Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen

📍 Localização e contacto

Museumpark 24
3015 CX, Rotterdam
010 441 9400

ℹ️ Em formação

O depósito Boijmans Van Beuningen é um museu em Roterdã, Holanda. O museu recebeu o nome de seu fundador, Daniël Boijmans, e sua esposa, Johanna Van Beuningen. Ele abriu em 1849 como um pequeno museu privado, com foco na arte contemporânea. No início do século XX, o museu expandiu sua coleção para incluir obras da Era de Ouro holandesa e das Índias Orientais holandesas. O museu mudou -se para sua localização atual no Museumpark em 1953. O museu possui uma coleção de mais de 150.000 obras de arte, incluindo pinturas, esculturas, desenhos, gravuras, fotografias e objetos. A coleção do museu é particularmente forte na arte holandesa e flamenga dos séculos XVI a XVII, bem como na arte dos séculos XIX e XX. O museu também tem uma coleção significativa de arte asiática, principalmente da Indonésia.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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🗣️ Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen: Opiniões

Douglas Evangelista de Carvalho 1 year ago

An unique experience. Super great architecture and the opportunity to see great pieces of art in a brand new perspective. The low poibt is that there are just a few pieces available to see, but is worth the visit to see Van Gogh, Bruegel, Kandinski, Bosh, Mirò and several others. The exposure inspired in the Brazilian MASP is a nice touch and one of the better ways to admire the canvas. Love this place.

אביב טלר 1 year ago

Astonishing. Very unique presentation of the exhibitions, interesting architecture. The museum app is very convenient, informative and interactive. Very eclectic collectoons, that include some beautiful artworks. Super recommended.

Rob W 1 year ago

One of the most unique exhibits as it’s more of a behind the scenes look at the art world while still showing off some pieces. Take the tour and go yo on there roof.

Pauline C 1 year ago

Super interesting to have access to an art depot instead to visit a regular museum. The place is new and well designed with an amazing view on Rotterdam on the rooftop A nice stop for a week-end on Rotterdam !

Izabela 1 year ago

Interesting building, brilliant paintings. Recommend

YCH 1 year ago

The building itself is already interesting. For the exhibition, more artworks can be shown, but considering that it's actually a "research center", the place is great.

Rachel Dagan 1 year ago

Impressive architectural structure inside and out. You will not be able to stop admiring and photographing. Do not miss a guided tour and a visit to the cafe and the rooftop.

Natasha D'Souza 1 year ago

Fantastic collection, really interesting concept, wish we could walk amongst all the art in storage. The building was thoughtfully planned out.

Laura Stevens 1 year ago

geweldig- looking forward to it being full and all rooms open.

Perseus Thebes 1 year ago

**THIS PLACE IS NOT A MUSEUM!** I had to put that disclaimer upfront because I saw a lot of people complaining about that and even in the gorgeous building some tourist was complaining. The building alone is incredible and it’s “glass”. This location is a depot for other museums and there’s tens of thousands artworks. From Van Gogh, to Picasso! I would advise you book a tour. Tickets AND tours need to be pre booked online. Worth a visit when you’re in Rotterdam! Pro tip: there’s a super cafe on the roof, but you can access the building and the roof for free after the place closes at 17:00. Great for sunset and a nice evening coffee!

P H 1 year ago

Insight maravilhoso do Museu Van Beuningen, devido à reforma do próprio museu, mas o depósito vale a pena dar uma olhada para ver como as pessoas trabalham a cortinas fechadas. Eu recomendaria o terraço no teto de dia e noite para visitar. Além disso, recomendo uma das turnês gratuitas naqueles gabinetes do depósito para aprender sobre como os objetos são armazenados e conservados.

Beth Gragg 1 year ago

So cool. Love the idea of safely storing fine art in a way that the public can see. Plus, the building is phenomenal!

J RAV 1 year ago

It is a unique experience to visit a museum’s depot. The rooftop with lots of greens is also very nice. I would definitely recommend a guided tour to make the visit even more worth it !

Melvin Bos 1 year ago

The very first world class museum depot ever build worldwilde. It has an outstanding building filled up with all of the collection of Boijmans. If you go to Rotterdam, check out Boijmans as a minimum during your stay in the Netherlands.

Vic Toria 1 year ago

What an amazing experience this place is. Inside is a whole new world, the concept of art hanging like this and how you can turn on storage lights I have never seen in another museum. Incredible. The outside is also stunning. Highly recommended place to visit, a MUST in Rotterdam!

Zee Büzz 1 year ago

Such a beautiful building. The reflections on the outside glass cover are worth a visit alone. The inside is incredible. This is also the world’s first publicly accessible art storage facility. There are labs and offices as well with people actually working while you visit. It was such a great experience I would definitely recommend it. Booking in advance is required via the website

John Gardner 1 year ago

This futuristic building feels like a real life M.C. Escher, and that had to have been intentional. Parts of the collection are visible in storage rooms with visitor controlled lighting, with other pieces displayed out in the visitor gallery. Don't miss the rooftop view as well

Thambiah (G7UNF) 1 year ago

One of the best beach in the world, facilities for every one, - Netherland, Delft.

