National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona

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Pl. del Rei 5
43003, Tarragona
977 25 15 15

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Het National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona is een van de belangrijkste musea in Spanje. Het is gelegen in de stad Tarragona, in de provincie Tarragona. Het museum werd opgericht in 1866 en herbergt een grote verzameling Romeinse artefacten uit de stad Tarragona en de omgeving. Het museum is verdeeld in twee secties: het eerste gedeelte is gewijd aan de geschiedenis van de stad Tarragona, en het tweede deel is gewijd aan de Romeinse artefacten die in de stad en het omliggende gebied werden gevonden.

Het eerste deel van het museum is gewijd aan de geschiedenis van de stad Tarragona. Dit gedeelte van het museum bevat een groot aantal artefacten die dateren uit de Romeinse periode. Deze artefacten omvatten een aantal beelden, mozaïeken en andere objecten die in de stad werden gevonden. Het tweede deel van het museum is gewijd aan de Romeinse artefacten die werden gevonden in de stad en het omliggende gebied. Deze sectie bevat een groot aantal beelden, mozaïeken en andere objecten die in de stad werden gevonden.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 8:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 8:30 PM
  • Thursday: 9:30 AM – 8:30 PM
  • Friday: 9:30 AM – 8:30 PM
  • Saturday: 9:30 AM – 8:30 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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🗣️ National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona: Meningen

Any Baylac 1 year ago

I love Tarragona,the beaches,the rocks,the naturalist, the people,etc Precioso Lugar para veranear!!

Gareth Jenkins 1 year ago

History! ¡historia!


It has a lot of history, it is worth going through Tarragona

Ana Maria F.M. 1 year ago

Nice museum and worthwhile if you also visit the city. I really liked the guide of the app that is dramatized. It's fun and enjoyable With the same entrance you can see the necropolis (this part has not given us time to visit it and we leave it for another occasion)

Rafael Mosca 1 year ago


Marisa Garcia Parrado 1 year ago

I love it, I have to go back again and there was a lot to see

Desiree Lopez Vila 1 year ago

I love these places and I think we should visit them... It brings us closer to history.

Sheila Grados 2 years ago

Well, despite being a temporary exhibition, due to the rehabilitation of the museum, there is everything we wanted to see. Nice and well explained and also with the same ticket we could see the Necropolis. Very interesting. Very friendly staff and recommended visit !!!!

Montserrat C 2 years ago

The exhibition that replaces the one that should be in the Mnac, closed for works is admirable. It arouses interest, is understandable, makes a good synthesis of the background and is very visually appealing. He also place, on the Paseo del Serrallo is magnificent bright.

Noelia 2 years ago

Very nice views, especially from the roof terrace. I would love to return in the future, because it is impressive

stephanie evans 2 years ago

Brilliant displays, giving a strong sense of Tarraco during the Roman Empire

Elisenda Montanyà 2 years ago

An excellent Museum, both for the place and the design it has: spacious, bright, modern as opposed to the centuries of history that are included. Very interesting for the urban planning, architecture and economy of the city and its territory. Highly recommended.

Silvia Verano 2 years ago

A very interesting experience, very well organized and very friendly and attentive staff

Ramon López 2 years ago

A beautiful experience to share our history, Roman waiting to have the complete National archaeological museum again, in the meantime I invite you to enjoy this cultural aperitif ...

Ana Maria Olmedo 3 years ago

Interesting, very kind people, including the archaeologist I met by chance accompanying several women, he was so kind that he offered to accompany me, I didn't and I regret it, he would have been a luxury guide. People in Tarragona are friendly and welcoming.

sandra palop 3 years ago

There is a very interesting and beautiful collection of statues, busts, columns, personal items, utensils, frescoes, mosaics ... of the Roman Tarraco. The staff of the Museum and the Necropolis (agreed entrance) very friendly. It's worth it!

Josep M Solias 3 years ago

The Museum is currently located on shed 4 in the Port of Tarragona. A temporary exhibition has been scheduled with different masterpieces from the collection. Bright and suitable space to show a taste of the great Roman capital.

Jose Angel Brandariz Garcia 3 years ago

Small but well laid out exhibition. Highly recommended

Alexander Dobrovolskiy 3 years ago


Pedro Benito Urbina 4 years ago

Built during the first half of the 19th century, the current National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona is the oldest in Catalonia in its specialty. It houses archaeological pieces from the Roman past of Tarraco and the beginnings of Christianity, and also a library. His collections include pieces from the 16th century and later, most of the pieces exhibited were discovered during excavations during the last 150 years. To carry out its objectives, it organizes activities and offers diverse services such as temporary exhibitions, cycles of conferences, seminars, workshops and activities of historical reconstruction, edition of publications and realization of audiovisual programs.

Eben Owo 4 years ago

Great place and historical building in the world.

