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Het Stam - Gent City Museum is een museum in Gent, België dat is gewijd aan de geschiedenis en cultuur van de stad van Gent. Het museum bevindt zich in het oude stadhuis, dat werd gebouwd in de 13e eeuw, en is een UNESCO -werelderfgoed. Het museum heeft een verzameling van meer dan 200.000 items, waaronder schilderijen, sculpturen, meubels en andere artefacten. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek en archieven.

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  • Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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Natalee Armfield 1 year ago

A wonderfully well done museum that is worth the treck. They have a large collection of medieval manuscripts on display that are a treat to see as well as a nice overview of the city's history.

Lucas Maes 1 year ago

A really nice museum to learn the history of Ghent!

Morgan Mazer 1 year ago


christophe christiaens 1 year ago

Fine museum on the history of Ghent

Liam Kelly 1 year ago

lovely, cheap museum that gives you a real sense of the history and development of the city. cool, modern exhibits, lots of interesting stuff, a lovely place to explore at your own pace

sarah dowling 1 year ago


Kestens Tom 1 year ago


Tessa Bogers 1 year ago


Linh Nguyen 1 year ago


Bohdan Pastushchak 1 year ago

Very interesting museum with cool city map and more.

Thomas Hézard 2 years ago

Very interesting museum about the history of the city. Interactive and well presented, perfect to start your touristic stay in Ghent!

J C 2 years ago

A great museum. It's not too big and overwhelming. Lots of small exhibitions and artefacts that neatly summarise Gent. Very easy and interesting to take in. The staff are incredibly welcoming and friendly too. And the cafe is a must visit

Asis Arief 2 years ago

Full historical and nice place . For tourist to Belgium i recommended to visit

Riikka 2 years ago

The new renewd expo in the STAM is very well made. The full floor aerial picture of Ghent is very cool, you could spent a half an hour just looking at it and finding places. The rest of the expo is also well structured, a nice mix of items and interactive tools and videos. I really liked the storyline of 'Lady Ghent' in the interactive tables. 1,5 hours went very fast. I need to go back for a longer visit when permitted (by COVID rules).

Robin Bonné 2 years ago

Perfect overview of Ghent's history, brought in a refreshing and creative way.

Tom Holvoet 2 years ago

The story of Ghent exhibit is really well done, informative and entertaining. Highly recommended.

J T 2 years ago

A very well put together museum explaining the socioeconomic history of Gent. We found it fascinating.

Filip Fula 2 years ago

Perfect way to learn Ghent’s historical context before diving into the city!

Kristof Riebbels 2 years ago

Nice, cool museum about Ghent. Corona proof as possible. Multiple languages, ... Also good for children.

Anna Buevich 2 years ago

Very nice museum, always enjoying to go there. Perfectly organised, amazing level of client assistance, adorable collection and cool interactive.

Aline Michiels 2 years ago

Beautiful museum, interactive and cheap (only 2€ for students)

BARTOSZ R 2 years ago

It's an unique setting for a city museum. Great stuff for old and younger ones there. A must destination for Gent visitors.

Murat 2 years ago

Nice museum. It was closed for renovation for a while and now it looks much better than before. Got a nice outside space and a café for people to chill around. The garden on the inside is beautiful. Good collection. Definetly worth a visit.

Tamu Suttarwala 2 years ago

I'd suggest a visit at the end of your stay in Ghent, once you've gotten acquainted with the city, to see its past in fascinating detail.

Santanu Sahoo 3 years ago

Informative and a nice cozy museum that explains and illustrates what's there under the city of Ghent. Also shows the history and architecture of Ghent from 1500s.

Tina Whiteside 3 years ago

We loved this place. It was so informative and it used a wealth of genres. It was exceptionally well communicated. We wish we had time to visit again.

Eric B. 3 years ago

Great aerial 1:1000 view of Ghent. You can even see the IKEA store under construction (look for the piles of flat packages and workers assembling the shop with tiny hex keys and spanners.

Nicholas Casley 3 years ago

Big surprise! Excellent museum. Historic rooms, fantastic exhibits, all imaginatively presented. Good cafe too. Third visit to Ghent; amazed I haven't been to this museum before

Kasia Nowak 4 years ago

The best museum ever

Idril Amandil 4 years ago

What a great museum!

Loránt Vincze 4 years ago

Great and entertaining museum. I could have walk around for hours. The crime exhibition seemed particularly interesting and intriguing.

