Fashion & Lace Museum

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Rue de la Violette 12
1000, Brussel
02 213 44 50

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Fashion & Lace Museum is een museum in Brussel, België. Het museum is gewijd aan de geschiedenis van mode en kant. Het bevindt zich in het voormalige huis van de Belgische kantfabrikant, Marie-Claire Debecker.

Het museum heeft drie verdiepingen. De eerste verdieping is gewijd aan de geschiedenis van de mode. Het bevat een verzameling modeplaten uit de 18e en 19e eeuw. De tweede verdieping is gewijd aan de geschiedenis van kant. Het bevat een verzameling kant van de 16e tot de 20e eeuw. De derde verdieping is een bibliotheek en onderzoekscentrum.

Het museum is geopend van dinsdag tot zondag. De toegang is gratis voor kinderen jonger dan 18 jaar oud.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Fashion & Lace Museum: Meningen

Marjeline Serwier 1 year ago

Very interesting museum. My favorite space is the one that allows you to compare the style of lace according to eras and regions.

Michael Vandecasteele 1 year ago

I learned a lot of things at the expo

Eric Freyens 1 year ago

Free museum every first Sunday of each month, to see if you like to see beautiful lace.

Ronny Gouveia 1 year ago

Excellent museum about fashion in Belgium!

Valérie Descamps 1 year ago

The exhibitions are always very interesting for those who love fashion

Валентина Бледная 1 year ago

Not a big museum, but there is something to see. Especially very beautiful lace, you can't take your eyes off

Franck Vandendorpe 1 year ago

Wonderful museum, educational and great for kids too.

Daniel Hautier 1 year ago

Superb building from the past and modernized with beautiful themed exhibitions on old and modern fashion

E. J. 1 year ago

Nice discovery near the main square A museum on the evolution of fashion as well as the creation of lace and the manufacture of this one Also fit for them with certain dedier room and activities

Romy M 1 year ago


Oana Chiriac 1 year ago


Beni 1 year ago


AB Man 1 year ago


Christoph D 1 year ago

Nice staging of temporary exhibitions on freedom of fashion and small but interesting section on lace making. Highly recommended for lovers of fashion as an art form, especially with a guide that explains the designs and inspiration of the talented designers in more detail.

Bianca W 1 year ago


Oleg Pogorelik 1 year ago

Very special

Iz 2 years ago

Extremely interesting permanent exhibition - worth spending an hour in the room which details the history of lace and how it’s made. They have a booklet which details each item and it’s worth going through the whole thing.

Seimen Burum 2 years ago


Georges Abou Elia 2 years ago

Great place, historical pieces

Houaria Belfarah 2 years ago

Very nice exhibition ..... well explained thanks to the documents given at the entrance ... We have traveled through the clothes and accessories ...

Benjamin Erarts 2 years ago

Charming museum tucked away a stone's throw from the main square.

Jef Hendrikx 2 years ago

The Costume and Lace Museum (Musée du Costume et de la Dentelle) consists of 2 parts. One of special clothing, some examples from well-known designers) and one focused on lace. I especially liked the lace part. It gives a brief overview of lace in the different regions (Brussels, Bruges, Venice, ...) and also about the use of lace (dress, lingerie, collar, ...).

Laurent Beudels 2 years ago

Superb exhibition on men's fashion

Bo Geeraerts 3 years ago

Nice and interesting! Well worth a visit, free for residents of the city of Brussels.

Anne le M (Anne Alyse) 3 years ago

Small museum well organized to respect COVID-19 safety instructions. Nice collection of lace.

Si 3 years ago

Love the lace designs shown

Charles Hemmerde 3 years ago

The Fashion & Lace Museum is a textile and fashion museum in Brussels, Belgium. The museum's collections focus on lace, which is a traditional Belgian handicraft.

