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Goirkestraat 96
5046 GN, Tilburg
013 536 7475

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O Museu Têxtil em Tilburg é uma visita obrigatória para qualquer pessoa interessada na história e produção de têxteis. O museu traça as origens da indústria têxtil na Holanda, desde os primeiros dias da produção de linho e cânhamo até a ascensão mais recente das fibras sintéticas. A coleção do museu inclui uma ampla gama de objetos relacionados a têxteis, de teares e rodas giratórias a roupas e tapeçarias acabadas. O museu também abriga uma biblioteca e um arquivo, que contêm uma riqueza de informações sobre a indústria têxtil e sua história.

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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Textile Museum: Opiniões

Z Takács 1 year ago

So nice this museum. I like it

helena lilly 1 year ago

This is the place in the Netherlands that I encourage anyone who is interested in textiles, textile design and textile development to visit. If you ever visit anywhere in Europe, take a flight, train or a bus to Tilburg and visit for the day. I have never seen anything like it. If you are a potential designer, the best place to start here is the library. The whole library is dedicated to patterns and designs not just European as the collection encompasses the world. It is a real treasure trove of ancient and modern patterns and designs. There are thought provoking and awe inspiring pieces of 'art' work to see. There are so many samples of the design pieces in the different materials such as man-made materials converted to fabrics and lots of examples in natural materials too. If you are lucky, you will see students and support staff working on student designs and you will see the machines weaving the designs. It must be a real thrill to study there and see your designs made into fabric or carpet. There was a dress display regarding 'lace' elements in dresses. A café and a gift shop for souvenirs is available too. Lots to see. Inspirational visit

Max van Vulpen 1 year ago

Really a good museum if you are interested in repurposing fabric or vintage clothing. They also have old weaving looms and a room where they explain how wool is made into fabric.

Murat Çağatay Nesimioğlu 1 year ago

As tecnologias fascinantes são exibidas, poderiam ter sido um conteúdo muito mais rico. 12,5 € A entrada é muito cara, ainda recomendada.

Lisa Edwards 1 year ago

Lovely museum

sonia 1 year ago

really fun museum !

ryan o'donnell 1 year ago

Tillburg is for pussio's

Andreea-Lorena Calugaru 2 years ago

Great and interesting place.

Beatriz S. A. Sousa 2 years ago

So interesting! I tough it was all about how fabrics used to be done (and it does show that) but is much more than just that. Also very conscious abou fast fashion.

Chris Bar 2 years ago

Muito organizado com muitos equipamentos interessantes de fabricação têxtil e informações relacionadas a algodão. Deve fazer a experiência de meditação têxtil !!

Constantine Korobov 3 years ago

Both building and expositions were super interesting. There is something to do for kids and parents.

Andreas Casson 3 years ago

Well worth a visit. A working museum. Weaving in action. Fascinating.

Herman Stehouwer 3 years ago

Especially nice bag of little assignments for kids

Alex Arduser 3 years ago

I didn’t know much about weaving before visiting. I enjoyed this place and learned a few things. Very interesting.

Kārlis Svoks 3 years ago

Beautiful museum, learned a lot about the history of textiles. Great cafe, too!

Wietze van Osch 3 years ago

Very good museum in Tilburg. Very interesting about the history of textile's. Also there is an audio tour. There are a lot of interactive elements. The lunch was also very good!

pim vg 4 years ago

Good place to visit " not to chill if you have kids

John Simister 4 years ago

We were caught in a shower, decided to visit and were extremely glad we did ! Something for everyone, lots to see, very interesting. Highly recommended.

Wilco Roos 4 years ago

Great Museum, especially if you like industrial stuff! We enjoyed the Bauhaus exhibition very much.

Daan Verbakel 4 years ago

Interesting museum, great building and a wonderful steam engine to see.

Kristis Vaškys 4 years ago

I was surprised, it's very interesting place.

Hanne Kooy 4 years ago

A must for fiber arts. Worth the detour. We won "spend the most" at the gift shop.

Johannes Marx 4 years ago

Interessting Show-Factory, They offer the whole process from wool to the final product. I will come back.

Monika van Hoeve 4 years ago

Must visit if your are interested in Tilburg as a textile city. Great exhibition. Loved the lab.

Leah Howd 4 years ago

This is a really cool museum. I love the way they mix learning about old techniques with modern textile art. You can see artisans working in the lab and be sure to check out the drawers filled with sample fibers in the library. Also has a nice coffee shop and a good view from the top floor.

Bas Linders 4 years ago

Superb museum with modern exhibitions and old looms and great for activities

Magdalena Popowska 4 years ago

Super place to learn about the past and the future of the textile industry!

Pablo Sánchez Otero Guitars 4 years ago

Very nice and interesting museum! And the buildings are beautiful too!

Marion C 4 years ago

One of my favorite museums I got to see. Beautiful and very interesting exhibits.

Nick ten Cate 4 years ago

Nice to see the old fabric weaving machines from 1960 in action

Joost Helberg 4 years ago

incredible! this is what a modern museum, doing applied art, should look like. the collection is great and the lab is, where you can watch artists and technicians work together, is fabulous.

S. G. 5 years ago

A very beautiful and interesting museum.

Dale Floer 5 years ago

Excellent museum, especially the lab section where you can see people practicing their craft. The Cafe is good and reasonably priced to boot. The tours are only offered in Dutch. The library is also good if you're looking for information about an obscure textile production technique, for example.

Martijn van der Pol 5 years ago

Very nice and interesting museum

Rae Bucher 5 years ago

I learned so much! From historical textile fabrication, to modern techniques and machines, to their amazing 1920s fashion exhibit, there was something for everyone. They even had textile samples to touch.

colibrinl 5 years ago

Interesting building. Without a guided, I may have missed a lot. However, modern, up to our time exhibition.

Kim Jones 5 years ago

Loved it. Interesting exhibit and friendly personnel. They showed us how the old and the new machines worked. It was lovely

Lawrence Tatton 5 years ago

Made 3 hour trip to visit, well worth the effort in all respects. If ypubare interested in textiles old and new, go and visit.

- Yonas - (‪Yonas‬) 5 years ago

It's a fantastic place. I like it very much. I recommend for you.

Martina Onderco 5 years ago

Unexpected gem. Very nice museum of textile industry, very informative, with large interactive expositions. Highly recommended

jjj visser 5 years ago

Wonderful experience, both the functional industrial machinery and the museum exhibits.

Marianne Marktplaats 5 years ago

Past and future of textile, We also enjoyed a guided tour. Great experience! Enjoy lunch there as wel, dutch kroketten from this region are the best!

Danette Quartey 6 years ago

Amazing place. Liked both the old and the new architecture, the coffee shop was very nice. The staff was very nice too, very helpful and friendly. I visited for hours, so much to see, especially the Earth Matter exhibition, but the permanent ones were very interesting too. As was the Textiel Lab. Hope to come back again.

Koen Fietst 6 years ago

Great building. Industrial heritage with a very modern addition.

Kaveh Hashtroodi 6 years ago

Very interesting way of curating textile related items from equipments to textile itself.

Ana Inês Rodrigues 6 years ago

I love it. Really good exibitions. Nice people. Grest food at the cacs and cheat. Definitly come back again.

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