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Het Brussels City Museum bevindt zich in het hart van de stad, in de grote plaats. Het museum vertelt het verhaal van de stad, van de oorsprong tot op de dag van vandaag. Het is een reis door de tijd, van de eerste nederzettingen aan de oevers van de rivier de Senne tot de bouw van de grote plaats tot de industriële revolutie en de geboorte van de Europese Unie. Het museum is verdeeld in vier secties: het eerste gedeelte is gewijd aan de geschiedenis van de stad, van de oorsprong tot op de dag van vandaag. Het tweede deel is gewijd aan de geschiedenis van het Brussel-kapitaalgebied. Het derde deel gaat over de geschiedenis van de Europese Unie. Het vierde deel gaat over de geschiedenis van Brussel in de wereld. Het museum heeft een verzameling van meer dan 200.000 objecten, waaronder schilderijen, sculpturen, foto's, documenten en objecten uit het dagelijks leven. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek en een documentatiecentrum.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Brussels City Museum: Meningen

Hans De Keulenaer 1 year ago

Award-winning museum on the history and development of Brussels through scale models, maps and paintings. Great collection on the ground floor on the arts and crafts industries in Brussels. Also hosts a 760 costume collection of Brussels' mascotte Manneken Pis.

Ioannis Louizos 1 year ago

Brilliant museum.Must visit if you are around

Aggie Wang 1 year ago

Sitting in the center of the Grand Place, this museum leaves all hustle and bustle outside and provides a cool and serene atmosphere. With numerous artifacts, painting, sculptures, and tapestries, the museum tells the rich history of the city and the nation. I specifically enjoyed the large model displaying the City of Brussels in the 13th century. It really shows the life and landscape 800+ years back. The museum has the original Manneken Pis statue and some interesting stories behind it. There is a VR game to bring you back to the night when the city of Brussels was bombarded by the French troops. The building itself is beautiful with architectural charm. The entrance fee is included in the Brussels Card. If you don’t have a Brussels Card, a single entry ticket also enables you to go to the nearby Manneken Pis costumes museum. Well worth the visit.

Shinas Backer 1 year ago

Lovely city & Museum Brussels ❤️‍

Sumit Pandey 1 year ago

Very beautiful, outstandingly European, and one of the most clicked places of Belgium. Highly recommended to visit during mid - August, (the assumption of Mary - 15 August) as the empty square in the decorated with flowers and some stunning light shows are organised in the evening.

Denisa Ligia 1 year ago

Nice 4€/student

Cristi 1 year ago

The museum is housed in an outstanding building worth visiting. The exhibitions are useful to learn about the history of the city. Go see the original Maneken Pis!

Wilson Tsang 1 year ago


Mas Hassan 1 year ago


Cat Bishop 1 year ago


christian dunne 1 year ago


vinceyo1989 1 year ago

A very unjustly overlooked museum! Most tourists to Brussels stand in awe facing the central square's magnificent town hall and then move on to Manneken Piss. More should turn around and dare enter the excellent City Museum within the walls of the "King's House". Indeed, it will give the patient visitor with a taste of how the city evolved over time, from the early settlements along the river Senne (near the present Halles St-Géry) until the modern pedestrianisation of the central boulevard. Personally, it's the intermediate periods which I found most interesting, like for example the exposition detailing how Louis 14, the French sun-king, decided to bomb Brussels in 1695 "just for the lolz". Besides that, the building itself is a treasure worth of admiration. Rebuilt in the late 1800's to match its initial 16th century form (with some bonuses), it breathes the spirit of the mighty emperor Charles 5, born in Gent and destined to rule over an empire upon which the sun never set. The real sun-king! :-) Don't miss the beautiful tainted-glass windows along the inner staircase which display the armories of the various provinces in his dominion, including of course the tiny province of Brussels! Check out my IG accounts @vincentdegreve and @usheadedeast for more Belgian and international reviews

Brendan Gallagher 1 year ago

Very interesting museum with helpful staff

Bianca W 1 year ago


Pom Ph. 1 year ago

Love to visit this museum. History really interesting.

harish chary 2 years ago

Located at Grand place, one of the beautiful monuments and busiest places of the city.

Anaclara Pérez 2 years ago

It doesn't matter what exhibition they have, because the building itself is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, inside and out an amazing experience. Pay attention to the details and buy the postcards/book markers!

Jérôme Selosse 2 years ago

Historical place... In the town center of Brussels... Nice painting and decoration about the history of Brussels... Need to have a look...