Rowan Saunders 4 years ago

A really good museum at a really reasonable price. The first room, the map of the city, is fantastic.

Sean Broughton 4 years ago

Loved the museum. Not a criticism in the slightest, but If you're not a Flemish or French speaker then the audio guide is essential as there are no English signs. The map room showing aerial views of the whole city is particularly good.

Bobby Allen 4 years ago

This museum is fascinating! It gives a great peek into the history of Ghent and it’s enjoyable to wander the buildings and grounds of this old hospital zone and imagine what it must have been like 100’s of years ago. There are some cool LEGO towers here, and interesting exhibitions- I just wish I had seen the English language booklet for the crime exhibition sooner.

Pascal Martin 4 years ago

A nice collection tracing chronologically the history of Ghent mostly from the Middle-Age. Goes to modern times, trying to encompass the big stakes for the future. Overall very interesting and comprehensive exhibition in a historical building. Main explanations are given in Dutch, English, French and German. More detailed ones and labels of artefacts are mostly in Dutch only. They have a few interactive screens to dig deeper in some specific topics, multilingual. Audioguide is very useful if you don’t understand Dutch and will definitely give you more insights. The numbers to press on the audioguide are sometimes not easy to find and the way through the rooms can be a little bit confusing. Visit lasts some 2 hours or so.

Ed J Brown 4 years ago

It's a really great museum. Possibly the best city museum I've been to. Very comprehensive and interesting.

Garth Turner 4 years ago

I need another visit to come back and look at some of the displays in more detail. Stunning location, displays well thought out (although got a bit confused with the order of the audio guide at times). The aerial photo of Gent is a definite wow moment tho.

Neil Gooderham 4 years ago

This is a very good museum, and it will take a few hours if you want to see and listen to everything. The audio guides are essential if you can't read/guess what the Dutch captions are saying. Well worth a visit.

Pauline Gerth van Wijk 4 years ago

Beautiful site and interesting exhibitions. Definitely worth a visit to get to know Ghent on a deeper level

Jason Dijkhuis 5 years ago

Lived in Ghent for five years before visiting the STAM and still learned a lot. The museum is inside a beautiful building, which by itself already makes a visit worth it. There is a wide variety of exhibited objects and a lot of information to take in. You can skip through it quickly though, but count on a visit of at least 1 hour. After a visit, you can enjoy a drink and some food in the neighbouring STAM café, by 'pain perdu'.

Anna Obarzanowska 5 years ago

Great interactive museum, so kids will love it as much as adults. There are temporary exhibitions as well, so there's interest all the time. The staff are very friendly, even letting us into a part of the building closed off to visitors simply so we could place a photo we had bought at the flea market. The cafe is very nice, too

Audrey Hamelers 5 years ago

Very interesting collection! If you don't speak Dutch, get the audio guide, as not every sign is translated into multiple languages.

Kate B 5 years ago

I love museums, and STAM is great! Housed in a former abbey, you learn a bit about the history of the building as well as the history of the city. If you do not read Dutch, GET THE €3 AUDIOGUIDE! If you do not get the audio guide, you'll miss out on a lot of information. The way the main exhibit is set up has a nice flow, and the artifacts from the middle ages were quite interesting. I went at the end of my trip, so I could appreciate the maps and names of places. Also: they have a small copy of the Mystic Lamb, which was easier to look at than the real one in St. Bavos' cathedral. The outside area is nice, and people were outside studying and taking in the sun. Highly recommended for visitors interested in learning more about Ghent.

james philips 6 years ago

Great museum, although parking is awkward but worth it, fantastic displays, for English folk pay the extra few euro for the handheld radio to listen to the information for the exhibits

Bas Penninck 6 years ago

Tells a great story about the history of Ghent with some modern gadgets in the museum. A good price for what you get. I really recommend to come here when you're in Ghent!

Martin Dimitrievski 6 years ago

The best place to learn about the history of Ghent in several hours.

Connor McKay 6 years ago

Fascinating museum with an excellent use of technology and design to tell the story of Ghent through the ages. Not everything is in English, but who reads everything in a museum anyway?

C Huang 6 years ago

With abundant history and future of Gent. They create a excellent environment for enjoying the experience. Definitely go to STAM if you visit Gent.

rayanamu kami 6 years ago

It's very clear to navigate around and there are special sightings like the city map from the past as the ground floor.

niels brabants 7 years ago

Amazing food for a great price, broad menu and a beautiful location. Alot of drink options also. Seems like a great place to take your kids.

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