Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo

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C. Hospital Bazán s/n
29601, Marbella
952 93 88 40

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O Museo Del Grabado Español Contemporil, em Marbella, é um museu de renome mundial que abriga uma impressionante coleção de arte contemporânea espanhola. O museu foi fundado em 1992 pelo artista e colecionador de arte Juan Antonio Toledo e sua esposa, a historiadora de arte Carmen de Toledo. O museu está localizado no coração do centro histórico de Marbella, em um belo edifício do século XVI que já foi a casa dos duques de Osuna.

A coleção do museu inclui mais de 4.000 obras de arte de artistas espanhóis dos séculos 20 e 21. O museu também possui uma biblioteca com mais de 10.000 livros e publicações sobre arte e um centro de pesquisa dedicado ao estudo da arte contemporânea espanhola. O museu oferece uma ampla variedade de programas educacionais e workshops para crianças e adultos.

O Museo del Grabado Español Contemporil é um dos museus mais importantes da arte contemporânea na Espanha e é imperdível para qualquer pessoa interessada em arte espanhola.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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🗣️ Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo: Opiniões

Arthur Balik 1 year ago

A great place

Cruz Leon 1 year ago

A must visit place, if you are interested in art. There is a small collection of letters and drawings by Jean Cocteau, drawings by Picasso, Dalí, works by Miró, Antonio Saura, Tàpies, Luis Feito, Manolo Millares, Joan Brossa, Ceesepe and local artists such as Ana Matías and Jesús Chacón, among others.

Iván Ledesma 1 year ago

I wanted to visit a museum since I had never been to one before, and this one seemed impressive. A small museum but with a large number of paintings and works by great authors. There is a very good atmosphere with the classical music they play, which is great. The place where it is located is very good, and now they are expanding it to make it bigger. The man who served me was very friendly. I recommend visiting it.

David Marquez 1 year ago

A very nice museum very good treatment by the concierges who are workers of the city council I have loved it

Amaia Jurjo 1 year ago

Very pleasant visit and high quality exhibition, in a beautiful historic building in the center of the old town. Very attentive staff and we hope that the expansion of the museum we can visit soon. We will be back.

Marjorie Irsem 1 year ago

One of the oldest buildings in the center of Marbella houses a superb collection of engravings by the greatest Spanish artists (contrary to what the name of the museum suggests, there are even some works by Goya). The visit is done quickly, not a spade when we passed, very friendly welcome, free entry... A marvel!

Rafael Puñales 1 year ago

Magnificent place to visit in Marbella. Very light and interesting. The building and the content deserve half an hour of respect for the culture between so much summer and frivolity, and it doesn't cost money, my friends, what more could you ask for!

David Hopkins 1 year ago

Museu fabuloso no centro de Marbella tantas exposições, grande trabalho duro que é necessário visitar. O Museo Del Grabado está localizado no Oldtown, todos devem dar instruções para onde ele realmente está situado. Tão lindamente demitido com algumas obras de arte fabulosas de Picasso de Joan Miró estão entre alguns dos fabulosos artistas apresentados aqui no museu. A equipe é muito simpática e muito informativa, fornece todas as informações e uma mini -passe antes de começar a ter acesso às principais galerias. Vale a pena uma visita Se você estiver em Marbella, por favor, não perca que ficará muito surpreso.

Nancy Bal 1 year ago

Very pleasant reception

medi terraneo 2 years ago

Very neat atmosphere, friendly staff, various concepts from contemporary artists. A little gem in the old town.

Daniel Martín 2 years ago

It's free on Saturdays and it's very nice and interesting

MidiGrup Vitter 2 years ago

A large collection of prints, with a multitude of unique pieces. Essential to visit in Marbella.


They have a very good collection and the beautiful space

Marta Herranz 3 years ago

Very complete exhibition, in a consistent and well-kept building. We walked in not knowing what to expect and it was a surprise. 100% recommendable. In addition, the person who received us answered all the doubts and answered like those people who can tell that they are passionate about what they say. Thank you very much:)

Johannes Ulsund 3 years ago

A great museum. Tidy easy to navigate and beautiful collections. Mostly spanish modern artists. A must visit when in Marbella.

Sonia Farrugia 3 years ago

Um museu muito interessante, muita obra de arte. Definitivamente vale a pena uma visita. A entrada foi de € 3.

Lidia Ramoul 4 years ago

A very nice little communal museum !!

Victor Guirao 4 years ago

A great place! Very preserved! An emblematic site of Marbella and a must see. They usually do many conferences and workshops! Yesterday, for example, I was able to enjoy a conference with a prestigious international photographer. Top


It is a small but very nice museum. It is not appropriate for concerts. A museum that closes on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays... Absurd Marbella _ Tourist

Carlos Cáceres Lavergne 4 years ago

the level of the works exhibited

Enric maso valls 4 years ago

It is a very interesting museum and more now an exhibition by Manolo Miralles is made

Alejandro Álvarez 4 years ago

Incredible, to visit without a doubt.

irina lomakina 4 years ago

MGEC - museo del grabado español contemporaneo - a museum of contemporary Spanish prints. There's a press here, spacious halls, print samples, oh, very abstract engravings. From the series "it will be necessary to think about it at your leisure." In particular, Monolo Millares, Ana de Matos, Jose Manuel Ballester. There are old Spanish seals made of baked clay. Just like in the historical series - in the form of a ring. There are the promised Ricasso and Miro, Dali.

Tia 4 years ago

Beautiful infrastructure.

Nuria Olga Domínguez García 4 years ago

I was in Anthony QUIN and fell in love !!!


Nice simple building in the middle of the night!

Justin Waghray 4 years ago

Great museum! We’re lucky to have this in Marbella

Juan Villarreal Rozo 5 years ago

Completely historical and fascinating

Gloria G 5 years ago

Very pretty

Antonio Luna Aguilar 7 years ago

Only museum exclusively of engravings of Spain. Located in a 16th century building, former residence of Alonso de Bazán, warden of the castle and ruler of Marbella. After his death he was hospital, at the end of the XIX and beginning of the XX residence of priests, then house of neighbors. Restored was conditioned as the headquarters of the museum.

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