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Linnaeusstraat 2
1092 CK, Amsterdam
088 004 2800

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O tropenmuseu em Amsterdã é um dos maiores museus do mundo dedicado ao estudo de culturas e povos de todo o mundo. A coleção do museu inclui mais de 1,5 milhão de objetos de mais de 200 países, tornando -o uma das coleções mais abrangentes do gênero. O museu também abriga uma extensa biblioteca e arquivos, que contêm mais de 500.000 volumes. O Tropenmuseum é um importante centro de pesquisa e educação sobre culturas e questões globais e hospeda uma variedade de exposições e eventos ao longo do ano.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Tropenmuseum: Opiniões

Luka Todorovic 1 year ago

This is a great museum to see, especially if you're tired from in-depth visits to other famous museums... Tropen has a relaxed vibe, you can just stroll around and still learn things, enjoy the exhibitions, and most of all the architecture of the main hall which is worth it alone. Not a must in Amsterdam, but a real gem.

Aušrinė Dapkevičiūtė 1 year ago

This museum for me set a new benchmark on how the colonial/traumatic pasts should be addressed by museums. It is also, in essence, about being human, addressing differences and (semi)universalities. I could not help but tear up several times at the exhibit. Oh, and emplyees were absolutely lovely - friendly, welcoming and kind

Tiana Kodenko 1 year ago

Museu enorme que vale a pena visitar, o tema é apropriação de diferentes nacionalidades e culturas, acho que é ótimo, eu realmente acredito que devemos aprender sobre pessoas em todo o mundo, em vez de odiá -las ou proibir de usar nossa cultura, espalhando a palavra, ela ajudará Tradições autênticas em roupas, penteados e etc para viver muito e não se perder! Você pode fazer uma pausa e chegar ao restaurante e depois voltar ao museu, eu realmente amei a Salada Ceasar lá e eles têm um hambúrguer vegeteria incrível feito de jaca que você deve tentar! Ah, e você também pode comprar itens legais, eu pessoalmente tenho boas pedras de lá tão adorável

Peter Mavrogeorgis 1 year ago

It is a must to visit it. Netherlands was an empire. You find out many information about the Dutch people and their colonies. A lot of true stories. Ideal for families. Many interactive games.

Marja Schilstra 1 year ago

Thought provoking exhibition on colonial past and its current impact, in a mix of historical topics, current affairs and arts.

Jeremy Rhoades (Dreamkeeper 77) 1 year ago

Beautiful building with a carefully curated exhibit that is good for all ages ... nicely spread out and interactive. Highly recommended!!!!

Agnies Calkoen 1 year ago

Beautifully curated and interesting exhibition about Healing practices in other cultures. Friendly and helpful staff. I didn't see the exhibition announced at The Tropen museum , but it was all over the city. It's temporary

Ivo Lipanović 1 year ago

I totally recomend you to visit this museum. I was lucky to see Geaking Power which will end on August 28th. At the same time there is exhibithion about cultures from around the world. That one is nice too.

serly andini 1 year ago

It’s the best Musem to visit if you want to learn, see, explore about the history of colonisation, slavery, etc. They have so many interesting collections and point of views of different cultures.

Natalia N 1 year ago

This will always be my favorite museum. It is very humanity issues centered. The building and the surrounding are are wonderful.

Rafael Perez Brandoni 1 year ago

Great architecture, and the expositions were nicely curated. There are also activities to do as a family with children, that makes this a very complete museum. So far, the only museum in Amsterdam that goes deep into their slavery history as a major colonizing nation in the past.

Claudia Catharina 1 year ago

Several expositions on intercultural topics and modern views on colonialism. We liked that it was not overcrowded, the exhibits were presented in an aesthetically pleasing which helps to mantain your focus. The floors are round a quadrangle where you can look down to the ground floor. This makes it easy to keep track with the expositions and not miss exhibits.

Andreas Risager 1 year ago

A nice blend og contemporary museum culture, with the fines and beauty of the big old building. Worth a visit, especially if you like more "exotic" cultures, that are not always in the mainstream view!

Avantia Damberg 1 year ago

This is one if the most beautiful and intriguing museums in the Netherlands where you dive into history and into all the warm weather countries cultures the Netherlands has ties with, wether thru colonialism or thru trade. A must go for both local as tourist, everybody. But take your sweet time

Vid 1 year ago

Infelizmente, este museu não me chega. Havia algumas coisas espirituais interessantes, mas é isso. O primeiro andar foi fechado por causa de alguma manutenção. Felizmente, a entrada foi gratuita com o cartão da cidade de Amsterdã.

Julie Besner 1 year ago

Gostei da minha visita, museu muito bom sobre culturas, religiões, roupas, acredita ... funcionários e a entrada são muito prestativos e amigáveis.

Cosmin Vladutu 1 year ago

I very much enjoyed it. There are a lot of artifacts from the countries that were colonised by Netherlands and it isn't like a topical museum.

paul conijn 2 years ago

the Tropenmuseum is worth a visit, a modern presentation in a beautiful building.

Laurențiu Florean 2 years ago

Beautiful museum of cultures. I liked how it also raises questions about culture, e.g. in what context is cultural appropriation acceptable.

AD Rahma 2 years ago

Museum with the high historical value about my country, Indonesia. There is also a lot of story from other countries and cultures around the world.

Wilfried Solbach 2 years ago

Was here a couple of years ago, stunning exhibition and concept, beautiful exhibits and thoughtful texts

Mr Mookie 2 years ago

Great museum with many artifacts from the tropics. Lots of information in both Dutch and English. It also has a wonderful cafe next to a beautiful park.

