Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani de Palma

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Plaça de la Porta de Santa Catalina 10
07012, Palma de Mallorca
971 90 82 00

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De Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani de Palma is een kunstmuseum in Palma de Mallorca, Spanje. Het museum werd opgericht in 2004 en bevindt zich in het historische centrum van de stad. Het museum herbergt een verzameling hedendaagse kunst uit Mallorca en de rest van Spanje. De collectie omvat werken van kunstenaars zoals Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso en Salvador Dalí. Het museum heeft ook een bibliotheek en een café.

🕒 Openingstijden

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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🗣️ Es Baluard Museu d'Art Contemporani de Palma: Meningen

Tanja Vereyken (My Travel Black Book) 1 year ago

Even though I normally don't like modern art, this museum swept me away. If you don't want to go inside just wander around the premise, it's really beautiful. Very nice restaurant with a beautiful view over the harbour. Small museumshop but with some fun stuff.

R L 1 year ago

Amazing place with the old fortress melted around the museum that was architecturally melted together. Great art inside. Cheap price. Wonderful panorama from the terrace. A great experience.

Julian Harich 1 year ago

The Museum ist very special and interesting - price is ok and the staff is super friendly

Alice T 1 year ago

I visited this place on 03/08/2021. The exhibition was so unique and really interesting. I loved my experience there!

Antonio Cabrales 1 year ago

Good temporary exhibitions. Great location

Austin Leahy 1 year ago

Contempory Art, mainly film. Gorgeous building. Pleasant few hours

Pablo Grosso 1 year ago

walk the narrow streets to meet and meet the Baluard modern art museum

Aleksandra Wiszowata-Drozda 1 year ago

Great museum, also you can enjoy Palma from the rooftop

Tapiwa Nyakabau 1 year ago


AKP 1 year ago

This place is a hidden gem. Great views of the cathedral and the marina; some interesting art installations plus a few Picasso’s. Building itself is worth a photo or two

Alex Augustyniak 1 year ago

Great place with wonderful view on the city

M M 1 year ago

Great contemporary art museum with amazing views over town (don’t miss the roof terrace!). Open late compared to may other museum and you pay what you want to get in.

Borja Rodríguez 1 year ago

Museum of Modern art. It usually holds different artists and themes. It was going to be a public and free museum but it ended up being a private one, so, there is a fee entrance. There’s one day of the week that there’s no fee (I cannot tell you which day, I actually do not remember).

Scott Palmer 1 year ago


Donald hood 1 year ago


Gerard Moohan 2 years ago

Good fun and interesting exhibitions. Beautiful views from the top floor. Nice sculptures around the outside of the building. Definitely worth a visit.

Jon S. 2 years ago

Wonderful art, very few people as of we had the whole museum to ourselves, we came on a Wednesday afternoon around 4pm. The sunset from the top level was incredible.

irena 2 years ago

Great museum of contemporary art.

Suzanne Frey 2 years ago

Loved this museum - creative and thought-provoding exhibits in a beautiful old fortress. Go for the art, the philosophies discussed, and the views.

Fredrik Sunmo 2 years ago

Skip the museum and go directly to the terrass! Fantastic views and drinks. First time here, try the menu, its good, but been the same for years. Why change a winning concept?

Carla Salas Hernandez 2 years ago

Beautiful spot. The views are stunning and the contemporary art worth coming every time to discover new expositions.

Siming 2 years ago

The artworks are well blended with the architect, the view is spectacular!

Obscura CameraObscura 2 years ago

Much space to present contemporary art. Beautiful roof-top to present objects and the outlook as well. Gift-shop is selling stamps.

Reivax KHAN 2 years ago

Nice view great place to visit and take photos

Udi Nir 2 years ago

Even though the permanent exhibitions were closed, the 3 temporary ones were fantastic. And of course, there are quite impressive sculptures.

Annchen Stiens 2 years ago

Fine curating of inspiring artists and their works of art set in beautiful architecture. Such a nice change of mood and pace!

Sara lagna 2 years ago

Great exhibition space nice building and amazing sculpture at the terrace and outside

Miassar Miski 2 years ago

Built on three levels with ramps connecting the indoor exhibition spaces with the outdoor ones and the city walls. Being situated on high level, the outdoor spaces gives a view of the city and its bay. The museum opened in 2004 with an aim to give Palma a touch of artsy touristique destination. Admission fee: 6 euros (reduced: 4 euros) this does not include the temporary exhibitions: 4 euros (reduced: 3 euros)

Gabriel Guerra 2 years ago

Indeed a contemporary art museum but with an outside look that is truly worth visiting.

