Discovery Museum

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Museumplein 2
6461 MA, Kerkrade
045 567 0809

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O Discovery Museum em Kerkrade é um museu sobre a descoberta. Está cheio de exposições e exibições interativas que permitem aos visitantes aprender sobre o mundo ao seu redor de uma maneira divertida e envolvente. O museu tem algo para todos, com exposições sobre história natural, ciência, tecnologia e muito mais. Também existem muitas atividades práticas para crianças de todas as idades. O Museu Discovery é o lugar perfeito para explorar, aprender e se divertir!

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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🗣️ Discovery Museum: Opiniões


Super interesting but one downsize, not all is also in English, but overall I truly recommend it

Henry V 1 year ago

One of the best museums for kids. The 3d cinema was moving (for kids over 10 and adults), lots to do for all ages

Vaibhav Sharma 1 year ago

Perfect place to spend time with the kids over the weekend

Mete Bulutay 1 year ago

We spent half a day there which was full of fun with our kids 8 and 10 years old. We found ourselves still playing at the closing time of museum. Tip: Tour ideally starts with cinema show, you can plan beforehand according to times of the show. Also don't forget to attend the interactive theatre which is fun and quite educative for kids.


Interesting Museum has lots of fun things to do, not only for children but also for adults too. A lot of creative, interactive rooms full of information, games, brain tickling puzzles and models,.especially the history if technical side of evolution if mechanical engines. The science lab, science show and 3D earth movie show are super interesting and exciting parts. A restaurant also offers good variety of snacks and quick bites including pizza and beverages. Staff is very polite and friendly and speaks English and Deutsch as well. A full eventful day of activities and family time to spend in.

Titus V 1 year ago

Ótimo museu. Boa exposição e muito interativo! Um obrigatório com crianças. Estacionamento gratuito perto do museu. Funcionários muito simpáticos!

Lebiz Kit 1 year ago

Muito impressionante, limpo e agradável. Passamos 3 horas de excitação total.

Albert 1 year ago

Amazing museum! Lots of fun for either kids or adults. :) highly recommended

Alex Itcus 2 years ago


Estelle Servais 2 years ago

Very nice place. For young and old. Very educational.

cobellig 2 years ago

Fun for kids, many interesting things, Dutch and German, english not on all attractions.

Michiel Kienhuis 2 years ago

Very nice. Great for kids too. Interactive, nice shows and movies are fun free in a very creative way!

Kebin Zeng 2 years ago

Very nice science museum. program and movies with Eng. subtitle. highly recommend.

Tobias KunersofKoenders 2 years ago

The discovery museum is great to see science and technology, to try and experience yourself. Nice for young children and their parents alike.

Florin Deaconu 2 years ago

Always changing, always better. We have visited the museum some more than 2 years ago and we have been then positively impressed. Today we visited it again and, almost everything was changed, almost all new themes, all looking at what the future might bring. Overall it was better experience than last time.

Sander van Dijen 2 years ago

A unique experience in the area. It bigger than I expected when looking at the flyer and website. There is so much to see and to do here. We had a full day of fun here. There is something to do for the little ones, but as a group of 3 adults, we could fill the complete day, and still had some parts left to see. Food is quite Expensive, and there is not much choice, but that is the only down side I can think of.

Ryan Hupkens 2 years ago

Museu ótimo e muito legal. Tem muitas áreas diferentes sobre diferentes tipos de tópicos. Da biologia à tecnologia e exposições ambientais. O local também tem alguns ótimos eventos para a excursão de crianças. Você pode até hospedar o aniversário deles lá, pois eles têm salas de eventos especiais para isso. A equipe foi útil e deu boas informações. Chega de banheiros se você precisar visitar um. Você pode pegar um mapa na recepção, que eu posso recomendar. Informações muito úteis e muito claras sobre onde você pode encontrar cada exposição.

JE Hermes 2 years ago

Algo para todos. Vale a pena. As crianças adoram a interação com diferentes instalações.

