Museu d'Art de Girona

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Pujada de la Catedral 12
17004, Girona
972 20 38 34

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O Museu d'Art de Girona é um museu de arte de renome mundial localizado na histórica cidade de Girona, Espanha. O museu abriga uma extensa coleção de arte da Idade Média até os dias atuais, com um foco particular na arte catalã. O museu também abriga vários artefatos arqueológicos importantes, além de uma biblioteca e centro de pesquisa.

O Museu d'Art de Girona foi fundado em 1854 pelo governo catalão. A coleção original do museu consistia em obras confiscadas de instituições religiosas durante a revolta catalã de 1833. O museu foi expandido e agora inclui obras de alguns dos artistas catalães mais importantes, como Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí e Pablo Picasso.

O museu está localizado no centro de Girona, perto da Catedral de Girona. O museu está aberto de terça a domingo, das 10h às 18h. A entrada é gratuita para crianças menores de 16 anos e descontos estão disponíveis para idosos e estudantes.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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🗣️ Museu d'Art de Girona: Opiniões

Rosa M. Provencio Monleón 1 year ago

It preserves a rich heritage of religious images, altarpieces, capitals and goldsmith's pieces. Today has opened a magnificent exhibition of female artists from the early twentieth century. Forgotten women in the history of art. All worth seeing.

Eden Walco 1 year ago

Very nice museum for those who love religious art. The temporary exhibition on female painters of the early 20th century is also very interesting. Have.

Yamina Hanchour 1 year ago

I recommend this museum, it is just beautiful

Q pC 1 year ago

Splendid exhibition of religious art of which I would highlight the Romanesque carvings, the Gothic altarpieces and the didactic room where the manufacturing process of leaded stained glass is shown.

marta roqueta 1 year ago

Interesting and very entertaining game for the baby

_kumifuu_ 1 year ago

Amazing museum! You can learn a lot of things there and in addition 4 languages ​​are available, French, English, Spanish and Catalan, I recommend even if it is a bit long so not to do with children under 11/12 years old

Mariajo Save 1 year ago

Great museum in what was the Episcopal Palace with paintings, carvings, sculptures, altarpieces, etc. that constitute one of the best collections of Catalan art, ranging from Romanesque to the present, all very well indicated and explained. In one of its rooms there is the famous Lleona, the authentic one, dating from the 11th or 12th century

stephen williams 1 year ago

Ótima arte em um grande edifício, muito sobre um tema religioso. Coisas inspiradoras, vale a pena uma visita

Armando Cubas Morales 1 year ago

In my opinion, this is a wonder of a museum. First, obviously, for its collections. I was greatly impressed by its numerous and exquisite Romanesque and Gothic carvings, and I am also grateful for the opportunity to appreciate and learn about the work of great local artists whose names I did not even know, for having made their careers far from where the vellums of genius are distributed. And second, I also greatly appreciated the museum quality of the space: well-lit works, dated and adequately separated to favor their contemplation. And I did not stop being grateful that, inside the museum, there was a rest room with armchairs, toilets and a drinks machine, where the long-suffering tourist could rest his feet for a moment. Yes, I would also have appreciated that the explanatory labels of all the works were, at least, in the two official languages ​​of the community, but hey...!

Ricardo Rabinovich-Berkman 1 year ago

One of the best museums in Girona. In addition to the interest presented by the Episcopal Palace itself, the collection is excellent, especially the pieces of sacred art. Ideal to take advantage of the free Sunday of each month.

Federico B 1 year ago

Excellent selection that ranges from the Romanesque to the 20th century. I find them especially significant: numerous late Gothic and Renaissance altarpieces that can be admired in their entirety and up close; many pictures that made up the Renaissance altarpiece of San Feliu; several beautiful works by Catalan artists of the 19th century (Modest Urgell, Santiago Rusiñol ...). The temporary collections are also very good (in December 2021, two collections dedicated to interesting 20th century artists: Celso Lagar i Hortense Bégué, and Palau Ferré).

Narcís Torra 1 year ago

A great journey into the history of Girona's art

Nieves Baixauli 1 year ago

A special place. And the attention from the director, magnificent. Like your recommendations. Thank you. We will be back.


Great, very friendly staff. Good exhibitions.

J.M. S.Q. 2 years ago

Very interesting museum with great quality and quantity of art in general but unknown and little visited.

Albert Duch 2 years ago

All sections are of great interest and very well preserved with a very careful exhibition.

M Carmen Luque Muñoz 2 years ago

I really liked it, I was going to spend a few days for it St. John, I was completely alone. Very nice, I really liked it

Miquel Jimenez 2 years ago

Good museum, entertaining and very interesting

GenteFarmacia “JV” 2 years ago

I was on Sunday with the family on Open House. Beautiful enclosure, which gives us an idea of ​​the mostly liturgical art that was in the city. Works its bulk between the thirteenth and sixteenth century. It may be that I am wrong I am not a specialist. But most of his works are of a Catholic Christian character. Mostly restored. It was a great day. Feed the soul. It is next to the Cathedral.

