Stichting Museums Vledder

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Brink 1
8381 BE, Heerenveen
0521 383 352

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O Stichting Museums Vledder (SMV) é uma organização sem fins lucrativos que gerencia e opera três museus no município de Heerenveen, na província de Friesland, na Holanda. Os três museus são o Museu de História Natural, o Museu de Etnografia e o Museu de Arte Contemporânea.

O Museu de História Natural foi fundado em 1854 e é um dos museus mais antigos da Holanda. O museu está alojado em uma antiga pousada do século XVII e suas coleções incluem uma ampla gama de espécimes de história natural, incluindo minerais, fósseis e animais de pelúcia. O Museu de Etnografia foi fundado em 1892 e está alojado em uma antiga casa do século XVIII. As coleções do museu incluem uma ampla gama de objetos etnográficos de todo o mundo, incluindo têxteis, armas e instrumentos musicais. O Museu de Arte Contemporânea foi fundada em 1971 e está alojada em um antigo prédio escolar do século XIX. As coleções do museu incluem uma ampla gama de obras de arte contemporâneas, incluindo pinturas, esculturas e instalações.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Stichting Museums Vledder: Opiniões

Jan Peter Versteege 1 year ago

Had fantastic tours from Erna Plenter and René. How erudite these people are! Be sure to come back.

André Hanemaaijer 1 year ago

What a nice museum. And what an enthusiastic guide during the tour. Small but very nice.

xForbidden Rose 1 year ago

Exceeding expectations, nice museum with very enthusiastic employees! The false art tour is definitely recommended :)

Anneke Vermeijden 1 year ago

Very nice, especially when the false art is told with full dedication. Just go there!

Rob de Nekker 1 year ago

Museu muito interessante

Ger van Wattingen 1 year ago

Nice explanation about the fake art. Eat nice.

Willem Hermse 1 year ago

What a great museum and a super enthusiastic guide!

Jan de Ruyter 1 year ago

Let's take a look at art that is actually not real, but what a nice business, the glass work was also beautiful

Martin D 1 year ago

It is special that you are personally guided by someone with all kinds of nice extra stories. Hans is a pleasant storyteller who gives even more insight into the false arts that hang there.

André Broens 1 year ago

Bom localização e recepção muito agradável. O proprietário fez a turnê e contou as histórias mais fantásticas e inacreditáveis ​​com grande entusiasmo. Aqui você vê que mesmo os melhores conhecedores de arte podem estar errados. Abordagem muito legal.

Douwe Bouma 1 year ago

Nice informative museum. No museum year card, they are too small for that.

Reinie Klos 1 year ago

Nice little museum, with a nice collection of counterfeit art from known forgers. And a beautiful collection of glass blowing art.

Marjatta Coppy 1 year ago

Este museu é incrível .. pequeno, mas bom, tão legal ver que as telas de pintores famosos podem ser copiados quase exatamente .. inacreditáveis ​​.. atualmente também existe um departamento de arte de vidro, que também é muito especial.

Marianne Koster 1 year ago

Eu acho que este é um ótimo museu. O que o torna tão bonito são as histórias maravilhosas sobre as falsas obras de arte e como elas acabaram no museu. Já estive lá antes, mas ainda é divertido. Eu também gostei muito dos belos copos. Minha coleção com figuras de cães tem mais dois lindos vidro. O museu também é recomendado com crianças, que podem trabalhar com arte no sótão.

Saskia de Boer 2 years ago

What a surprisingly nice museum. Friendly welcome and unique collection of fake art. Interesting glass collection too. Good museum shop with a lot of choice.

Ron van Bruchem 2 years ago

Very nice museum with sections of forged art, glass art and local art. The stories about the forgeries are fantastic. Beautiful glass art and good information about glass making. We received very friendly and personal help here. Great recommendation!

Tamara Snel-Hopman 2 years ago

What a nice surprise this museum! Super friendly people. For the children (10 and 6) a fun treasure hunt, craft room and the biggest success: the fake piano. Nice diverse exhibition, nice explanation of the forgeries. Great way to introduce children to art! We enjoyed.

Ejsnih 2 years ago

Interesting, nice overview of the exhibition, nice tour and explanation about glass and the possibilities. Really worth it!

Ton Hoeksma 2 years ago

Nice museum, haven't been for a long time

Marcel Groeneveld 2 years ago

Very nice glass art and partly for sale.

Klaas Eijzenga 2 years ago

We went there a few times years ago, super nice museum.

Trudi 2 years ago

Setembro de 2021 É bom andar entre a arte falsa. Mas o museu está um pouco datado. É difícil para os visitantes saber o que você vê. Existem folhas de informações, mas elas ficam em um canto em algum lugar. A seção de arte de vidro do museu contém muitas coisas bonitas. Mas mesmo lá não é facilitado para os visitantes. Por que não assina ao lado dos objetos, em vez de folhas com pequenos números, onde você pode descobrir quem fez o quê. Pena que, com € 8,00 p.p. muito caro. No entanto, a exposição de Jennifer Koning foi linda!

Josien Buijze 3 years ago

Interesting to watch. And the people who work there do so with a lot of attention and cordiality.