Rafael Zendron Lopes 2 years ago

It was awesome experience to have an idea of Brussels city. A nice place to visit and in about 2 hours you can know more about this wonderful city. For the foreigners that has moved recently I would say this is a must to have experience

yury ignatov 2 years ago

That was not good time to visit city museum, but we enjoyed its view

Zoe L 3 years ago

Really informative and well laid out, felt like we got a good history of Brussels, and reasonable entry price of €8 or €4 for students

rrrafaelcook 3 years ago

There was a war in Brussels and many men died and the city was rebuilt by women! that's why this city is so beautiful and rich in details with great taste and love for the motherland! worth visiting there you know all the history and curiosities of the Capital

Maria Carla Alegria 3 years ago

It's a small museum but I personally like the pieces displayed here esp the one of St Michael the Archangel with the devil wind vane.

Ronald Halim 3 years ago

definitely the place to go if you want to learn more about belgian and brussels history

Andrew Maciulskas 3 years ago

Some great history to be found within the museum. Nice to walk around in and located in a 'grand' place

Cher Igo 3 years ago

Good historical museum in Brussels city centre with a lot of interesting information

Inna Demianova 3 years ago

A great museum to get to know the city and its history better

Anthony Z 4 years ago

Great place for sightseeing, love the building, you can spend at least half day just to admire the sculpture on the buildings

John Salib 4 years ago

It was a really nice way to get to know the history of the city, and it only costs 8 euros and you can open their website for the audio guide

Saran Sakdanoraset 4 years ago

Great pleace. Bulding very exciting. Beutiful!!!

Mariana Amaral 4 years ago

That's where you'll find the REAL Manneken Pis! The one standing on the fountain is a replica. The visit to the museum isn't long, but it's very informative. I enjoyed it.

Rajiv M 4 years ago

The Brussels City Museam, a Gothic style architectural wonder, was built in 1887 at the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium. In 1936, the building was designated a historic site and in 1998 it was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the rest of the Grand Place. The museum is devoted to the history of Brussels fine and applied arts, the origin and development of the city, the history of the people of Brussels and the dressing room of that quintessentially Brussels symbol, Manneken-Pis! I would highly recommend a visit here. There are lots of other beautiful places to visit and spend time around the Museum. Give yourself atleast half a day if not a full day.

Brian Gerdwagen 4 years ago

The descriptions are in French and Dutch, but in every room there are translations on laminated sheets for other languages.

hywel pinto 4 years ago

Very good collection. Do not miss the old statue of st. Michael slaying the dragon and the video story of the replacement of this statue.

Jim DeLung, PhD 4 years ago

Incredible local history! Free audioguide for your mobile phone. 3 stories with stairs.

Vitor Vicente 4 years ago

Quite a small museum, but if you are in the Grand Place, it is worth a visit!! You can get to know more about Brussels and Belgium!

Yordan Naydenov 5 years ago

Nice and pleasant museum

Joe Creative 5 years ago

What a wonderful place! Very impressive.

Marcel Wagner 5 years ago

As city museums throughout Europe tend to be very interesting, this was the first museum to drop in, when we were in Brussels. And it's really great, too. You can learn very much about Brussels' history and the circumstances of people's lives in the older periods. Until March 11th there is also an exhibition about Baudelaire's time in Brussels. And finally the Brodhuis or Maison du Roi itself is worth seeing, although it's not the original building, but was rebuilt in the late 19th century.

Deepak Kumar Swain 5 years ago

Very nice place. You must see the story telling inside the Historical museum. It is a bit expensive but you will not regret paying it. It's too good.

Joshua Packer 5 years ago

Had the spinach infused noodles, the kids said this place was a definite 5 stars. The pasta is home made, the services is great, the flavours are amazing. The Bolognese, the garlic, and the statight spaghetti with bacon was spot on. The kids talked about it all the way home.

Rob Yuen 5 years ago

Very nice! Price of ticket includes 3 museums around the city. In this museum is the actual Mannekin Piss. The replica is the one on the street.

Deimante Stackeviciene 5 years ago

Such a beautiful city always wanted to travel there...So many things to see and to do. The architecture is so beautiful, people are so very friendly, many shops. Also the beer and chocolate is to die for. If you visit Brussels you MUST try their waffles it is soooo sooo amazing couldn’t get enough of them. The Atomium is so beautiful you must visit it

Yuntao Zhou 5 years ago

A three-story museum at the center of Brussels that housed many beautiful pieces of artwork and paintings, like Altarpiece of Saluzzo, and revealed the eventful history of this city and its developmental timeline through the works of artists.

Mauricio Molina 6 years ago

Excellent museum where you can see the history of the city as well as many exhibits about the architecture of the city and the many customes made for the baby peeing fountain ... and the display about the tapestry restoration and explanation of this art... Well worthed the entrance fee

Justin Sytsma 6 years ago

Wonderful building. Truly amazing during the Christmas light show.

Shoaib Zafar 6 years ago

This building offers a stunning view & tells us a lot about history. Well preserved & a perfect landmark to be in the heart of Brussels.

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