Tax & Customs Museum

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Parklaan 14-16
3016 BB, Rotterdam
088 151 4900

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O Museu Tax & Customs em Roterdã é um museu dedicado à história e trabalho das autoridades fiscais holandesas. O museu está localizado na antiga sede das autoridades fiscais holandesas em Roterdã. O museu conta a história das autoridades fiscais holandesas desde o início no século XVII até os dias atuais. O museu tem exposição sobre o trabalho das autoridades fiscais, a história da tributação na Holanda e a luta contra a sonegação de impostos. O museu também possui uma biblioteca e um arquivo. O Museu Tax & Customs está aberto ao público de segunda a sexta -feira, das 9:00 às 16:30.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Tax & Customs Museum: Opiniões

Robin Irwin 1 year ago

Who knew a Dutch tax museum was actually fun to visit? This museum is all about the history of taxes in the Netherlands. When the first taxes were implemented, how violently people opposed taxes, how people smuggled goods to evade taxes and curious tax laws. Even the Dutch started a war because of taxes! The temporarily exhibition was about the financial mechanisms of the slave trade and imperial Dutch colonies. How much the Dutch earned, how the control of pruduce was maintained and how locals became tax collectors for the Dutch. All information is in Dutch and English and the building is wheelchair accessible. Highly recommended as the information is surprisingly fun and interesting!

Charlotte Ruitinga 1 year ago

Surprisingly nice.

Linda Spiekerman 1 year ago

Very informative. Pleasant and pleasant people at the entrance and at the brasserie

Marloes Ozkanli 1 year ago

What a great museum in a beautiful location on the Parkweg. It is a beautiful building with 5 floors, luckily there is an elevator. It is an old building but the inside makes it feel modern. We have been with 3 children and we were only there around 2 am and almost got kicked out, no but we could have stayed there for hours. On the top floor there are escape rooms where you can solve puzzle. I don't want to say anything, but it sure is fun to do them all. There is also a lot of information and explanations about taxes and its history. There is, of course, a cafe with seating in a glass conservatory. I recommend going here and having a day with the family.

Saskia 1 year ago

Very educational and fun museum! Especially the FIOD part was very nice. The small escape rooms were a lot of fun but unfortunately not all of them did it. They would immediately pass this on and try to adjust it.

M.E. Hatipoğlu 1 year ago

3rd floor is FIOD. Likes escape room. Special.

Theo Leenders Jongenelen 1 year ago

Very nice, informative,, lots to see. To go!

Sao Diouani 1 year ago

Who likes to pay taxes? Man, who just like bees, needs a society to live. And that is not possible without taxes. Part of the permanent collection is about the history of taxes and excise duties. Interesting to see how this system has evolved. The temporary exhibition Taxed colonial past is a confrontational awareness of how people thought about their prosperity and that of others.

Gerrit Mee 1 year ago

An interesting museum, where you can be very interactive with all kinds of tests. Nice special exhibition about the ups and downs of the Fiod. Also a good explanation of how alcohol excise taxes are determined. Everything that has to do with taxes and customs is covered in detail.

Marian van Dijk - de Kok 1 year ago

A very nice museum, with very hospitable staff. We came with 6 wheelchairs. Every effort was made to help us. Interesting museum, in a nice setting. 5 stars from us.

Evelyn 1 year ago

Nice and quiet, almost the entire museum to ourselves. Absolutely friendly staff.

Joyce D 1 year ago

Super fun and educational! The small escape rooms on the top floor are a nice surprise. The scavenger hunt is well done. The play deck is fun, but especially for the smaller ones.

Юра Ольшанський 1 year ago

Very interesting. Many exhibits of contraband from different times

Johan de Pater 1 year ago

Enjoyable and educational visit. Also suitable for children.

Leny de jong 1 year ago

A nice museum for older children, mine is 12. Good explanation and tough assignments

Rene Moelee 1 year ago

The museum is a nice and small museum. Especially the exhibition about the FIOD was very nice and situated in escape rooms.

Jan Hendrik Stougie 1 year ago

What a very nice museum this is. And where does the museum employee walk with each guest to point out the cloakroom and toilets? A friendly and welcoming team in a beautiful and well-maintained museum. There is something to see for all ages and fun games can be played together. Highly recommended!

Marco Mogezomp 1 year ago

Busy, 425 years of existence

Arjan 1 year ago

In a very fun and interactive way you will be taken into the history, usefulness and versatility of the tax (service) and customs. Interactive exhibition and certainly the escape rooms on the 3rd floor about the work of the FIOD (extended until September 2022) is great fun for young people! Recommended.. Tickets at the door or via the website. The website (in English and Dutch) is also very informative and well worth a visit.

Leo Saat 1 year ago

The sweetest vets work there Which can be found in Rotterdam If not careful, they will eat your pet so much they love all the animals that come there Leo Saat

Maria Livia C 1 year ago

Gostei mais do que pensei. É um museu muito bem curado, com muitas informações interessantes. A razão pela qual estou dando 4 estrelas é que algumas das exposições interativas foram desligadas, e a sala de fuga no último andar estava apenas em holandês, o que significava que não poderíamos desfrutar de nada. Mas ainda é uma experiência positiva em geral!