Al Hermes 2 years ago

Tanta coisa a dizer sobre este museu fantástico, classificaria mais de 5 estrelas. Maker de ritmo do coração, também um boneco onde você poderia experimentar a cirurgia principal de buracos. E outras mãos em exibições como o corpo funciona. Havia áreas dedicadas para as crianças resolverem quebra -cabeças e situações. Uma educação real e experiência divertida para elas, como as coisas diffrentam .e para adultos em um nível mais alto aprenderam muito.%t

Christopher Mc Farlane 3 years ago

Really good museum. Very interactive. Fun for both adults and kids with a lot of space as to not feel crowded. Friendly staff that speak English. There is a workshop for building things (costs extra) and a cafeteria with great food.

Vily Angelova-Tranulova 3 years ago

It was very interesting and joyful for our daughter and us! You can learn a lot, you can try different things, to know how they work, to test yourself. It was a real great fun!

Kristen Stevens 3 years ago

A gem "way down south". A beautifully layed out museum with lots of interaction for the children, great live shows and lots of learning! We spent 2 hours and didnt get through even half of it! Plenty of parking close by as well.

Dennis Joeken 3 years ago

Very nice place. The kids loved it.

CL 3 years ago

Nice interactive museum

Frits Wijnen 3 years ago

A lot of stuff learned in a fun way

Maurizio Garzelli 3 years ago

Very nice museum full of activities for children, totally worth it. Expensive though so make sure you remember to bring your museum cards!

R Oliemuller 4 years ago

Gratis place for kids!

Jan Watermann 4 years ago

You can spend half a day or longer with your kids here. Explore, learn, enjoy. Well made. Great museum for the whole family.

Wolfgang Budde 4 years ago

I love it

иιcσle м 4 years ago


Jeroen Wedda 4 years ago

Good for a days visit with kids.

Camushii 4 years ago


Ronald van Eekelen 4 years ago

It's hard to find a place that is interesting for 5-8 years old. Here they seem to have found the sweet spot. I could walk around my 5, 7 and 8 years old taking turns while the other were busy with a puzzle or lego building. CSI was also very well suited for multiple ages. A discovery in every sense of the word!

Constantin Rudolf 4 years ago

The earth center is awesome.

Leticia Setter 4 years ago

Smaller than we expected but definitely worth a visit. We were with our 3 year old and he loved it. Nice cafeteria and shop downstairs. Thumbs up.

Frans Verhoef 5 years ago

A very nice place to bring the kids to. There are basically 2 parts. The first part is a normal kind of discovery center with a lot of interactive science and technology exhibitions. The kids really love it, as there's a lot to do. The great thing is that they even learn from it. The second part is even better for the kids: World of bricks. Basically some tiny Lego land, where kids can do a lot with Lego. Finally there are some hand on labs, where for a small fee, kids can build some small tech construction. We didn't go for it, as we were running out of time.

Kaarssteun 5 years ago

Really fun experiments for the kids, but also fascinating for adults. I would definitely recommend it!

Radosław Kowalski 5 years ago

Plan the whole day for it as there's enough to do. I was there with my 4 and 8 years old, both enjoyed it a lot.

Ria 90 5 years ago


Martijn Pieffers 5 years ago

Truly amazing

Catherine Blethyn 5 years ago

A great day out.

Peter Bindels 5 years ago

Great museum for kids aged 2+, lots to do and discover.

Juliet Goldschmidt 6 years ago

A very hands on, definitely outstanding place for grown ups and children!

Astrid Ijperlaan 6 years ago

This is an interesting museum with a broad variety of things to see, read and do!

Oskar Van Dierendonck 6 years ago

Sience and discovery for all ages. Make sur you visit the cube. Its worth it.

Kenneth Tan 6 years ago

Great experience for kids and their parents

Rimmy Michan 7 years ago

Great for a raining day in the area. Kinds well entertained, but needs adult support for understanding a lot of activities (not necessarily meant as a bad thing). Remember to pay attention to when the show starts, normally rated at the top point of the day by the kids afterwards.

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