The Upside Down Amsterdam

📍 Localização e contacto

Europaboulevard 5
1079 PC, Amsterdam
020 242 0637

ℹ️ Em formação

O de cabeça para baixo Amsterdã é uma pequena loja peculiar que vende todo tipo de esquisitidades e curiosidades. A loja está cheia de coisas estranhas e maravilhosas, de móveis antigos a roupas vintage. A loja também abriga vários animais taxidermiados, incluindo um pavão, uma raposa e um cervo. O de cabeça para baixo Amsterdã é o lugar perfeito para encontrar um presente único ou simplesmente navegar e se maravilhar com as coisas estranhas e maravilhosas em oferta.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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🗣️ The Upside Down Amsterdam: Opiniões

Cristiana Simona 1 year ago

This place is amazing! So much fun!

Geun Young Kim 1 year ago

We had a super experience with Upside Down! What a unique space! What a lovely staff! Aanrader, echt!

Soorim Lee 1 year ago

We had a great time! It's really enjoyable! Much obliged, Upside Down!

Albert Morris 1 year ago

The team was very welcoming, everyone was smiling and having a good time.

Seonja Park 1 year ago

I would go there and combine it with a trip to the Amsterdam Tower. Those were the best!

Ernie Peters 1 year ago

Fun place to take pictures!We had so much fun in the room where we could change our clothes. We dressed up as canaries! Hahahaha.

Emrah Onder 1 year ago

Lugar muito legal e alegre para adultos e crianças. Passamos lá aproximadamente três horas. Além disso, em seu café, você pode provar os doces saborosos e a pipoca arco -íris. Mas a pipoca do arco -íris acabou tão cedo. Portanto, sugiro visitar lá pela manhã. A última sugestão importante é que não há necessidade de imprimir as fotos. Durante sua visita, em alguns quartos, você pode digitalizar seu ingresso e fazer algumas sessões. E a saída é uma máquina para imprimi -las. Mas se você comprar o ingresso on -line, essas fotos receberão seu e -mail após a visita. Então, mais tarde, você pode imprimi -los em outro lugar ou mantê -los digitalmente.

Iris Sirendi 1 year ago

customer service here is fantastic! lovely and friendly staff who were very kind, took photos for us and were super reassuring when i lost some belongings and got in touch when they were found!!! :-)

Claire Alde 1 year ago

I went there alone & it didn’t felt I was alone. The crew was very friendly. They were always there to assist me & take pictures of me. Thank you guys, it was a nice experience! :)

Bhavneet Thamu 1 year ago

Had a lovely time here today! Everything was so fun and interesting and all the staff we spoke to were friendly and welcoming! Kaya explained everything before sending us up and she was so lovely and friendly, and the lady working upstairs took some lovely videos for us, choreographing us perfectly! Had a lovely time and would absolutely recommend

Miruna 1 year ago

Everything was perfect! The rooms where you were able to take photos, the drinks and also the employees Fabiana and Romè. Fabiana helped me and offered to photograph me and Romè said that I could take more pics at the photobooth as well. We also did some great photos together. Can't wait to come back! I definitely recommend people to come to this amazing place! Totally worth it!

PS Tang 1 year ago

Such a fun and unique experience, if you are into taking pictures, I highly recommend coming here! Even though we arrived an hour before the closing time, (would advise to book in advance/come early) we didn't have enough time to check out the cafe/gift shop, but a big shoutout to Elen for allowing us to come back again the next day as we really wanted to see and try the food. She even gave us some travel tips which was very helpful for our visit. Thank you again Elen, appreciate your customer service- highlight of our trip :) From Gen and PS

anna bee 1 year ago

Basically Instagram museum, lots of photo op spot inside the museum, other than that it’s also very fun museum tho with very modern decorative and great light.. great photoshoot spot

Vince Hain 1 year ago

Youki, Youki, saved the day. We were lost last customers of the day, had no idea what was going on -----. Beautiful lady and rescued us and made the experience a great time. Fun and would be a huge recommendation for young children.

Laverne Veronica Wyatt-Skriubakken 1 year ago

Fun for adults and kids - the less you know the better! I recommend spending more time there than we did

Pars Parsi 1 year ago

Amazing place. We loved it

Małgosia Guzel 1 year ago

Interesting and different. We waited a little in line to enter, but it was possible to do some photos downstairs and visit gadgets store :) so we didn't even notice

Madeleine Webb 1 year ago

It's such a cute, fun experience! For older kids and adults alike! Lots of fun, creative places to take pics, and the staff are very friendly and helpful.

Charlotte_ Se 1 year ago

The staff is so nice and you can take so many cool pictures! I really recommend going there.

bowie 97 1 year ago

Fun and different experience. Staff were so lovely as well!

Penelope Luce-Sirois 1 year ago

Staff was incredibly nice, we had so much fun even though we had to be quick because we got there 45 mins before closing. Would recommend going much earlier but we are very thankful for the staff who still let us in!

