Museo Tiflológico de la ONCE

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Het Museo Tiflológico de la ooit (Mtop) is een museum in Madrid, Spanje, dat is gewijd aan de geschiedenis en cultuur van mensen met visuele beperkingen. Het museum werd ooit in 1992 opgericht door de Spaanse organisatie, die werkt om mensen met een handicap te ondersteunen. De MTOP is een van de weinige musea ter wereld die specifiek is gewijd aan de geschiedenis en cultuur van mensen met visuele beperkingen.

Het museum bevindt zich in het centrum van Madrid, nabij de Puerta del Sol. De mtop is gehuisvest in een groot, modern gebouw met verschillende verdiepingen. Het museum heeft een breed scala aan exposities, variërend van oude artefacten tot moderne kunst. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek, een café en een winkel.

De MTOP heeft een breed scala aan exposities over de geschiedenis en cultuur van mensen met visuele beperkingen. De exposities variëren van oude artefacten tot moderne kunst. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek, een café en een winkel.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, 4:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, 4:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, 4:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, 4:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

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🗣️ Museo Tiflológico de la ONCE: Meningen

Merche Rodríguez-Piñero 1 year ago

I liked it a lot, especially the part about the monuments that can be touched, how the blind do to "see".

Apam 2022 1 year ago

We are an association of people with functional diversity, we have been to the museum several times; both to the braille workshop and to the exhibition of the models. We find it very interesting and Mireia is charming and explains everything very well. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.

Víctor Pérez Gómez 1 year ago

Cool, it's all very cool

Rodrigo Martín Gozalo 1 year ago

Totally innovative this museum to better understand the needs and the good work done by ONCE. Trying to discover the monuments by touch is an enriching and relaxing experience. The very friendly staff also, since we arrived just in time and although we spent a couple of minutes they did not overwhelm us.

Francisco Rodriguez del Castillo 1 year ago

interesting place to visit Where can we find different models of monuments and other things recognizing them by touch Friendly and professional staff modern facilities

Susana Fernández 1 year ago

Very pretty. A great plan to go with children. Now with COVID you can't touch it (unless you have visual impairment) and to see the machines used by the blind who have them on the ground floor of the museum, you have to make a reservation for groups of at least 5.

Alex R. 1 year ago

A cool museum. With replicas that look very real. The best monuments nationally and worldwide. Perfect for the blind.

Alberto Ruiz 1 year ago

We came by chance to the museum walking from the Castellana. Quite a pleasant surprise. We went with the little girl and she had a great time seeing and touching the monuments and sculptures ❤️

Maria del Mar Ramos Dos Santos 1 year ago

Excellent place to go with children, you can touch the models, it is a museum that can be seen in an hour. Highly recommended.

E. R. L. 1 year ago

The visit was great, the majisima girl I was pleasantly surprised by the whole visit

Julio Santaren 1 year ago

A different museum where touching the exhibits is a must to complete the experience. It has a good collection of models of emblematic buildings and national and foreign monuments. Also interesting is the exhibition on the history of ONCE, and technology on Braille language and others for the blind. Very friendly staff.

Ariadna 1 year ago

It is a spectacular museum, it has left me fascinated and you can also touch it. The models are beautiful but the works of art, created by the blind or visually impaired, are a luxury, marvelous, imposing... I'm running out of adjectives. This museum is highly recommended and on top of that it is free

Cris Poveda 1 year ago

An unknown museum for many, but especially for the people of Madrid. It is interesting to be able to close your eyes and guess the monuments. Recommended visit.

Carmen Agudelo 1 year ago

It has been a very good experience, designed for people with vision problems and that the models can be touched so that they know what both national and world monuments are like, it seems wonderful to me. And a wonderful detail in the bathroom, they have a cold water fountain with glasses. Wonderful staff explain everything to you, highly recommended

Jose Manuel 1 year ago

Very good attention from the staff, thank you very much good collections

Concha DB 1 year ago

I loved it and the girl who explains it is a charm. Super curious, totally recommended.

Juan Carlos Guzman 1 year ago

I did not expect to find a place that would open me up to understand and appreciate what is done for the blind. really excellent

Alida Contreras 1 year ago

Very very BEAUTIFUL I LOVED it very CLEAN, a very EXCELLENT service, you could touch it, and take photos, which in some museums are very STRICT with those two things (photos and touching) there was gel or alcohol I think it was no longer me I agree , you had it everywhere, it was very accessible, and not to mention the work of art SHOCKED by their work that people with visual disabilities have done, my total and absolute respect, it is a great lesson to see everything they have done, so that people can see that as long as you have life everything in this life can be done with the help of GOD because God gives them the TOOLS so that they can defend themselves and get ahead CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL may GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU GREATLY

lapopibailaora 1 year ago

Wonderful place to visit and to appreciate art.

maria jose 1 year ago

Free museum where you can see models of great monuments both national and from the rest of the world, as well as works of art (painting and sculpture) made by the blind and visually impaired. This last part was the one that impressed me the most; worth. The lower floor was somewhat more expendable to me; I think the concept could be turned around and improved.

