Technical Museum of the Empordà

📍 Localização e contacto

Carrer dels Fossos 12
17600, Figueres
972 50 88 20

ℹ️ Em formação

O Museu Técnico do Empordà está localizado em Figueres, na província de Girona, Catalunha, Espanha. O museu foi criado em 2006 com o objetivo de promover o patrimônio industrial e técnico da região de Empordà.

O museu possui uma coleção de mais de 3.000 objetos, divididos em quatro seções principais: energia, indústria, transporte e comunicação. A seção de energia inclui um motor a vapor de uma fábrica têxtil, uma roda d'água e um motor a gás. A seção da indústria inclui teares, forja e fundição. A seção de transporte inclui um transporte ferroviário, um bonde e uma bicicleta. A seção de comunicação inclui um telégrafo, um telefone e um rádio.

O museu também possui uma biblioteca e um arquivo de documentos relacionados à história da região de Empordà. O museu está aberto ao público de terça a sábado.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 4:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 4:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Saturday: 4:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

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🗣️ Technical Museum of the Empordà: Opiniões

Christophe Teufteuf0 1 year ago

A very interesting private museum run by two adorable elderly people who have put together this fantastic collection, in addition the visit is done in French, the price of the entrance ticket is ridiculous, you absolutely have to go there

María Ángeles Alba 1 year ago

A marvel. You don't expect it. In addition, the owners are very friendly and explain everything to you and teach you the curiosities. Money well spent. For curious families.

lluis “lluissave” sala 1 year ago

A very unique place full of very interesting objects, with excellent treatment by the museum people.

Bikegarage Motorcycles 1 year ago

Lugo beautiful 85 year old very nice owners ... ❤️ wonderful museum ... highly recommended.

Pilar Soriano 1 year ago

A gem of the antiques. I have enjoyed a lot. To repeat again.

Alena Hauryliuk 1 year ago

Wonderful, educated, courteous hostess! The richest exposition, created with great effort and love! We will definitely come back again and again!

Jose Linares (joosly) 1 year ago

The best I've seen, I've been twice and I like it more and more. The couple that runs it are super friendly and everything is super placed and clean, I recommend it to anyone who is in that area.

Sergio B 1 year ago

SPECTACULAR! An entire floor of a collection of mechanical typewriters and calculators, another of sewing machines and wall clocks, and another of a multitude of other gadgets. Everything perfectly arranged and with many elements that can be touched and used. And the best thing is that the owners are there to explain everything and answer whatever is needed. And majestic. Coming to Figueres is worth it just for this museum.

Marta Galve 1 year ago

Admission costs €3 (a pity that there are no discounts of any kind). The collection is impressive, but the best part is undoubtedly meeting its owners, who explain how they treasured it.

Alex Molina 1 year ago

The best museum I have ever visited. Very very HIGHLY recommended. A super complete and varied collection of all kinds of old gadgets (typewriters, pencil sharpeners, sewing machines, slot machines, cash registers, etc. etc.). Everything super neat and orderly. What I liked most of all were the owners of the museum: Some more than wonderful and kind people that I have had the pleasure of meeting. The lady guided us through the entire museum, telling us everything about the collection and any other questions that we might have. I loved the passion with which he revealed the relics that the couple has treasured over time. I only missed the fact that they had a piggy bank on the counter since the symbolic €3 entrance fee was not enough for me and I would have liked to be able to leave a little more in exchange for such a pleasant experience.

NAI LI 1 year ago

Ficamos impressionados com as boas condições e o número de máquinas antigas coletadas por um incrível casal antigo. Senora Magrita (não sei se eu soletrar o nome dela corretamente) nos guiou por todo o museu por mais de uma hora, uma pena que eu não falo Espanyol nem francês, mas pode sentir sua paixão e amor por essas coleções, além de cada um A coleção tem uma breve introdução em vários idiomas, incluindo inglês. Este museu de brinquedos musem y dali y são três lugares que mais apreciamos. Tenho que receber outra visita aqui se estiver de volta aos Figueres no futuro.

Enric Llubes Rius 2 years ago

Amazing private foundation with spectacular objects and old machinery. Guided tours by the same family with very good explanations.

Vladimir Rusinov 2 years ago

Great collection. Folks there don't speak English but pieces speak for themselves.

Daniel Estévez Campos 2 years ago

Incredible experience. A must for anyone who visits Figueres and is interested in history. A huge and impressive collection of pieces from the past very well presented by the owner in a close way and that shows her passion for the exhibition. The owners are very friendly and all for an almost symbolic price. Essential.

Marisol Sellés 2 years ago

It's a journey through time ... touching objects like the ones in my grandmother's house or standing clocks like at home since my father was a watchmaker! It's one of my favorite museums! I'm happy there!