Jaume Macià Soler 2 years ago

Lots of Romanesque and Gothic Catalan art


A wonderful place that transports you to other centuries due to the content of its masterpieces, in addition to the exterior environment that adds all this content. I recommend visiting it and dedicating a reasonable amount of time to it because it deserves the admiration of its content. Don't think about it, visit him.

Fer Tejero Velez 2 years ago

If you really like art you must visit this pretty small museum.

Mónica A. F. imaginART 2 years ago

I enjoyed the open house museum day. Precious space, well cared for and very complete with the relics of this town. Exquisite visitor service. Great Girona!

Inmaculada Sánchez 2 years ago

Excellent museum, very wide ranging from Romanesque to Noucentisme.

Jacint Xifre 2 years ago

Very good, the 'Art impresses... a great experience... thank you

Bill Shadle 2 years ago

The Artigau exhibit is fantastic

anna soler 2 years ago

I really enjoyed the visit, it is a small Museum with very interesting content. It is a very good representation of art in Catalonia in each of its eras.

Gabriel 3 years ago

Foi muito bom, eu realmente adorei.

Agnès Fort Rocamora 3 years ago

Great works and very well exposed. It is worth a visit.

Martin Wills 3 years ago

Five floors of wondee

Praktijk Harmonie Triggertherapie 3 years ago

Art museum is full of fantastic beautiful art objects, which make eyes and souls of visitors happy

Nemain 3 years ago

Very nice and with many works. I totally recommend it if you like art. I saw it twice taking advantage of the first Sunday of each month, which is free.

Bettie Rage 3 years ago

Muito interessante!

Isabel Zegarra 3 years ago

Very interesting. It is worth a visit.

Svetlana Savenko 3 years ago

A very interesting museum

Meritxell jimenez morales 4 years ago

Excellent temporary exhibitions and a magnificent artistic legacy in the museum. It is worth getting lost in its rooms.

Quim Fàbrega 4 years ago

It defines a guided tour of the museums.

Burhan Esen 4 years ago


Callum Kerr 4 years ago

Interesting artifacts from as far back as the 7th century. Some incredible sculptures and paintings as well as history related to Girona.

D 4 years ago

I went on a free day so maybe that influenced my opinion somewhat but I really liked this museum. The staff were very friendly, it wasn’t overly crowded, and I really liked that the 19/20th century work which is v site specific is housed on the 4th floor with big windows looking out over Girona. That seemed very thoughtful. enjoyed the current exhibition & very much appreciated that there were no audio guides

Paul Stet 4 years ago

Melhor Museu de Arte em Cataluña

Vincent Guilluy 5 years ago

Lots of works, some of them very beautiful - notably magnificent altarpieces from churches / monasteries in Catalonia. Very extensive museum, very diverse, few people. Lacks just a little more explanation (we had not taken an audio guide with the combined ticket, but maybe in a hurry to visit all of Girona I was not attentive enough). Some rooms are very beautiful and the works are well highlighted, there is even a cool "living room" with large sofas very welcoming to sit on! The museum staff are particularly attentive and friendly. Our (5!) Children (5 to 10 years old) really enjoyed the game of finding photos in the works that were printed on sheets provided for free. I particularly recommend, especially if you are - and even if you are not - sensitive to religious art, classism and the beauty of Catalonia. In short, a big crush on this "small" / large museum - in the sense that it ultimately does not look so much like the big cultural machines of Paris, Barcelona or elsewhere (which I can also love) but which conceals for as much a certain gem that seems to be offered with taste, scientific and artistic rigor, and above all passion ... The clarity that emerges from the chronological discovery of this museum means that the art that is exhibited there, even if it can sometimes seeming rather distant - especially in time - yet seems so close, at least physically. In short, go for it, without this preventing you from also going to see other more colorful things such as Dali in Figurés, Gaudi or Picasso in Barcelona, ​​or even the calm of San Pere de Rodes at Cap de Creus (some elements of which are there. 'elsewhere here exposed). That Catalonia - whether Spanish or not - is rich, and Girona is not for nothing!

Jofre Ferrer i Pumarola 5 years ago

Great, amazing

Esther de Veer 5 years ago

Lots of art, very organized in a historic building, Fita exhibition, temporary is great! The information can be found with a fairly easy application.

Maria Merce Rovira Regas 5 years ago

Extraordinary ... the collection, the museum project, the people behind it and that I give everything for this museum !!!

Carrie Marilyn 5 years ago

Beautiful museum with one of the best collections of European early painting and an astonishing collection of medieval madonnas, most of them still with parts of their original painting. Your eyes are filled with beauty and color. You even learn how the early processes of painting and printing worked. A travel in time.

Franya Cat 5 years ago

Museu surpreendente com obras de arte inesquecíveis. Um imperdível.

Mauro Campedelli 6 years ago

A jewel not to be missed, We marveled at the very few people who were present, in the middle of August for more. Very well presented works of art, from the Middle Ages to today, large spaces. truly a very large collection that never seems to end. nice nice. very low price with audio guide also in Italian. tip: get ready to walk ;-)

Marc Sanjuan 6 years ago

If you have not yet visited it is one of the obligatory stops. Abundant collection of Medieval art from those who have to spend time to look and enjoy. It's a shame that the more we go chronologically the less we see pieces but there are still gems.

trevor baines 6 years ago


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