Shaun Govender 1 year ago

Easy accessible by public transport, lots of parking if you travel by car . Friendly staff and nice interactive attractions . Tips , try to get in early to avoid crowds

Niral Mehta 1 year ago

Experiência absolutamente incrível, que vale a pena visitar. As diferentes áreas realmente fazem você se sentir como se tivesse entrado em outro mundo Ajuda que haja um pouco de áudio para apresentá -lo à experiência. A equipe foi amigável e meu sucesso favorito foi o poço de bola!

Brad Kosar 1 year ago

Nós realmente gostamos do nosso tempo aqui. Foi agradável para todas as idades ... tanto para adultos quanto para crianças. É um lugar divertido passar uma hora e tirar algumas fotos interessantes. Nossos filhos realmente entraram nos quartos diferentes e se divertiram muito com o poço e o trampolim. A equipe é muito simpática e oferece espaço para fazer suas próprias coisas. Compre ingressos on-line, pois não vendem no local. Muito fácil de acessar através da parada do metrô do outro lado da rua. Eles têm armários de armazenamento gratuitos no saguão e um pequeno café também. Por fim, eles enviam por e -mail as fotos (gratuitamente) tiradas em toda a instalação. Grande experiência geral e eu recomendo.

Sandra Weltevreden 1 year ago

What a wonderful and exciting experience this was. We did not know what to expect, and we’re pleasantly surprised by this venue. This is a must do!!

Yaab (Amir Yabo) 1 year ago

This one is really a unique experience. In short - a series of halls were one's having fun just because it's so out of the ordinary... And of course, if one likes taking pictures (we all do, right?) then this is "fun photography heaven"

Yazeed 1 year ago

The team is Wonderful, Collaborative, and Understood They are smiling all the time and they give information and take photos for me It was one of the best places I visited in Amsterdam,, It is suitable for everyone I am sure you will all enjoy it, I really had a great time

avinash fernandes 1 year ago

Toda a equipe foi excelente desde a garota na porta da frente! Tudo foi bem explicado antes de começarmos a experiência. A menina indiana que era dos quartos encenados foi extremamente útil. Ela nos deu idéias sobre como poderíamos tirar algumas fotos dentro dos quartos de cabeça para baixo. Foi uma experiência muito única. Existem câmeras colocadas em algumas salas onde existem scanners de código de barras e você pode digitalizar o código de barras atribuído e ele tira suas fotos que você pode baixar gratuitamente no seu telefone. A localização está bem em frente à parada do bonde. Existem muitos boxes a cada 10-15 minutos do centro de Amsterdã.

Mahalakshmi Sivashankar 1 year ago

This was such an amazing, fun and colorful experience, not to be missed in Amsterdam! Tickets need to be booked online but can be done at the place too..Takes about 1-2 hrs to get the complete experience. Very friendly staff and they guide us on how to take some interesting pictures inside..has different themed rooms and don't forget to look at the ceilings while clicking pictures..such a cool and entertaining place!

Tsolmon Batsaikhan 1 year ago

cute museum to visit, friendly staff. they have professional cameras at every spot. later they said the photos will be sent by e-mail, however haven’t received them yet after 2 weeks. milkshakes that we had were super delicious. definitely recommend them.

Paolo Pavesio 1 year ago

Really a funny and unique experience, great staff and super to get memorable pics! You canbreally enjoy it at any age.

B Wyn 1 year ago

We liked the free photos, the free lockers and even though it was busy we didn't have to wait long to see anything. The staff were really friendly and helpful, the decor throughout - especially the bar - was superb! The chocolate liquor shot with chocolate cake was *french chef kiss* We went as an adult couple and would recommend - spent about 90s mins inside.

Yashas Cariappa 1 year ago

It was a fun place to spend time. A different experience, could have added more cameras at many places and things to make it even more better. But liked it the way it was. Good staff service also.

Nick E 2 years ago

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. We were blessed by a warm welcome from the owner Hans and his family, who took us through the whole experience, inspired creativity and provided overall a fun good time! Great to see a family business providing such a timely service especially just coming out of lockdown. Can't wait to come back again

Tea Constantin 2 years ago

This attraction is extremely interactive and mind twisting. Overall, the experience was amazing, the people working there were super helpful and client orientated, they even offered to take pictures of us, as we were only two. Lastly, the attraction has cameras put into place for the different scenes and these photos get send to you by email, which is very useful!

Jasper Landsaat 3 years ago

What an experience! Wow just wow! I cloud have spent a day here. Amaze yourself and go! Go and take the craziest most colourful pictures you can imagine. Blow your mind on illusions you have not seen before. I don't want to spoil your experience by sharing more pictures. Just go and see it yourself.

Jill Pots 3 years ago

Great place to go for some interactive fun, definitely a must when coming to Amsterdam! We had so much fun walking around the cool rooms, with many many photoshoot opportunities! We reccomend!

Jurian 3 years ago

The instagram spot to go. Unique and engaging, try to make that best photo and get those likes ( their moto ) You wont leave without a laugh or a unique picture to post. A few pic's to show, make your's tomorow.

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