Salvador Dalí House Museum

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17488, Cadaqués
972 25 10 15

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  • Monday: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM

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Richard Hooper 1 year ago

Very enjoyable visit with some quirky points that was enjoyed by all inside and outside the house.

Nicole Donnelly 1 year ago

This visit was so emotional for me. Seeing the evidence of the love between Gala & Dalí touched me deeply. The leaning head sculpture out back is my favorite ever. If you like Dalí even a little, this is a must see.

Reem Najjar 1 year ago

A magical place, one of my best memories

Boudewijn Sijens 1 year ago

Very impressive museum, all dedicated to one person. Wilde variety in his art skills.

yvonne de vos 1 year ago

Wow! Such a great building on a special site, overlooking the sea

carolyn fairclough 1 year ago

Better feel for the man than the museums. Lovely place with great views and surroundings. Can see why he chose to live there.

Tami Duckworth 1 year ago

Beautiful setting and property. This is a must if you are in Cadaques. I would highly recommend booking a guided tour in advance online. Dali’s house started as a small fishing shack, so this gorgeous house and property were designed and built by him. The entire place is a work of art and is filled with his creations and items he collected.

Wouter Schoneveld 1 year ago

Fantastic garden museum.

Mr Mysterious 1 year ago

Highly recommend visiting the Dali House Museum. His home has been preserved except the books and paintings which are now located in the Dali Museum in Figueres. Make sure to buy tickets well in advance. You will need to arrive 30min before your booking otherwise you will wait for next time allocation. The drive to Cadaqués can get take 1 hr due to traffic so take this into consideration.

Caroline Huggam 1 year ago

Beautiful house and gardens in a quiet cove which is not commercialised of built up . It felt a very intimate experience with just a handful of people and tour guide as you look around the house.


Excellent, is better if you book on line previously

Julia 1 year ago


Agustin Farias 1 year ago


T. Kumar 1 year ago

So worth going to. Such a cute little home along the bay. Make sure you check out the pool and take a look at what it is shaped like. Will make you giggle. But you get to see what a genius was able to do with his home and how he painted.

Nick Newman 1 year ago

Last part of the dali triangle. Fascinating place, guide was brilliant. Ended up getting there late as sat nav kept sending me the wrong way and poor signage didn't help. Parked in the top car park and everyone were struggling to find where it was. Improve the signage and car park please. Other than that it was a good day.

Jon Shields 1 year ago


Stuart Green 1 year ago

One gets to experience the remarkably personal world of Dali and his beloved Gala. One also begins to understand Dali's relationship with to seascape of Cadaques/ Port Lligat.

Shu Guice 1 year ago

If you like Dali paintings, you should go. Here you could find some senses where some of his art came from. Beautiful tranquil place with large outdoor park. Inside is charming but very basic. None of the luxury you would find in "rich people" houses.

Aditya Deokule 1 year ago

When in Spain, visit Dali! The view in front of Dali's house is no wonder why he was such a great artist! Full of scenic view. It's a bit of walk of ups & downs from Cadaques center but worth taking one. The house is now a museum surrounded by a small cafe, a washroom and an art gallery.

Charlene Elliott 2 years ago

Located in Cadaques, a lovely town to visit with the bonus of seeing where Salvador dali lived! Parking down at the house was ample but one can also walk from the town centre which will take 30 minutes with a young family. We didn't enter the house just admired it from the outside. There was a ticket office located on site as well as a well prices gift shop. A lovely place to have a stroll and admire the house as well as the sea side.

Tessa J. Solana 2 years ago

If you’re a Dali fan, this is a not-to-miss spot for your trip to Cadaques!

Sonya Miteva 2 years ago

An inspiring place. You have the feeling that Dali and Gala will come in at any moment. The guide was very kind and made the tour of the house a very pleasant experience.

Emily Boulger 3 years ago

Wonderful experience seeing the garden. I did not know I have to get tickets for the house tour weeks in advance. They are timed and only allow a limited amount of people in a time. Suggest buying tickets at least a month in advance or you will have to go through a high price tour company. Separate tickets for the garden and the home. The garden alone was worth the visit!

Florin Armasu 3 years ago

It's a must visit after Figueres Dalí Theatre Museum. Experience where Dali and Gala lived and created for more than 50 years. Stunning place.

