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Plaza de la Aduana
29015, Málaga

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Het Malaga Museum ligt in het hart van de stad Málaga, Spanje. Het museum werd opgericht in 1884 en is een van de belangrijkste musea in het land. Het museum herbergt een grote verzameling kunst en artefacten uit de geschiedenis van Spanje. Het museum is verdeeld in twee hoofdsecties: het Art Museum en het Archeological Museum.

Het kunstmuseum herbergt een verzameling Spaanse kunst uit de middeleeuwen tot heden. De collectie omvat schilderijen, beeldhouwkunst en architectuur. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek met een verzameling boeken en documenten over de geschiedenis van Spanje.

Het archeologische museum herbergt een verzameling artefacten uit de geschiedenis van Spanje. De collectie omvat Romeinse artefacten, Moorse artefacten en Spaanse artefacten uit de middeleeuwen. Het museum heeft ook een gedeelte over de geschiedenis van de stad Málaga.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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Nick Gold 1 year ago

Fantastic museum! The first floor is a spectacular fine art collection, absolutely stunning pieces. And then the second floor finishes knocking your socks off with an incredible archeological collection. Everything in the museum is connected to the Málaga locale. All in a gorgeous building that used to be the city’s customs house. Very recent museum, very accessible. I can’t recommend it more highly.

Stephen Herlihy 1 year ago

Large collection! From pre history, extensive ancient collection and a fine art collection. Great free storage and free entry! A spacious and beautiful building.

Simon Proudman 1 year ago


Mick Mahady 1 year ago

Well worth a visit. Beautiful building and some fantastic artwork and sculptures.

Frankie Lloyd 1 year ago

Really great museum with a large collection of fine art and archeology! We spent a good couple hours here on our trip to Malaga. The building in which the museum is situated is stunning and you can relax in the courtyard or on the balconies between viewing the exhibits. The museum is free to EU citizens and €1.50 to other nationalities (which does now include UK citizens!) which is a very reasonable price for how much is at this museum. Would recommend visiting if you're on a city break to Malaga to learn more about the city and its history!

Kial Hounslow 1 year ago

I've now been twice and I've only just gotten off the 2nd floor with the prehistoric, Roman and Arabic sections. All the exhibits are in Spanish and English and unlike some places (I'm looking at you, the Rincon Caves) the English is comprehensible. Looks like I'm going to have to make a third visit.

Rui Vieira 1 year ago

Very interesting museum to know more about the history and art of Málaga!

arthur murden 1 year ago

Our day at malaga museum wed 29th June 2022 well worth a visit

johanes yellowhouseideas 1 year ago

Interesting, history of the town needs to be read, you will need more time, but it is worth if you history and want to know about Andaluzía more.

Anthony Lessimore 1 year ago

Not massively into history like this, but it was fascinating! Such great finds and right under there feet. Beautiful exhibition.

Bella Mia 1 year ago

If you enjoy art and history you will not be disappointed. Free for EU countries but otherwise reasonably priced for Non-EU. Lots to see, learn and explore.

Bonyar Gergely 1 year ago

Beautifully restored building, great historical exhibition, very nice staff, well worth a visit!

Jeroen van Alphen 1 year ago

Beautiful and very cool building houses a great collection about Malaga, its history and its art. Free for EU citizens, this is every bit as good as some of the much more expensive museums in town. Good option to calm and cool down on a hit day.

Ian Robinson 1 year ago

Fantastic, well worth a visit, and only 3 eurofor 2 on entry. Lots to see, very interesting.

Loulou Graham 1 year ago


Helmut Schick 1 year ago

Very impressive architecture . If you like Museums you are absolutely at the right place . Must visit

Olga Mentsel 1 year ago

Amazing museum! I'm so impressed! Must be visite by everyone, who is interested in art and history. Great collection and so much to learn.

Juliana Sporrer 1 year ago

One of the best “city museum” I have been too! It’s very modern and well organised. The building is also beautiful. The information provided was extensive which is so appreciated (other places in Malaga unfortunately don’t have an English translation). The fact that it’s free for EU members and closes late is incredible too ! Would highly recommend.

Nothing 2see 1 year ago

Free entry, I don't know if it was a special day or not. Beautiful building. 2nd floor Archeology with many interesting artefacts, even a few Egyptian ones. 1st floor Art. I had fallen in love with the flowers painting of Jose Maria Murillo Bracho

Myriam Mitchell 1 year ago

Great collection. Fantastic array of archaeological finds from the region and a surprisingly enjoyable art gallery too! In a beautiful building.

Laura May, PhD 1 year ago

What a wonderful museum! It has two distinct sections: local artwork, and local history. The art section does of course have some work by local chap, Pablo Picasso; I preferred the landscapes though, which were quite astonishing. The history section talks about settlement of the area and how it was 'German-washed' during the 20th century. Moreover, it talks about the local prehistoric caves, which led to my checking out the Nerja Cave. An ideal rainy-day activity, though it's worth going at any time. EU residents can enter for free by showing their ID card. Lockers are available behind reception, and take a one euro coin. There is also a small gift store on the ground floor.

