Dalí Theatre-Museum

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Plaça Gala i Salvador Dalí 5
17600, Figueres
972 67 75 00

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O teatro-museu de Dalí em Figueres é um museu dedicado ao trabalho do artista espanhol Salvador Dalí. É a maior coleção do trabalho de Dalí e inclui pinturas, desenhos, esculturas, fotografias e outros objetos. O museu está localizado na cidade natal de Dalí, Figueres, e foi projetado pelo próprio Dalí. Foi inaugurado em 1974, um ano após a morte de Dalí.

O museu está localizado no centro de Figueres, em um edifício que já foi um teatro. O teatro foi destruído durante a Guerra Civil Espanhola, e Dalí decidiu transformá -lo em um museu para exibir seu trabalho. O exterior do museu é decorado com as esculturas de Dalí, e o interior está cheio de suas pinturas, desenhos e outras obras.

O museu é dividido em várias seções, cada uma dedicada a um aspecto diferente do trabalho de Dalí. O museu também abriga uma biblioteca, uma livraria e um café.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:30 AM – 5:45 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:30 AM – 5:45 PM
  • Thursday: 10:30 AM – 5:45 PM
  • Friday: 10:30 AM – 5:45 PM
  • Saturday: 10:30 AM – 5:45 PM
  • Sunday: 10:30 AM – 5:45 PM

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🗣️ Dalí Theatre-Museum: Opiniões

Mitzi Staddon 1 year ago

Ruby heart no longer beats, something wrong with mechanism and his most famous work isn't here. However, loved seeing everything. Nothing else to do here though

Geoff Langridge 1 year ago

One of the best museum experiences I've attended. A very generous display with great variation. Definitely worth the trip from Barcelona.

Igor Faynshteyn 1 year ago

Really 4.5. It is a unique and interesting museum, but it didn't sweep me off my feet. For one thing, it's not very large. And it doesn't contain some of Dali's best works. When there are a lot of people, it can feel crowded. Nonetheless, it's worth a visit if you are in Barcelona for at least 3 nights. Also, no need to go there with a tour company, as it's readily accessible by train out of Barcelona for a fairly inexpensive price, and a 15-20 mins walk from the train station. The town of Figueres is also cute, so it's worth strolling through it a bit.

S Shino 1 year ago

We can learn very much who he is and what he is addicted to‍

M. Somlyai 1 year ago

10/10 recommend, if you come to Figueres. Absolutely beautiful and unique inside and out. There are 22 rooms, but for me 2 hours were enough to see everything and have time to mesmerise Dalí’s art. The tickets are expensive, but it’s understandable as a lot of tourists visit this museum. 20 euros for an adult and 11 euros for students. Still worth it!

Max Nachlinger 1 year ago

Worth coming to Figuereas to see this. It's a quick train ride from Barcelona. Dali designed much of the museum, and several amazing works of his are contained therein. My favorite day to see the museum is on a sunny weekday

Terry Labach 1 year ago

Genius? Madman? Both? Salvador Dali created this museum to showcase his legacy and it doesn't disappoint. Well worth a visit. Allow a minimum of 2 hours and try to arrive earlier in the day to avoid the worst of the crowds. There will be crowds.

Trishie Shumba 1 year ago

I haven't visited inside yet, But the outside is so beautiful.

david coging 1 year ago

Not being an art lover I was very reluctant to go in, but I'm so glad that I did, every thing about our two hour tour was amazing, we learnt so much about the man and his work. The building itself is outstanding without all the works of art inside. I am not yet converted but I would certainly recommend a visit. The museum is in the centre of the beautiful town of Figuetes.

David Newman 1 year ago

Well, what else can be said about this sublime museum? Dali designed and set it all up and you can tell as much upon entering and the ensuing adventure within. I visited in May 2016 when the weather was beautiful. The train from Barcelona doesn’t take too long and is cheap enough. The train I got took around 2 hours and cost around 20 Euro’s return. The museum ticket was 14 Euro’s but this may have changed. The crowds were spread out so things didn’t get too claustrophobic and you can go off in pretty much any direction you wish. It’s definitely not your conventional journey inside a museum. My visit was made more fun after meeting a recently divorced American lady who sold everything up and decided to back pack around Europe. She has been a Dali fan since high school and this was one of her major stops along her travels. It was quite exciting to see someone from the other side of the world enjoying the museum like a child enjoys Christmas morning. The shop was nice but could have had a little more on offer. I did pick up a lovely poster for the collection but there wasn’t a lot on offer which was a shame. There are few museums around Europe that offer an experience of this kind. Now we are getting back to more regular travel, I would suggest you make The Dali Museum a high priority.

