Société Musée Lalique Pays Bas

📍 Localização e contacto

Gasthuisstraat 1
6981 CP, Doesburg
0313 471 410

ℹ️ Em formação

O Société Musée Lalique Pays Bas é um museu em Dodburg, Holanda, dedicado ao trabalho do designer de vidro francês René Lalique. O museu abriga a maior coleção de vidro Lalique do mundo, bem como uma biblioteca e arquivo de materiais relacionados a Lalique. O museu está aberto ao público e oferece uma variedade de programas e eventos educacionais.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Société Musée Lalique Pays Bas: Opiniões

Bert de Nennie 1 year ago

If you like glass art, you should definitely visit this place. Beautiful what you can see here: jewellery, perfume bottles and many other types of glassware spread over two opposite buildings. And then you can also go there for coffee plus and lunch!

Frank Staal 1 year ago

nice museum with excellent cafe

Wil Venema 1 year ago

Beautiful: exhibition and building. Too much to actually take it all in. Recommended.

Nicole ten Hagen 1 year ago

Beautiful buildings in which the museum is located. Very nice to see that the vases were well made in production (oh such a shame replica for sale and almost no Lalique budget). Was at our time also exhibition jewelry, beautiful!

Robert Costeris 1 year ago

Visited Museum spontaneously on our return journey from our holiday. Never heard of Lilaque before but very pleasantly surprised. Beautiful collection of glassware and jewelry and other silverware. The building is also a beautiful monument and a challenge for people with walking difficulties. Across the street is the 2nd building with the other collection and beautiful garden to use for refreshments.

Marie-Louise 1 year ago

Very nice exhibition in a very nice ambiance. To be repeated.

anja baardman 1 year ago

A fantastic location, stylishly decorated. A beautiful collection put together! We look forward to future collections/exhibitions. The buildings (with the gardens) lend themselves well to the Lalique pieces. Really worth a visit.

Axel van Luijn 1 year ago

Very interesting and very beautiful objects. They have delicious cakes in the cafe

iwan klein 1 year ago

Really great fun. Also that so much jewelry has been put together by mister akkerman (art and kitsch).

Mar Bee 1 year ago

Small but very nice museum. Beautiful collection of glass and jewelry from Lalique, among others. Friendly and helpful staff and the walled courtyard garden alone is worth a visit. Very well worth it. We would be happy to visit again when the new building is open.

Ma Nudo 1 year ago

A beautiful museum with a beautiful collection of jewelery in precious metals, glass and gemstones. The building is also beautiful in a beautiful town of Doesburg. Relax with a cup of coffee and treats in the garden... Unfortunately not so suitable for people with walking disabilities. Recommended for art lovers!

Henk Wijnen 1 year ago

Small but a lot to see. Good lunch available in the garden. NB there is a larger building nearby

Geert van den Broeck 1 year ago

Awesome. Beautiful work. Versatile. Chic older ladies as hostesses do their job well Many, many stairs.

The Un 1 year ago

Nice little museum in a former granary. Interesting silver objects in her collection.

Claudia Shari 1 year ago


Christine Albertz 1 year ago

Unique museum. Fantastic collection of vases and jewelry (Art Deco). Currently also an excellent exhibition about De Stijl.

Wim Verbeek 1 year ago

Beautiful collection, beautiful location on Doesburg. Nice garden for relaxing. Definitely worth it.

Tiemen Bouma 1 year ago

A small but surprisingly special museum. I left with a great appreciation for glass art.

JM Janssen 1 year ago

I was there today for the first time. What beautiful, friendly, well-kept people work here, it looks like a catwalk. What a nice museum. At the counter/reception there was a new gem on this Lalique Kroon. Nel, beautiful woman, sparkling appearance a calling card for the museum. The cafe with the beautiful garden, I ate the tastiest sandwich there ever, and served it so creatively that I felt like I was in Paris. I enjoyed .... this is a must. Keep an eye out for the flowers, beautiful people..... it dries out faster than you think, but so colorful and beautiful. Maybe I was heaven for a while... it made me happy. Marian

Lenie Van Der Zande 1 year ago

Beautiful collection and beautiful works by Lalique. The connection is also made with other artists such as Rietveld and the house of Rietveld. The museum has been in existence since 2011 and is now being built up in a different location. This collection has taken flight. There are beautiful people who know a lot about the history of Doesburg and the developments in this museum. All equally enthusiastic. Nice to have seen. Nice work.

Rob van Voorst 2 years ago

Magnificent, not only lalique, also the exhibition of De Stijl group.

Marcel Brouwer 2 years ago

Very nice museum, I just think that it is difficult to access for elderly people. Has a very nice collection.

A Terpstra-deVries 2 years ago

Nice museum. Worth a visit. Only very high stairs! Less suitable for the elderly.

Pat Polfis 2 years ago

museum with many pieces by lalique. vases, objects, jewels, tiles... too many to mention. you can also buy original vases yourself. the museum consists of 2 opposite buildings, and in the latter is a beautiful garden with cafe. definitely worth popping in for a drink.

Frans Zuiderhoek 2 years ago

Impressive collection of glass and also famous works by Rietveld and Mondrian. Beautiful designs through simplicity (see chair made of wood). Suppooste explained clearly how Lalique worked and made the most beautiful creations from glass.

Fried 2 years ago

Nice to visit again, not just glass...

Henk Scheerooren 2 years ago

A bit old, small and creaky building but well worth a visit. Top pieces by René Lalique may well deserve more space than these "attic rooms".

N.C.M. Groen 2 years ago

We enjoyed the Lalique exhibition so much. A real party. I walk behind a walker, but that is not possible in this museum. If you can barely manage without a walker, then you should definitely do that. It is steep stairs to climb, but well worth it.

