Dordrechts Museum

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Museumstraat 40
3311 XP, Dordrecht
078 770 8708

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O Museu Dordrechts está localizado na cidade holandesa de Dordrecht. O museu foi fundado em 1842, tornando -o um dos museus mais antigos da Holanda. O museu abriga uma coleção de pinturas, esculturas e outras obras de arte da Idade de Ouro holandês. O museu também abriga uma coleção de objetos históricos da área de Dordrecht.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Dordrechts Museum: Opiniões

John Busch 1 year ago

Definitely wotrth a visit

Kristel Janssen 1 year ago

Great museum in Dordrecht. The road to the entrance is already beautiful, because of the beautiful trees in the garden. Friendly welcome at the desk and afterwards also kindly spoken to by an employee who asks whether you are coming for the temporary exhibition or for the permanent collection in order to be able to give you good advice. We first viewed the permanent collection and then the temporary exhibition. Special and varied collection of art. The building itself is also beautiful. It is also recommended to eat something here in the restaurant. Beautiful interior and a diverse menu. We sat outside in the quiet garden. Service was also friendly. Nice museum shop. Highly recommended to go to this museum if you are in Dordrecht. Parking garage within walking distance.

Jasper H 1 year ago

Beautiful museum in a beautiful city centre. If you enjoy albert cuyp or ferdinand bol this ia for you.

Oleksandr Vladimirov 1 year ago

Coleção incrível, a exposição temporária de 1800-1900 é linda!

Darijan Hrastić 1 year ago

Very nice museum. Lots of things to see.

Laura Venter 1 year ago

The best!

Nainunis Aulia Izza 1 year ago

Historic area

Csilla Czappan 1 year ago

Esta foi uma experiência muito alta. Os bebês gritando o tempo todo, crianças correndo e até os habitantes locais conversam um com o outro como se estivessem em um pub. Foi uma experiência de zoológico. Pessoalmente, preciso de um pouco de paz para desfrutar de um museu. A coleção é linda, então eu posso voltar, esperando um momento mais agradável para aproveitar as pinturas

Martin Wohlfarter 1 year ago

Impressive art from historic Dutch masters.

willem Doesberg 1 year ago

Just at the last minute, Aelbert Cuijp visited the exhibition with grandchildren who could immediately make their CKV assignment for school about this. Nice museum and will visit again.

Peet Swart 1 year ago

Beautiful art pieces. Nice place to visit with an amazing garden and restaurant. Definite must if you're in Dordrecht. Remember your museum card for free entrance.

Eveline Steijn 1 year ago

Very nice and clear museum! It really surprised me. The exhibition of Aelbert Cuyp is magnificent, as is the Rembrandt room. The hall of the 18th century certainly charmed me. I've enjoyed it!

Corstiaan Breedveld 1 year ago

Just in time to the expo of Jacob Cuyp, the most famous resident of Dordrecht actually. What beautiful skies he could paint. You could see from his paintings which part of the day it was painted. Very detailed in the foreground. The cows he was so adept at in the paintings seem to be able to moo at you. The English in particular loved his work. Of course the nobility, because they also had something to spend in his time. Painters like Turner adopted his ideas, but could not match him. The museum had done its best to complete the exhibition. There was little of his work left in the Netherlands. He did not experience the celebrity, it came many years later. Well, world famous in your own city, but virtually unknown outside it. Due to the expected crowds, a large tent was placed in the garden where the many lockers were given a place and you could store your things for a while. The restaurant looked neat and friendly, the plum pastry tasted good and was a pleasant start before we started the tour. Extremely friendly and helpful on the spot. Immediately linked to a day in Dordrecht. A pleasant city with many sights. The expo is over, but they will probably come up with much more good and beautiful things.

Marcel van de Craats 1 year ago

Very nice museum. We had come especially for the exhibition 'In the light of Cuyp'. And that was beautiful. Beautiful works by Aelbert Cuyp, born in Dordrecht, have been brought together from all over the world. Work by painters who used Cuyp as an example could also be admired. The museum is located in a stately old building and has a good restaurant.

Vincent Van Schaik 1 year ago

Top museum, permanent collection beautiful in beautiful building, temporary exhibition always surprising, good restaurant

Frank van der Burg 1 year ago

Nice museum that often has other beautiful thematic exhibitions in addition to the permanent collection. This time about Cuyp and his influence on English artists. Museum card holders have to pay an additional 7.50 euros. No queue and at the entrance you can leave your bag and coat in a free locker. Through an exhibition by a modern artist (of which it is not clear whether it is already finished) you come to the classics. Audio tour is possible (is not my thing). The only annoying thing are peers who stand in front of a canvas for a long time.

nia salami 1 year ago


Hans van Faassen 1 year ago

Great museum in a lovely location. I admired the exhibition In the Light of Cuyp: Large number of paintings with accompanying informative texts. Enthusiastic ladies in the museum shop

Sylvia Groenbos 2 years ago

Beautiful exhibition about Aelbert Cuyp and his influence on English painters over one century later (Gainsborough, Constable and Turner).