Edu S. Prats 2 years ago

An incredible place, a family museum. For € 3 the lady is super friendly, she takes the trouble to walk you around the museum and explain everything to you. The visit lasts approximately 1 hour through its 3 floors. Definitely a place to stop if you are in the area.

LLuïsa Romeu Blay 2 years ago

Delighted with the visit, very good, very interesting because of the old objects on display, highly recommended

Elisa Aiguabella 2 years ago

Very extensive private collection of typewriters, sewing machines, clocks and other very curious and interesting antiques. You can't miss it!!

clara lópez 2 years ago

Very interesting, it is a spectacular private collection, honestly great, a super interesting guided view with the owner (it is a couple and it is their collection), it is very noticeable that it is a collection made with a lot of passion.

Monica Ruiz Luque 2 years ago

What a discovery in the city of Figueres! If you have ever dreamed of transporting yourself to times gone by, this is your museum. There are countless period objects that you would never have said what they were for or how to use them, but thanks to Margarita it has been a pleasure to discover them. Thank you Margarita for your attention and dedication and to you Pere for your kindness and above all, thank you both for allowing us to know those wonders of the past.

JOSE GUDAY FONT 3 years ago

Must visit if you arrive in Figueres. Extraordinary museum, excellent work of the Padrosa family. Machines and devices that remind us of our childhood when the world was all mechanical, well preserved, and well collected. Motorcycles, typewriters, calculating machines, .......


Extraordinary, a collection of magnificent antique machines and gadgets. The lady in charge of the museum is a very understanding and also very friendly and attentive.

Галина Викторовна Ведерникова 3 years ago

We are delighted with this museum! The landlady, Mrs. Margarita, led through all the halls, explaining in detail about each exhibit. We were so passionate about the tour that we even forgot to photograph the exhibition. A very large and interesting private collection. Many thanks to the creators of the museum.

Mirjam Volpp 4 years ago

Simple, small, nice. The elderly lady who runs the museum has given us a private tour in French. Very nice and great. Really cute.

Сергей Ширяев 4 years ago

Great museum, very friendly staff. A huge number of exhibits. I strongly recommend. At a cost of a modest 3 euros (which includes a guide) - a great place. Of the minuses - the guide knows Spanish and French. Be prepared to listen to them.

mariangeles barranco 4 years ago

I loved it, especially Mrs. Margarita makes such a detailed explanation that it transports you in time. Cool.

Rafa Guardia 4 years ago

The lady accompanied me of the museum and he explained to me all kinds of detail the content, history, etc ... of the exposed machines. I had a great time and I highly recommend the visit.

Jolanta Maria Nita (Jolaani) 4 years ago

Impressive. I will return for sure. With very little time that we have been able to devote to this visit, we were impressed. Very interesting technique evolution and, above all, the possibility of comparing its development in several countries.

Gemma F J 4 years ago

It is a very nice museum to visit with a lot of calm. It has a myriad of very interesting devices. Highly recommended !!

Yannick Blackberry 4 years ago

A real surprise, what a collection! Do not stop at the front, ENTER! For a few euros, you will be entitled to a visit in very good French. I recommend this place to all lovers of collectibles.

maqui nueno 4 years ago

A small but amazing museum, it's worth going there and listening to the explanations from the collector owners, they explain in detail and love the objects we find there. Do not miss it.

Àngel Agustí 4 years ago

Fantastic retrospective exhibition of the technique and common utensils that have evolved with our society. The collections are very well restored and preserved. The visit, unbeatable if explained to any of the people in charge of the museum.

Mihhail Voronin 4 years ago

A incrível coleção particular de máquinas de escrever vintage, máquinas de costura e telefones, incluindo muitas unidades experimentais estranhas. Propriedade de um casal de idosos, que está feliz em fazer um tour em espanhol ou francês. Definitivamente vale a pena uma visita, uma jóia verdadeira inesperada para os interessados ​​na história da tecnologia.

maribel Espeso 5 years ago

Amazing what we found there. From the outside it seems small although we entered because it seemed interesting, we could not imagine the amount of things we were going to see. Typewriters of all times and countries, clocks, sewing machines, irons and antique stoves, with an explanation from the owner, who was a super spread of everything. Excellent, not to miss it.

Irene Sanchez 5 years ago

Wonderful museum. I have no words to describe what I experienced the day I went for the first time. Unique pieces in the world. Pieces that you will never see in your life anywhere else. Very focused on the 19th and early 20th centuries. Excellent cleaning and maintenance.

