Archaeological Museum of Alicante

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Placa Doctor Gómez Ulla S/N
03013, Alicante
965 14 90 00

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Het archeologisch museum van Alicante is een van de belangrijkste musea in de stad Alicante, Spanje. Het museum werd opgericht in 1866 en bevindt zich in het centrum van de stad. Het museum herbergt een grote verzameling artefacten uit de prehistorische, Romeinse en Moorse periodes van de geschiedenis van Alicante. Het museum is ook de thuisbasis van een bibliotheek- en onderzoekscentrum. Het archeologisch museum van Alicante is een must-see voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in de geschiedenis van Alicante en de omgeving.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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🗣️ Archaeological Museum of Alicante: Meningen

Dan Marsh 1 year ago

Legit old rare bits. As a fan of old bits, there's plenty. Ye no negatives unless you count cool bits as negative. Visit again.....yes, they'll only get older and rarer making them even cooler bits! Toilet flush pressure was also a marvel to behold. What a place.

Craig Sweeting 1 year ago


Penny Southgate 1 year ago

Excellent museum with permanent displays on the history of the region. In January 2022 I visited a temporary exhibition about the Etruscans, which was well worth the €3 entrance. Highly recommended!

Sahar Mohammadi 1 year ago

This museum is amazing! Telling the story of the history of Alicante with very good structure that receive your attention love the museum so much

Kim Glidden 1 year ago

Very beautiful museum. The Etruscan artifacts were fantastic and had descriptions in english which was very nice.

Paul 1 year ago

Plenty to see in the museum's permanent exhibits, but we got lucky and spent an hour in their temporary Etruscan exhibition. All for 3 Euros. You can get a taxi from the centre if you don't fancy the walk up the hill. Good for a rainy day.

DFisk 1 year ago

Fabulous exhibition. Don't miss it if you enjoy an interactive in History. I learnt so much about the lives of gladiators I have even more reason to be thankful I was born during a time of abundance. I can imagine me saying back in the day " what ? fight to the death? in this heat?"

Kokoro Flame 1 year ago

Fabulous exhibition of the Gladiodores that really takes you back to the barbarism of era. Shocking in this day and age demonstrating how difficult day to day life was then for ordinary people who had nothing. Nothings changed then, upper classes benefitting from the disadvantaged. Some descriptions aren't in English but it doesn't distract from the overall enjoyment if that's the right word. The original arms and armour are magical to see. Recommend it.

The Forty Team 1 year ago

A must see in Alicante

Jere Ranta 1 year ago

Interactive Archaeological Museum, which rather has a narrative than collection of items. There's a changing exhibition (Gladiators at the time of our visit) and permanent exhibitions ranked by time and location. It might be a little bit scary for very sensitive, smaller children.

HJ Normey 1 year ago

This is one of Europe's less-known jewels, the actual winner of the European Museum of the Year Award in 2004, the MARQ, or Archeological Museum of Alicante is the result of a thorough modernization of the erstwhile Provincial Archeological Museum of Alicante, the MARQ now leads worldwide in technology, museum storytelling and consistently brings world-class exhibitions to the Mediterranean. It matters not when you read this: there's probably a gorgeous, educational, life-changing even, exhibition going on at the MARQ right now. One you simply cannot afford to miss. Really, something for the city, and province of Alicante to be truly proud of.

Ilya Kazantsev 1 year ago

Decent museum. Non permanent exhibitions are translated got great visuals and smart organization. Permanent are good but in translated. So may recommend charge your phone and prepair ur "Google lens" for translations.

Chris De Christophe 1 year ago


Mary Scott 1 year ago

Fabulous building. Took us all morning to see the Gladiators exhibition so didn't see much of rest of it. Exhibition was excellent. Learned more about Coliseum than did in Rome! Whole thing was really well done and obviously a huge undertaking. Only comment about rest of museum was lack of info in English. Same problem as at the Castle. My Spanish not quite up to so much info!

Edvard Siivonen 1 year ago

Interesting items and knowledge. Kind staff.

Christine V. 1 year ago

ABSOLUTELY an amazing museum. If you enjoy Gladiators be certain to visit. Also excellent history of Alicante, Spain

Fra P 1 year ago

Great experience, ticket is very cheap also

Katarzyna “K8” Rościńska 1 year ago

Spacious, well organized, not too big so you won't get tired. Exposition is relatively rich, lots of objects from past life. Also a fair amount of video presentations. Outside nice yard, decent restaurant with beverages, alcoholic too, some simple snack selection. Quite large. A good spot to have coffee before or after. I would like it more if it had more maps, time-location-comparisons, maquetes (3d minature plans). Also, most descriptions in English were just ultra-short forms of elaborate Spanish descriptions, which is pity, cause only-English-speaking visitors were mainly taking a glimpse here and there, not able to read into the details. But still, I'm giving it 5 stars. Great place not only during rainy day, also to have a nice morning :)

Nikola Stjelja 1 year ago

Lovely museum. Friendly staff.

