Zaragoza Museum

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Pl. de los Sitios 6
50001, Zaragoza
976 22 21 81

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Het Zaragoza Museum is een van de belangrijkste musea in Zaragoza, Spanje. Het ligt in het centrum van de stad en herbergt een grote verzameling kunst en historische artefacten. Het museum werd opgericht in 1876 en het is een van de oudste musea in Spanje. Het museum heeft een breed scala aan collecties, waaronder schilderijen, sculpturen, meubels, textiel en vele andere objecten. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek en een onderzoekscentrum. Het Zaragoza Museum is een geweldige plek om te leren over de geschiedenis en cultuur van Zaragoza en Spanje.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 5:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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마브링님 1 year ago

You can see the history and technology of Spain. Even though it's free, there's a lot to see. On weekends, Farmers' Market is open at the back.

marisol garcia velez 1 year ago

It is a very interesting and free museum, it is very worthwhile, the treatment of the people at the reception is super good, the guided tours are very good, what I liked the most is Goya and Japan, but it seems embarrassing to me that being at 24 degrees in the street the heating was on which is a waste in the month of October

Beatriz M. 1 year ago

Free museum of Zaragoza. Temporary exhibitions of 10! It has good accessibility for baby carts or wheelchairs (access ramp, bathrooms, baby changing tables)

Ignacio marin soriano 1 year ago

It is an arma mater of the museums, it is beautiful and interesting, it has Roman and paintings.

Almudena Ibáñez 1 year ago

We really liked both the museum and the Goya Grand Tour, very enjoyable and well explained by the guide.

Marta Rubio Plo 1 year ago

The Zaragoza museum, opened in 1911, houses a collection that ranges from prehistory to the present. Sculptures, paintings, mosaics, scrolls, jewellery,... all of this in a neoclassical building with a large and beautiful internal staircase and a central courtyard in the style of Renaissance palaces. So as not to lose it.

Gaston Maldonado 1 year ago

I loved it. Very well preserved. Interesting to go alone or accompanied

Mary Mingotes 1 year ago

Beautiful historical building and interesting exhibits, most of them free!

Nina Wolf 1 year ago

It's free and it's nice.

Viky Ramiro Pomareta 1 year ago

A very complete museum with works from the Prado and Goya.

Alexander Reznik 1 year ago

Nice city museum. Free entry for everyone. Unfortunately, the description of all the exhibits is only in Spanish, but Google translator copes with this.

Mat 1 year ago

The museum is amazing, there is prehistoric, gothic, renaissance, baroque art, a Roman exhibition, a Goya exhibition and an area of ​​the former president of the 2nd republic, it is kept in good condition and there is a lot to explore. In addition, being the entrance free if you are in the area, it is well worth it. PS: You can leave with a question book about what you have seen :)

Violeta C 1 year ago

Museum not very big but nice. The drawback is that, as there are not enough staff, some rooms are often closed. The person at the entrance is very friendly.

Zarapixel 1 year ago

Paintings by Francisco De Goya, alabaster sculptures... stroll quietly visiting a treasure in the heart of Zaragoza, located in Plaza de Los Sitios. An emblematic place to take beautiful photographs of his works and the surrounding architecture of the building.

Juan 1 year ago

The truth is that it is very interesting. The visit is free and they have several rooms with exhibitions of Baroque, Gothic, Roman art and a section on Goya. Highly recommended.

Liu 1 year ago

I went in the afternoon, only the downstairs room was open. It is better to visit it in the morning to be able to see it with the fine arts room.

Mitchell Korman 1 year ago

An impressive building that houses a lot of art, all from Zaragoza. The Roman area is fantastic where there are some spectacular mosaics. And of course Goya's paintings, don't stop visiting it. The museum is free

Enzo Sebastian 1 year ago

One of the best museums to visit in our city. The attention of the employees and the permanent collection are the best. The temporary exhibitions are also of a high standard. Be sure to see Goya's engravings and paintings

Angelina Yotzov 1 year ago

It is free and definitely worth seeing!

Antonio Alvarado 1 year ago

Excellent museum. Very good pieces. Super recommended.

estela del valle 1 year ago

I love it, I had gone 5 years ago, now I found it just as good and with more exhibitions. Very interesting. I recommend it.

Paul Pithers 1 year ago


Emilee Cray 1 year ago

Beautiful and free

Josue Cruz 1 year ago

Free admission museum with information on Zaragoza's Roman past. It has sculptures rescued from the archaeological finds of the city, murals and Roman helmets. It also has an exhibition room with articles from the Iron Age and an exhibition of Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, Goya, Oriental art and recent paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries. I had to visit when there were several school groups and they brought a lot of disorder, but finally something foreign to the museum. By the way, as in almost all places in Spain, the museum closes from 2 to 5 pm, so you should schedule the visit in the morning or afternoon so that you can visit it without being kicked out.

Ivan Marquez 1 year ago

I loved the museum, much more than I expected... admission is free and there is prehistoric, gothic, renaissance, baroque art, a Goya exhibition... it's very good! The building is beautiful, the impressive stairs... it is a mandatory stop in Zaragoza!