TS Loke 5 years ago

We wander randomly here, paid €3, and friendly host ask which language we speak. We wonder why, until the kind lady brought us on a guided tour through entire 3 stories museum, going through what the couple gathered for past 45 years. It is a place of love & labour, as it includes Italian Vespas that she & her husband used, and items that are unique in the world (example: a hemisphere typewriter for blind). We see antique typewriters, sewing machines, all kinds of machines, many of which are so interesting you just have to ask what they do & be amazed by the reply. The lady is Magerita & she tries best to explain in Spanish/Catalonian and through hand signs & drawings we strangely understand what she said. It was a fantastic tour, and it sadden our hearts to see memories of these items disappearing when such collectors are around no more. This place is the best bang for bucks and is so fun & informative, do not miss it.

Isabel Boncompte 5 years ago

Good guided tour by the owner. It tells anecdotes experienced in the first person of the acquisition of some pieces.

Joan Isern Armengol 5 years ago

Fantastic guided tour! Amazing and unique typewriters. The first sewing machine and magic wall clocks ... And even ina bike without chain, with cardan system ... GO

Myriam Rossard 5 years ago

An extraordinary private collection! Only problem, remember to call before going there because Margarita is starting to be old and it is not always open ...

Vanesa Barrero 5 years ago

The place is well worth a visit for the collection and for the owners who, charming and highly educated, take care to explain their collection to visitors in a personalized way. Highly recommended.

Susan Tesch 5 years ago

This place is amazing!

Steve The Techy 6 years ago

Este foi um museu incrível. No entanto, ele tem horários de funcionamento estranhos. Não abriu até as 16h para nós. É um museu de baixo custo para visitar. Não havia outros visitantes além de nós dois. Fomos mostrados pela mulher mais velha, que sabíamos francês ou espanhol, escolhemos francês, então obtivemos uma essência do que ela estava dizendo. O piso superior eram as máquinas de escrever, daqueles em que você seleciona o personagem e pressiona a tecla. Havia máquinas de escrever de todo o mundo, chinês, japonês, americano, francês, espanhol e inglês. Escritores de tipo escondidos em tabelas, máquinas de escrever projetadas para o correspondente de guerra. Escadas abaixo havia máquinas de semeadura, novamente centenas de modelos diferentes. O andar final foi mais misturado com muitos itens que cobriam vida, bicicletas, ferros, rádios, câmeras etc. Também houve inúmeros relógios de grande pai, que são guias para nós e os fizeram de carrilhão.

Francisco Ferreira Carmona 6 years ago

Curious and very educational site for both adults and children, the owners are charming, the lady has given us a guided tour and the truth... I liked it much more than the Dalí museum. I recommend it

luca bruno 6 years ago

Museum concerning the technological development of typewriters, sewing machines, irons, telexes, clocks and more. The low cost is worth a visit. The elderly owners accompany visitors on a visit to the museum which will inevitably surprise you. A museum outside the box. We do not speak Italian but the lady in Spanish makes herself understood very well. Recommended.

Walter Moscatelli 6 years ago

Interesting museum with a huge amount of typewriters, some unique in the world. There are also many sewing machines and pendulums. Kept very well. Low cost. Adults € 3

Juan de la Herrán 6 years ago

In Figueres there is much more than Dalí (essential) and you cannot miss this museum. If you behave well, they give you a guided tour that amazes you, by the owners of the collection.

Amaia Alvarez Fernandez 6 years ago

Beautiful place that is worth visiting. Very friendly owners.

Augustijn Stout 6 years ago

Fomos ao Grande Forte nesta cidade e tivemos algum tempo livre depois. Visitamos o centro do local e vimos uma placa: Museu de la Tècnica de l'Emorda. Esse sinal chamou nossa atenção, já que a tecnologia é nosso interesse compartilhado. Não sabíamos o que esperar e planejamos explorar o museu sozinho. Então chegamos e fomos recebidos por uma senhora muito gentil, conversando apenas em espanhol ou francês. Ela nos levou para o andar de cima e nos levou cerca de 3 andares de dispositivos e ferramentas 'antigos', como máquinas de escrever mecânicas, máquinas de costura, escalas, gramofones, rádios, câmeras, etc. Tornou -se uma experiência muito especial para nós, apenas um de nós conseguiu entender a maior parte do que ela disse, em francês, mas apesar desse fato que ela deixou sua história clara para nós com paciência e entusiasmo. Nas duas horas em que estivemos lá, ficamos impressionados com a coleção diferente e desfrutamos do contato próximo que tivemos com o proprietário. Se você tiver uma chance, visite este lugar quando estiver na cidade!

Colin S 6 years ago

Simplesmente um museu incrível. A coleção é como nada que eu já vi. A mulher que dirige o museu faz uma turnê muito informativa. Sua coleção de máquina de escrever no terceiro andar é incrível. Nota: Ela não fala outros idiomas além do espanhol, então traga um tradutor se não o fizer!

GN 7 years ago

Very cool place!

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