Yolande Moerenhout 3 years ago

Museum costume / lace. Currently Expo on underwear through the times. On several floors ... but possibly with an elevator. To have

christian pellegrin 3 years ago

Nice little museum. You can even make your own creations on the top floor. :-)

Elisabeth Celeste 3 years ago

Magnificent creations. Perfect welcome. Questionnaire and explanatory booklet for children of high quality. 2 hours that pass in an instant. To see to brighten these dark days.

human 3 years ago

I only bothered to go there very recently and it's a shame, their current menswear show was very interesting and refreshing. Happy to see this kind of exhibition in Brussels

Eric Chalon 3 years ago

It is interesting to see the development of male fashion over the years. Also an interesting presentation of laces and it's history.

Chris Beaumont 4 years ago

Geweldige ervaring

Luc Orient 4 years ago

Amazing. Small but so well done.

Marion Zebedee-Topham 4 years ago

Beautiful silk and lace on mannequins in a stunning fashion display on different levels and with videos. Enjoyed it.

Daniele Bekaert 4 years ago

Magnificent temporary exhibition on the creations of Carine Gilson: a know-how brought to the summits ... heavenly. Very friendly welcome. Only downside: toilet disappointing

Erik van der Post 4 years ago

Back side - Don't miss this exhibition!

Eve Parello 4 years ago

A small but essential museum for lace lovers. With a temporary exhibition devoted to the creations of Carine Gilson. The art of delicacy.

irina gurt 4 years ago

Nice place to visit. Not ordinary look at fashion.

Natalia Lurie 4 years ago


sara meunier 4 years ago

Very nice museum which was definitely worth a visit! Laces are amazing, and their history and shaping well explained. As for the Back Side exhibition, it is very well presented (well done!) And each piece is numbered so that everyone can read the details at their leisure in the explanatory booklet. This booklet system should be applied in all fashion shows, to make progress pleasant rather than tedious (the lighting of clothing is always dim, for the need of conservation). The museum team is friendly, welcoming and very professional. We will return with pleasure during a next visit to Brussels.

Myriam Lequenne 4 years ago

Very nice temporary exhibition... and the lace section has been renovated and has become very educational and interesting.

Lekyle Fox 4 years ago

It is intresting. I like.

Delannoy Florian 4 years ago

I really enjoyed the museum, we can see a rather dark corner on the entrance to the right, we enter a small mysterious room containing several styles of lace, by hand, in needle (if I saw correctly ) spindle or machine (mechanical). There is still a room above showing us a work of art on weaving, very impressive, interesting. The premises are clean, however I find the staff busy and we have trouble communicating with them sometimes. This does not prevent us from being very well received. The Exhibition which was underway during my visit on November 8 gave me a lot more, I loved it and on a manual requested at the entrance we list the materials and the creators but it's a shame because I would have liked more information on some creations but the light shows and the pieces are very well highlighted but difficult to take identical photos with the eye. An experience not to be missed.

valérie borremans 4 years ago

Nice little museum nestled in the heart of Brussels, absolutely see the temporary exhibition on the work of the magnificent designer Carine Gilson

JeF (Tao Tao) 4 years ago

A real discovery. After a detailed presentation of art and history we made a beautiful dive in the splendid exhibition on the floor which puts wonderfully the lace in the honor and led us to a playful workshop of cutting and assembly.

Arie van der Zwan 4 years ago

Great exposition Learned a lot!

Leila Baracchi 4 years ago

A nice museum that serves as a real "jewel" to beautiful thematic exhibitions around fashion in all its forms .. With lace in addition. We enjoyed a quality guided tour on silk and lace designer Carine Colson, this first Sunday of the month being free.

Michelle Louise 4 years ago

Amazing collection for a small museum

Maya Benatar 4 years ago

I always enjoy a visit to the museum. It's a small museum with one exhibit at a time. In the numerous times that I've been, the exhibition was always well organised and informative and made from beautiful clothes you can admire.

Ghislaine CATRY 4 years ago

Magnificent fashion museum with a unique exhibition spread over 3 floors accessible by elevator. A superb collection dating from the Belle-Époque which tells us about the superb evenings of yesteryear as well as historical anecdotes of famous personalities and many more. Right next door, in the same building, the evolution of the history of Brussels lace from the 17th century to the present day is also widely represented, as well as the old techniques which required a lot of dexterity from the lacemakers of yesteryear. Sublime, to live and to absolutely recommend! Ghislaine

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