Alexandru Barbu 2 years ago

Museu muito bom e surpreendentemente grande. Eu recomendo pelo menos meio dia para aproveitar ao máximo. O museu tem três níveis principais e a recomendação geral é começar de cima e descer. As exposições são muito agradáveis ​​e tentam incluir todos os aspectos da sociedade, mas existem lugares restantes para melhorias. Também foi bom ver muitas pessoas passando seus domingos lá, embora a maioria pareça ser turista. As instalações estão bem e lembre -se de que você deve deixar suas malas em armários. Os armários parecem bastante frágeis, portanto, eu recomendaria manter os objetos de valor em seus bolsos. A exposição de fotografia foi interessante, mas não parecia muito inclusiva. Definitivamente um bom lugar para passar um domingo de manhã

Isabela Kayo 3 years ago

Great museum with a contemporary approach. Just loved it. Right now there's a exhibition about the gender discussion, extremely necessary to bring it to the surface and so cool to see a museum doong it. I guess this is my favorite one now :)

Jubin Majlessi 3 years ago

Beautiful building with a fun and open format for browsing the exhibitions. Well summarized history of the Netherlands colonization plus cultural aspects of historical and modern day. Nice looking cafe as well.

Matt Hallmann 3 years ago

Beautiful museum with very interesting, contemporary exhibitions. We loved the one about gender and Indonesia - much recommended and very entertaining and beautiful. The building in itself is great to see too!

Shahin Shahkarami 3 years ago

A great museum and you can learn a lot. I visited what a genderful exhibit and It was very well designed

Stephen Moon 4 years ago

Fantastic Cool Japan exhibit. The other stuff including the Muslim display is great too. Amazing building and lovely cafe. Very friendly staff. Hot though - very little air conditioning despite the warm weather, it would seem. Thoroughly recommended.

Mirjam DepDan 4 years ago

Great place to be! Ever Story is in English available. Ok, the expedition currently shown are not my interest, but that's my problem. I love the interaktive Events.

Leila Tu 4 years ago

We liked the exhibits today. It's not a very big museum but the ones today were nice for us and the kids. Japan art, journey to Makkah, Southeast Asia etc. Easy to walk around.

Vica Item 4 years ago

A must see museum in Amsterdam exhibiting cultures of many tropical countries like Asian and African. The building it self looks majestic in the inside. I was fascinated by the way the Dutch portrayed themselves in the history of colonialism in Indonesia. They also have this favorite part about Marocco, called zizou marokko. Don’t forget to sign up online on vacation week or you’ll miss this exciting treasure hunts for the kids. They also have special part for workshops that changes everytime I came there. A cafe is available here if you want to have some bites. We just sat there for warm drinks cause no halal food is served. I will definitely come here again.

Wanda Soepandji 4 years ago

A very interesting place to see some countries exhibition. When we came there are some exhibition from Japan, Arabia, Africa, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. The place is very clean and has many lockers.

Robert Spruit 4 years ago

Special and really neat structural building, great exhibition about Mecca at the moment we were there. Very interesting, modern and diverse way of informing, interesting and educating!

Theo Sobieray 4 years ago

I think there is no doubt that this is an amazing museum. It’s a good mix that even the youngest visitors are entertained the most of the time. The exhibition is creative and has a couple of surprises. The price is high but reasonable.

Dawn Nk 4 years ago

An amazing museum with so much to see. I spent the best part of the day, took a break for lunch and continued on my tour. It has modern and also traditional pieces across several floors.

David McPherson 4 years ago

Interesting museum of the history of Dutch colonialism, plus other exhibits that are not permanent. The building itself is spectacular with an enormous open atrium. Recommended placebo visit, and when I was there (a weekend), was not too crowded. Good value for money too. €€

Frankie Thompson 4 years ago

One of my favourite museums in Amsterdam with really imaginative permanent and temporary exhibits. Always surprisingly good for kids! Restaurant also has kiddy corner with toys.

Kim Erik Danielsen 4 years ago

Great trip through the green scenery of various old and imposing trees, shrubs and other garden rarities. Lovely and exciting getaway - recommended!

Alkis p 5 years ago

I loved this museum. It was modern and not boring at all. The exhibits where nicely presented and well described with a healthy doze of selfcritisism for the colonial period. The artefacts where interesting and of a bizarre beauty for westerners like us. Loved the body art temporary exhibition and the way it was curated through a mix of modern western and ethnographic artefacts.

carol huang 5 years ago

Excellent oceanic and Indonesian artifacts collection in the permanent exhibition. Subjects of special exhibitions are often quite contemporary and inspiring!

Stephanie Nuetzel 5 years ago

Modern museum with lots of interactive exhibitions, mostly about Dutch colonial history and the Dutch people. Maybe not the greatest for small kids, since there is a lot to read. We used the I Amsterdam city card to get in, which I would definitely recommend.

Andreas Clemenz 6 years ago

Fantastic museum with a lot of great things in the permanent exhibitions. Also very nice special exhibits, workshops, talks and a lot to do together with kids. The cafe/restaurant is cool, too. In my opinion one of the best museums in Amsterdam!

Ayca Atik Bilgenoglu 6 years ago

Very nice and interactive museum to visit, there is a special kids area and there are a lot of activities which you can sign up for children. The collection consists of artifacts from former colonies and diverse ethnic groups. It has also an elegant cafe with a children's play corner.

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