Kajithur Fisher 3 years ago

A very interesting experience against the Palma backdrop. As a Brit it reminded me of a Tate Gallery experience with modern art presented in a very refined but knowledgeable manner. It provides for local Spanish but also German and English speakers with ease. Also provides a look at some local talent from Mallorca adding to an alternative perspective to the island.

Tomasz Nowrot 3 years ago

Amaizing place for children and adults. Must have in Mallorca!

Andreas Wallenwein 3 years ago

very nice and well-kept museum with changing exhibitions. Partly modern and blatant art very friendly staff wheelchair accessible corridors very nice view from the roof of the museum The toilets are clean and well maintained. The museum is highly recommended

Hrvoje Šandula 3 years ago

Liked it very much, would definitely recommend it to art lovers!

Michael Brewer 3 years ago

Beautiful tranquil spot just minutes walk from old town. Nice terrace bar overlooking the marina. Good spot to relax with friends. I was here on a Sunday mid-morning and very lovely atmosphere.

Jing Li 3 years ago

Very interesting with nice panorama views. I wish the ticket staff could be more efficient.

Jonathan Torre 4 years ago

We didn’t go inside, but we still found it enjoyable walking around the outside, exploring the old walls, and taking in the sculptures. This was entirely free. Some of the sculptures were pretty interesting to stand there and appreciate.

Jojo Smiley 4 years ago

Really a great Location. Amazing View.

Robert Castles 4 years ago

We just happened to catch this all for free on Saturday night. It's a perfect blend of an old fort and modern art and architecture. I recommend coming at night. Part of the art is the lighting... Beautiful on it's own and the views of the city are as good as it gets.

Aňáts Álíb 4 years ago

Beautiful architecture, amazing placing and view, cafeteria, event place on the rooftop, small library with art content to look in. . The collection is nice, didn't take my breath away, cause it's not really big.. But the whole place and concept of the gallery is stunning. Was a pleasure to spend hours there!

Jacob 4 years ago

Very cool street festival liked it a lot

Nicola Carass 4 years ago

A perfect bar to have drinks in the city. Really close to the soho area of Mallorca, friendly staff and good food. Not cheap but worth it for the view and location.

Antonello Caboni 4 years ago

Small museum but with interesting pieces. The setting and the building are stunning. Don’t miss the outdoor cafe!

Justyna Komuda 4 years ago

Beautiful architecture. Vary nice design of this place. I liked exhibition, it was a kind of modern art, which I like and understand. Unhappily one of exhibions were closed, I would like to stay there longer. For a very long time I weren't in museum of modern art which was well made. I recommend it.

Valeriya G. 4 years ago

Astonishing place with amazing artworks. Must see.

Rahel Bailie 5 years ago

The gallery hours make it easy to fit into any schedule. Bold exhibits, and a rooftop view fit fot gorgeous sunsets.

Agata Cichocka 5 years ago

Great art gallery, the building itself is an eye candy. Exploring the terraces, roof and yard makes the most pleasant walk filled with unexpected exhibits. The collection is lovely too, especially Miro and Picasso (I hadn't known before he did ceramics too). The museum shop is well stocked. A must see for all visitors to Palma.

Mark Adams 5 years ago

A wonderful part of palma to wander around see The beautiful architecture as it blends old and new and avant garde . Add a fabulous restaurant and terraced bar and his has to be on ones Palma dr Mallorca bucket list . Mallorca is full Of Wonderful gifts such as this explore them find them enjoy them And share them ❤️

Laurenz 6 years ago

This is a phenomenal place. The mix of modern architecture integrated into the landscape, palms and one of the best views within this city makes this a 100% recommandation. The Museum itself offers not that many pieces of art but u will have a great view from the top and mostly its not very crowded either. Student entrance was 4,5€

John Britton 6 years ago

Art exhibitions in the centre of Palma de Mallorca. The space is part of the old city wall near the Santa Catalina side of the Old Town. A terraced area with a bar overlooking the port is very pleasant. Occasionally film screenings, dance classes, concerts etc use the outside terrace. Changing exhibitions inside bring the best talent from the art world to Palma so it's always good to keep an eye on their updates.

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