Rob Peters 3 years ago

An amazing experience touring through this inspirational force in art. I wonder how Dali fit in with locals and if eccentricities overwhelmed the area. Would he have cared?

Patrick Bastow 3 years ago

Wow!!! I really love this place! It’s Dali’s house. It’s really tiny so numbers are very limited. You HAVE to pre book - you will not get in if you do not pre-book. We went mid week in December and we were the only people on the tour - so it was us and the tour guide - we were VERY lucky! The house was an old fisherman cottage which Dali upgraded and gave it a Dali twist. It’s fantastic - very quirky, very Dali. The location is beautiful. Out of all the Dali ‘triangle’ museums I enjoyed this the most. It is remote and takes some effort to get too. But the effort of really worth it! Go! Please ‘like’ if you like this review or found it useful

Barbara McQueen 3 years ago

Dali's home at Llobrigat is a wonderful experience with as much out there stuff as one would expect. A number of cottages joined together, it houses an amazing array of items in each room. The setting on the bay is stunning too and the natural gardens are lovely. Totally worth making the effort to visit from Barcelona

Kamila Hurych 4 years ago

Beautiful place, definitely worth a visit. I recommend to make reservation beforehand - the museum tickets were already sold out when we got there. But the gardens are amazing as well.

Wyn Davis 4 years ago

Really great experience and provides an excellent understanding of Dali’s life and art. Located on a beautiful cove filled with fishing boats.

Richard Bates 4 years ago

A must visit for anyone who's ever heard of, or seen any of this artist's work. Beautiful setting and so Dali! He truly lived the surreal life. Sheer inspiration.

S. NAT 5 years ago

Love it! Is definitely a MUST! I assure you'll enjoy it! Besides Portlligat is beautiful you'll understand and experience the amazing art of Dalí right away.

Sergey Kochemasov 5 years ago

A very picturesque place as the way to Cadaques. This place will be interesting and for Dali fans and for those people who are not familiar with Dali. You will be able to see how the legendary painter lived.

William Hawkins 5 years ago

Loved this museum, it gave a really interesting insight into Dalí’s life. We were guided around the house in a small group by a really good and informative guide who really knew her stuff and was happy to jump between French and English exploration. We needed to book 5 days in advance and made our own way to the museum - a drive which is stunning and hairy in equal measure.

Margrét Perla Kolka Leifsdóttir 5 years ago

Beautiful little town by the sea and Dalís home very interessing to see. Book ahead. Nice guide that speaks many languages.

Eliza Forsaeus 5 years ago

An absolute MUST if you are in Cadaqués! Such a beautiful house. We paid 6 EUR for the garden visit, which was super nice. Don’t miss out on the movie about Dalí in the Olive Garden. Although, we should have booked 1 week ahead to be able to see the inside of the house. Parking facilities were good, with a small fee.

נדב נסים 5 years ago

If you are visiting barcelona and think this place is to far to be worth a visit, think again. The views alone are worth the drive! And the house is amazingly wierd. Filled with stuffed animals and other things only someone such as salvador dali would put in his house. If you like dali's artworks you should definatly give this place a visit

Ignazio Macaluso 5 years ago

An amazing piece of art. Since Salvador Dalì wanted it, it can be considered, one of his creations. Dalí's artworks surround the visitors and, at the end of the tour, the feeling is of having been in touch with the artist. Even kids are impressed. Beautiful!

Ian Ludlam 5 years ago

Wow! Wow!Wow! What a trip. I took the ferry from Roses to Cadeques to experience the beautiful coast that inspired Dali to live here and preserve the town. Buy tickets in advance as only small groups of 4 or 5 can get access at a time - all expertly guided with plenty photo breaks and opportunities to ask questions.

Guy R 5 years ago

A really interesting place. Make sure to watch the video running on a loop in a building at the top of the garden. Dali was clearly a spectacularly creative man (or completely mad, depending how you look at it). Another place with wonderful views.

Martyna Krasińska 6 years ago

A sensational place, mandatory to see if you are a Salvador Dali fan. You have to book tickets in advance. I would highly recommend!

Dan Bronsema 6 years ago

Well worth the visit and the price. There’s no guided tour so do read up a bit before you visit. Visits are limited because the house in so small. In the low season you can get in early on the day and get a ticket, but when it’s busy you will need to book in advance. You can’t take your bags inside (there’s free cloaking) and you can take non-flash photos everywhere.

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