Leo Visser 1 year ago

What a wonderful museum and fun activity with the grandkids, don't think about it just do it.

sander van der zwaan 2 years ago

A new museum for us, never heard of it before but very nice. Especially the assignments of the FIOD are very nicely done, a kind of escape room atmosphere. Customs was also there today to tell you more about what you can and cannot take with you to the Netherlands. Definitely worth going there. We were able to enjoy ourselves for more than 2 hours

Hester 2 years ago

Had a surprisingly nice afternoon at the museum. Fun for young and old. The "cases" on the top floor were very cool, like small escape rooms. Top! The exhibits were a bit boring for the little ones, but older kids can go wild with a treasure hunt. We ended our visit in the great playroom in the basement. All in all it was well over two hours. Highly recommended!

Marcel Stoop 2 years ago

Very nice and interactive museum. Especially the FIOD part on the third floor is very nice.

Elisabeth Gorter-Bontenbal 2 years ago

Surprisingly nice museum, especially the third floor. On the 3rd floor 5 types of escape rooms great fun for teens. On the 1st and 2nd floor a real museum with a lot of information, fun for adults. On the ground floor more a play deck for little ones. It was also wonderfully quiet, so we could really take our time.

Peter Philipsen 2 years ago

Not only nice because it is about my profession, but also shows a piece of history of our country. And here and there some beautiful works of art...

S. Bartels 2 years ago

Super nice museum. Doesn't sound like something to get kids excited about, but it's definitely worth it for them. They especially liked the history of money.

Marianne Weerts 2 years ago

On the third floor there is a temporary exhibition about the fiod, with 5 escape room-like activities. Well worth it! Furthermore, the museum is wonderfully quiet, with plenty to see for adults and plenty to do for the kids. Perfect for a visit of about 3 to 4 hours.

Bianca Collens 2 years ago

A beautiful, pleasant and compact museum. It is also fun and educational for children.

Peter Verbaas 2 years ago

Yes, it is about customs and tax but really interesting and also great fun for children to get acquainted with. With a talking tracking dog under your arm through a museum really nice

Dennis Poelman 2 years ago

Very educational, definitely recommended

April Croes 2 years ago

Honestamente, fiquei completamente impressionado com as atividades no terceiro andar. Eu gostaria que isso tivesse uma opção em inglês, mas entenda que eles se concentram em holandês. Contar com os 5 quartos para tentar resolver o mistério foi muito divertido. O restante do museu é informativo, mas compreensivelmente é difícil tornar os impostos e os costumes muito emocionantes. No geral, um bom museu, voltaria a mudar o quebra -cabeça do agente secreto!

Tim Croes 2 years ago

Adorei os jogos no 3º andar. Realmente parecia um detetive tentando resolver os casos. Além de o resto não me intrigar tanto.

Pamela van Schenk Brill (Pammetjuh) 3 years ago

Enjoyed a nice workshop about prohibited goods. Apart from the play area, it wasn't that interesting for my young daughters (4 and 7) but it definitely was for the adults!

Tom Scholten 3 years ago

Very nice museum. A lot to do for children. I have been with 3 children aged 8,6 and 2 and they all find it very informative too.

Felimban Ahmad 3 years ago

Interesting information about taxes It's worth to visit

gj de ruijter 3 years ago

Small museum but nice. fun treasure hunt for kids, makes them look better. Especially the play cellar is very nice and also educational for kids

Guy den Blanken 3 years ago

Small but very informative, with 3 floors dedicated to their own subject/time period. The museum is part of a very old building which in and of itself is interesting, but the wealth of knowledge on various things is enriching to say the least. From historic perspective to more recent developments that all have to do with tax and customs. Aside from a lot of items and description the museum also manages to incorporate games, show and tell, and interactive displays. It therefore is not just a walk, look, and read experience; making it interesting for a much younger audience as well. Depending on your interests, and how fast you are able to read, I'd say you'll be spending at least 2 hours; of course if you're not a fast reader or it's somewhat busy you may spend a little more time enjoying this museum.

Cor van Drieberge 3 years ago

The tax and customs museum is surprising. The building itself has a rich history (literally). All the more interesting what can be found there. A must to visit.

Nacho Le Prof 4 years ago

Example of how to turn a museum that was initially uninteresting into something dynamic and very fresh.

Hans van Gils 4 years ago

Informatidd museum

Efim Shapiro 4 years ago

Very cool and very interactive museum, which explains why we need to pay taxes in a simple yet informative way.

Leny Soldaat 4 years ago

Super fun exhibition with treasure hunt for children 'Crazy about Money' at the moment!

Ron van der Gaarden 5 years ago

Good explanation of the origin of our tax system. Very educational and very interactive. Recommended, also for children.

Claire Bennett 5 years ago

I have never been so excited about paying tax!

Andrew Johnson 5 years ago

This is a place that is a MUST go. If your a person and not a billionaire you should go. Think technology and it's result. Leader personality effect vs outcome. Understanding taxes, and showing their relationship between social view point and what happens to where and how taxes are applied.

Jeffrey de Ruijter 5 years ago

Nice and fun museum. Very educational for all ages, from young to old. The collection is well prepared with a lot of information about the pieces. You can also listen to personal stories from various people who are related to the theme. Children can do all kinds of things here, tour the museum, touch and use things themselves and there is a playroom with games related to the museum. Staff are friendly and welcoming. A very good museum on a difficult topic.

Pelle van Nieuwkerk 5 years ago

Seemed boring. Actually was really fun. There was nobody else so we had the whole museum for ourselves. Very interactive, and nice furniture.

Taniel Gulian 5 years ago

I was very impressed from this museum! The staff is very nice too! You should definitely visit.

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