Laura De Tuñas Posadas 1 year ago

We did a guided tour and the girl who explained it to us was great. Very interesting and beautiful to see. We were in the model plant

Kleb 1 year ago

Exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and models, focused on people with visual disabilities, it is currently not allowed to touch the pieces due to COVID but it is a beautiful initiative and the ground floor is closed

Héctor Raul Menghini 2 years ago

Interesting exhibition of 3D scale models of monuments. World Heritage Site of Spain and the world, sculptures in different materials recognizable to the touch and paintings by blind or visually impaired artists. It is experimenting with the interpretation of images by music composed by artificial intelligence.

Marian Cuevas 2 years ago

A very good experience. It is a way of contacting other forms of communication that we are aware of if you do not have someone close. Lovely guide and explained everything to us great. Highly recommended

Mari Tere L 2 years ago

Very highly recommended. Spectacular temporary exhibition of Mariano Herrero. We saw the museum alone and they welcomed us very kindly and answered all our questions.

Carmen Linan 2 years ago

Surprising and little known. Of the few museums that can be seen and touched. It is also free. Ideal to go with children as it is very educational.

Noelia 3 years ago

Wonderful and free. Highly recommended to ask for a guided tour

Fran 3 years ago

A very interesting museum. The miniatures of architectural masterpieces are spectacular.

Virginia Taboada Guillen 3 years ago

Very curious and interactive. The pity is that in covid times you cannot touch them if you are a clairvoyant, which at the same time for security reasons I share. The reception very friendly and accessible in the doubts that arise.

Luis Espinosa Hidalgo 3 years ago

It may be the most unknown museum in Madrid. For me it is a shame that it is not given any publicity, because it is truly spectacular. If this museum were in another country or city, they would surely be charging an exorbitant entrance and would have more publicity. Free museum, but it would be well worth paying if they charge entrance.

Salma Shaban 3 years ago


José Viana 3 years ago


Yvy San 4 years ago

We went to visit and it was very entertaining and instructive. The most curious of all, all the models can be touched <3

Marina Cuadrado Rodríguez 4 years ago

Very visual, tactile and creative. It takes little time to watch and very entertaining.

ELENI JANÉ MAZA 4 years ago

Taking advantage of the vacations of the children in Holy Week we visited this beautiful and unknown museum where everything can be seen and touched, the children had a great time, seeing models of important Spanish and world monuments, in addition there are many sculptures and paintings made by people with visual impairment, the rooms have very good lighting for observation, it has been a discovery and its access is free.

javier blanco 4 years ago

Very interesting. You can touch everything. Very curious and I think that very unknown

El LECHERO 4 years ago

More museums should be free . Thumbs up

Sharon Birach 4 years ago

Great place, a must visit

Flora Babajanyan 4 years ago

Amazing place! Never experienced such a good time in a museum before

Carmen González 4 years ago

Worth visiting. Amazing what these people can do. Chapo! Children happy to learn and be able to play at the same time. Phrase that I loved of mso. "Our hands are our eyes and ears, your hands are the world"

Georgia Lascaris 4 years ago

Amazing place to visit! All the world most famous buildings and artifacts that you can touch!

Juan Diaz 4 years ago

Very complete, explanation and exposure. Kindness of its workers and excellent display of integrity to the blind.

Jorge Maganto 4 years ago

Amazing site Precious reproductions, everything can be touched and free. Children loved it and the works of art of credible

Camilo Rojas 4 years ago


Monti Ruiz Monasterio 5 years ago

Museum where objects can be touched, designed for blind people but of interest to everyone. I loved it, I learned a lot and I will return !!

Luis 5 years ago

Good museum. You can touch everything.

Lars B Christiansen 5 years ago

Very nice place, very interesting museum.

Javier 5 years ago

A recommendable museum, with models of important monuments in the world and in Spain. When I was there there were also paintings and sculptures made by the blind and visually impaired and old Braille gadgets. They give the option of making the visit with a mask, being able to touch and feel everything. In addition a part of the museum is temporary, therefore the works of art change very often. If you go you will be surprised by the paintings and the villas that they get to do. Also, at the bottom, you could find samples of many of the ONCE's old coupons and raffle, something very interesting. If you want to enjoy the visit, it is advisable to go early and without haste.

Dácil Muñoz 6 years ago

Ideal to go with children. The model room amazes them

希惜 7 years ago


Eddie Plana 10 years ago


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