Museum of the City

📍 Localização e contacto

Pl. Agustinas 7
30005, Murcia
968 27 43 90

ℹ️ Em formação

O Museu da cidade de Murcia está localizado no coração da cidade, na cidade velha. Está alojado em um belo edifício do século XVIII, que costumava ser a prefeitura. O museu tem uma rica coleção de artefatos que contam a história da cidade desde os primeiros dias até o presente. A coleção inclui cerâmica antiga, moedas e jóias; armas e armaduras medievais; e pinturas, móveis e outros objetos da Idade de Ouro da cidade nos séculos 18 e 19. O museu também possui uma biblioteca com uma riqueza de documentos e livros históricos.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

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🗣️ Museum of the City: Opiniões

Frank Brusel Amster 1 year ago

I loved it. There is a chronological view of ancient Murcia.


Very interesting to visit and with a very friendly and attentive staff

Juan Entrenas (Juan Entrenas Arquitecto) 1 year ago

Very illustrative and educational. Essential to know the history of the city of Murcia.

Pilar Marin Olivera 1 year ago

Very interesting, you see what the city was like in ancient times and find out about all its history. I recommend it

Lola Rodriguez 1 year ago

Very interesting, very well cared for a visit to consider

Isabel Fernandez Martinez 1 year ago

It is a little gem in the center of the city. Very nice, careful selection of objects, interactive models. Very educational. I like it a lot.

Amalia Olivares 1 year ago

Very interesting free museum to visit calmly and eagerly, where you can learn about the roots of our City and the reason for its enclave, perhaps someone gave excessive value to that fig leaf, but without that fabulous incident surely this wonderful city bathed in water would not exist by Thader Segura. The way of advancing through History chronologically has helped me understand the different evolutions that the helmet and the Society have had. The catastrophic urban impulse of the mid-20th century opened Murcia to modernity with a spectacular Gran Vía in an almost New York style, but it destroyed our roots forever, especially painful was the disappearance by demolition in 1952 of the Arab Baths that were on Calle Madre de Dios, the Arab Wall and its gates, the Caramajul tower, among others. The cities that maintain, restore and preserve their Heritage are truly the ones that respect the History of Humanity, Murcia has failed in this scenario and it only remains to look forward trying not to make the same mistake again, and so I encourage the Museum to not look the other way and invest in telling the part of History that elides: The Republic and the Spanish Civil War, great absentees in the chronology of this Museum that jumps from 1929 to 1946, as if in the 1930s there were no would have called the neighborhood of Carmen the neighborhood of La Pasionaria. However, congratulations, a beautiful museum where you can soak up Murcianism.

Raquel Montoya 1 year ago

Your visit is highly recommended. Helpful and friendly staff.

Investigación Estelar Ondina Rodríguez 1 year ago

The City Museum is a place, a team, a space to enjoy, to investigate, to see, to know, to remember and also to experience and experience art and heritage. He is currently showing us an exhibition of Postcards from Murcia, a Photographic Research project of the University of Murcia. I loved the exhibition because I have been able to dialogue with the images of other historical moments, revisiting these places that I record today with my mobile camera and contextualize as a digital postcard through the @murciahistoriaensuscalles project, a Cultural reagent from the year 21-22. The city museum has objects, stories and stories that are told with the expertise of specialists. You cannot leave Murcia without visiting its rooms.

Manuela Lopez 1 year ago

Highly recommended, you learn a lot

Charo Martínez 1 year ago

After visiting it, I encourage Murcians to get to know it. Very interesting, with very complete explanations.

María Lara 1 year ago

I had never been here, but I went for the Damián and Rocío concert. They put a lot of work into the atmosphere and I have to admit that having a good sound system made the evening a total spectacle, a beauty on Saint John's Day

Marta Aranguren García 1 year ago

Simply sublime and impressive, after Gaya, my favorite museum in all of Murcia

Cayetano Fernandez 1 year ago

Know your city and its history. highly recommended

PAO PEGY 1 year ago

Although I am Colombian I recommend this delicious Bolivian food, it is excellent!

Jhon B Castillo 1 year ago

It is an unforgettable experience, subtlety and power that meet to leave a mark on my soul..

Carlos Pérezgrín 1 year ago

Very nice and well explained the history of our city

Carmen Baeza Verdú 1 year ago

A friendly museum that allows you to travel through the history of Murcia. With collections of everyday life. With many proposals for very interesting activities.

Chencho Sanz 1 year ago

An essential visit for those who want to learn more about the history of Murcia

Isabel maria Vera arce 1 year ago

It is the first time that he visited it, there was temporarily the exhibition of toys from Murcia and the Virgin of the Arrixaca, a good place to visit and see our traditions and most important works of Murcia

Alfredo García Santos 1 year ago

Very well kept convent with Arab and Christian baroque roots, they have a very nice Nativity scene at Christmas

Faustino Cervera 2 years ago

I liked it a lot. You can enjoy the three floors that take you on a journey through the history of Murcia. The poster for the inauguration of the bullring is spectacular. The figures of the Nativity scene and what it represents from the artisanal point of view and the workshop that existed at the time. Highly recommended. Very friendly employees.

Virginia Ros 2 years ago

Small museum that, although it may seem concise and a little cold (like almost all museums, a shame, really), inside it houses a lot of information about the history of the city. In it, many alternative activities are carried out, to publicize part of the current culture and the society of yesteryear, and the local movement is promoted. It has books to consult and guides that can kindly solve doubts The building is an old palace with a very nice staircase and a small orchard around it that is still in perfect condition today.

