Museo Unicaja de Artes y Costumbres Populares

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Pl. Enrique García-Herrera 1
29005, Málaga
952 21 71 37

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O Museo Unicaja de Artes Y costumbres Populares em Málaga é um museu dedicado à preservação e exibição das artes e costumes tradicionais do povo da Andaluzia. O museu está alojado em um ex -convento da Ordem de São João de Deus e apresenta uma coleção de mais de 5.000 itens que datam do século XVIII. O museu é dividido em quatro seções principais: arte folclórica, vestido tradicional, instrumentos musicais e dança folclórica. A seção de arte folclórica apresenta uma variedade de artesanato tradicional da Andaluzia, como cerâmica, madeira, trabalho de metal e tecelagem. A seção tradicional do vestido inclui uma coleção de roupas andaluzes tradicionais, como vestidos de flamenco, mantilas e abarcas (sapatos tradicionais andaluzes). A seção de instrumentos musicais apresenta uma variedade de instrumentos tradicionais andaluzes, como o violão, o pandeiro e os castanhos. A seção de dança folclórica inclui uma coleção de danças andaluzes tradicionais, como os Sevillanas, o Jota e o Farruca.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

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🗣️ Museo Unicaja de Artes y Costumbres Populares: Opiniões

Manuel BERNAL 1 year ago

for people over 50 years old they will have a good time with the things they have, for those who like the history of the 19th century even better cheap 2 euros, very good.

Palmina Guiotto 1 year ago

Beautiful traditional house, large exhibition, lots of rural objects and tools, no photos. Tuesdays from 1pm are free for EU citizens

Naser Rodri 1 year ago

Will it reopen in this century or will we wait for the next one, Unicaja? A beautiful museum, a miracle that this building was preserved in the middle of an entire neighborhood destroyed and replaced by a square. A pity that it has been closed for so many years and that it is crushed by the Hotel Posada del Patio and the Casa Hermandad de Fusionadas. It lacks publicity, unlike all the franchise museums or McMuseos in Malaga. The only unavoidable museum in any visit together with the Glass Museum, the Customs Museum and the late MUPAM.

Victoria Senaty 2 years ago

A large manor house from the s. XVII, with a Castilian touch I say, through the windows. It opens its doors to a patio, as if it were a waiting place. Keep in mind that it has gone through several owners, you see the adaptation. In the first place the main family, they have the place with everything to create a patrimonial asset. There are farm implements, carriages, a cellar. Sober rooms. But with the last detail in an emergency, for example for a delivery. The cabinets full of books. And the 1000 keys, there are not so many, but I invite you to count them. Then his end changed, to a monks' inn. That was increasing and expanded. It is because of its flat, very cozy, comfortable. Keeps the buttress woods, very careful. You will also have to discover other objects, which are no longer in use, it will be your exploration, around here, the one that tells you. It's a place that I don't mind repeating, because I always find something. Very close to the center and very Malaga.

Ann McGuinness 3 years ago

A little gem of a museum, set in a 17th century house. Easy to absorb the information and lots of artefacts in each room to set the scene. Be sure to spend time here.

Moisés Vallejos 3 years ago

Very interesting museum that shows how people traditionally lived in Malaga. Highly recommended visit.

Violeta D 3 years ago

I like it has many interesting things

Mike Skokin 3 years ago

Very original and full of antiques, admissions 4 E, 2E for senior Citizen.

Bruno Perez 3 years ago

Beautiful Malaga house with all kinds of tackle and sections, everyday kitchen objects, cars, farming, hunting, sewing, printing, antique furniture, cellar, bulls, sanctuaries, relics, wrought iron latticework, tiles, Andalusian art ... With a fantastic Andalusian patio.

Veerle Van Gysel 3 years ago

I find it interesting to see the habits and the former lifestyle of Málaga, as well as the clothing

Bernardo Goicoechea Arocena 4 years ago

Essential to learn about the ancient customs of the city of Malaga, very interesting.

bobo vert 4 years ago

Beautiful museum retracing the life of a village and a region with beautiful costumes, living rooms (kitchen, bedroom, ...) and various trades (fishermen, blacksmith, weavers, ...)

bethy1953 4 years ago

Very nice museum, old crafts, tools, everyday life traditional costumes ... Beautiful atmospheres. Delighted with our visit, also good for children from 5 years old.

Ana Butler 4 years ago

Nice museum. Not very expensive. Worth a visit if you want to know more about local traditions and popular arts.

TSSsilverina Tss 4 years ago

I was not inside of museum as it was closed. The swuare before is amazing


Beautiful building and content to learn from our past.

Silvae 4 years ago

It was an experience. After walking through its many rooms, I was transported to the 19th century, to see the form of transport, all made of esparto, absolute absence of plastic. Very good exposure of the trades of that time. The way of life of the gentlemen and the people who worked for them. I recommend it.

Luisa Dittmar 4 years ago

To know Malaga's history better, you must go.

Charo Gallego 4 years ago

They are to see the building and worth the visit. But also the content of the Museum in very interesting. Transport the visitor to the past to know tools, utensils, furniture, costumes, and much more.

T 4 years ago

Interesting, lively local and national museum! Many rooms with objects and interiors from old homes, necessities from many walks of life. There were, for example, horses and donkeys, bridles, harnesses and carts. There were a few agricultural tools. Toys, costumes, kitchen utensils ... I also think kids will enjoy it here!