Simple cook by Fériel 4 years ago

Very interesting all the epic of Rome towards the civilization that it left in Tarragona. It's super interesting to see and discover the busts and stellae of the Roman amplitude grabs but what a beautiful story. The forum and the main square and the amphitheater also to discover their stories through all this wealth that the Catalans reveal to us I want to say thank you and thank you again. Nice adventure then to you future visitors.

Adela Ruiz 4 years ago

One of my favorite museums, I have taken my brothers when they were little and my daughter since she was a baby. He told them stories and they loved it. Make a museum a fun game

Neil Mogan 4 years ago

Very relaxing

Celia Borbalán Palencia 4 years ago

This architectural ensemble is a great example of Roman art in Spain. Structure of the building is worthy of admiration, very well preserved.

Miquel ... 4 years ago

I visited it in 2017 and I liked it a lot. A reference museum where you can take a tour of Tarragona's archeology from collections from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, although a large part of the last 150 years, recovered with the construction of the modern port and the growth city ​​planning. Currently, the Archaeological Museum is under renovation and is closed to the public. While you can visit the exhibition "TARRACO / MNAT" at Tinglado 4 of the Port of Tarragona. We hope you open it again and enjoy it. You have several headquarters, spread over the city and nearby villages, such as the Archaeological Museum, the Paleochristian Museum and Necropolis, the Roman Theater in Tarragona, Vil·la dels Munts (Altafulla), the Centcelles Monumental Complex (Constantine) Arc de Berà (Roda de Berà) and the Torre dels Escipions (Tarragona).

José V. CH. 4 years ago

Charming. You define very well the pieces that they show in a relaxing space with a very attentive staff that advises you on everything you need to enjoy. The elevator is for people who need it, do not go up people who have faculties for the stairs.

Antoni Sánchez-Ortiz 4 years ago

Museum required to visit if you are in Tarragona. Tarraco was one of the capitals of ancient Rome and this museum is nestled amidst the ruins of ancient Tarraco. Near there you have the rest of the ruins. And the museum is very good and visited in 1 hour.

Dani Zapater 4 years ago

Temporarily under construction, the reference exhibition at Tinglado number 4 in the port of Tarragona is a perfect synthesis of what ancient Tarraco was during the Roman Empire.

Mikko Moisio 4 years ago


Abel Guerrero 5 years ago

Very interesting museum. Very well organized to understand it.

Corina Cojocaru 5 years ago

Impressive!!! And exciting!

santiagio quintero 5 years ago

Excellent experience, it was great to know the structures and archaeological remains of the museum that years ago was a prison

Ken Updegrave 5 years ago

Great tapas, really busy, reservations almost a must.

Veronica 5 years ago

We were my partner and I, and we liked it very much.

Jose Antonio 5 years ago

Synthesis exhibition of the MNAT, while the works last at the museum's headquarters in the Plaza del Rey. Good informative posters. But with a terrible location, difficult to read for people with visual difficulties.

Ayde Gutierrez 5 years ago


Honor Wadsley 5 years ago


Salvador Moreno 5 years ago

The National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona is very interesting as it houses the remains that have been found from the Roman city of Tarraco. It is fundamental to understand the importance of this city to see the documentary that is projected of the emperor of Rome Hadrian, recounting his memories of what was the capital of Hispania Citerior.

Dionís Juárez Quero 5 years ago

You are an exceptional mosaic collection

miquel fernandez lara 5 years ago

Excellent busts and sculptures from the Roman period

Arkadii .F 5 years ago

Created in 1848 by Hernandez Sanaukha, in 1960 it moved to the building where it is now. The collection contains a huge part of the objects of the Roman era found in Tarragona: ceramics, sculptures, mosaics, coins, etc. A video film and exhibitions are offered to the attention of visitors, a reception of school groups and workshops for children are organized. Also has a library located on Ramón y Cajal Street, manages the Paleo-Christian Museum and Necropolis, the Roman villas of Centcelles and Els Munts

Xavier Macia 5 years ago

Without hesitation, you have to visit it.

Miguel Santiago 5 years ago


Crystal Tarrago 5 years ago


Paulette Paglia 6 years ago

A very special place. We were walking among the spirits of Romans. Learn the history of the underrated gorgeous and mysterious, yet friendly Tarragona.

Panos Lianos 6 years ago

Very nice museum. The audio guide combined with excellent displays give you a complete picture of what the city used to be like some 2000 years ago.

777 999 6 years ago


Samuel Ochagavia 6 years ago

Very nice museum. It is not very big and to tour with the children it is very good.

Vladimir Shabunov 6 years ago

the smell of history

Jon Camio 7 years ago

Impressive museum.

Andre Rousseau 7 years ago

To walk where horses with chariots used to race against each other is just incredible...

Jorge Martinez Casero 7 years ago

Via Augusta

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