Erotic Museum

📍 Localização e contacto

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 54
1012 DP, Amsterdam
020 627 8954

ℹ️ Em formação

O Museu Erótico de Amsterdã é imperdível para qualquer pessoa interessada em sexualidade humana. O museu contém uma grande variedade de arte erótica e artefatos de todo o mundo. Há também uma grande variedade de exposições interativas que permitem aos visitantes experimentar diferentes aspectos da sexualidade humana. O museu está aberto sete dias por semana e está localizado no coração do distrito da luz vermelha de Amsterdã.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM

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🗣️ Erotic Museum: Opiniões

Tim Chan 1 year ago

Muito estranho, mas incrível, haha. A entrada é bastante barata, não se lembre do preço exato, mas definitivamente estava abaixo de 10 €. Há uma imprensa "Penny" (5 cent); portanto, se você é um colecionador, vá buscar um! Tem 3-4 andares cheios do que você esperaria, mas honestamente, se você não quiser ir a nenhum outro lugar da área, este lugar é uma aposta segura.

Josh Marsden 1 year ago

O cavalheiro do quintosque foi a quintessência de um mestre de ingressos no estilo de cinema. Serviço perfeito na entrada. As filas eram muito curtas e, como atração turística, definitivamente valia a pena a entrada de 9 €. Há muito o que ver e ler sobre as idades. O prédio também foi uma delícia para passear - se você não é uma risada, eu definitivamente recomendaria uma visita.

P A 1 year ago

Tive um bom tempo neste museu, o local tinha arte, itens colecionáveis, desenhos animados engraçados, fotos de pornografia antiga, modelos de cera. Boas fotos de fotos e um tempo agradável. Eles também têm uma loja de presentes muito barata! O que supera todos os que provavelmente todas as outras lojas de presentes preços em Amsterdã

k hart 1 year ago

Small, but compact. Good stuff to go when you high with buncha bros lol

Alena Karaivanova 1 year ago

Amazing museum I never see something like that before so much sex Art and funny. I could say it's for people who are more open minded and dont find sex for something bad or disgusting very well spend 7 euro for entrance I think even after few years more this museum twill be much more value

Stefan Vancea 1 year ago

Very interesting and unusual place.

Horia Galitianu 1 year ago

very fun:)

Tristan van de Laar 1 year ago

very interesting, lots of art

Biljana van Engelen 2 years ago

Very nice and erotic place

Milan Novak 2 years ago

Funny interesting se like it

Tu聞遠 3 years ago

Tickets are 7 euros. Great value for money. Very informative. It is my food.

Heather Keenoy 3 years ago

This place was just awesome! Definitely a must see!

james gallagher 3 years ago

It's quite a small place but Interesting none the less

Veselin Trifonov 3 years ago

7€ entrance fee

Tanya Kashtanya 3 years ago

Fun, cheap, a collection of erotic things, statues, pictures. Good time-killer, but you need like 20 mins, really for everything.

Walter Miranda 3 years ago

Beautiful catalog of interesting erotic history. From very old articles (or reproductions) to the latest kinks.

Akhter Alam 3 years ago

A localização é perfeitamente agradável, em uma palavra pequena, é incrível. Disse a história que misturava muitas alegrias e tristeza das pessoas das zonas da luz vermelha. Tem uma ótima experiência. Deve visitar o local.

Domagoj Lovrecki 4 years ago

Very interesting museum, i suggest that you have a look

Marisa H 4 years ago

What can I say, it was interesting to see the history of eroticism by videos, statue's animations and books told the story thru toys, techniques and visuals displays past generation used to express themselves thru sex. This museum is located in the heart of the red light district.

Eduardo Palou 4 years ago

Really funny place. The best part, the kids area

Cláudio Ventura 4 years ago

Very well organized with some curious pieces. Also art made by John Lenon, wich was a surprise.

Cheesenubs 4 years ago

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Evgeny Pavlenko 4 years ago

A funny place where u and your friends can learn something new about the erotism, situated in the heart of Amsterdam in the red light district, entry 18+

Marlin Yousif 4 years ago

Fun experience here at the sex museum in Amsterdam lol.