Elvira van Poelgeest 3 years ago

Nice museum where you learn how to recognize false art, and therefore also real art ... Allow an hour, one and a half to view and read everything or use the audio tour.

jet grol 3 years ago

A very surprising museum. Nice old paintings. But also interesting forgeries.

OPA Barnhoorn 3 years ago

I am not much of an art lover, but this museum was good (but expensive: € 8 p.p.) With each object (mostly paintings, etc.) there was an extensive explanation about its provenance and why it was eligible to be here. There are quite a few possibilities: an existing work of art copied and sold as real, a new work of art in the style of a well-known artist with a counterfeit signature and sold as real. The tipping point between fair and false is how the work is offered and sold. Genuine from a well-known artist is of course worth much more than a fake. Remarkable: there is also a painting that was signed by a well-known Rotterdam artist, but not painted by him. He signed for a fee. The museum also has a small but beautiful section with artful glassware (not fake). In my opinion more beautiful than most paintings. Glassware also for sale.

E Sanders 3 years ago

In 1st place I didn't want a tour (listening is tiring for me). But the enthusiastic guides talked about it with passion and I found it very educational and fun.

Cees Draaijer 3 years ago

Surprisingly extensive collection, tour and a lot wiser about art (trade).

Huibert-Jan Vader 3 years ago

Very nice museum. Funny to see a collection of fakes together.

Ruud van der Ree 3 years ago

Interesting and educational museum. Really recommended. False art seized by the police from July 19 to September 2020.

Gertrude Abbring 3 years ago

What a funny museum, you just have to get on it! Especially the accompanying lyrics are hilarious. Very nice and nice and cool during a heat wave

eveline vliet 4 years ago

Great museum! You already get a big smile on your face upon entering. The employees are fantastic fun. The tour about false art is very interesting, because a lot is told about the art. The museum also has a beautiful library and a beautiful collection of glass. You must see this museum!

Gijs Stokman 4 years ago

Fantastic museum, especially the tour was very nice, really worth to hear all the beautiful stories about the various exhibits!

Crijn 4 years ago

Very nice Museum! With many expensive and normal prices! And also a nice painting room for children. My aunt also works there.

BenenEls De Bree 4 years ago

Very worthwhile, had a great tour, from a very enthusiastic lady, beautiful

H De blois 4 years ago

Never knew there was so much to say about fake art. An absolute must

Hanny Verbeek 4 years ago

Nice museum. Info enthusiastically brought by volunteers. Everything nice taken care of good variety.

Kirsten van der Holt 4 years ago

I can recommend this museum to everyone! Even if you are not the greatest art lover you will have a great time here. We had a tour from Coos, and she told super interesting stories! She could tell something about everything, and with an enthusiasm. If you want to visit a museum that is different from the rest, this is where you should be.

Henk van der Meij 4 years ago

There are three collections, namely: Drenthe art, glass art and false art. A guided tour is given at the false art. If you are lucky by the owner. It makes a complete show of it. All collections are equally interesting and composed with love. I was very impressed.

Fred. Zwarts 4 years ago

Great fun with a very interesting tour. What a special histories.

Wim en Eva Kroon 5 years ago

Nice museum, very charming lady who provided the tour.

Hessel Evers 5 years ago

This is a wonderful museum with dedicated and knowledgeable guides. They serve coffee with whipped cream. Where can you still see that !? And what a false art. A discovery of how people can sell you a million dollar fake art, which turns out to be worthless. A visit to this museum is WORTH it.

Henk Siebenga 5 years ago

Beautiful museum "for false art". A tour is an experience, you are informed with humor and enthusiasm about the origin of false art.

Marlous Van den Brink 5 years ago

Beautiful location to celebrate and commemorate a wedding. Great enthusiastic chatelaine with a good story about the building and its inhabitants. Beautiful style room and garden

Rianne Vermeulen 5 years ago

The Museum of False Art. Hilarious, special, surprising! Everything is big, but then you have to have a trained eye. It will only come to life if you follow the guide's explanation. Very nice enthusiastic lady who does that.

Gijsbert Groenveld 5 years ago

What a nice discovery this private museum was. Remarkable collection with even a painting by former Queen Beatrix..

Bram Bongers 5 years ago

Admission includes guided tour. Guide was exceptionally good. Captivating from start to finish.

Sietze Visser 5 years ago

A nice museum with free guided tour on the fake art. Very inspiring and inviting to want to know more.

Nel de Jong 5 years ago

Interesting museum of fake art. The guided tour is also recommended. There is also glass art, and a painting and exhibition.

daan hoepman 5 years ago

Museu interessante, definitivamente recomendaria a visita guiada.

Leo Van der Linden 6 years ago

Such a nice museum. Very enthusiastic owner who gives a nice tour

Kees van Malssen 6 years ago

Nice, surprising museum with an entertaining tour. Well worth it.

Gerrie Muller 7 years ago

Museum Vledder with its false art, glass art and beautiful sculpture garden is certainly worth a visit. We were unfortunately there when a large group of people were given a tour so that we did not find the peace to let everything affect us. The garden finally gave the most satisfaction, partly due to a nice conversation with one of the employees.

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