Diamant Museum

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Paulus Potterstraat 8
1071 CZ, Amsterdam
020 305 5300

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O Museu Diamant de Amsterdã é um museu de renome mundial que abriga uma extensa coleção de diamantes e outras pedras preciosas. O museu está localizado no coração da cidade, no distrito histórico de Amsterdã. O museu está aberto ao público de segunda a sexta -feira e a admissão é gratuita.

O Museu Diamant abriga uma ampla variedade de diamantes, incluindo o maior diamante do mundo, o Diamante Cullinan. O museu também abriga uma coleção de diamantes raros e únicos, além de uma grande variedade de outras pedras preciosas. A coleção do museu é uma das coleções mais completas e abrangentes de diamantes do mundo.

O Museu Diamant é imperdível para qualquer pessoa interessada em diamantes ou pedras preciosas. O museu oferece uma ampla variedade de programas e passeios educacionais e é um ótimo lugar para aprender sobre a história e a ciência dos diamantes.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Diamant Museum: Opiniões

Diana Sitnikova 1 year ago

Really interesting museum! A lot of information! I liked it a lot!

Pablo Lipshitz 1 year ago

Great stuff not as expensive you can think

Christian Halim 1 year ago

Que lugar bonito! Embora a história retratada aqui mostre um pouco do horrível tempo em que o colonialismo começou e até a história do diamante de sangue, este é realmente um museu muito educacional. Isso mostra quando e onde tudo esse comércio de diamantes começou. A explicação dos tipos de diamantes e da mineração foi realmente abrangente. Você pode precisar de mais de 1 hora para ler toda a explicação lá.

jan molyneux 1 year ago

Love Costers. It's a brilliant place if you're thinking of buying a diamond ... they really look after you.

Eileen Goddard 1 year ago

Loved walking round this museum and the highlight was my grandson on the diamond polishing machine!!

Mohamad Tareq Ibrahim 1 year ago

You learn there everything about diamond.

curious2 learn 1 year ago

Free entry with museumkaart. A nice detailed exhibition of diamond history. The introductory film was good.

Cristian B 1 year ago

Very interesting Museum, we had a very good guide. Still, not much to do, especially with kids. I would not recommend to visit when with kids

DJ de Villiers 1 year ago

Brilliant experience. Laser room is incredibly fun

farida said 1 year ago

Coster diamonds since 1840

Krista Ducharme 2 years ago

What a great muesum. I loved learning about the history of diamonds in Amstredam. The displays are informative and easy to follow.

Madhu Kudukkasseri 2 years ago

Bilhete de inscrição de 10euros e gratuito para museumkart. Receber uma consulta. Linhas boas e coleções de relógios na loja para os visitantes comprarem. Enormes coleções de vários diamantes. O menor diamante mundial, raquete dourado, coroas de napolean, russo, britânico, africano, tailandês, espada japonesa e crânio tornaram esse museu inútil. Fotografia permitida.

Sina Gh 2 years ago

Museu muito pequeno, que o leva pela história da indústria de diamantes em Amsterdã. Existem alguns filmes interessantes, embora o arquivo seja menos interessante, pois a maioria dos itens é apenas remake de jóias famosas, quase não há itens originais lá.

Gustavo Diniz 2 years ago

We had a good time over there and the staff the explained to us the polishing process was extremely helpful

Camille van Neer 2 years ago

Nice place with a lot of information about diamonds and the Dutch diamond trade that I had no knowledge of. Nice documentaries and awesome live game 'steal the diamond'

Michele Patrassi 2 years ago

Stunning service from Simone: he explained me the essentials about diamonds and sit together for all the time needed in order to make the perfect choice for my purchase. Special thanks also to Naree, she gave the final help in making the decision and I could not be happier with the result. Highly recommended!

ILONKA Heisterkamp 3 years ago

Great museum, nice explanation about the diamonds, friendly staff. Lots of diamonds and other jewelry to purchase.

ivan sergeevich 3 years ago

Amazing experience extremely friendly and polite staff, they’ve been really kind in allow us to have the tour in Russian so my mother could also participate at the full experience. Specifically Liudmila was really professional and friendly a combo that is not so easy to find anymore. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to bring my grandmother as well for this excursion in the trip for European’s capitals. Thanks and regards to everyone who made this experience possible. Keep up with the good service.

Nigel Raisborough 3 years ago

Great displays, and can see a craftsman at work

Rajveer Kothari 3 years ago

Very interesting museum. As expected it displays detailed information on the history of diamonds from around the world, shows the different ways diamonds are used (other than jewelery) and has plenty of audio and video options. There's also a section which tells you about diamond heists and movies based on them. So the place captures a lot of stuff on the matter. The 'diamonds' and other displays housed here are replicas of the original pieces, so don't hope to see the real deal. Although there is information on where the real pieces are displayed, so you may make alternate plans after having read up over here. There's a lot to read and the museum is divided into two small floors. You would need at least 2-3 hours to comfortably view everything without having to rush.