Matthew Aldiss 1 year ago

Amazing!! Go when it's not the really busy summer months, tour guides don't care if their group gets in your way, very annoying if you suffer from anxiety or frustration. You can take photos, no flash. Like always the shops are ultra expensive

andor szabados 1 year ago

An interesting museum where you can find plenty of Dalí's works during his lifetime. Also, it is nice to know that the whole place was designed and decorated by the artist himself. Good to buy tickets in advance, especially if you are visiting in the weekend, as it can get a little bit crowded.

Alessandro Riva 1 year ago

Spectacular visit. What Is really astonishing Is to think that the layout and setup of the Museum was performer by Dalì himself. Take your time and try thinking that everything Is a sort of opera, and secret messages may be concealed to a distracted Eye...

isaak vié 1 year ago

This museum is a must see if you happen to pass Figueres. However, you absolutely must book in advance! Go to the website and book a time slot. There is so much to see it's an amazing experience. Several levels of art installations and various levels of madness. But it's very very busy. We came in early in the morning but from 10am the place is crawling with visitors. That's the only downside to this museum really. When we went they also had nighttime opening hours which some have said are much quieter. For parking, just go to the one across the street. People complained it is expensive but it's a tourist attraction and very conveniently placed, so just cough up and make your life easier. (Careful though as the spots are very narrow as some ppl mentioned, and it might also be sold out at the busiest times of the day). 100% would visit again when given half a chance!

Somya Tewari 1 year ago

The Dalí Theatre and Museum, is a museum dedicated to Salvador Dalí in his home town of Figueres, Spain. It is a place where most of his work is kept and is a reflection of his life. Do take out enough time to ensure you can stroll through absorbing all the place has to offer. It is definitely worth buying a ticket to visit this place!

Joe L 1 year ago

Amazing work by the great Dali. All styles and mediums are here to see (including the building itself). Very busy tho so u get a bit of a rushed feeling passing thought the corridors. Take tour time to find a parking spot as most parking garages are all full most of the time. Make a reservation before hand to dodge the long queue.

Vazul Török 1 year ago

Friendly staff, speak well English! We were on a bike trip and they let our bike paniers bring inside to the package storage well before entry. The museum is amazing and shocking at the same time. We are exhausted :)

Neno Je 1 year ago

An excellent museum, as Dali was a fantastical and surrealist artist. The only drawback is that families with screaming children are far away, so you can't feel and experience the charm of this museum. This is my second visit to the museum, first in June 2000 and second time on August 5, 2022.

Tami Duckworth 1 year ago

If this isn’t on your itinerary, add it immediately. It’s absolutely beautiful and unlike any museum I’ve ever been to. Book ahead online and do the night tour if you are coming in the summer. As Dali designed the museum himself, the entire place is a work of art as well as being filled with his amazing pieces. Even my 13 year old who dislikes museums kept saying it was the coolest museum he had ever visited. (I’ve forced him to go to many NYC museums.)

Khiem Nguyen 1 year ago

Interesting museum, a real piece of artwork itself. Definitely worth a visit. We went for the evening opening which gave a very eerie vibe.

Laurence Hewetson 1 year ago

3rd time I’ve been here and it’s still my favourite museum. It’s quit astonishing how diverse Dali’s art is. I don’t know of any other artist that covers immersive, shapely, contemporary and traditional in their repertoire. Go here, you won’t be disappointed. On a previous visit here I didn’t prebook tickets and had ‘queue-rage’ as loads of people pushed in - get your ticket in advance

Ran Sharon 1 year ago

Its a perfect day trip from Barcelona The museum is brilliant and you can see the influence on Dali from other painters and when became a top worldwide artist. The theatre by his design contain many pictures and unique experience. Its a must place to visit

Nerijus Pudziuvelis 1 year ago

This is a sin. You will be missing out so much if you in the region and skipping this. Absolutely mindblowing building itself with all the halls, spacious atriums, yards if does feel like Theatre but in exclusive way. Variety of Dali's works are just crazy. You will wonder each time you enter new room. Inspirational.

Tsanio Tsanev 1 year ago

Interesting and nicely organized museum with a variety of Dali's art work. It is very well presented and it takes around 2 hours to walk and observe everything. It is a must see place if you are in Catalunya!