Liliana Sofia 4 years ago

excelente museu

Natalia Avila 4 years ago

This Malaga Museum has a very beautiful traditional Andalusian interior courtyard. I liked the collection of embroidered textile work.

Romney Pereira 4 years ago

Worth visiting, gives an insight into the culture

Drymartino 4 years ago

Do not waste time in the Picasso and visit this Museum, much more enjoyable and interesting.

Esteban J. Romero Vera 4 years ago

Very rustic and careful, ideal to see before / after walking through the capital Malagueña. Harmony between light, furniture and environment. Perfect for the whole family.

Jonathan Young 4 years ago

Small museum with lots in it. Not too big and covers the culture of Malaga over the years by displaying groups of artifacts together in rooms.

Francisco Jesus Jimenez Gracia 4 years ago

It is a museum with arts and crafts of many years ago, who likes to know about the materials that were used in those times, you will like it a lot

Marianne Bunse 4 years ago

Whoever loves Andalusia, the country and its people should definitely visit this museum. It shows life in Andalusia over the past 200 years.

Pritam Aggarwall 4 years ago

Lugar fantástico

JOHN PRINGLE 4 years ago

Another Hidden Gem in Malaga..well laid out and full descriptions in all the room's allow time to take a step back into a bygone era and fully absorb the atmosphere...

Me 4 years ago

Grande seleção de artefatos históricos no térreo e uma fantástica galeria de obras culturais acima, tudo em um belo edifício

Justyna W. 4 years ago

É uma casa bonita e tradicional, com uma coleção impressionante de objetos dos séculos passados. Gostamos especialmente das roupas e dos brinquedos infantis, mas há muito mais. A taxa de entrada é de 4 euros por adulto e as crianças entram de graça. Passamos mais de 1 hora em um dia frio de inverno e definitivamente recomendamos.

Lindis Sørum 5 years ago

Informativ excebition about the life in the oldtime Málaga. Situatet in an beautiful old 18th. century Inn.

Beatriz Gutiérrez Moncayo 5 years ago

It is in a beautiful building and is very well assembled, with taste and quality. Your visit is a trip to the recent history of our land and to the social and cultural roots of Andalusia.

Marcio Barros un Community Manager 5 years ago

Impressive museum of the heritage of Malaga and Andalusian culture and traditions

cristobal sanchez 5 years ago

Very interesting the collection of objects and the great building with its typical patio and architecture of the time

Benoît Girard 5 years ago

Even if you are not passionate about old tools and 19th century costumes (and from this point of view, it is very good), visit the place just for the building itself, a marvel !

John Connor 5 years ago

This is a charming museum with an amazing collection of pieces. The house itself is beautiful and well worth the small entrance price.

Mariano Martín Díaz 5 years ago

Perfectly preserved 18th century building, complete ethnographic collection.

Α D 5 years ago

Interesting folklife museum

Ummu Sakiinah 5 years ago

Eu vim aqui porque estava chovendo lá fora, então precisava encontrar atração interna. Então eu não esperava muito. Mas foi um museu pequeno e agradável, com boas coleções, leva você ao período antigo. Do interior, aparelhos domésticos, roupas, transporte. O edifício é um edifício antigo com a típica casa de estilo andaluz, o que foi incrível.

b. dicairo 5 years ago

Realmente um lugar legal, mostra instrumentos antigos (e costumes) em diferentes campos, formam agricultura, impressão, transporte para alfândegas antigas e como uma casa foi organizada. Vale a pena o ingresso de 4 euros.

Susan Su 6 years ago

Este é um museu adorável e pequeno que dá aos visitantes um vislumbre da vida cotidiana em Andaluzía e Málaga especificamente, no final do século XIX e início do século XX. Você pode gastar apenas 45 minutos aqui, ou até duas horas. Adorei ver tudo, desde uma prensa gigante de azeite antigo até muitas estatuetas e pôsteres encantadores que descrevem a 20ª imaginação. Depois de terminar de fazer compras, comer e encadear em Málaga, este museu é uma cápsula do tempo completamente que vale a pena e romântica da Espanha antes da guerra e da Andalucía em particular. Também fica a poucos minutos a pé do centro principal da cidade, muito conveniente.

Dani MC 6 years ago

A unique museum that makes our past present. a beautiful place

Katerina Kukina 6 years ago

A very interesting museum of local history about the history of Andalusia. Production tools (wine press, printing press, fishing boat, etc.), household items, costumes, etc. All this is in an interesting and beautiful mansion. Entrance of 4 euros - very budget. The inscriptions are duplicated in English.

Javier Martín Gonzalez 6 years ago

An original and educational museum about our recent history. I loved it.

Marina Malpartida 6 years ago

Great collection and exhibition in the Museum, and also an unmatched building. I recommend time to read and explore the pieces it houses

Juan Severian 6 years ago

Very nice, small museum in an old, restored building. An extensive collection of objects and information with scenes from the past everyday life of the people and the craft professions.

David Lusty 6 years ago

This is a little gem with fascinating displays of everyday artifacts from the past couple of centuries. Well displayed and with just enough information in Spanish and English.

Bogdan E. 6 years ago

A simply amazing museum inside of a beautiful old house! You must visit this museum while staying in Malaga!

gérolf héberling 6 years ago

a great museum with 1000 objects from the past very well presented CAUTION: it is located further north than Google Maps shows: at Plaza Enrique García-Herrera

Miguel D. Ruiz 7 years ago

It is really worth a visit to this place not only for its extensive collection of antique objects but for the beautiful inn where it is located that transports you to the past of the most authentic Andalucia.

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