago

Magnifique!! Great collection. The museum is very big and with objects from almost all different civilisations!!

Gamze Demirhan 1 year ago

Although I just saw the temporary exhibition called "before time began" I loved itI am looking forward to seeing the rest of the museum

Gerard Seghers 1 year ago

One of the richest set of different collections, from medieval art to art deco and from pre-Columbian to Chinese art. A must see in Brussels.

Anthony Dewulf 1 year ago


Anh Tam MAI 1 year ago


Daphne Bleumink 1 year ago

You can find everything about all times in history (prehistoric to modern times and all in between). You can go wherever you want and spend all day or days(!) In the museum! We went for one day but we hadn't enough time to read all the information. I really enjoyed my time here!! So if you are a history enthusiast; go to this museum.

Yuanxi Zhang 1 year ago

This is very much underrated hidden gem. Obviously this is no British museum but you see some top notch Nubian arts, a street from a Roman city in Syrian with large-scale mosaics and turtle shell on which first Chinese characters appear. Absolutely worthwhile an afternoon’s time. No AC and minimal English description are the small downsides. Hopefully they can receive some more funding to modernize the exhibitions—current form reminds of archeological museums in Istanbul

Cristi 1 year ago


Ivan Vikalo 1 year ago

Just love it! Beautiful and interactive with loads of artefacts

Becky Ewing 1 year ago

Absolutely spectacular! We loved our time here.

Nicolò Caruso 1 year ago

Here I found painting and religious relics, Greek sculptures, Roman ruins, garments of the Indians of America, sarcophaguses,and the imposing statues of Easter Island. If you are a weekend in Brussels I suggest this museum.

sana mohamed 1 year ago


Caroline Hekkert 1 year ago

There are several musea at this location. The most popular are history and military. I recommend de afgietsel werkplaats. Which is functioning casting workplace that makes plaster casts from famous old sculptures. It is a truly fascinating space.

Bernadette tuite 1 year ago

Mesmerising collection of civizilations, continents and eras of Art history that is a must see. Current Exhibition of Aboriginal Art 'Before Time Began ' is a extraordinary and exceptional in its rarity, a visual and audio experience - a must see until May 2022.

Elisavet Stamataki 1 year ago


André Luís Tomaz Dionisio 2 years ago

Beautiful museum with a full circuit of history and art. Very safe and family place. They have toilets included on the price with changer place for babies.

Alexey Lyavdansky 2 years ago

Gorgeous museum! The mosaics from Syria impressed me very much. When I asked for more information about the exibition, the people at the information desk did everything to help me.

Marcin Koper 2 years ago

Lovely place. Currently we're changing the glass under the roof there. I'll definitely visit this place after renovation. Pozdro

Bart Eekhaut 2 years ago

If you can spare at least 2 hours, this museum is a must. Although the roman and Egyptian era can use some redesign, the other parts of the museum are already up to date. The building itself is also quite interesting and serves from time to time as an extra. You can really enjoy all kind of era's, going from the early settlements, roman, Egyptian, Mideavel, renaissance, etc. Also artifacts from cultures allover the world. And for fans of Tintin, it houses the mumie of rascar capac and the one eared statue.

darius savolskis 2 years ago

Impressive museum of Belgian art and history (tapestries, glasswork, stone work, magnificent hall for Art Noveau). It also has a great collection of items from Americas and South East Asia. You would need at least 2-3 hours to visit the museum properly. Gift shop is also worth a visit. Some original gifts could be found there.

Natalia Gutierrez 2 years ago

It is very complete, has many interesting exhibitions, it may be needed to reserve two times to see the whole museum

D A 2 years ago

Very big museum in the heart of Brussels. A lot to see and learn.

MIKA CO 2 years ago

The museum is great, so much fun

J T 2 years ago

Amazing building. Every room is like a mini-museum in its own right. Some of them wonderful surprises.

Juliet Edwards 3 years ago

Huge collection! Recently renewed dispaly of national archeological finds in the basement is worth the visit. Well presented didactic display of measuring and time keeping instruments in the cluster section. Several rooms being redeveloped with non-European collections. Great museum shop. Like all national museums in Belgium, this one is underfunded and tries hard with poor means. Please support it!

Mateeva Natali 3 years ago

Very rich collection of objects, nicely presented but the museum is huge! Foresee 3 to 4 hours to be comfortable. Also, bagpacks are not allowed and we were asked to use the external lockers 1€/1h.

Kathelijne Van Gampelaere 3 years ago

Beautiful museum with lots of nice artefacts, ranging from prehistoric time till 20th century. Highly recommended but take your time to take a good look at everything.

Allan Vermeulen 3 years ago

With shrunken heads, ancient history and many Aztec findings, this museum has it all. Again, very little English but still worth the trip! I would recommend this place!

André from Rome 3 years ago

Great Museum with so much to discover. There are artifacts from all continents across many centuries. Can't wait to go back.