Ryojin 1 year ago


S Stephens 1 year ago

A delightful, inciteful gem..stunning audiovisual and incredible lighting and commentary. I was struck by how far museums have come in last 50 years..extraordinary efforts to highlight the human aspects of all the eras featured. It was a rare privilege to see such masterful pieces, particularly in the Etruscan special exhibit. All for 3€(!) and I was allowed to take photos. Truly an extraordinary afternoon immersion.

kamila 4k 2 years ago

Very interesting. The permanent exhibition is well laid out/ thought through and enhanced by video/sounds. I also visited the temp exhibition about the Etruscan and it was great! This place is definitely a must-see in Alicante… and it’s free

Amir Damercheli 2 years ago

If you want to know more about history and culture and civilization in Alicante Spain, you have to go to this amazing museum. It takes about two hours time.

Ismael Gonzalez 2 years ago

Besides this is not a hot-spot within the major archaeological museums like London British Museum, Berlin or Madrid ones, you can enjoy a very consistent and well displayed temporary exhibitions like the current one: Etruscans, the birth of Romans.

Nat Wong 2 years ago

The entrance was free when we went, there are also free lockers to leave your backpack etc. Very helpful and friendly staff. There is not much English text/display, but there are QR codes with very well-developed & easy-to-follow audios that guide you through the different parts/halls of the exhibition. We really enjoyed it. Just remember to bring some headphones with you

Samito 2 years ago

Very well designed museum, easy to navigate with very interesting exhibitions. It is true that a lot of the text isn't in English but if you understand some Spanish you can get by and I believe there is also audio in English but I didn't use that. The staff were nice and helpful. The only odd thing is that I was asked for my ticket at two different points despite the whole thing being free, this might have been because of Covid though.

Robyn Popescu 2 years ago


Oleksandr Nazarchuk 3 years ago

Not very rich but very interactive and interesting main and temporary exhibitions

John Duncan 3 years ago

Excellent. Well laid out and informative. A great demonstration that the only thing that changes is technology. People are the same as when folk lived in caves. Very wheelchair friendly and helpful workers. A great way to spend a morning.

Canyoudoitagain 3 years ago

Very nicely designed museum. Worth a visit even if you're not that interested in archeology.

Paul Savage 4 years ago

Fantastic and well laid out museam offering a comprehensive insight into the history and cultures that underpin this area of the Costa Blanca. Worth seeing before visiting the historical sites as it gives a will provide a greater understanding of what you see and what artefacts have been recovered.

Martha Ackroyd 4 years ago

Full marks!! Super exhibition of the Persian culture, with a fantastic explanation by one of the museum's guides, Daniel. If you are in Alicante, take a tour of the museum's collection. A morning well spent.

Joanna Marie Struthers 4 years ago

This place was fantastic.. loads to see, all in Spanish or English, great happy staff. Good price. Good luck parking.. we went up to the first castle car park, and walked back down the hill

ahmed al ameer 4 years ago

The historical stories and the ancient ruins was amazing, but it would be better if they had translated to English

Bruce Scott 5 years ago

Outstanding archaeological museum featuring the history of the Alicante region. Well laid out and thoughtful presentations. Award winning museum. Both permanent and visiting exhibits are fascinating. Well worth the visit. I have been many times seeing the Viking and Mayan temporary exhibits.

mi be 5 years ago

Excellent museum! Especially the Rupuestre (rock art) exhibition with film, cave effects and good explications

chris james 5 years ago

Beautiful space, amazing architecture inside and out.well thought out Exhibtions and displays covering all periods in history of the Alicante region. Theres a lot of information here and you probably won't be able to see all the rooms. Think about what period you want to see. Also, if an English speaker be aware that all notices, descriptions are mostly in Spanish or Valencian so you'll need to either use your mobile phone and the QR codes with your headphones OR rent an IPAd from the reception or much of what you're seeing won't make much sense.

Andrew Hemmings 5 years ago

What a great visit well worth it learn so much about tge city and its surroundings

Phil Waring 6 years ago

The thought of an archeological museum wasn't instantly appealing so it took several trips to Alicante before I got around to it. As soon as you walk into the lobby it is apparent that this place has had money spent on it. And once in the low light and hushed atmosphere of the main museum, rather than the expected rows of traditional glass cases, the exhibits were arranged thematically in a series of galleries which were very well presented. There were several displays and much use of audio-visual. Highly recommended - and a much less dry experience than I had feared. Don't be put off! (Lovely big Christmas Tree outside in December)

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