Museum Prinsenhof Delft

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Sint Agathaplein 1
2611 HR, Delft
015 260 2358

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O Museu Prinsenof Delft é um museu em Delft, Holanda. O museu está localizado na antiga corte dos príncipes de Orange, os príncipes de Orange-Nassau. O museu é dedicado à história da casa real holandesa de Orange-Nassau e à história da Holanda. O museu tem uma coleção de pinturas, esculturas, móveis e outros objetos que datam do século XVI. O museu também possui uma biblioteca e arquivos que contêm uma riqueza de informações sobre a história da Holanda.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Museum Prinsenhof Delft: Opiniões

Olga S 1 year ago

Good historical museum. But sometimes too much ppl.

Isabel K 1 year ago

Fascinating exhibition on the birth of the Netherlands in a beautiful old building.

Merve Sizer 1 year ago

Small museum. The shop is nice

Sne Grace 1 year ago

Foi bom aprender sobre a história holandesa, mas algumas coisas não eram verdadeiras. Por exemplo, o retrato de Jesus. Jesus tinha cabelos como ovelhas, cachos ou bobinas não cabelos lisos e definitivamente não era branco.

Peet Swart 1 year ago

One of the best museum visits I have had in the Netherlands. The most fascinating is that the bullet holes from when Willem van Oranje was murdered in 1584, is conserved in the wall. There is a light animation showing where he walked and from where he was shot. Fascinating stuff! Entrance is free with the museum card.

Thereza Pedrosa 1 year ago

Museu interessante para aprender mais sobre a história holandesa. Não é muito grande e bom também com crianças.

Turcan Gabriel 1 year ago

Lindamente com curadoria e pequeno museu dedicado ao pai fundador da Holanda e não apenas! A entrada é possível sem agendamento prévio e o museumkaart é aceito. Também há armazenamento de armários para pertences, guias de áudio gratuitos em inglês e holandês e um belo canto de café para desfrutar de uma pausa. O museu apresenta muitas peças centradas em torno de William, o Silencioso e sua revolução contra o austera regra espanhol e a supressão de protestantes, junto com outras peças exemplares, geralmente ligadas à cidade de Delft de uma forma ou de outra. Há também um belo jardim de flores com uma estátua de Willem no pátio do antigo mosteiro que abriga o museu. Uma visita é recomendada, especialmente se você estiver interessado na família real holandesa e na história de Delft.

Margaux Tison 1 year ago

O lindo museu, que oferece um grande resumo da arte e artistas de Delft. História muito interessante do rei Willem of Orange, em um prédio que ele e sua família ocupavam. A história do edifício em si também é variada e fascinante. Um imperdível definitivo para os amantes de arte e história. Os funcionários também são amigáveis ​​e as instalações são limpas e arrumadas.

Meredith Leigh 1 year ago

Nice museum about and for Delft. Wonderful event space as well!

Lisa B 2 years ago

Learned a lot about the history of the Dutch monarchy They have also a collections of painting

Akshay Anand 2 years ago

The museum is quite extraordinary with the delft blauw porcelain with history of Willem van Oranje !!

Dadi Chen 2 years ago

If you like to know about the father of the Netherlands, there's no better place than the Princehof Museum.

Elena Bologova 3 years ago

This museum is very rich in its collection though not that big. Still it took me 2,5 hours to see the exhibits and enjoy the atmosphere of William the Silent (Willem van Oranje) epoch. I think that it’s worth including it into your must see list when you are in Delft.

George Owuor 3 years ago

I got to learn that willem van oranje was also known as willem the silent, too bad his death wasnt as silent...

Tina Gray 3 years ago

Unfortunately not accessible for wheelchair users, to many steps I was told by the most friendly and helpful museum ward. My companions went into the museum so the museum ward took me around the other side of the building into the restaurant/cafe area and got me a book on Pieter de Hoogh and told me about the museum and the exhibition. He even got me a drink. I felt somewhat included. For me an amazing “museum” experience!! My companions enjoyed their museum tour as well, very educational.

Paul L 3 years ago

Well lit small museum with a lovely selection of paintings. Learning about the courtyard genre of painting was a pleasure! Highly recommended.

Lizanne van Zyl 3 years ago

Fantastic museum. Wonderfully curated. Definitely worth a visit when in Delft.

thymen ooijevaar 3 years ago

Great museum if you like history and art! Especially if you're interested in the 80 years war.

Samuel Budhi Setyanto 3 years ago

Great museum, especially for you who wants to know some history of House of Orange and Delft!

Martijn Schaars 3 years ago

Amazing and very touching history.Museums at authentic, historical sites, I love it!

A. Post 3 years ago

Amazing paintings. So detailed, zo brilliant light effects. A must see.

Wales GoudensvdnHandel 3 years ago

Museums at authentic, historical sites, I love it!