Ancel Gerla 1 year ago


Nura H (Nura H) 1 year ago

Really enjoyed learning the vast history that Malaga has to offer, particularly loved learning about it's Islamic past which is still very visible in many parts of Spanish culture and architecture. Spent 3-4 hours just in the archaeological floor, which is where you should start your museum tour, so plan your day accordingly would be my advice. The first floor was interesting but personally the second floor had greater historical significance and worth takimg you time exploring. The staff at the reception area, the guard, the stewards on the museum floors, and the gift shop lady were all lovely and, despite the weak English, were helpful and welcoming. EU visitors go free but non-EU pay €1.50. Have €1 spare for the lockers to place your bags and whatever else safely away before touring the museum, although staff were able to give me a €1 sized plastic coin as I had no change. Well worth a visit if you have the time, although for the price you could get through it quickly and leave with something to remember.

Darryl Wandless 1 year ago


Judy Belg 1 year ago


Mette Korsholm 2 years ago

Very good archaeology department starting with the first finds in the Malaga province going all the way to the Christian reconquest. Very good overall text for each period and interesting information for why the relevant period is interesting and when research about the period started in Spain. And good maps of the province with relevant archaeological sites.

leonard stone 2 years ago

Like this museum. Awesome. More paintings than I thought (only one Picasso). Well worth visiting. Only 1.50 Euros. Beautiful building. Art on first floor, archeology on 2nd. Easy to follow phases and schools of art.Check out Lombardo's Anatomy of the heart. Unbelievable!

Iain Ferry 2 years ago

Great musuem, well worth a visit and only €1.50 entry fee

Ei Ny 2 years ago

Great fine art in a huge building with large viewing spaces. Entry free was only 1.5 euro or free depending on where you are from.

Miguel O. 2 years ago

Underated museum. The collection is fantastic. A big variety of pieces, very well organized. The building has imperial sized corridors. Highly recommend. Free for European Union citizens


Very interesting museum. First floor has art exhibition while second floor is dedicated to archaeology

Chase Hall 2 years ago

Beautiful building, amazing selection of paintings and sculptures. My only issue was that it was not big enough, really enjoyed my time there, just wish I could have spent more time wondering around admiring the art! Squeaky floorboards definitely add to the ambiance.

Maria E Fernandez 2 years ago

We really enjoyed the fantastic collection of art and archeology of this museum. It's open from Tuesday to Sunday in a very convenient schedule and the EU citizens have free access. The other nationalities is only €1,50. The personel is really friendly and helpful. It is a world class facility and really worth the visit.

Antonieta Ponce de Leão 3 years ago

What a lovely museum! Saw one of my favorite painting, the one in Venice with the bridge and all the bright colors! The museum is very nice and with many COVID retrictions in place, so you’ll feel save. A thing that I loved is that from October until December is open from 9am until 9pm! So it’s a great place to visit when it is already dark outside The museum is free of charge from all from EU, which is amazing, unfortunately there isn’t many free museums around. And it’s certainly worth your while, even if you are out of EU is a 1.5€ the entrance (I think ) Go see it

Conor Paul 3 years ago

Excellent museum. Free for EU citizens or €1.50 for everyone else. Took my time and strolled throughout the floors. The archaeological floor was very interesting and had many exhibits. There was also a free orchestra concert in the courtyard when I was there, which was a bonus

Ollie Morton 3 years ago

One of the nicest museums in Europe I've visited. Brand new and immaculate inside, this is a must visit for all who come to Malaga. It's free to all EU citizens or just €1.50 for anyone else (an absolute bargain in my opinion). The first floor boasts an enormous art collection dating from the 1700s through to the modern age. There's also a Picasso room for those who didn't get enough at his museum! The second floor contains the archaeological section of the museum with artifacts from Malaga's long, 5000 year history. This is a must.

Rodrigo Alfonso 3 years ago

If you visit only one museum in Málaga, it should be this one. There are two main sections: an archaeology floor that tells the history of Málaga since the Paleolithic and an art section that follows the same path but with a focus on art and the museum itself. Very educational. The tickets are very affordable and even free for EU citizens.

Naly Y. 3 years ago

Nice museum, went on a weeknight and it ended up being free. We were almost the only ones at the museum and it closes pretty late. They have a small collection of Picasso as well which is nice.

Denisa Rosiu 4 years ago

This museum was one of that best I have ever visited. The artwork was really impressive and it's a place good for the art lovers, but also for people who want to see and discover some really nice piece of art.

Ahmet Selim Bozok 4 years ago

Malaga Museum is a gem. The second floor is archeology. The first floor is paintings, very rich in content. This is a must place to visit. Museum shop has several items worth buying.

Mario Zambrano 4 years ago

The museum has archeology, history and art in a beautiful marble building. The collection is not to big but very complete and the displays are very well made. I sincerely recommend it to any visitor in Malaga.

Derrick Kimrey 4 years ago

Fantastic museum! A blend of fashion, art, and classic as well as rate automobiles! Loved it! Best museum in Malaga!

James Crossland 4 years ago

Sitting in the middle of the city centre, this museum is well worth a visit. It's free entry to any EU citizen. It focusses on the history of Malaga (very interesting) and dates back to the time of when it was under Muslim rule. It also contains a fine art gallery with stunning painting for any art lover, I spent at least two hours looking around just this one floor. Nice just to sit and chill in the central courtyard at the end of your visit.

Nick Nutter 5 years ago

I had to wait over 10 years whilst the museum was being renovated but it was worth it. One of the best museums I have visited in Spain. Good clear displays, information in Spanish and English. Free to EU citizens.

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