Vin Chenzo 1 year ago

Uma necessidade absoluta se você vier e voar via Girona. É um curto salto no trem. 8 Retorno de Euro. São 20 euros para entrar no museu. Havia muitas coisas para fazer e ilusões de ótica para se olhar. É um lugar fascinante para se olhar. Recomendado para qualquer turista vir e visitar. Fica a 15 minutos a pé da estação Figueres.

Emilia Bątkowska 1 year ago

Must-see for everyone who's interested in arts. If you want to see everything, reserve at least 3hrs. A little crowded, and it would be nice if there was a clear touring direction (tourists were walking chaotically and we got stuck at some narrow passages a few times), but overall - amazing experience worth every cent.

iliana b. 1 year ago

Amazing place, better to be visited with a guide for a full experience and "understanding". The arrangement of the paintings and installations makes their impact breathtaking. We bought tickets online, didn't wait at the entrance, even it was Saturday and the Musium was crowded. Inside we have to wait for to enter some halls. The location is easy to be reached, there is a convenient parking behind the Musium for 3 euro/h, also paid parking is possible on the streets.

Pretty Pretty 1 year ago

Adoro a criação de Salvador Dali, então fiquei impressionado com essa construção de teatro-museu. Você pode ver aqui a vida de Dali e sua esposa. A propósito, ela era da Ucrânia. Além disso, você pode assistir pinturas, estátuas, performances etc. É claro que muitas pessoas aqui e sempre fila. Mas custa esse pagamento. Porque é realmente genial e obra -prima. Para mim, o melhor lugar do mundo e eu gostaria de voltar, porque uma vez não é suficiente para investigar tudo aqui.

Yaron ben peretz 1 year ago

Esperei muito tempo para a chance de visitar este lugar e estar nos presentes de tal gênio, e não fiquei nem um pouco decepcionado. O preço na minha opinião é muito razoável. É difícil levar uma vida inteira de trabalho, em uma visita. A experiência foi realmente incrível

Christopher Yandell 1 year ago

one of the best museums i have ever visited in my life. while other museums may be boring, the Dalí Theatre Museum captivates the mind with optical illusions, a colluseum-style theater, artifacts from Dalí’s life, and (best of all) the actual resting place of Dalí’s body.

Marija Maneva 1 year ago

Entered fast as a group, bought tickets 40 min before, but you can also book a ticket online and enter without delays. Had a wonderful time inside, the museum is literally full of Dali's work, good one hour walk inside price is OK and it is a must see if you are close to Figueres.

paola andrea lopez franco 1 year ago

Absolutely amazing place. Beautiful architecture and all the magnificent art of Dalí.

Mark Hancock 1 year ago

Best afternoon I have ever spent in an art gallery. Fun, colour, skill, wit, silliness in a great setting. Very highly recommended.

Sergio 1 year ago

Pura magia! Ele merece passar a manhã inteira visitando e interpretando todas as obras -primas de um artista tão grande! Eu recomendo fortemente contratar uma visita guiada ou usar um AudioGuide para ajudar a entender o significado de todos os itens expostos, bem como descobrir as imagens e segredos ocultos das fotos.

Athanasia Iliopoulou 1 year ago

Experiência única, todo o lugar é incrível. Além das pinturas e das instalações em exibição, os visitantes também podem ter a chance de ver as obras de arte de alguns outros artistas. Também tivemos a chance de ver o trabalho que Dali fez em relação à comédia divina de Dante. Definitivamente vale uma visita, não importa se a arte é sua xícara de chá ou não!

Kacy Kelechi 2 years ago

What an amazing place to visit. Friendly people, nice atmosphere and things to see. I live in this city, so, when whenever you're visiting, we can have a cup of coffee.

Brent Showalter 2 years ago

A very unique museum full of very unique exhibits. I did not know much about Salvador Dali before visiting which made exploring the museum that much more interesting.

Monia Buxaderas (Bestprivatetourbarcelona) 2 years ago

Visiting the Dalí Theatre-museum in Figueres is a different artistic experience to live. Sorrounded by masterpieces of the surrealistic painting movement you’ll also discover the real ironic and excentrical personality of Dalí. Don ‘t miss one of best & full artistic sites in Spain!!

Tally 2 years ago

We loved the museum! Very impressive work of art, very interesting paintings and sculptures. The visit took us a little less than 2 hours. We booked tickets online which made it easier and faster to enter. Nice visit with kids as well.

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