Jose Piñero Montagut 2 years ago

This is the forgotten pearl of Murcia's museums. Many do not even know that it exists, or they confuse it with MUBAM. He always has several very interesting running collections. Highly recommended to see it with a guided tour by a museum technician.

Alejandro Lopez Briones 2 years ago

I was impressed by the Manqud exhibition by designer Carmen López Brío. And the friendliness and knowledge of the museum staff Highly recommended for learning with entertainment.

Susana sancho ansón 2 years ago

Impressive: A seemingly small construction on the outside, housing so much content and so well explained ...

May Saga 2 years ago

A very beautiful place, the exhibition is beautiful and highly recommended

Alba Martinez Cobarro 2 years ago

The visit to this museum brings a lot of culture and knowledge of our wonderful city and its history

VICENTE CUENCA 2 years ago

It is a small museum where you can see and learn about the history of the city of Murcia. Ideal to go with children. It has a temperature gauge at the entrance. The staff is friendly, and they provide you with all the information on the history of Murcia.

Felipe Faria da Silva 2 years ago

As equipes são incríveis, a história da cidade é muito bem representada. Sem dúvida, vale a pena visitar!

Sander van Leusden 2 years ago

Grande exposição, bem com curadoria, vale a pena fazer uma visita.

Obdulia Sánchez de Medina 3 years ago

Interesting museum for anyone who wants and is interested in learning about the history of the city of Murcia.

Raúl Ramos Solar 3 years ago

Museum of the city of Murcia. Century XVI. Former house of the López-Ferrer family. The building was ordered to be built by Mr. Gil Rodríguez de Junterón Pronotario of Pope Julio Ii and Arcediano de Lorca. It has a hispanomusulman orchard.

Elena B 3 years ago

The receptionist is very friendly and helpful. He explained the history of the museum, indicated the order of the exhibition and gave us an informative brochure where they talk about the 20 most emblematic pieces. The museum transports you to the history of Murcia from its beginnings to the present. It is totally FREE to the public. I recommend it for people from other cities and the inhabitants themselves. The visit is enjoyable.

M Carmen Hernandez 3 years ago

The City Museum is a place that every person should visit, it is very enjoyable and didactic as the history and evolution of Murcia shows

Pablo Iglesias Fernández 3 years ago

A beautiful museum, with all the history of the city of Murcia from its origins to today. And exquisite attention to the visitor. Thank you very much for the attention and very good work. Congratulations.

Juan Florín 3 years ago

Good preserved and careful with very incessant exhibitions on the city of Murcia, from its foundation to today, it is divided into ground floor, first floor and second, each dedicated to a specific topic. Highly recommended to know the history of your city.

Mariano M B 3 years ago

If you pass through Murcia and you have 30 minutes, it is a highly recommended visit, with children better. If you are from Murcia you will say that it is short, you want more !!!

Rosemary Mcclure 4 years ago

Excellent and free entry.

Chayka Spanis 4 years ago

Wonderful museum! Not boring at all! The exposition is interesting and entertaining. I recommend to visit for both adults and children. the entrance is free

Daniel Perez 4 years ago

Interesting museum of the city where the origin of the City of Murcia is explained and which hosts various free exhibitions according to the programming of artists and relevant characters related to the city.

Erika Araya Alfaro 4 years ago

Interesting place, the guide very welcoming as well as the staff. It is a hot place, it is suggested not to carry many belongings although there is space to store what you have. A very good place to know the history of Murcia.

Jose Antonio Lopez Espinosa 4 years ago

Next to the museum are two notable trees from the city of Murcia, planted at the end of the 19th century. These are the centennial magnolias of the López Ferrer Orchard.

María Jesús García Torres 4 years ago

It is a museum that you have to visit yes or yes when you go to visit Murcia. It has 3 floors where you can find the history of the creation of Murcia.

Derek Sawle 4 years ago

Uma entrada gratuita no Museu da cidade. Espalhados por 3 andares, são exibições de artes e artesanato históricos que remontam a 1000ad. Não é um museu enorme e pode ser visto em detalhes em uma hora. Funcionários úteis, alguns falando inglês. Muito bom se você deseja obter uma breve compreensão da história de Murcia.

Rosa M.L. 5 years ago

Interesting review of the city of Murcia, mainly historical. Very friendly staff. The building is interesting. It is also completely free, so it deserves 5 stars as an overall score.

Vanesa Rodríguez 5 years ago

Very interesting guided tour. Thanks to this visit, I know better the cultural heritage of my city, especially the irrigation network, which is so important for it. Many thanks to the staff. I recommend your visit.

Emiliano Talon 5 years ago

You will find everything concerning the history of the city of Murcia and its closest surroundings, highlighting the medieval period of Arab colonization and the later one after the reconquest when the invaders were expelled. It includes very interesting plans and models to see what the city was like.

chris henshaw 5 years ago

Ótimo museu que segue a história da cidade desde o seu início islâmico, através de cristãos assumem e até os tempos modernos. Realmente vale uma visita para entender a história de Murcia e também usar os mapas interativos para entender melhor os outros edifícios e monumentos que você pode ver em Murcia.

Ohm Songpol 6 years ago

Bom museu, equipes muito simpáticas. Meu garoto realmente gostou deste lugar.

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