The Hague's Historic Museum

📍 Localização e contacto

Korte Vijverberg 7
2513 AB, Den Haag
070 364 6940

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O museu histórico de Haia está localizado no coração da cidade, na antiga prefeitura de Spui. O museu conta a história de Haia da Idade Média até os dias atuais. Os visitantes podem ver como a cidade cresceu e mudou ao longo dos séculos e como foi moldada pelas pessoas que viveram aqui.

O museu tem uma ampla gama de exposições sobre a história de Haia, desde seus primeiros dias como uma pequena vila de pescadores até o seu papel de sede do governo para a Holanda. Há também exposições na arte e na cultura da cidade e em seu papel no mundo hoje.

O museu está aberto todos os dias das 10h às 17h e a admissão é gratuita.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ The Hague's Historic Museum: Opiniões

Leonieke Aalders 1 year ago

Want to learn more about The Hague? This museum is a great place to further your knowledge. The museum frequently hosts wonderful detailed exhibitions!

S. achternaam verborgen 1 year ago

Small but very interesting exhibition about the disaster year 1672. In addition, beautiful permanent pieces. Must for every Hague.

Alejandro Vivas 1 year ago

Great museum about the history of The Hague.

Erwin 1 year ago

Beautiful exhibition about the Disaster Year 1672 to be seen until mid-November. But don't forget to take the free booklet inside because everything is explained in it. Without that booklet, this exhibition is a lot less interesting.

Yvonne Roels 1 year ago

A special, beautiful museum located in a beautiful place in The Hague. Now.... Power - 800 years of Binnenhof and Alexine Tinne, photographer - her world view.

Peter Meijer 1 year ago

A museum with interesting exhibits. The current exhibition "Disaster Year" is actually very topical. Worth the effort...

A vA 1 year ago

Buying tickets in advance saves a lot of effort. The museum is beautiful and very interesting about the history of The Hague, but also temporary/special exhibitions are always interesting.

Remy 1 year ago

Coleta bastante grande e atualizada, embora eu adorasse ver alguns marcadores de caminho mais claros, pois a exposição é melhor ao passar por uma certa direção, em vez de entrar nos primeiros quartos.

Esther Meiers 1 year ago

Detailed story about the origin of Holland, also worth seeing an antique doll's house. The house has 3 floors. I didn't notice an elevator for the disabled.

Diana Carolina Aldana 1 year ago

Eu amei. Um edifício tão aconchegante, uma calorosa exposição pessoal acolhedora e uma super agradável ("rampa het" sobre a vida dos irmãos de Witt) com uma comparação com as situações atuais. É um bom plano para aqueles que amam museus.

Nathalie Beckker 1 year ago

Nice museum where the history of The Hague is well portrayed. Visited the exhibition about Alexine Tinne on 25 February. A distinguished young lady who became an explorer and one of the most important pioneers of Dutch photography. Very special to see her photos (from the late 19th century), especially because they have been so well preserved.

Esther C.G. van der Dussen 1 year ago

Fantastic and so very interesting that you want to analyze more details again. And then it was very common, just as it is now, really Dutch. With regard to development at the democratic level, I would like to leave it to the experts.

Liudmila Ryndia 1 year ago

Very interesting place, the exhibition of the photographer impressed, doll houses must have liked

curious2 learn 1 year ago

Well laid out and informative place.

Floor Brill-Goedhart 2 years ago

Very nice exhibition about 800 years of Binnenhof!

T R 2 years ago

A cute, small and modern museum that offers a cross-section of The Hague's history to look at. Various statues, paintings, but also ceramics and porcelain, old letters, tiles, photos are exhibited. Also, some beautiful paintings are part of the exhibition and along with the dollhouses, are among my favorite attractions here! ❤️ A wide variety of people have their say in the exhibition and are allowed to present and highlight their first impressions of the city, the first objects that connect them with the city and its history. In addition, amiable interviews with residents can be viewed and listened to. The last section of the museum includes several dollhouse rooms and a really big dollhouse that definitely impresses with its attention to detail. The cottages and rooms are surprisingly real and genuinely designed and simply beautiful. They used to cost a small fortune and made a few kids very happy! Just wonderful! ❤️

Rodrigo Palma 2 years ago

Existem muitos objetos e pinturas interessantes e únicos, mas o destaque, na minha humilde opinião, são as casas de bonecas. Não consegui ver todas as galerias, porque alguns quartos estavam em construção, mas gostei de tudo o que vi.