Rohan Jolly 3 years ago

Fantastic museum with a very elaborate and impressive collection. Unfortunately almost nothing is described in English. Perhaps that’s why even though the collection can rival that of the MET or the Art Institute of Chicago, the museum was almost entirely empty when I visited.

Alicia MOTTUR 3 years ago

My absolute favourite of all of Brussels' museums! The collection is fascinating and varied, with treasures to interest everyone. I especially appreciate the lovely building, both inside and out, and the interior and arrangement of the collections are charming - I hope they never change it! Plus, the temporary exhibitions are always interesting and well thought out. I guess the best recommendation I can give is that I've become a Friend of the museum, so that I can visit as often as I want.

Elke Lamon 3 years ago

We went to see the Crossroads exhibition, which we loved! Our 6 and 8 year olds liked it very much too. Friendly staff, loads to see and beautiful building as well.

Maria S. 3 years ago

Great museum and very helpful staff. I had not imagined that the museum would have such a large collection. We made some questions to the museum employees and they took the time for very politely answering each of them. It was a great experience. We will visit it soon again.

Hristo Beshovski 3 years ago

Amazing collection of artefacts from the near East and Latin America. Very well organized collection of ancient Greek pottery. I visited the museum twice and still I am not sure I managed to see everything. You need three or four hours to see most of the exhibitions.

Emer Cassidy 4 years ago

This is a huge art museum with amazing treasures and masterpieces which everyone should visit. They have statues from Easter island, mummies, beautiful roman statues, mosaics from Almera and an amazing Asian collection. Set in a beautiful park this is a fantastic place to visit!

Tamas Moricz 4 years ago

I've spent more or less five hours walking around and getting lost in the exhibitions ... There is a charming, old world feel to the museum that I've found enchanting and inviting. It felt like the first museum you'd want to take your kids to. Wonderful discoveries around every corner. ... Art Deco sculptures, Native American headdresses, a massive statue from the Easter Islands, a Totem .. breath-taking tapestries that took you could look at for hours alone ... a really wonderful collection from both art and history ... my only negative observation is, there were barely any English signage along the Dutch and French ones ( You are on an international stage now Brussels ... keep up pls. ) The adjoining restaurant is not cheap and the food was not great either ... but ... a beautiful experience all the same.

Black Dahlia 4 years ago

Excellent exhibits, worth a visit

Harlene T. 4 years ago

Loved it! La musée est tellement grande que nous ne pouvons pas voir tous dans une journée. Plus l'exhibition temporaire! ( mais magnifique collection) The museum is very big that its impossible to see & appreciate everything in one day. I highly recommend this museum. But don't eat at their restaurant, its pricey & doubts about food freshness.. we ordered pasta & lasagne and we were sick after... better to bring own food

Virgiliu Cimpoeru 4 years ago

Very nice place and people... beautiful exhibitions...I learned incredible things about Belgium... ¹Not so well organized... There is no a clear visiting itinerary... No tour path that include all the collections... is difficult to keep trace of rooom numbers.

J. B. 4 years ago

This museum is Brussels' answer to the British Museum. It is divided in two wings. The right one as you enter deals with Belgian history and has sections on the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, the Roman era, the Merovingian era, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Modern Times. The tapestries and woodwork from the 15th and 16th centuries are particularly amazing. The left wing has collections from the Americas (Native Americans and Meso America in particular), India, Tibet, China, Korea and Southeast Asia. There are also temporary exhibitions.

Sasha Newell 5 years ago

This is one of my favorite museums in Brussels, in part because it still retains some of the flavor of when it was first built as part of Cinquentenaire to proclaim Belgium's place on the world stage. It's true that it retains cases from the turn of the century, but this is what gives the museum its special charm. It is a museum of what museums were. And this is this is actually a really impressive collection from around the world and across history, full of little surprises, like the fabulous collection of sleds. It was at its inception and still remains to a certain extent a world class collection. It's true the building itself needs maintenance, but updating the collections to reflect contemporary taste would take away from what makes this place magical.

William Bernard 5 years ago

I can’t believe I have not been to this museum before now.. seriously, this is a “secret” place of Brussels! I have been raised here for the last 25 years and I had no idea such a beautiful museum existed. It is a small “Belgian Louvre” full of unique and amazing piece of antique to modern art. I really advise everyone to go! We spent a few hours in it and we only have seen ⅓ of the whole permanent collection (plan a good afternoon or a day to see the whole museum comfortably).

vashon m 5 years ago

Very beautiful museum, with lots to see. Very larger collection of history and art for different ages in history.

Oleg Volkov 6 years ago

Absolutely stunning content, including Mesopotamian and Egyptian artifacts, medieval tapestries, old mechanisms and many more. Might not be as well kept, though, and the floor plans can be confusing. Reserve a lot of time for a visit.

Guy Moors 7 years ago

This is a fantastic museum. The collection is very large so if you want to see everything a full afternoon is the minimum time you need for a visit. The mediaeval wood carvings and tapestry are a must see if you only have limited time.

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