Museo La Neomudéjar

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C. de Antonio Nebrija S/N
28007, Madrid
915 28 33 49

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O Museo La Neomudejar é um museu em Madri, Espanha. O museu é dedicado à história e cultura do povo Mudéjar, que eram imigrantes muçulmanos do norte da África que se estabeleceram na Espanha nos séculos XII e XIII. O museu abriga uma coleção de arte e artefatos Mudéjar, além de uma biblioteca e um centro de pesquisa. O museu está localizado no antigo Palácio dos Duques de Pastrana, um edifício no estilo Mudéjar que foi construído no século XIV.

🕒 Horário de abertura

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, 5:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, 5:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Friday: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, 5:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, 5:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Sunday: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, 5:00 – 9:00 PM

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🗣️ Museo La Neomudéjar: Opiniões

Maria Clara Restrepo 1 year ago

You gotta love art.

nesmachicas 1 year ago

art resistance

Jhafis Quintero 1 year ago

A super project, wonderful space and a human team of the best

wolqanq 1 year ago

Very curious museum away from crowds and tourists, in a dilapidated building kept in its juice.

Tommy De Zaragoza 1 year ago

A good find. Huge and beautiful space, an old factory, with objects related to the railway. You can get lost in rooms, stairs, terrace... and enjoy the place. Second, there are exhibitions of modern art, with interesting works. It also has a space exhibiting books for sale, very interesting (social issues, feminist, LGTB...). And, to finish, you can have a coffee both inside and outside. A luxury. And the girl who attends is a charm. It is recommended to take a walk to meet him.

Gabriela Gomes 1 year ago

Amazing place and not touristy! I recommend!!

maria del pilar Garcia 1 year ago

Impressive ships, good location and interesting art exhibition.

Sergio Basi 1 year ago

An old factory converted into a large contemporary art space, generating a contrasting (and very aesthetic) dialogue between artistic work and an old decadent wall. The exhibitions and curatorships are very good and the artists they bring usually have very interesting works. Madrid would have to put this place in its cultural spotlight. It took me endless visits to the capital to discover this place.

M T 1 year ago

An amazing site. One of these that if you let yourself, takes you to another dimension. With him saying that he didn't want to go out... Works of art, tools, machinery...everything together merges into a single thing. You have to see it.

Alex Vazquez 1 year ago

It has been a very good experience. The museum has an old-fashioned vibe but adopted as its style. It has modern art exhibitions and some terraces to have a drink afterwards, which are quite good and the drinks are at good prices.

Adrian Toro 1 year ago

Another of the great discoveries in Madrid. We were looking for museums that are different and we found it. They currently have a very very interesting exhibition. Courage to all art lovers who take a tour of this museum, you will love it

Alberto Visser 1 year ago

Exhibition space, it costs 6 euros to enter, but it is worth it to see these old industrial spaces, which have been kept with the old touch of the passage of time. Old machinery with skylights and multipurpose spaces, neo-Mudejar and pre-industrial style. Very close to the Atocha church and other interesting sites, such as the mausoleum of illustrious men or the astronomical observatory of Carlos III. I recommend eating at El Segovia, which is on the next corner.

Ernesto Gutierrez 1 year ago

I love the industrial architecture of this warehouse. The exhibits are always amazing and are arranged in such a way as to intertwine with the previous use of the ship.

Jose Angel Vilaplana Tomas 1 year ago

For me, the avant-garde is difficult to understand, but the effort to facilitate the exhibition of new artistic tendencies is fine.

Pedro Carmona Obiol 1 year ago

Of course I recommend it, in itself the place is unbeatable and spectacular, that old ship is preserved as it is, deteriorated, conserving the damage caused by time, and that is a success because it gives it a unique charm, and the exhibitions are good prepared and enjoyed by everything together, I loved it, it is appreciated to be able to see things like that, different. The attention of the person who attended us great, so a very good experience, do not miss it.

Mónika Fodor 1 year ago

It's just terrific when you're into this kind of art. I am absolutely thrilled!!

Vero from mars 1 year ago

Space is a wonderful ship that maintains the essence of its original use. Different objects related to the railway can still be seen. The exhibitions that I was able to visit enchanted me, their approach and staging in that environment gave me goosebumps on several occasions. super authentic. Highly recommended. It has become an essential in my visits to Madrid.

Lil doggy Dios 2 years ago

Very interesting,mysterious beautiful

Sergio Prez 2 years ago

What a place, an atmosphere apart. Responsible people are so sweet. To spend some time looking at contemporary art, have a coffee, the sun ... Wonderful

María 2 years ago

It is always a good plan to visit La Neomudéjar. Regardless of the exhibits, the space is worth it!

Diana Piemari Cereda 2 years ago

This place is Amazing, a real discovery for me that I am always looking for special art exhibitions. And I need a Spanish word to describe it, it’s “raro”, which means unique with something special.