Danail Yakimov 4 years ago

Muito bom

Guy Thompson 4 years ago

€5 only so very good value Quirky, silly, sexy! Not for the bashful timid or shy! Just over the road from Central Station.

Юлия 4 years ago

Place worth to be seen at least once, when being to Amsterdam. There is a small sex shop by the entrance) a lot of promotions) There is no toilet in the museum. And museum by itself has 3 floors. An exhibition isn't much usuful or informative, rather a bit confused or embarrassing, but still interesting)

Matthew Harper 4 years ago

Really enjoyed this, hilarious and educational at the same time

Amr Mohsen 4 years ago

I've seen such creativity that if we get to have in everything else in our lives, we will be able to take humanity to the next level.

Mark Jurgiel 4 years ago

I visited with my wife and it was a great place for both of us to see with a lot of interesting items to look at.

Solene D 4 years ago

Super fun experience trough 5 floors ! Not expensive it was around 5€ maybe

Sabrina Scholkowski 4 years ago

Has the best little souvenirs!!! I bought this hilarious condom in the shape of a christmas tree for a friend of mine, it was a big hit amongst our friend group!

Piotr Olchawski 4 years ago

Nice place to go with family, very friendly ladies behind the windows.

mica samuels 4 years ago

Great museum to see some radical items great to kill a little time

Madalina Florea 4 years ago

Very fun place! Best museum of this kind in Amsterdam! Loved the kids play area

Delfina Witkowska (Hina) 4 years ago

Really eye opening experience to see how there is a whole other side to art which is always hidden. We've all seen statues about love and family and heartbreak and all things life but never sex. It feels here like stumbling into the hidden room at every collective museum in the world. Beautiful and worth every cent.

Olli M-C 4 years ago

Had so much fun there with my m8's deffo a place to check out

Alexandru Aursulesei 4 years ago

If u have the time !

Adewale Manuwa 4 years ago

Uma visita ao Museu vale a pena se você estiver em Amsterdã. Deve dar uma boa risada e é uma das atrações no famoso distrito da luz vermelha. A entrada é bastante barata (€ 7) e há muitos artefatos diferentes (de natureza sexual, é claro) em cada um dos quatro andares. Você tem permissão para tirar fotos e há breves descrições do que você está vendo abaixo de cada artefato. Um tour auto-guiado por todo o local deve levar você a dizer 15 minutos, a menos que você opte por ler todas as descrições de todos os artefatos. Há uma loja de brinquedos no térreo, caso você opte por comprar um Ermm ... lembrança. No geral, valeu a pena a visita e uma boa parada ao visitar o distrito como um todo.

Wikus Pretorius 5 years ago

It's a must see if you visit the red district. Very interesting.

Amy Colleen 5 years ago

So much fun, love the cartoon room, very comical. Worth the entry fee because always a good experience.

Adele Harrington 5 years ago

Quite small but interesting and funny! Good price too. X

Miss Tindle 5 years ago

Pretty cool place. Right in the heart of the red light district.

Menny Eyal Michael 5 years ago

Great place, very interesting

Rajat Basavaraj 5 years ago

Museum exhibiting sex toys sculptures and artwork on erotism. Good experience specially on seeing the Khajuraho temple erotic sculptures from India!

Ivana Goa Majdandžić 5 years ago

Interesting and fun thing to see while wandering trough Red Light District.

Sarah Kahl 5 years ago

I mean... What's not to love?? Great place to visit if you're in the Red Light District and not looking to "window shop"

Tom Daams (The Unknown Photographer) 5 years ago

Me and my girl were pretty high while visiting, but we enjoyed it a lot! Would recommend this place to anyone :)

Annie Wright 5 years ago

It's a good laugh if you want to see art, collectibles and animations about sex and nudity. A real fun way to spend an hour or so.

Liam Hynes 6 years ago

Very rude but interesting place. The entrance fee is inexpensive for the amount of exhibits.

Debbie Lee 6 years ago

Fascinating. Priced at 7 euros. Worth every penny. Good fun.

Wael Georgey 6 years ago

Very interesting museum of erotic art. Well worth the 7euro admission.

Anuschka Hankaş 6 years ago

Very funny museum. But has also a serious side. Pablo picasso and John lennon have some of their art there. The giftshop has good prices compared to the sexshops! And friendly people are working behind the counter.

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