Museo de la imaginación

📍 Localização e contacto

C. Martínez Campos 13
29001, Málaga
951 50 13 19

ℹ️ Em formação

O Museo de la Imaginación é um museu em Málaga, Espanha, dedicado à imaginação. O museu possui salas de exposição projetadas para estimular a imaginação, bem como uma biblioteca e uma oficina. O museu também oferece uma variedade de atividades para crianças e adultos.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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🗣️ Museo de la imaginación: Opiniões

Sandro José Galeote Martín 1 year ago


Jason Tyldesley 1 year ago

Awesome experience

David Callau 1 year ago

Very nice place. The kids really liked it. If you are in Málaga, give it a try.

Hans Maes 1 year ago

Dont miss this. Absolutely fabulous. Small but well worth a visit. Unexpected vieuws an discoveries that trick your eyes and mind. Friendly staff as well!

Jenny Richards 1 year ago

Loved it here, Great experience for young children

Selim Onat 1 year ago

Went with family of two small kids. We (both adults and kids) had great fun experiencing the illusions and making funny pictures. Highlight for me was the upside down rooms as well as perspective illusions.

Tomas Baltušis 1 year ago

Go there and take your kids, one happy hour guaranteed with nice photos

Dean Castrillon 1 year ago

Great for kids

Ashiq Hoque 1 year ago

Really fun and interesting place to visit, especially with children. Came home with lots of good pictures.

Azizur Rahman 1 year ago

Centro de Museu Interativo das Crianças de Málaga 8 e 12 desfrutaram do seu tempo, pequeno museu com três quartos com exibições. Dominado por fotos 3D como fotos mostram crianças e entram nas fotos. Toda a tela está disponível para crianças e adultos se envolverem.

Alina Bratu 1 year ago

Diversão para todas as idades deste museu por apenas um preço de 10 € para adultos e 5 € para crianças.

Reinhart De Lille 1 year ago

Super fun with kids!

Christine Tuff 1 year ago

Apenas um pequeno museu, mas muito para manter adultos e crianças (5 e 6) ocupados e entretidos por uma ou duas horas. Concessões para crianças mais novas e adultos mais velhos. Altamente recomendado em um dia quente e ensolarado.

Stoyan S S 1 year ago

Great place for kids, they enjoyed it a lot.

Lara Dalla Bona (Elle) 1 year ago

Museu engraçado! Alternativa muito digna para algumas coisas internas quando está chovendo! Às vezes fica muito ocupado e você precisa fazer fila para tirar uma foto

Studio 17 Ltd (Alejandra) 1 year ago

Great place for all ages

Szigeti Eva 1 year ago

Beautiful place! Lovely photos and memories made there!

Mick Trussler 1 year ago

Ótima experiência, grande o suficiente para ser interessante pequena o suficiente para não ficar entediado. Alguns conjuntos incríveis. Realmente vale a pena visitar. Duas horas agradáveis, muito divertido. Os funcionários são excelentes.

Christoph H. 1 year ago

Great for kidz and adults

Ursa Ender 2 years ago

A place where you can spend interesting time with children. I wouldn't call it a museum, but rather an entertainment room. Two entertainment rooms. One room where you can try different optical effects. And a second room for photographing. Both halls are interesting, and both the children and us liked it. The visit takes about an hour.

Joanna G 2 years ago

Great fun for all! ☺️

Franciscus Gerardus Adrianus Dongen 2 years ago

Adoro este sítio

Перев Сергей 2 years ago

A very beautiful museum. The children liked the place very much. The organizers thought out every detail very well.

Martin Thurzo 2 years ago

It was fun for an hour or so. Definitely recommend for cloudy days.

charlie middleton 2 years ago

A museum for the mind!!! A terrific experience. The grandchildren loved it too.

Melanie wilkes 2 years ago

Great small museum experience. 100% guarenteed laughs

Judit Csernai 2 years ago

I thought It would be really little, half an hour and we leave. But I had a positive disappointment. It was fun for all of us. Not only photos you can make but there are phisical and illusory things. Worth to see.

Android Techno 2 years ago

Today I visited it and I was shocked at how wonderful it is and how wonderful it contains. I advise everyone to visit it

Filipenko Sofiia 2 years ago

Fantastic place, I loved it. Very exciting and interesting. I think I will want to visit this place again, but only this time with friends.

Anastasia Kulagina 2 years ago

Just an amazing place, highly recommending!

Светлана Андрюхина 2 years ago

interesting ideas embodied in exhibits !!! everything is very creative and interesting! we are delighted!

Shahzad Akbar 3 years ago

It's very amazing . thumbs up for the admin

Emm Kay 3 years ago

Great fun, for multi generation non pretentious fun

Ibrahim Maxamed (Imali) 3 years ago

Wery fun and trippy as heck, would recommend.

Vid Marketeers 3 years ago

Great morning, loads of cool things and great photos

Jan Helin 3 years ago

Really fun place and kids will love it!

Daniel Gent 3 years ago

Actually really enjoyed this. Definitely recommend it

Saurabh Shrihar 3 years ago

Cannot recommend this enough. Very good place to go with kids and take multiple photos.

Mehdi Em 3 years ago

Tnx for idea and very city is very butiful for visit❤

Tony Bainbridge 4 years ago

Took my niece, and we had a fantastic time playing with the cool photos. Very funny

Александра 1 4 years ago

It's a very amusing place. If you have children, or if you feel like a child or just want to escape from the hustle and bustle - it is the best place for you to come to. You'll get a couple of hours full of smiles, laughter and good mood. And you'll get vivid memories and cool pics too. If you do not know where to go in Malaga - you should come here. Surely recommend!

Dassen Drikop 4 years ago

As I visited this museum with my friends, I was surprised by such an influx of mood in myself, I liked the upturned room, we will come to you on weekends.

Alina Biryukova 5 years ago

Amazing place in Malaga! 5+++

Arsen Seytuev 5 years ago

Very interesting place to visit with your family. I highly recommend, you'll not be disaрpointed!

Лена лена 5 years ago

We visited with two young children and they had an AMAZING time there. The visit probably only took 90 minutes or so, but the Head on a Platter, Upside Down Room, and Big Room where it made our kids look bigger than the adults was a lot of fun and was worth the price of admission. It was a little busy due to the bad weather, but it looked to me like everyone in there was having fun and enjoying their visit. This probably isn't a place that you need to visit multiple times, but if you are in the area and are looking for something fun to do this fits the bill.

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