Robin Irwin 3 years ago

Why aren't the Dutch speaking Spanish? Because this is the house where Dutch resistance started and the formation of the independent Dutch country began. This museum depicts beautiful paintings that tells the story of the 80 year long war against the Spanish for independence. The estate that houses the museum was owned by William of Orange. The one who promoted the rebellion against the Spanish. It has some beautiful hidden architectural features like chiseled artwork on bricks behind a firestove and bullet holes from an assassination attempt against him. It also shows paintings from an artist that specialised in daily social life of the Dutch and there is a wing about the famous blue Delftware. Great information with a free audiotour. Definitely worth the visit if you want to know more about the formation and struggles of the Netherlands to become their own free nation.

I Rini 4 years ago

Amazing and very touching history

Jade 4 years ago

Beautiful museum with many interesting aspects. Loved the artwork!

Ana Chihaia 4 years ago

Very interesting museum with a lot of activities for children. During the summer holiday you or your child could paint a plate or a bowl in the Delft style.

aad van der Linden 4 years ago

Very interesting and beautiful museum to visit. Learned a lot

Maurice Van Vuuren 4 years ago

Onze of the most famous historica places in the Netherlands. The home of Wilem van Ora je

Sam Holt 4 years ago

A very nice museum based in a very historic building, though it is actually easy to miss if you are just wandering around Delft. It possesses a number of important objects from Dutch history, though to its credit the museum often notes that some of said objects may not be genuine. Worth a visit.

Witold Kepinski 4 years ago

Founding father Willem Orange lived here. Good place to explore the birth of Dutch Republic. Also overview of Delfts Blue artwork

Milan Roeterink 4 years ago

Just a need to do - really astonishing

JWF Wessels 4 years ago

Very good museum. Friendly staff, interesting and engaging exhibitions. Would recommend. Need about 1.5 hours to go through main exhibitions.

Zsófia Franciska Bányai 4 years ago

Definitely the highlight of my weekend in Delft. I really recommend it for history geeks like me. I really appreciated to learn so much about the genealogy of the royal family.

anant semwal 4 years ago

Prinsenhof museum tells the story of Dutch rebellion against the Spanish rule. With museum card one can visit over four hundred museums across Netherlands, so all museum enthusiasts must check it out.

adrien kipp 4 years ago

A very nice showcase of the life of the founding fathers of the Netherlands! Spread over several rooms, each room tells its own part of the story. The life of Willem and his family is well represented up to the point of his death, and when reading through the different rooms it feels a bit like a TV show: set up/intro, love story/conflict and eventually death. Recommended for anyone that's in Delft!

Szilvia Szabó 4 years ago

Beautiful place with so much things worth to see!

Pablo Podhorzer 4 years ago

Beautiful museum about William of Orange, his murder and the rebellion against the Spanish. Excellent temporary exhibition about music festivals, and good collection of Delft ceramics.

Pavel Tsvetkov 4 years ago

Interesting museum of Delft history. The security is a bit over the top for the artifacts exhibited. However, everyone is very polite. The receptionist was somewhat confused and not as friendly but it did not impact the experience. Photos are not allowed.

Gino Fransman 5 years ago

A beautiful venue for functions, which is how we came to experience this magnificent site. Historically significant, renovated, situated around a water well and stone walls with glass enclosures. Just, yes. The museum is informative and there is much to purchase all over.

Jorrit Roerdinkholder 5 years ago

Beautiful building, both the old and new parts, and a magnificent collection of modern art.

Gorky Shaw 5 years ago

Excellent museum. Small but impressive to learn about history of Delft and the Netherlands. Nice multimedia demonstrations and interactive stuff.

brian beselly 5 years ago

Great museum, it is good for you to learn about formation of the Netherlands and Willem van Oranje

Andres Felipe Ramos Padilla 6 years ago

It is a nice place to watch the history of the Netherlands and the temporal exhibitions are very good

Caspar Bielok 6 years ago

One of the best and most iconic museums in the Netherlands. The exhibitions are just amazing, interactive and hands on. The location is great as well. Good as part of a city walk.

Sari Handayani RM 6 years ago

Excellent place to learn about modern and contemporary art today, they have permanent collection of De Stijl movement, like Mondrian, Gerrit Ritveld, etc. The cafe was good, not to costly. The pop up exhibition presented great artist nowadays. Whwn we get there they presented Video - photography artist from South Africa, about LGBT, the point of view was brilliant. I absolutely inspired while get there.

Guanzhong Wang 6 years ago

One of the best museums I've visited in the Netherlands. It's not very big but rather comprehensive, in the sense that it tells not exclusively about one facet of the Netherlands and Delft (i.e. history or art) alone, but provides a vivid cross section of the dynamism, vitality and amazing achievements of the best years in Dutch history. The narrations (all bilingual!) are extensive and great. The collections carefully arranged. The interactions fun. The Delftware collection simply fascinating. This is a multidimensional journey quite unlike many other museums.

Imane FATMI-MAANAOUI 6 years ago

The prinsenhof museum it s a nice place to visit if you want to learn the story of the Orange family.

Nima Salami 7 years ago

If you wanna who,where and When started The Netherlands, you should visit this place to get to know more about Willem van Oranje (Zwijger). If you visit Delft, you should consider visiting this Museum as one of your priorities on your to-visit list!

Maria Bitunjac 7 years ago

As it was late when we arrived at the museum we did not get a chance to go inside, only saw the outside and the lovely garden which was a shame.

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