Kirsten vdM 2 years ago

Nice museum, a lot of art. We were done in half an hour.

Sao Diouani 2 years ago

Belo museu

Noemi Radvan 2 years ago

Amazing collection of arts

G88 2 years ago

Most definitely worth a visit

Paula 2 years ago

What a nice museum! Was there for the first time (for the exhibition Cuyp et al.). A friendly welcome, beautiful rooms, everything beautifully hung and interpreted. Free audio tours. Cuyp's exhibition was incomparably beautiful, but I was even more surprised by the permanent collection!! Breathtaking!! A kind of mini Rijksmuseum (forgive me comparison, but I mean this as a big compliment!!). The collection spans many centuries and is really beautiful, with big names! In short; go to this museum!!!

David Bilboa 2 years ago

Great collection and cafe

Dr Win Sutanto 2 years ago

Um museu magnífico que selecionou 6 séculos de obras -primas holandesas. Dordrecht não é exatamente uma cidade turística, mas são apenas 15 minutos de trem de Roterdã, ou a cerca de uma hora de Amsterdã. É uma cidade linda cheia de história. Vale a pena uma visita e este museu certamente é!

Dadi Chen 2 years ago

Gosto das belas coleções dos velhos mestres holandeses. O guia de áudio conecta as obras de arte à história de Dordrecht e da Holanda. Os funcionários são super amigáveis ​​e prestativos. O restaurante e o bar parecem muito artísticos e ilusórios.

Kees Weij 2 years ago

Museu com pinturas dos diferentes períodos, um belo Rembrandt e também muitas pinturas do século XIX, entre elas, muito de impressoras que moravam em Dordrecht e pintam partes da cidade e sua bela igreja.

Marta Pertak 3 years ago

We really enjoyed the temporary exhibit 'slow fashion' as well as the collection of old paintings, which were gorgeous.

Andy 3 years ago

Great place to visit. Lots of great paintings

Jean Montigny 3 years ago

Beautiful building and collections. A must see. Also a very stylish restaurant

Željko Toth 3 years ago

Impressive art collection, amazing experience for art lovers

Angelique Hallensleben 3 years ago


Puja Dayal 4 years ago

Thoroughly enjoyed the work, pray, admire exhibition, which was curated exceptionally well. The English binder was very helpful, and it would be really nice if they had one for the permanent collection as well.

Peter-Paul Steenbergen 4 years ago

This museum host a large art collection of exceptional quality in a historic building walking distance from the train station. Lovely cafe on site overlooking the central courtyard.

ILONKA Heisterkamp 4 years ago

Beautiful museum, great art collection & everything is beautifully displayed, they also have a lovely restaurant to sit and have a drink or to eat a bite. Friendly staff & great service. I would definitely recommend this museum when visiting Dordrecht.

Canon Dirk van Leeuwen 4 years ago

Lovely centuries old trees in the garden. Great stuff inside.

Antoinette Rolloos 4 years ago


Serge Denisov 4 years ago

Period from 15-th till 21-t century looks like from primitive to hard and back to simple.

U- bri 4 years ago


Ome Hans 5 years ago

Superb collection The Hague School Painters (Dutch 19th century Impressionists). Great place to enjoy a lunch when you're in Dordrecht.

Filip Procházka 5 years ago

The permanent collection is classic and full of fine paintings and prints and temporary exhibitions are always very well curated.

Robert Hermans 5 years ago

This museum surpasses in significance the level of a municipality’s art collection and is well worth visiting from a wide region. Beautifully restored and converted historical buildings. One Rembrandt, excellent works from Breitner and from several local painters who made artistic careers in Paris. Short written comments below the paintings explain some of the artistic value in concise statements.

Taniya Chakraborty 5 years ago

The museum has a huge collection of Art from Dutch as well as other European artists mostly from the Eighteenth Century. Most of the collection is Impressionist is category featuring the landscape and day to day life of Dordrecht in specific and the Netherlands in general, in line with the basic Philosophy of the museum. There is an enviable collection of portraits from Eighteenth Century Dutch painters. Also, the second storey has a a host of modern art samples in display. The museum has secondary facilities like a cafeteria, washroom and a souvenirs store. Price is 12 Euros. If you visit Dordrecht, you must visit this museum.

Tobias Dander 5 years ago

Very pleasant and non pretentious place, beautiful paintings, partly depicting the rich Dordrecht heritage.

Jelle van der Maden 5 years ago

Nice small museum with top quality artworks, highly recommended.

Erica Krijnen 5 years ago

Very beautiful museum, I love the exhibition of Jongkind and friends. A must see!

Kateryna Mostova 5 years ago

Jongkind exhibition - very interesting to visit! Beautiful museum!

Bryson McHardy 5 years ago

They have a wonderful collection of lesser known Dutch artists especially from the Dordrech area. We'll worth the time and money.

SGP Versluis 6 years ago

Good expo's and worth the visit.

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