SABINA HEGNACH 2 years ago

I do not have words to describe this avant-garde space. Of the few left in Madrid, bravo for the bet and for the permanence in these times. Avant-garde Arts Center located in a warehouse where lighting devices and accessories for offices, trains, telegraphs were repaired and built ... In 2013 it opened as what it is now, a space where artists from different disciplines present their works. It is highly recommended to get lost there and spend the hours in a visual delight between the memory of old objects and new artistic bets. May it never cease to exist.

angeles souto fraguas 2 years ago

I just discovered this place, and I've been in the neighborhood for 6 years. I liked the exhibition, and the environment is a separate mention, that decrepit and dilapidated air has fascinated me. Literally two steps from home. I will be aware of the events, it deserves more than one visit

Raquel Zurita 2 years ago

Great gallery, dedicated to art disciplines such as videoart, sound art and installations. The use of the space is espectacular, and the person that welcomed us was helpful and very knowledgeable. Cannot wait to come back.

Karl S 2 years ago

A pleasant corner out of the way of the main tourist rush.

Eduardo Escalante 2 years ago

A magnificent alternative center for avant-garde art, unfortunately very unknown. Located in an old warehouse that stored spare parts for trains from the old Estación de Mediodía, the place is perfect for its contemporary art exhibitions.

Marcelo Martín Gugliemino 2 years ago

The site was so amazing that I didn't see the art proposal. I am an architect and the site is wonderful. The girl who attends a love and very cool. Ask for the brochure Railway Reinterpretation Center. I promise to go back to see art and drink wine. Highly recommended.

Elena Martín 2 years ago

A place where I have felt traveling through time while bathing in creativity, it has just become one of my favorite places in Madrid.

Doncelador 2 years ago

Very interesting avant-garde arts center, it began its journey in 2013, and to this day there have been countless exhibitions, workshops, etc. It is housed in the old workshop buildings of the MZA railway company (Madrid-Zaragoza-Alicante) in a neo-Mudejar architectural style. Your visit will surprise you, it has many works of different themes and authors as well as a lot of railway material. Price €6, with the possibility of guided tours. It is not accessible for people with reduced mobility. Bookstore, commissary, toilets. Recommended visit.

Elina Siga 2 years ago

Interesting museum, art was too strange for me

Gustavo Ruiz Llavero 2 years ago

Contemporary, social, critical art. You can breathe the abandonment of the old railway facilities. Disturbing and very attractive at the time. The entrance is cheap. Being can photograph with the mobile.

Dmitrii Murskii 2 years ago

A very interesting and different place. Some installations are terrifying, others make you think, others admire. But definitely no one will leave without positive emotions. . The employees of this museum are very friendly. Thanks.

Kristina T 2 years ago

Galeria subterrânea e alternativa, muito bom.

Jon Flynn 2 years ago

Maravilhoso. Pura arte. Edifício fantástico. Pessoas amigáveis. Você pode tirar um milhão de fotos. Uma verdadeira jóia em Madri

Katy Lema 3 years ago

Spectacular “secret” space in the center of Madrid where the artistic vanguards and the most disruptive ideas triumph. This old workshop is fantastically restored and maintains all its essence: tools from another time, movie offices ... La Neomudejar is an unknown tobacco company. Its industrial aesthetic is the most authentic thing that you will find in the capital. It has a library and a terrace to have a drink. In addition, when touring the place you will meet young artists creating the future works that will inhabit this museum. On Wednesday mornings it is free, if not, you will have to pay 5 euros. It is worth it, if you decide to bring someone you will remain a true expert in the city. It's cool, because since it's quite "unknown", I was able to enjoy the experience alone.

Plutarco Naranjo 4 years ago

Industrial site in ruins turned into a modern art installation containing modern art installations.

Fred Duthy 4 years ago

Crazy, unexpected place

Pamela González 4 years ago

Interesting museum!

Iago Montes 4 years ago

I liked the atmosphere of industrial abandonment of the ship. The exhibits are fine, fitting in general in the counterculture. I arrived with the intention of paying admission, but apparently it is free on Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

kemal toraman 4 years ago

Quirky artwork

Estela De Maria Andeme Owono Angoo 5 years ago

100% recommend it

Irene Salas 5 years ago


Anna Gk 5 years ago

Definitely worth visiting

Dave Cardillo 5 years ago

Really cool space! And even a terrace for having a beer after you visit the exhibitions.

Tania T. 5 years ago

Um local alternativo que promove os próximos artistas, trabalhando principalmente com grafite e arte politicamente consciente, proporcionando a eles um grande espaço para mostrar suas obras de arte, além de oferecer residências. La Neomudejar se passa em um prédio antigo abandonado, que fazia parte da estação de trem de Atocha. Quando você entra, você pode sentir a marca da história em suas paredes e pisos. A interação entre a arquitetura e as obras de arte também é muito interessante. A taxa de entrada é de € 5 e possui uma pequena área de jardim com mesas e cadeiras onde você pode tomar uma bebida.

Javier Garcia 6 years ago

Provavelmente é com qualquer dúvida o mais importante centro de vanguarda da Espanha. Não apenas por causa da arquitetura do próprio lugar, mas para os artistas vanguardistas que se apresentam lá.

Francisco Brives 7 years ago

Fabulouse Museum in the center of Madrid. Avangardem.

Andrew Swerdlow 7 years ago

Very cool space.

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