Luca Di Gregorio 1 year ago

Ótimo museu! Bem, tecnicamente, este é o depósito de outro museu, mas definitivamente vale a pena. A parte interessante é obviamente a própria arquitetura. Top de teto muito agradável e vista. Eu sugiro comprar os ingressos online. Há também o estacionamento do museu muito próximo (não muito caro!), Mas um pouco complicado de acessar, pois há muitos trabalhos na estrada. Você deveria visitá -lo!

tarron kinsella 1 year ago

Architecturally, an incredible building both outside, with its curved, mirrored surface, and inside, with a shiny, industrial feel. An incredible space, a fascinating experience (looking through internal windows into store rooms and work areas) and a fascinating way to store some bits from the collection. Pre-book for a timed entry slot... and enjoy!

Flávia 1 year ago

The only museum depot that’s open to the public. Worth a visit for architecture lovers, for the view, seeing a few highlights of the Boijmans collection. A note: to see the collection up close a separate ticket with guide needs to be booked. To manage expectations, it’s not a museum (it’s the museums storage & restoration location), so you won’t see the same amount of art .

L R 1 year ago

O museu que trabalha é uma faixa maravilhosa. Fui com um grupo que reservou um guia de museus. Como parte dessa visita guiada, fomos levados para uma das salas do museu que, de outra forma, não é acessível, mas visível a partir da janela de vidro. Enquanto nós, naquela sala, também recebemos algumas informações históricas/básicas sobre parte da arte na sala, afirmo um pouco porque a sala estava cheia de arte e poderíamos ter passado uma semana lá e ainda não vimos toda a arte. A vista na cobertura da cidade também é ótima, especialmente quando o tempo está lindo. Na época em que fomos, você precisava reservar um horário on -line e, com o cartão do museu, faz parte da lista de museus que permite que você visite sem nenhum custo/sobretaxa adicional.

Joshua 1 year ago

Amazing storage facility cum gallery. The venue is as much the art as the exhibition. Floating art and storage room small size visits is a different perspective. Great venue for functions with a good rooftop bar and restaurant (but I believe only for function events)

Eddie Lee 1 year ago

It is such a modern and cool building in which thousands of different kind of arts are stored. Download the app and you will find it interesting to discover more about the piece of art that you are looking at. A must see place in Rotterdam.

fraida belocura 1 year ago

The building is very cool. You can get a guided tour to be able to go inside the storage rooms. You can watch the people restore works of art. You can see the backs of paintings. They have a really nice viewing deck on the top floor. A lot of people go up there to draw the city landscape.

Jan Willem Nieuwerth 1 year ago

Rather they don't prefer to call this a museum, but you might call it a very special and impressive depot. When you visited Rotterdam you probably saw this mirror building, but also inside it is a jewel of concrete and glas where you look up or down through the height. The glas elevator you might take going down, the stairs up. And of course: enjoy the art divided in materials every floor! When around museum quartier visit this depot!

Sipan Salim 1 year ago

Very cool and unique place to visit. It's a art storage that gives the audience a glimp to thousands of art pieces. The building is very impressive to see from outside but also from inside. On the rooftop there is a restaurant and a beautiful panaroma view.

HERM PAZ 1 year ago

Infelizmente, o arquiteto entendeu o que a atual cultura do museu exige dos edifícios: fluidez e fácil circulação. O público vem exclusivamente para: 1) dizer que eles estavam aqui 2) tire fotos de si mesmos 3) Tire fotos se o prédio. Ninguém realmente quer ver (ou tem tempo e a chance de) o que está nas paredes. Nesse sentido, este edifício é o produto perfeito para nossos tempos!

Erica Y 1 year ago

Please be noted (before you give 1 star) that depot is not a museum instead it is an art storage facility. From this perspective, it is a very nice place to gain some insights and you can enjoy the skyline of roffa on rooftop.

Marien van der Windt 1 year ago

A very special place where Art meets architecture and 'a room with a view' where you can also have a wonderfull lunch on top of the building. A view on the city of Rotterdam in his cultural finest way.

Jacques Perconte 1 year ago

A must see in Rotterdam. The project To open a museum like that is amazing. I look forward to see how it will be “activated” in the upcoming months. I found it a bit empty now, I though I could see more art. But this is the beginning.

Michiel Fokkema 1 year ago

Super nice museum depot. A great experience and highly recommended. Get the app for more info on the art works. Certainly visit the roof for. Nice views over rotterdam. The cafe is a it noisy, uncomfortable and expensive.

Rob van Katwijk 3 years ago

Though due to open to the public in 2021, the Depot of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen already is worth visiting. The outside of the building is covered in mirrors which reflect the Rotterdam city center. The building of the Depot by architect Winy Maas started in March 2017. It has 6 floors and is 39.5 meters high. Tip for Urban Sketchers: on the other side of the street, in front of the Chabot Museum there is a bench with a good view on the Depot.

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