Hifive Chiu 1 year ago

The service staff of the museum are enthusiastic. The museum's rich collection includes the Roman period from 80,000 BC to the city's cultural relics, the ancient Aragonese cultural relics, and on the second floor, you can see various fields of art for hundreds of years. work. Some rooms are dedicated to the work of Francisco de Goya, Spain's greatest painter; this floor also houses Japanese porcelain art, as well as 19th and 20th century paintings and sculptures - well worth a visit!

Tommy De Zaragoza 1 year ago

Always FREE. Central location and well connected. It is not very big, you can see it in about 3 hours. The building is wonderful. It has an entrance ramp and elevator, without barriers. The staff, very friendly and polite. As there is little public, you can visit without stress. It has a small store, which is appreciated. I miss some audio guides; They would help a lot, although some works already have a QR code. As for the content... It is well distributed, with many labels and explanations. The Roman remains are wonderful (although it is a pity that a city as important as Caesaraugusta did not have many more remains. Hence the importance of this museum). The painting rooms, wonderful. It is worth visiting more than once and I wish it would become more known. It would be nice if there were some benches or chairs to rest at times or calmly contemplate some work. If you are in Zaragoza, do not miss it. March 2022. Guided tour of the Gothic art collection: Very good. And free.

Jörge 1 year ago

Complete museum, where you can see some of the most important works of art and archeology in Zaragoza. The Fine Arts collection made up of paintings by great painters, especially Goya, stands out. You can also see various archaeological pieces discovered in the archaeological excavations from Caesaraugusta. Also important is the collection of Aratis helmets, one of the jewels of peninsular archeology

Lukasz Zbylut 1 year ago


Diego Moyano Sobradillo 2 years ago

The entrance has been free, I have spent about two hours there and even so there have been things that I have lacked time to delve into, I think it is one of the best museums I have seen in my life, it has everything. Prehistoric, Renaissance, Baroque, Roman art... Sculpture, painting, oriental art... Fascinating

Ashin Davis 2 years ago

Really loved the beautiful experience of museum. Must visit in zaragoza

Sarah Tyner 2 years ago

Great collection, focused on Roman artifacts and a collection of Goya. Free admission and friendly, helpful staff. It’s in a beautiful building and a great location. Enjoy!

Paul Link 2 years ago

Amazing place. Worth visiting.

Cassy Batista da Silva 2 years ago

Beautifull place with amazing exposicion

Sergio Pérez Pérez 2 years ago

Very good collection of Roman art. Some precious details in the Gothic exhibition. Currently this temporary exhibition of Pradilla with his devotion to Juana la loca. And a collection of helmets. And an area dedicated to the 20th century of the art of Japanese tea. There are two floors and a beautiful patio to enjoy art quietly. I don't know if they are normally open or not but there were several areas of the museum closed.

Carlota Arroyo 2 years ago

We entered almost by chance and it was definitely worth it. The woman who attended us was charming and the exhibitions were incredible. Remains from Roman times and before, Japanese ceramics and a wide variety of paintings and sculptures, some of them by Goya. Also, FREE. Definitely worth it if you are in town

Kevin Culleton 2 years ago

Een bezoek waard

Jakub Specjalski 2 years ago

Best museum in town and it’s free !

Jorge Sanz 2 years ago

The Museum of Zaragoza is a Spanish national museum located in the city of Zaragoza (Aragón), in the Plaza de los Sitios in the capital. It houses notable works of archaeology, fine arts, ethnology and ceramics from the Iberian Peninsula, ranging from Prehistory (specifically, from the Lower Palaeolithic) to the present day. It is the oldest museum in the Aragonese capital and the main headquarters (which houses the archeology and fine arts sections) is located in a neo-Renaissance building built for the Hispano-French Exposition of 1908 by the architects Ricardo Magdalena and Julio Bravo. Its design is inspired by the Patio de la Infanta, which was the home of the wealthy merchant and patron of the Aragonese Renaissance, Gabriel Zaporta.

Manuel Lagunas 2 years ago

Very beautiful place with astonishing architecture. The history and artwork inside are remarkable. It also offers a free entrance.

Tamsin Grainger 3 years ago

Free, interesting (particularly the Asian ceramics), nice staff (being renovated Nov 2019 but still open)

Arika Duangsuwan 4 years ago

Great museum to visit with good service. The ticket for museum is free.

Becky Nelson 4 years ago

A lovely museum .Well worth a visit.

ej as 4 years ago

No Lost your time! Worship art and culture in Zaragoza. ZgZ

Mathew Fedley 4 years ago

Pretty good museum with strong emphasis on good quality Roman exhibits. Note that this location had basically no English translations but it was free and in another country so no real complaints. Upstairs is mainly paintings

Aditya Inzani 4 years ago

Geweldige plaats

Bernard Schonne 5 years ago

Great museum with various collections, roman, Goya paintings and drawings etc... Need some hours to visit! Free entrance

Paula Alejandra Hernandez Aldana 5 years ago

A little bit of everything: photography, contemporary temporary exhibitions, Roman history of Zaragoza, Asian art collection and Baroque art. The museum is free so there is no excuse not to go, small but cute, with a large patio and several rooms to spend an entertaining hour

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