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Het Gruuthusemuseum is een museum in Brugge, België. Het museum bevindt zich in de voormalige residentie van de Lords of Gruuthuse, een rijke familie uit Brugge. Het museum herbergt een verzameling kunst en artefacten van de 15e tot 18e eeuw. De collectie omvat schilderijen, meubels, wandtapijten, keramiek en zilverwerk. Het museum heeft ook een tuin met een vijver en een fontein.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

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Shachar Pinkas 1 year ago

I didn't go to the museum, but I do recommend entering to the inner-yard between the buildings to see a five hundred years of history in a small square.

Robbie Joosten 1 year ago

Well worth the visit

Max Bianchi 1 year ago

Great museum full of interesting historic object well conserved!

Kate McNeil 1 year ago

Best museum I've been to in Belgium. Well restored, information available in several languages, interesting content and very well done curation / narrative. Well worth a visit.

Kddb 1 year ago

Fun experience. A lot about the history of Bruges.

S K 1 year ago

Great collection of art and amazing views of the brugge from every window!


Lovely museum with a lot to see!!!

Vera Coberley 1 year ago


Radu Stoicescu 1 year ago

A must see museum!

Matthew Woodward 1 year ago

Quiet museum packed with information and artworks chronicling the trading and cultural history of Bruges. Great!

Tajinder Singh 1 year ago


Cristi 1 year ago


Mini Rag 1 year ago


Dr. Voss 1 year ago

More history of Bruges than I expected. Much better the Historium.

Coye Kleve-Culver 1 year ago

Very well done audio tour. If you listen to the audio tour and try to read everything, you'll be there at least 4 hours, perhaps more.

Sonia Fletcher 1 year ago

Great to see / hear the history of Bruges and a lovely view over the canal

gaetano rauseo 1 year ago


Heidi Swanstrom 1 year ago

Very informative, free audio guide gives lots of info

Sylvie Blondeau 1 year ago

Beautiful intriguing museum for all ages

Dilia Maria Marques 1 year ago

Fascinating. I 'll go back because there's so much to see. Everything looks so interesting that I decided to go with the flow. Not making choices, just looking around and stopping just when I couldn't go further. Like in front of this painting of Jan Anton Garemijn, Het vieruurtje.

K. Basabas (kbasbas) 1 year ago

Has a very good collection and the building is super impressive.

george hinkal 2 years ago

In addition to being a beautifully preserved and restored old castle-home full of history and intrigue, Gruuthusemuseum's curators have made many thoughtful efforts to endgame the kids you dragged along with you with interactive games, touchable items, and classic-but-forgotten things like silhouette and brass rubbing (though I don't know how successful they would be on a crowded, non-COVID day, but we'll never have that again amiright?)

Francis De Cannière 2 years ago

Excellent collection, varied and interesting. Great with audio guide, bring your own headset for comfort

Murielle Robeet 2 years ago

Recently renovated. Great visit. Lots of steps. Excellent booklet with quests for the kids.

Jehan Dessain 2 years ago

A deep dive in the historical evolution of Brugge and its rich past and present

mohammed ali 2 years ago

More than wonderful museum, entrance tickets are not expensive, close to the city center, only five minutes away on foot

Natalie On 2 years ago

Great museum to visit with an audio guide that tells you the story of the city. Interactive pieces, along with artifacts and art regale the tales of what life was like.

Koenraad Seys 2 years ago

Nice combination of a city and home museum. Well built 'story'

Alina Tabusca 2 years ago

We loved the audio guides and the autonomy they offer in exploring and understanding the museum objects. Definitely worth going!

Bam Bie 2 years ago

The view of the garden from the back balcony of the palace. What a wonderfully-curated museum this is. But the “Jewel of the Crown” was definitely the private chapel that connected the house and the church. It was unreal. You really get the sense of how rich this family was in their time. The stairs were quite steep and scary but I guess that’s part of the experience. This is a must-visit in Brugge together with the church.

Raphael Capelle 2 years ago

Great museum! A must see in Bruges. Explains about history of the city under burgundy possession. Audio guide provided for the visit

Paul 2 years ago

Very good exhibitions. Told the story of Bruges really well.

Lore Clauw 2 years ago

Great interesting museum about the medieval times of Bruges and the family Gruuthuse who lived in the mansion. It was beautifully restored and adds to the experience. A good audioguide as well.

Hans Manhaeve 2 years ago

Very nice historical building and background. Very interesting museum.

Bart Compernol 3 years ago

Fantastic museum about the history of Bruges on three different levels in the beautiful palace of the lord of Gruuthuse. There's a quest for children so also perfect to visit with the whole family. Also very friendly and helpful personnel.

Jan Verheyen 3 years ago

Beautifully restored house with lots of interesting historical tidbits.

Chelsea Sisk 3 years ago

The museum had a wonderful collection of items from the original inhabitants of the home and items that trace Bruges' storied history. The tour was very informative and had plenty of information available in English.

Pieter 3 years ago

Visit 1 museum in Bruges? Take this one. Bit of everything. Superb garden & church loggias

Savannah McCard 4 years ago

We were so pleasantly surprised by this museum! In addition to having so many awesome artifacts, there were so many interactive activities that were fun for two adults but that are perfect for kids too. Gotta give a shout out to clean (free) bathrooms and free audio guide! Definitely recommend- we would definitely go back!!

elizabeth jimenez 4 years ago

It's a must in the city, its an extensive exhibition of the glorious Brugge through pieces related to the family and more, gorgeous palace, amazing unique views of the city and insights, if you visit they close at 5 so have at least an hour and a half for you to be able to enjoy it, it's a lot of information, totally Worth it.

joe Hare 4 years ago

Recently renovated looks great. Former palace of one of Bruge's richest merchant.

Krystian By 4 years ago

A lot of history is containted in displayed items. The staff is very helpful, not a surprise that everyone speaks fluent English. The city os amazing as a whole architectutal project which survived till these days. Wealth based on development of the whole European civilisation is seen at every step within area of the City.

Jonathan Marks 4 years ago

We stumbled upon this place the second day the museum reopened. Admittance was free, though they eventually intend to charge. It was incredible to see the gorgeous old mansion and the many artifacts throughout. Highly recommended!

Abrar Thabit 4 years ago

An interesting museum that was previously a palace. Besides the artifacts, the most interesting part was the video that told the story of the city of Brugge and its renovation and preservation of its Medieval aged theme

Natalia Danilovich 4 years ago

If you want to see more of Bruges’ history and enjoy the rooftops views, it’s definitely worth visiting.

Matthieu Veryser 4 years ago

Great in depth knowledge on how Brugge became the city it is and reinvented itself after its Golden age. Children (7+9) had a treasure hunt game that they adored.

David Canela 5 years ago

It is expected that the museum reopen in the Spring of 2018, after a capital restoration. Hopefully we are going to admire again its splendid art collection.

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