Abhiram V N V 4 years ago

This is the place you will know more about history and origin of Diamonds. Must visit place for those interested in stones and diamonds.

Réka Peace 4 years ago

First we attended a free tour at the Royal Coster Diamonds - and that was great because it gave us a foundational knowledge about the polishing process, the cuts, the types and how the price is influenced by all this. We also got to see and try a lot of beautiful diamond jewellery! After this tour, in the diamond museum you could see the machines they used, how diamonds are created in nature, how they are found and what we can make out of them :) the tour included a lot of interactive elements, video, audio materials and it was fun to be in the mirror room! Some audio has a bit of a dated feel, but it was ok. :)

Faris Almulaihi 4 years ago

if you like to see diamond you can visit this place. they have royal collection.

monteca (Confers Jewelers) 4 years ago

Totally worth 10 Euros. Very interesting movie to begin and the exhibits are well put together. Not too technical but enough info to be enjoyable and educational.

Helen Bala 4 years ago

Diamonds are a girls best friend! Love this place. You get some history, fun and gems!

Eva Procházková 4 years ago

Now I understand why are diamonds So expensive. Museum attendants by the entrance ready to help and say all info. Interesting to see the workers who are polishing the diamonds before you.

gezi resimleri 4 years ago

I am not into jewelry and I still enjoyed the couple of hours spent inside viewing crazy creations as I read about the history of jewelry

Priscila Quintino Broeders 4 years ago

It's an amazing tour in the diamond history. Great place to visit and to get to know better about not only diamonds but how much influence all jewellery have around the world! I love Diamond Museum and recommend!

Vijay Rajkumar 4 years ago

This place is behind Rijksmusuem and adjecent to Moco museum. One needs a ticket and we got that through the Amsterdam pass. A 2 storey building with some very interesting facts. Must visit in Amsterdam.

Luke Goldup 4 years ago

We had a great time wandered around the museum, lots of information boards to read and lots of items to look at, albeit most are replicas. Also get entry to the Coster museum a few doors down where you can see diamonds being ground

Paulette 4 years ago

Very interesting to visit both the museum and the factory

Christian Saenz 4 years ago

They offer a guided tour trough their premises. They give a nice explanation about diamonds and the process behind its making. Multi language tours are available. The selection of jewelry is amazing , very beautiful necklaces , earrings and rings.

Deco sphynx 5 years ago

The crowns were amazing. €10 reasonable price. Not too busy and learnt alot about diamonds

Irene Francucci 5 years ago

The history of the most beutifull rock present in nature, you can see the most beautiful crown jewelry, find a lot unknown information, and near you can dreaming at the factory, where, so if you have the possibility you can buy a real marvelous diamond or jewels!

Simab raziya 5 years ago

Very nice. Must visit place in Amsterdam. Wonderful experience. Free coffee was very lovely too.

D Majmudar 5 years ago

Very informative place about diamonds. Also we seen diamond maker working on diamonds which was included in our tour. Ladies, if you going Amsterdam than this must be in your visiting place.

Thomas T C 5 years ago

Very informative.Nice displays. Rates affordable.Cinema shows the history of diamond and diamond mining.Displays of crowns are beautiful. Audio commentary is very informative. Film displays at different locations adds to the narratives. Well contained and neatly displayed.History is well narrated. Can have pictures with different crowns and can be emailed for keep.Store have different items. Variety items like watches and diamond rings are there for sales.A nice experience.Friendly staff.

Edel Hayes 5 years ago

Interesting to see how they are cut and classed. You can buy if you want. Just take plenty of money. Diamonds are not cheap. But beautiful. Well worth going to. Have a variety of other goods to buy more down to earth prices.

Krisztina Nagy 5 years ago

If you are interested in diamonds the best place to go. I would recommend you to start your visit in the Diamond Factory which is free to go in.

Nesreen Osama 6 years ago

Diamonds are girls best friend ❤

Chandra Ferguson 6 years ago

A nice, quiet thing to do. Very interesting to learn about the diamond business in Amsterdam.

Diane Pryke 6 years ago

What a fabulous place. The history is fascinating and you get to see replica jewellery worn by famous people. Watching a real diamond being cut was very interesting. Fortunately the staff are not pushy about trying to sell you diamond rings, bracelets or necklaces!

Lindsey Mathews 6 years ago

Actually wish we would have had more time here because it was super interesting and had a lot to offer. My parents blew through it in 20 minutes but we were nearly there for over an hour stopping to read and watch everything. Cheap and right in the middle of everything so I would certainly recommend

Daniela Burcea 7 years ago

Great place to see! You will find the Guiness world record holder for polishing the smallest diamant working there and she is great! The staff will show you around, guide you through the museum and the shop. Good deals to be found, if you search for them :) A really good experience. Thank you Leon!

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