Eelco 3 years ago

Nice museum about the history of the Hague and a nice temporary expedition about never build projects in Den haag.

A Henn 3 years ago

Beautiful property with something to see everywhere. Very nice set up and super interesting. Beautiful paintings of old The Hague are so recognizable. Nice to discover. The family portraits, among other things, were very impressive in terms of painting. And the piece about the de Witt brothers. Recommended!

Janiza Allado 3 years ago

It tells the Hague's history from artefacts, portraits, cityscapes & temporary exhibitions with all the details!

Ajaya Adhikari 3 years ago

As you can see my friend loves it!

Meenakshi 3 years ago

Loved it ❤️

Herlinda Palacios 3 years ago

The museum were close the day I was visiting The Hague, Netherlands, but walking around the City it was amazing!!

Roderik van Trigt 3 years ago

Nice small museum with a good temporary exhibition of The Hague that was never built.

Javier Quintero 3 years ago

Excellent place with huge amount of information about the city

Thiemo knaapen 3 years ago

Go visit this exposition!

Elena Bologova 3 years ago

Um museu muito bom com uma coleção e exposições incríveis. Você precisa reservar 2 horas no mínimo para isso. E leve as crianças com você - elas encontrarão muita diversão e coisas divertidas lá.

Konstantinos Grigoropoulos 4 years ago

Hollands painters representation of their top works

Carolyn Moscrop 4 years ago

Well laid out fascinating information

Denisa Dvořáková 4 years ago

I really enjoyed to be here. You will find art, stories, maps, decorations and many other things.

Casey Crafford 4 years ago

Great place to sit and enjoy the Impressive architecture.

Peter-Paul Steenbergen 4 years ago

Great local history collection about The Hague with bilingual commentary. It contains some great portraits of the 17th Binnenhof.

Vinsen Santoso 4 years ago

Recomended, there was about fake news in the democracy system that happened in 17th century

Steven Horsfall 4 years ago

Lovely well laid out and interesting place

Ronaldus van Offeren 4 years ago

Ótimo museu

G O 4 years ago

Good, loads of history to digest, just wish I could understand Dutch. Tour is in Dutch however you can get English tour on the headphones, but didn't seem to match the content of the Dutch guide. Worth going still.

Maarten Horst (ET-First Contact Radio) 4 years ago

Muito interessante

Duncan Tjon 4 years ago

A must place to visit if you live in the Hague, or would like to know the history of it.

Ryan Liberati 4 years ago

Very interesting and educational

Jaikishen Jay 4 years ago

Lovely art

Sorin Pribac 4 years ago

A very interesting city museum. Visit the rooms upstairs as well!

Angel Ivanov 4 years ago

A great place to learn about the history of this amazing city.

azra a 5 years ago


Jan van der Sluis 5 years ago

Nice museum! Next time keep the museum card with you!

GeorgeFromGeorgia 5 years ago

Very interesant collection of Dutch painters of past senturies. Most beautiful paint is the old women and boy, painted by Rubens. In this time we could not see Vermeer's girl, becouse of renovation, but in my opinion the Rembrandt's and Ruben's paintings are still interested. Price is 15 euro.

Adrian Suhanea 5 years ago

Nice museum with interesting expositions

Kent Meyer 6 years ago

The Hague Historical Museum has a genealogy of the royal family, as well as a history of The Hague. It's definitely worth going to see if you plan to stay in The Hague for a while.

Xin Qi 6 years ago

Staff warm-hearted, exhibitions well-arranged, location perfect!

Xinyi Li 7 years ago

interesting history about Den Haag city, and the people

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