Leendert B 2 years ago

Beautiful exhibition of glass objects and the De Stijl flood. Funny old buildings, not suitable for those who can't climb stairs.

Gentiana van Rijzingen 2 years ago

Nice museum in an attractive building.

Insta____man Insta 2 years ago

Fantastic to see the beautiful collection of this great French product! The museum is also very beautiful, in a beautiful building and with very nice people who are happy to inform you about all the beautiful things to see! Everyone is really nice, from the lady behind the counter/checkout at the entrance, the volunteers who tell a story, to the employees of the lovely cafe! We will definitely come back again! I also bought a perfume from Lalique and to my delight I received two empty bottles for my perfume bottle collection, much appreciated and grateful!

Amazing Amazone 2 years ago

Escadas íngremes no local atual e sem elevadores, pois é uma casa antiga. Boa coleção de vidro, mas não espere uma extensa história sobre a história do artesanato. Apenas vasos de vidro e garrafas. Exposição extra sobre De Stijl tinha peças agradáveis, mas uma narrativa Bric-à-BRAC.

Ana-Maria Oprescu 2 years ago

Coleção realmente especial de vasos lalique e garrafas de perfume. A casa em si é preciosa e muito bem mantida. O museu abrange mais 2 quartos do prédio do outro lado da rua. Existem dois lugares de café: Petit Cafe (dentro de casa) e Jardin Lalique (dentro de casa e ao ar livre).

Jos Grimbergen 3 years ago

Beautiful exhibition, diverse and surprising. Artist Lalique versatile.

Jolanda Coppens 3 years ago

Beautiful collection. Both permanent and royal light. Well worth it. Also visit the phrasie tea room for coffee or tea with something tasty!

Bas Houba 3 years ago

Beautiful museum in Doesburg about the da Vinci under glass art!! Truly beautiful and unique in such a town. Now also exhibition on royal glass. Divided over 2 atmospheric old buildings and with a cozy museum café. Absolutely recommended!

Albert Jan Van Der Krol 3 years ago

Lalique museum Doesburg is entirely dedicated to René Lalique, a French glass artist. Unique collection of glassware in two old national monuments. Nice museum shop and cozy cafe.

Carla Harzing 3 years ago

I think the collection is fantastic. Housed in beautiful old buildings. The stairs are narrow, the steps high, which makes the various floors less accessible to everyone. Friendly people who can tell full of fire.

Marianne Blankestein 3 years ago

Glass art. Nicely displayed. Beautifully old buildings. Lots of stairs to take, but it's more than worth it. Nice restaurant and friendly attendants. Do this museum in Doesburg.

Peter Kock 3 years ago

Small additional exhibition space of the Lalique museum across the street. Current exhibition on glass art of the is definitely worth seeing. Costs you € 2.50 extra, but then you also see something special....

Totaal Ondersteuning 3 years ago

Impressive overview collection of Lalique's work. Original works of art are for sale in the store at hefty prices. The royal chandelier exhibit was well worth the extra. Like many buildings in Doesburg, the building is authentic with small rooms and steep stairs. Nevertheless, all volunteers closely supervised compliance with the corona measures. In the garden, before the visit of the exhibition, we drank delicious cappuccino with a treat from local baker Hans. After visiting the exhibition, we concluded with a delicious lunch. Fantastic hospitable and a special day. Well worth the visit but advice: book as we did

Ron van der Gaarden 3 years ago

Beautiful collection of mostly glass designs from the Art Déco period. A voir absolute!

Annet Heilijgers 3 years ago

So nice, very nice service in restaurant too. Nice exhibition. Beautiful lamp from Soestdijk

Tom Duijkers 4 years ago

Small museum where space is optimally used. For the most part runs on very well-informed volunteers. Well worth the effort. Also the environment.

Paul Meyer 4 years ago

A very nice museum with beautiful collection.

Natallia Kuzniatsova 4 years ago

An interesting exhibition. Varied. Small. The museum has expositions in two separate buildings, so do not miss to visit part of the exposition opposite. Highly recommend.

Hans Welvaart 4 years ago

Good museum! We were welcomed warmly and with great attention and introduced to the museum by a gentleman right behind the front door. Beautiful authentic building. This time there was a Chagall exhibition in the house. The in-house collection of glassware is beautiful and interesting. We were handed a loupe to see details better. Disturbing was an employee who had a very noisy conversation with a visitor. After a half-hour visit to the upper floor, we left, knowing where this employee does her shopping, what she ate that week and further chatter. Inappropriate at such a volume in that environment. Nevertheless, the museum is highly recommended. That employee will probably not work every day.

sophie Lecerf 4 years ago

Bom museu pequeno. Há uma senhora que dedica um tempo para explicar repetidamente. Ela é tão apaixonada !!!

Renee Van Uijen Pool 4 years ago

Casa muito antiga, com duas escadas estreitas na cidade antiga de Dosburg. Abriga uma bela coleção de arte de vidro Lalique. E neste momento uma coleção interessante de Chagall. Não é muito adequado para pessoas com problemas para caminhar ou subir escadas.

Wouter Hijweege 5 years ago

Beautiful exhibition, in nice house in a cute village

Annette Kolkman 5 years ago

Surprisingly beautiful glass and now also paintings by Chagall in a beautiful historic building

Jaap van der Sijp 5 years ago

Deve ver se você gosta de Lalique Glass e Art Nouveau. E boa coleção de Jan Toorop Art. Alle em uma casa pitoresca em uma bela cidade velha

Theo v Vliet 6 years ago

Nice building, great exhibition

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